Hismith Guide – 5 Best Hismith machines judged

Reliable pounding sex, anytime. My Hismith machine’s been a life-saver for my libido. The Hismith Premium’s ready whenever, lasts forever, doesn’t stall out ever, is insanely relaxing (no more thrusting by hand!), and mega orgasms.

Hismith is the brand you’ll definitely hear about if you ask a group of sex toy fanatics what kind of fuck machines they like. It’s because Hismith machines are sturdy, adjustable, and powerful for a lower price.

BUT, last year I discovered Hismith machines aren’t all equal: I’ve owned a Premium Hismith machine for years, but got requests to try the more “basic” Hismith fucking machines. And I promise, you will 100% feel the difference between these machines.

Here’s a quick recap of what each Hismith machine can do, versus its price. My and my partner’s Hismith review of the Premium follows too!!!

Hismith fuck machine with remote control, suction cup attachment, and ultra-realistic silicone dildo Solina
Getting ready to crank up the thrusting!!!

Hismith machines pros & cons summarized:

Hismith machines are divided into “basic” and “premium” tabs. That’s simple, the basic machines don’t thrust as fast or as hard, but the problem is: Two weaker machines also exist under the “Premium sex machine” Hismith drop-down tab.

Tell the difference between all Hismith sex machines by name & wattage:

  • Best Hismith overall. Any Hismith PREMIUM with 100W (100 watt power) specifically listed. Adjusts to thrust from 10 to 267 strokes per minute, over a 1.3 to 5.04 inches thrust length (you choose any speed+distance in that range). Feels incredibly fast past 60 out of 100 power. $387 with code PR10 at checkout.
  • In Premium menu, but weaker & less adjustable angle: Hismith Table Top (2.0) with only 48W motor. Thrusting will not feel OK, not as hard. 30-degree thrusting angle adjustment, vs. 120 degrees for real Premium Hismith. $399.99.
  • In Premium menu, but less thrust distance: Hismith Mini. From 1.8 to 3.24 inches thrust distance (vs. over 5 inches for Premium); and only a 70-watt motor, so 30% less emphatic — yet as expensive. $389.99.
  • Hismith Basic Machines: 24-watt, vs. 100-watt for Premium machines. 2-inch thrust length non-adjustable. Can stall if you back into it or clench too hard. Includes porous & unhygienic dildo attachments. (Must get suction cup attachment and purchase body-safe silicone dildo separately.) From $130 to $168.
  • Hismith Pro Traveler thrusting dildo: Also 24-watt. Only 3 speeds built-in. Silicone dildo included. 1.8 inch fixed thrust length. $269.99.

Here’s why we’ve found the Premium Hismith 100 times as satisfying as basic machines from Hismith:

Hismith Premium – THE BEST Hismith I’ve Tested

Over my dozen years of trying sex toys & tools, the Hismith Premium is my #1 most-orgasmic product: Just essential if you love ⬅️thrusting sex➡️. I can’t count how many times I’ve cum on this Hismith, with so many silicone dildos attached.

When I first tested the Hismith Premium machine, I’d owned thrusting dildos, then a Doc Johnson sex machine.

The $387 Hismith ain’t cheap, but its thrusting feels so.much.better vs. the 5 other sex machines I’ve tried — and it’s surprisingly quiet. Hismith Premium runs under 40 decibels on intensity levels 1–60, which is all I need to orgasm. (40dB is my standard for “quiet vibrators.”) On the fastest speeds, Hismith Premium reaches 50 dB—still quieter vs. a Magic Wand on high.

Hismith dildo machine testing - with dual-density dildos, vibrator

I often use it solo during the week (since I don’t live with my boyfriend), but the Hismith Premium’s also the best if you have an open-minded partner. It’s 🔥hot to watch.

Hismith Premium Pros: Best cost for a hard-thrusting, reliable fuck machine. Sturdy over time. Adjustable thrust distance up to 5″. Frame adjusts for 4 sex positions. Feels most lifelike (except can go harder & longer vs. a human). Doesn’t stall out with anal. Quieter vs. a thrusting dildo. Stable. Up to 4.5 thrusts/second = insane.
Cons: Not easy to travel with. Not mobility-friendly. Not cheap.
💸 Price: $387 without app control or $450 with app control, with code PR10 at Hismith checkout.

