Best Sex Machine Guide: Self-Thrusting Power!

For really getting *nailed*, you can’t do better than a sex machine. Harder, faster, and longer than a human they’ll go—but these pleasure tools are an investment. I’ve tested and rated the best sex machine options, from fast-stroking machines to a rideable POWER vibe (sit on it!) to handheld self-thrusters that’ll cost you less. Whether you call them the softer term “sex machine” or “fucking machine” / “fuck machine,” these toys are made for serious penetration and eye-rolling orgasms.

I’ll rank each sex machine for vaginal vs. anal play, noise level, and ease of use. (For example, which should you choose if you’re looking to re-create a pegging experience, vs. if you like to see your partner get hammered?) If you’re using most thrusting machines for vaginal penetration, I also suggest picking up a wand vibrator! My favorite is Magic Wand Rechargeable, for 💯 dual-stimulation during sex machine play.

What Is the Best Sex Machine? Recap

Whether you call it a sex machine, fuck machine, fucking machine, or dildo machine, all these do the same: thrust the toy in and out of your hole (vag or ass), automatically. The quick run-down:

  • Best pegging substitute: Mod Love ($378 with code FELICITY)
  • Best compact machine / easy (but thick) vaginal: Power Banger ($360 with code FELICITY)
  • Most affordable, hardest thrusting: Hismith Premium ($387 with code PR10)
  • Best realistic & safe silicone thrusting dildo: Naked Addiction Freak ($81 with code FELICITY)

Mod Love Thruster Kit: Portable, Anal-Oriented

The Mod Love Thruster by Sport Fucker is distributed by male-oriented, anal-friendly brand (665 Leather). I get a lot of guys writing me looking for a pegging/anal experience in a toy — an option that’ll keep pounding them after they begin to orgasm. So, first in this sex machine guide, we’ll cover…

What is the best male fuck machine?

(Kudos to my new friend, C., for helping me out here…)

The Mod Lover thruster is essentially a thrusting rifle that comes equipped with a metal stand. It’s better for anal because the stand is oriented toward on-all-fours “doggy” positioning — you need to be taking it from behind. The thrusting gun/arm can move in an 80-degree arc once it’s attached to the stand, so it’ll adjust naturally with your butt if you reposition — like if you’re pulling in an extra pillow to brace under your torso before you start cumming.

Pictured with Uberrime Splendid Large for color; included dildo is smaller and black.

The Mod Love includes a dildo attachment that’s only 1.5 inches wide, which is a great “average” size (see pictured here vs. the very mid-sized Neo Elite 7.5″ w/ Balls), in very smooth silicone with a popping head. He says it’s a lot of prostate-focused sensation: pull, tug, rub; over and over and over. The dildo can go deeper too, with 7.5 inches total length (so it’s banging up against your inner sphincter). Really, really hot to see someone orgasm multiple times in a row.

The machine doesn’t stall out for anal play after you turn it up above 25% of the way up the speed range: it’s got adjustable dial control, like most sex machines. The strokes are a reasonable, realistic length, 2 inches in and out; and it gets up to just over 2 strokes per second — that’s fast but not “mind-boggled” speed. And yeah, it’s like washing-machine noise level on high, not silent.

The metal stand is surprisingly light, and the thruster does detach too. You can have a partner hold it and thrust-gun you if desired! I don’t love the Mod Love vaginally overall because it doesn’t angle well for missionary-style sex (the laziest position), but when I had C. put it into me over the edge of the bed, my legs over his shoulders, it was suddenly much more fun. (Especially with my favorite Vac-holed dildo, the thick Nathan 1X.) The full partner-control aspect here is unique to the Mod Love: they can not only adjust speed, but hold and angle the toy as well, fun for shorter sessions.

Anal rating: 8.5 / 10 stars; Vag. rating: 7 / 10 stars
Thrust info: 200 strokes / minute; 2 inch fixed stroke length; adjustable twist-dial control
Volume: 39 – 56 decibels (moderately loud on high)
Other: Thruster separates to become a dildo gun; Metal frame / stand comes fully assembled; Very light-weight; Suction cup feet are OK (slick surface needed)
Find at: $378 for Mod Love here (10% off) when you use code FELICITY at checkout

Hismith: Value; App Control Option; Smaller Penetration

Hismith is the best-known brand of affordably hardcore sex machines. These can be very serious slamming, with very long stroke length too in the Hismith Premium models. The thrust rod can be moved back or forth to deliver between 1.75 inches and 5.25 inches thrust length, depending on how much in and out you like (I’m comfortable with up to 2.5 inches; after that is: WHOA, tiger!).

And the metal body is big and heavy, and requires some assembly. The advantage is that the Hismith Premium machine won’t jump backward, and will hold its place even when you’re using larger toys or bucking back against it.

Hismith premium sex machine review featured Phallophile Reviews
Pictured with included silicone dildo, average size; in semi-soft silicone. KlicLok connector discussed here.

