Bathmate Results: 2 Penis Pumps Tested for efficacy & ease

Can you get actual lasting results from Bathmate pumps? Our Bathmate testing began as a problem in need of fixing: His dick felt great during cowgirl sex, but—at under 5″ length—wouldn’t stay inside me as he thrust during missionary sex.

Since I like to relax while getting banged, we began to explore solutions. We hit upon Bathmate as the best safer way to increase penis size—when used consistently and responsibly.

Because: Bathmate penis pumps are high-power tools. (That also happen to be FDA-approved medical devices.) They seal around the base of the penis, and draw the penis out—enlarging it with each press or pump.

Our detailed experience, his post-Bathmate growth results after 6 months’ use now, and how to use a Hydro penis pump. Plus, why he thinks the Hydroxtreme 7″ is three times easier vs. the others:

Bathmate Results: His Gains

He started thicker than average, but much shorter than average: 75th percentile for girth, but only the 15th percentile for penis length. His original 4.72 inches “bone-pressed” length means about 4.5″ is usable, since some fat blocks the final ¼ inch from penetrating. We went with the Bathmate Hydro… 7 size, optimistically, so he wouldn’t quickly outgrow the 5″ cylinder. His Bathmate results measured over time, via a firm ruler + flexible tape measure + calipers:

Starting size: 4.72 inches bone-pressed length (BPL), 5.05 inches circumference (circ.).

After 2 weeks Hydromax: 4.80 inches BPL, 5.15 inches circ. Taken 1 hour post-pumping. Slight gains lasted up to 3 hours, after which he was at: 4.72 inches BPL, 4.98 inches circ.

After 1 month total: 4.95 inches BPL, 5.28 inches circ. This included 2 weeks of Hydromax7, then 2 weeks of Hydroxtreme. He greatly prefers the latter (see his style, here).

After 6 weeks: 5.14 inches BPL, 5.39 inches circ.

After 2 months: 5.23 inches BPL, 5.55 inches circ.

After 4 months: 5.35 inches BPL, 5.61 inches circ.

After 6 months, 1 week: 5.40 inches BPL, 5.68 inches circ.

How to use bathmate hydro penis pump for best results

Gains were most dramatic in the hour post-pumping, though it’s good to let tissue rest before having sex. By 4 hours post-pumping, he began to see lasting results after 6 weeks: lasting meaning they endured >4 hours. His final usable length is about 5.25 inches, which is now in my perfect range for a long-enough fucking!!!

Bathmate pumps size guide chart
Bathmate pumps erect lengths for which cylinder size chart: click image to enlarge.

Hydro vs. Hydromax vs. Hydroxtreme

All Bathmates employ water inside the penis pump, to evenly distribute the pressure the pump exerts on your dick. Water doesn’t compress / flow as easily as air does, so it’s easier to build pressure fast: you want to go slow and be gentle to avoid swelling/edema. You use a Bathmate pump while in a shower or bathtub.

Three Bathmate lines exist, utilizing two different pumping mechanisms: “Press pumping” (Hydromax, Hydro) vs. Handball pumping (HydroXtreme).

Since my man has only 1 dick, we set out to test the best of two different pump styles: the Hydromax vs. Hydroxtreme, and see which one he’d find the best. (Like the Hydro line, Hydromax is a press-down-to-pump mechanism—just 35% more powerful.) He’s put together these full pros & cons and how-to, with me editing!:

Bathmate Hydromax vs. Hydroxtreme results
Hydromax box, top; vs. Hydroxtreme box, bottom. The Hydroxtreme’s bigger for the same pump cylinder size b/c it includes more gadgets.

Hydroxtreme Pros & Cons

We (optimistically) got the Hydroxtreme7 for his 4.75″ BP length, letting him grow to over 5″ length—while being thicker-than-average—without getting his penis smushed:

HydroXtreme: Easiest to control. Safest.
Pros: Best feel. Hand-ball lets you apply pressure more precisely. Complete set with storage case. Deluxe.
Cons: Not for being lazy. Must be consistent and develop a routine. Not cheap.
Ease of use: 4.5 out of 5. Squeezing the ball pump = best pressure control. Keep cylinder as full as you can.
💲 Price: From $219 to $399.

Hydromax Pros & Cons

The Hydromax (and Hydro) work as you press the pump down onto your pubic mound. The Hydromax 7 is the standard size, fitting erect lengths of 5 inches to 7 inches.

Hydromax: Top Power per Price.
Pros: Does offer gains. Distributes growth over girth (first) then length. Suction feels strong once correctly sealed.
Cons: Difficult to precisely control pressure, via manual pushing. Hand-pump (HydroXtreme) is easier.
Ease of use: 2.0 out of 5.
💲 Price: From $139 to $193.

Bathmate Hydromax 7 penis pump

Bathmate Hydro Pros & Cons

Formerly called “Bathmate Hercules.”

Hydro: Cheapest Bathmate option.
Pros: Lowest price for uniform water pressure. Safe materials (like all Bathmate).
Cons: Not a hand-ball pump. Least powerful suction—though enough to stretch the penis sufficiently to produce gradual gains over time. (Go slow with all Bathmate.)
💲 Price: $119.99.

Ease of Use: Hydromax vs. Hydroxtreme

Simply, the Hydroxtreme’s handball pump mechanism is both easier to use and offers better control.