Adjustable speed is no doubt the best part of a Hismith sex machine, but I loooooove that you can adjust the thrust distance so much, too. Usually I like a 2″ thrust length, but occasionally I wanna go a lil deeper; feel more textures up-and-down a dildo’s shaft. (The Leo dildo by SquarePeg is a long’un that I’m thinking of here, awesome in SuperSoft platinum silicone.) Once you know where to turn the knob and adjust the Hismith Premium’s thrust distance, it only takes 30 seconds to switch length.

Hismith Premium sex machine review adjustable thrust length gear
Knob to turn to adjust Premium machine’s thrust length.

Hismith Premium’s new controller as of 2024 is a twist-dial still, but electronic numbers (instead of with white lines) to indicate the machine’s thrusting speed. You can turn the knob gently clockwise to increase the Hismith’s speed gradually: that’s safer. You don’t wanna jump from like 20 to 60, Whoaaaaa!

Hismith Premium machine 2024 - adjustable speed controller with Bluetooth app antenna

When getting thrusted by my Hismith Premium, I linger on speeds 20–30 for a while. It feels just fantastic — beyond words, relaxing. Then, I find myself cumming by speeds 50 to 60, out of 100 max. speed. I can’t remember the last time I went up past 80, this machine feels so speedy already! 🫠

Hismith Premium positioning

You’ll want to play around some to figure out what positions work best for you with the Premium machine. I prefer #1 and then #4: 1.) Over the edge of the bed, back braced by pillows. 2.) Doggy-style-esque, where my torso is over the pillows. 3.) Standing leaning into the wall (chair to hold the remote). 4.) Missionary-style, back propped up by pillows.

Hismith Premium machine how to position

For women and anyone with a clit to stimulate, a vibrator can bring faster, harder orgasms. Best clit vibrators I recommend during Hismith fucking: 1. Swan Maximum Bullet because its loop = no need to grip; 2. A good magic wand vibrator if you like wider clit stimulation; or 3. Maia Shroomie if you like wide clit stimulation that’s squishy-soft (+body-safe).

Attachments you need for Hismith machines

The Hismith Premium machines now include one large, pretty-soft, body-safe silicone dildo. It’s big but not huge: 1.9″ diameter. Average dildo size matches average penis size at 1.5 inch diameter, so Hismith definitely went bigger here. The current Hismith Premium included dildo is better than one included 3 years ago. The new, softer silicone is more comfortable, a 2–3A Shore durometer.

Hismith Machine Premium included 8 silicone dildo

Still, dual-density dildos are my favorite dildos ever for the most realistic feel; while 100% super-soft dildos are most users’ faves for anal fucking. Here are Hismith attachments (for the “KlicLok” system) to choose between if you want either most realistic or softer anal:

  • Stainless steel suction cup attachment, HSC19. Stick any suction cup dildo on that. I like the standard 3.5″ stainless steel version because it doesn’t hit my thighs. 4.5″ stainless steel is the wider suction cup attachment for Hismith Premium.
  • Vac-U attachment like HSC01. It’s a peg with 3 levels, designed to hold dildos with Vac-style holes. This includes any Mr. Hankey’s Toys platinum silicone dildo with Vac-U add-on.
  • Hismith dual-density silicone dildo attachment (Kliclok built-in).
Hismith machine attachment styles for KlicLok

Anal vs. Vaginal with a Hismith fuck machine

Hismith machines are suitable for anal sex too, not simply vaginal thrusting. That’s versus handheld thrusting dildos, which I do not recommend for anal. They’re too easy to stall out or break if you’re tight, clenching, or riding down on them: kaput.