Like any good sex machine, it’s got a twist-dial fully adjustable controller, for speeds between “10” and “100.” I tend to stay under 70, which is more intense than my real-life partners. If you get the APP control version ($63 more with discount), then it hooks into the Hismith app, which is OK and gives some pattern options plus can be controlled remotely. More thoughts on the app here. Do be careful to have the knob dialed down to 0 before you turn the flip the power switch on with dildo already inserted into your body! I’ve read lots of stories of guys buying this machine for their wife and enjoying the hell out of watching the orgasms produced, as their partner begged for me; and I understand after having seriously tested my own Hismith machine vaginally. (Again, definitely best with a Magic Wand, in lazy missionary for the win.) I’ve watched C. use it once anally, and he was blown away by the power, because again, it can be intense. The only potential downside for anal (or doggy in general) is that the thrust arm is locked in place into a certain position, so if you move, it doesn’t move with your ass — you need to adjust manually.

Besides the sheer speed & adjustability options, the separate attachment options are a big draw with Hismith Premium. It comes with a not-bad standard-size silicone dildo. But buy the suction cup adapter, or the Vac-U-Lock adaptor (for securing big dildos), or the Fleshlight adapter (for serious penis stroking), and the amount of choices skyrockets.

🟢 NOTE: Ken’s Twisted Mind machines are American-made, and offer a lifetime warranty with US-based customer support. The price for a Ken’s machine is higher than a Hismith one, but Hismith machines carry only a 1-year warranty. See the Ken’s Twisted Mind “Sneaky Pete” ($679) for a comparable option to the Hismith Premium ($387 with discount).

Anal rating: 9.5 / 10 stars; Vag. rating: 9.5 / 10 stars
Thrust info: 
Over 300 strokes / minute (can’t count, it’s too fast); 1.75 to 5.25 adjustable stroke length; adjustable twist-dial control
33 – 54 decibels (very quiet up to 70% of the way up the speed range, then a bit louder)
Buy the suction cup attachment for more dildo options; KlicLok proprietary connector is clever & stable; Weighs over 20 pounds, good for bracing your weight or large dildos against, but kinda clunky; Adjustable angle of penetration for easy missionary OR doggy-style positions
Find at: 
$387 for Hismith Premium here (10% off) when you use code PR10 at checkout; or $450 for the Premium with (Long-Distance-Compatible) APP Control, again with code PR10

Kink Power Banger: Compact & Easy to Store

The Kink Power Banger is the cheapest sex machine here, and works well for easy vaginal play: I really loved how compact this toy is, how it comes fully assembled, and how it’s light-weight. I’ll swing my legs over the Power Banger sometimes, and get off on its natural 2.3-inch stroke length. It goes faster than a human penis on high, but I’ve been pounded farther in and out before (longer strokes by human men). That said, I do I like a consistent 2-inch thrust length overall; it’s not so balls-to-the-wall, as my cervix can only handle so much.

PowerBanger Doc Johnson fucking machine speed control legs up
My legs over the Power Banger, my hand on the remote; with SquarePegToys SuperSoft Bronze realistic dildo attached.

My friend C. found that the Power Banger was fine for anal, not the hardest; and the smaller motor body moved more easily than the Mod Love Thruster frame. The remote control is a comfortable, ergonomic shape to fit into one’s hand, though. It’s a twist-dial control like all machines covered here, fully adjustable up to 195 strokes per minute. It starts slow and gentle, a nice warmup.

Power Banger is a lil loud on high, for sure, and (see note below) you gotta be able to enjoy wider dildos. Besides Nathan 1X (a favorite), the Steve by SquarePegToys is exceptional for G-spot tugging with its very focused coronal ridge. (Steve’s head starts out at 1.7 inches diameter, so kinda-big but not huge; then most of the lower shaft is 2 inches wide.)

🚩NOTE: This machine doesn’t include a dildo. It only accepts Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos, which are generally THICK toys. See a full list of platinum silicone Vac-compatible dildos here; SquarePegHoles & Hankey’s Toys’ (add Attachment Hole for $4.95) hole-y dildos stand out.

Anal rating: 7.75 / 10 stars; Vag. rating: 8 / 10 stars
Thrust info: 
195 strokes / minute; 2.3 inch fixed stroke length; adjustable twist-dial control
42 – 59 decibels (gets louder & creaky halfway up the speed range)
Rounded body; OK suction cup attachment feet; very light-weight; requires Vac dildo
Find at: 
$360 for Power Banger here (10% off) when you use code FELICITY at checkout

Motorbunny Buck: The VIBRATIONS

Sex machines can have real power: but it’s thrusting power, not vibration. Except for: the ULTRA-STRONG Motorbunny Buck.

This is one hell of a vibrating motor mound, meant for sitting on top of while the dildo attachment thrust-thrust-thrusts. It can pulse quickly either (1) up and down; or (2) right to left for more forward G-spot pressure. Read about those toggle options here!

Motorbunny Buck vs. Sybian strongest vibrator full package (2)
All included with Motorbunny Buck base price: 4 silicone attachments, vibe itself, controller, Right Angle Wedge for missionary.