My boyfriend’s over on the weekends, and has expanded to get his mind blown by anal over the last couple years. Sometimes we peg, sometimes I let him use my Hismith machine 😄. He likes watching me use the Hismith Premium, with a different silicone dildo, first🧨

He says the only better orgasms [than on the Premium machine] he’s ever had are from me sending him home with a Pure Wand, which he learned to position for hands-free prostate play.

With Hismith prostate stimulation, in contrast, it’s not as firm + spot-focused🎯: but the intensifying thrust speed makes up for that. Hismith is more similar if you like pegging, since you can use realistic / softer-silicone dildo attachments.

Like me, he uses the Hismith Premium on the lower speeds to warm up. (After making sure his anus + sphincter muscles are opened up sufficiently first, to take the dildo’s size easily.) Dildos I wish had more length for pegging, like Neo elite 7.5″ dual-density, are easier to use via Hismith machine’s suction cup adapter. Full usable length:

Neo Elite 7.5 Inch dual-density dildo vs. fingers, on Hismith suction cup attachment

He says he can’t even describe the buildup, except as “fuck yeah.” He’s reached a hands-free wet orgasm from the Hismith’s prostate stimulation + anal thrusting. Sometimes, I just leave him alone with the machine because these anal Hismith sessions are very ongoing, lol.

The one reason you’d need a more powerful sex machine anally is if you take very large anal dildos, over 9 to 10″ insertable with a lot of girth — in which case you’d want to compare the pricier Hismith Servok machine vs. a dildo-machine with rectangular bracing like Orgasm Alley’s Kong.

How to Maintain a Hismith Machine

Hismith machines require up to 30 minutes to set up fully (or less, if you’re good at following mechanical directions) when you first receive your Hismith Premium package.

After that, Hismith machines require almost no maintenance.

You just want to make sure that the two cables—the power cable and the remote controller’s cable—don’t get caught in the yellow-hazard-sign region as the the sex machine is moving. (That would fray and strip the cables.)

Where to lubricate Hismith Premium machine

The only maintenance you gotta do to ensure a Hismith Premium keeps running smoothly is: Apply high-temperature wheel bearing grease occasionally. You can go a year before needing to buy this. It makes the thrust arm slide more smoothly again, if it ever feels like it’s slowing down.

How to maintain Hismith premium sex machine - high-temperature grease application

Our Hismith App Control Trials, 2024

The Hismith app control has substantially improved since I tested it 3 years ago. I also have a stable partner to test with, so that’s improved too 😄

Still, UX could be better. I’d suggest: 1. a bottom menu for long-distance partner connection, vs. a floating hearts bubble over other patterns; 2. not having rando user comments running when a user-generated pattern is playing; 3. not requiring a phone number to create a profile & use the long-distance connection (Lovense’s app doesn’t require a phone number); and 4. allowing messages to work simultaneously with long-distance control.

To create your own patterns in the Hismith app, you drag your finger up to increase speed or down to decrease. You can save patterns. That was a tad difficult to find too, but I eventually found a pattern I created years ago that today, made me come in 52 seconds flat — so that worked! 🎆

Hismith app 2024
Once you get your machine connected to the Hismith app, finding the floating hearts bubble is key. It leads you to creating your own patterns/speeds (“Solo Play”) and to letting a partner control the Hismith machine via “Remote Play” connections.

For Hismith machine long-distance control, both the machine-haver and the person they want to control it needs to have created an account, if you want to do anything else on your phone. Then, you can search by their username or their Hismith ID number, found on one’s profile. Once you send a control link to your partner, messages don’t work anymore, you can’t both control and message within the Hismith app. I’d strongly recommend calling them on the phone for safety reasons, first: clear communication is essential during fast thrusting; and because hearing my partner’s voice is real hot to me.

In short, I’m glad Hismith app is improving, though there’s still work to do. Overall I most enjoy having full control over the machine’s speed myself, so I’m not the best audience for Hismith’s long-distance app connecticity 😜. But I hella enjoy the ease of preprogramming escalating thrust intensity so I can lie back & relax 100%.