This is an amazing piece of machinery for sheer WHOA factor and display. I like riding it solo too, when I want really super-power vibes — like a slightly stronger Doxy wand that I’m straddling. But the highlight is having a partner watch: I recently had my new friend with benefits over and I ended up on the Motorbunny because it is so incredibly hot to be controlled on this turbo-vibrator. Perfect for watching one’s wife or girlfriend get shaken too 😛 And it’s long-distance controllable, if you’re not in the same place as your sex partner. This is totally the kind of toy you’ll find at a lifestyle / swinger event, because of how sexy it is to watch someone on top of the Motorbunny (it is a Sybian competitor and upgrade!).

Buck is the strongest long-distance vibrator, too, with a Bluetooth antenna built into the remote controller. You thought the Lovense Lush was powerful? Think again. (And note: the Lovense Domi is stronger than Lush if you want an easy long-distance power vibe!)

The Motorbunny Buck includes 4 attachments, and they’re fine, though a realistic one is lacking; I use the Boneyard Meaty silicone penis sleeve over the G-Thrust attachment for that realer feel. Stick the Meaty over anything, really; I’ve even put it over my #2 most-used vibrator, the exceptional 🌟We-Vibe Nova 2🌟 rabbit, when I wanted … a little more cock-head with my rumbly vibrations.

Downsides here are (1) the price, at over $1500 for the Buck kit, but the vibrator can be returned within 45 days if it turns out to not be your speed; and (2) the volume, as Buck roars on high vibration power.

Vag. rating for thrust: 7 / 10 stars; Clit + vag rating for vibe power: 11.5 / 10 stars
Thrust info: 
90 strokes / minute; 0.75 inch fixed stroke length; adjustable twist-dial control for vibes & thrust
55 – 82 decibels (Yeah, it’s loud on high and your floor may shake, no hiding it!)
The only one you can sit on top of easily! Ride it on a chair for most control… This is the most powerful vibe around, for really getting your socks knocked off with broad vibes (not clit-focused stimulation). Long-distance Motorbunny app discussed here.
Find at: 
$1509 for Motorbunny Buck ($40 off) when you use code PHAL40 at checkout

Cheaper, Handheld Thrusters

See also my full guide to handheld thrusting dildos, which are smaller than the fuck machines above and cheaper too. Their disadvantage is that they can’t achieve the same level of super-thrust power, and can stall out if you screw them really hard.

If you’ve read this far and aren’t sure you want to splurge for a full-on machine, but you still want a realistic toy that moves itself, check out the Naked Addiction Freak dildo. It’s my new favorite handheld due to the squishy, skin-like silicone; the PowerBullet vibrations; and the super-cool corkscrew / thrust movement. (Some speeds purely thrust in and out; others gyrate around + up/down.) I love the feel of this thing, and it’s so very easy to hide. No positioning required, no struggle trying to pack it into my (toy-filled) closet, and I haven’t stalled this FREAK out yet. Includes a separate remote too! One downside: ≈ 35 minute run-time per charge. Amazing for the price overall: I give it 8.5/10 stars for just over $80 (vs. $360 & up for the hardcore-pounders above).

Srsly, we’re trying this as a pegging dildo next. I need a second one, my vag owns the first N.A. FREAK.

Last, Velvet Thruster has a nice range of options now, from the Teddy XL (also sold as the Velvet Prime if you want a somewhat-better suction cup) to the Sammie Prime and its big, realistic-shaped hardness. This handheld thruster brand keeps improving: Velvet Thruster toys are now more easily washable (still not submersible) and quieter than they originally were. See a more-detailed V. Thruster comparison here.

The above thrusting dildos are platinum silicone, and are therefore safer than questionable-material thrusters you might find on Amazon.

How to Care for Your Sex Machine

For full-size machines (like Hismith, Power Banger, etc.), the thrusting rods will keep going in best condition if you apply lubricant to them periodically, like every few months. Just like a treadmill! (Did you know that most treadmills run best long-term if you apply silicone lube to the rolling mat?) Hismith recommends this Mobil motor-bearing grease specifically. Use a very small amount to start; apply lightly just so a thin coat starts to oil up your thrusting rod. An old cloth/T-shirt/rag can help you here.

The larger machines use a dildo attachment, and you should be getting 100% silicone toys for that — not PVC, “jelly,” or so-called “real feel” TPR/TPE.

These sex machine dildos are removed from the machine, so that you can clean them after you’re done just like you’d wash (and/or sanitize) a normal dildo.1 If you are getting a Hismith machine with the Fleshlight attachment, then Fleshlights and similar masturbators are porous, but are less dangerous than TPE dildos because they’re not going inside the body. They require more care to clean than silicone, though; see how to clean a Fleshlight here.

Also note: the handheld thrusting dildos covered above are not waterproof, so do take care in cleaning them. You’ll want to wash your Velvet Thruster or Naked Addiction with the shaft pointing downward in the sink so that their air vents don’t get filled up with water. Don’t use any sex machine in the shower. If you want a waterproof thrusting toy, check out the Stronic pulsator line (reviews here) or the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit vibrator.

Bang, bang, bang!?! Have fun!!!


  1. With the exception of the Hismith KlicLok dildos, which I’d be more hesitant to boil in a pot because of the metal connector screw in the dildos’ base bottom.

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