Hismith Machines Comparison Table

Save 10% off all Hismith purchases over $265, via code PR10 at checkout. Free shipping with all US purchases.

product #s
Premium100W1.3 to
10 to 257,
120°26.5HS06, HS06-APP, HS03, HS03-APP, HS06-03 (may include US-GC at end)
Table Top 2.048W
be careful
1.8 to 4.75″,
10 to 235,
30° arm adjust.,
but can stand flat on end
70W1.48 to
10 to 250,
Basic machines,
including Hismith Supermatic & Auxfun
fixed length
50 to 350,
80°3.5Anything under “basic” menu
Hismith Pro Traveler24W1.8″,
fixed length
3 steady speeds + 8 patterns120°4.2HS18
Hismith Servok, $1,999150W0.67 to 6.7″, adjustable via app (rather than manually).10 to 600, adjustable 🤯. 120 max. thrusts per second on 6.7″ thrust length vs. 600 max. thrusts at lowest 0.67″ length. Adjusts via app to supposedly “act more like a rapid vibrator” when short-thrusting. Have not tested.Probably same as Premium– have not tested.41HS05-APP
The Premium Hismith is much harder to hold up in one hand vs. a basic Hismith machine or Hismith Pro Traveler — but the metal frame’s weight keeps it stably braced.

5 thoughts on “Hismith Guide – 5 Best Hismith machines judged”

  1. Hi Felicity

    I love your blog, because it allows everyone to explore their limits without being confronted with violence (verbal or pictorial) that prevents free exploration.
    Thank you so much for this.

    You said that the Hismith Mini “only” had 70-watt. But you also said that you were under 70 with the Hismith Premium. Would you say that the Mini is also a wonderful machine for someone who starts thrusting sex? (male, anal)

    • Thank you for the compliment!
      I’m not certain what type of violence you mean, but I do try to keep the site clean pictorally (and dislike ads, GAWD, trying to find a simple recipe online these days is a barrage of pop-ups and flash).

      So, I hear what you’re saying. But there’s a difference between power and speed. Wattage is an indicator of overall motor power and isn’t exactly the same as torque, but is tied to stall-resistance. So, it impacts how firm and resistant the thrusting feels, even when it’s moving at a lower speed. The biggest difference is the 24W basic machines, which technically move very fast, but just… feel like LESS as they do move fast.

      The 70W motor may be enough. If there were a big price difference between the Mini and Premium then I could see the Mini as advantageous. But given that it’s less than $50 price difference (between Mini and Premium) on an already not-small investment, it just makes sense to go for the Premium with slightly more motor power, and a more supportive frame, especially for anal.

    • Inferior to Hismith, except that Lovense’s app is still better. That’s really the only thing the Lovense has going for it. The Mini

      • doesn’t list any indication of power or torque,
      • the stroke length really is not adjustable (I’ve opened up the machine, and there’s a warning about not twisting the screw too tightly, but it’s set up so tight that it’s physically impossible to twist left to unscrew) so it’s permanently set at over 2″ stroke length,
      • the speed gets pretty fast and is adjustable, but
      • the Lovense machine only uses a Vac attachment so you can’t mount an ultra-realistic silicone suction cup dildo on it (you’d have to opt for a super-soft silicone one by Hankey’s or SquarePeg, which are good but just don’t feel as lifelike to me as dual-density silicone can) and Lovense doesn’t have a suction cup for sale for their proprietary connector system,
      • And the Vac-dildo attachment won’t click back on, it’s really poorly engineered. I detached the dildo once to wash it, and now the connector won’t fully close to lock it back on, so the dildo falls off if I turn up the machine over 50% power.

      Lovense also has asked me several times now to change my reviews to be more positive to them. They really do not want to work with honest reviewers. I think they forgot after 2 years (I’d bet they have high turn-over within the company), so some new marketing person got in touch with me again this year and started sending me Lovense stuff again. I was like, OK, because in the meantime I’d bought a couple Lovense toys and published my full opinion on them — and now the new marketing person is over here emailing me telling that I’ll make more money if I say the Tenera 2 is better (than it actually is). umm…. how about NO. They’re really a dumpster fire to work with, and don’t respect critical opinions in re improving their products.


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