Hydroxtreme handball penis pump

If you’re going for a water-pressure pump without a gauge, the Hydroxtreme is the one to get. It’s 10 times simpler to gently increase pressure vs. with Hydromax.

How to Use a Bathmate Pump

Bathmate pumps work via stretching the tunica albuginea, the outer penile tissue layer; allowing more endothelial (blood-holding tissue) expansion within.

You get larger erections from the tunica’s expansion + harder erections from more bloodflow inside.

Penis pumping might be compared to building muscle mass, like in the gym. But the penis’s shaft isn’t a muscle, technically: It does contain smooth muscle cells, also blood vessels and connective tissues, while the 4 muscles are in the root of the penis (farther back). It’s a complex, erectile system! Not overdoing your “workout” is good in any case.

Here’s how to Bathmate pump for results:

  • Pregame. Getting a seal requires being clean-shaved. No bush. Have your pump ready at hand, with tubing connected if it’s a Hydroxtreme.
  • Warmup. Start by softly stretching your penis. Hold a quarter-inch under the glans. Pull softly upward, in sets of 5. Start with 3 sets of reps. Add 1 new set / week.
  • Get hard. Maximize gains by being as hard as you’ve ever been when entering the chamber. Use whatever visuals you like to get there.
  • Quickly, fill your chamber. The Bathmate cylinder should be filled nearly to the top with lukewarm water. You’re in the shower or bath now.
  • Lean forward while applying the pump. Keep the chamber as full of water as you can.
  • Make sure your ball-sack remains outside. The pump shouldn’t pull scrotal tissue inside the ring.
  • Press the pump against yourself, just enough. You’re pressing with purpose, but not forcing hard pressure onto your mons pubis, to seal effectively.
  • For Hydroxtreme: Squeeze the hand-ball. Squeeze 3 to 5 times, slowly. For Hydro and Hydromax: You’re pushing the plastic cylinder down.
  • Do not overpressurize. You don’t want your penis to be pumped 10× fast, this will cause edema and tearing. Pump slowly, watching your dick with each squeeze.
  • If you’ve lost water at application, you can refill – but try to keep your penis inside fully sealed during each pumping interval.
  • I do two sets of 2 minutes per session. Trying to stay as rock-hard as I can. Break the suction and remove the Bathmate between the 2-min. sets, turning my penis side-to-side and moving my scrotum and testicles in between the two sets. This reduces risk of edema and discoloration.
  • I pump 4–5 days per week, with a break on Saturdays and Wednesdays. I’ve pumped up to 8 minutes / day (two 2-min. sets in morning, two 2-mins. in the evening; but one round per day is recommended).
  • Never do more than 10 minutes of pumping at a time. 5 minutes is a safer max. What to watch for: Your dick turning purple (or deep red if you’re very light originally); red dots appearing (broken blood vessels); loss of penile sensation. Go slow and don’t overwork.
  • After 3 consistent weeks of pumping, take 1 week off. It’s off-season for your tunica, as tissue regenerates after 3 weeks of training.
  • Always watch your penis and pump safely. Different people recover more quickly, others require more time between sessions. Bathmate pumps are FDA approved devices but can be misused. I am not a medical professional.

Our Bathmate Results Experience

This training regimen led him to Friday morning pumping sessions, after which he drove over to my place for Friday nights… and hotter sex, before a Saturday pumping break!


How an Enhanced Penis feels during sex – Female Perspective

I’d be devoted to him no matter what his penis size: we *click* mentally. But, it was frustrating during sex when his penis kept popping out during missionary. Awkward.

I get much better G-spot stimulation from a penis that’s over 5 inches long (5.75 inches maximum) banging me missionary style — with a swollen, protruding ridge. My vagina is particular about what it likes.

After the first couple months… I really started to see the difference. He’d roll in to my place on Friday night. Sometimes bringing dinner. We talked, shared each other’s company…but I found myself distracted by wondering what was in his pants now.

The Bathmate results made it hotter, like a totally new relationship: the passionate banging of finally fucking someone you’ve been getting to know for a month or two, then at last… removing their pants. This size increase was fun, even exhilarating to open up and see. And feel.

When he got up to over 5″ usable length, sex got loads (heh) easier for me. No more back-arching or extra-leg spreading to make missionary function. Not to mention that I like stroking it, I like running my tongue around the head as it’s swollen. This is exciting if he brings the Hydroxtreme with him, and he uses it Sunday morning—like when he’s in the shower with me.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme storage case
Hydroxtreme travel case (without included travel lock attached).

I watch… the clear tube is the best. New, bigger dick to suck. 🎉 (Also, redder.) All mine, and now the best workable size. I don’t need him to keep going, honestly: but we’re super curious to see how much maintenance he’ll need to do to make the ⅔ an inch length gain last!!!

What’s Penis Pumping Like? His Findings

I liked that the Bathmate became part of my shower routine. I put it on a towel to dry after showering. Then I see it again when I go for a towel the next day. Easy to remember.

Bathmate penis pump how to store

I see why someone would buy a Hydro, or Hydromax if they’re getting into pumping and they aren’t sure about functionality.

I was immediately drawn to the hand-ball on the Hydroxtreme. I made myself try the Hydromax for 2 weeks to start, so I could give an informed opinion. But the “push down hard into your junk” system with Hydromax even, seems less functional vs. the hand-ball. Really harder to operate.

Really I was only was using the Hydroxtreme by the second week. I like that it has the whole carry-case too included. The towel and sponge and all that other “swag” didn’t do much for me, but you know I used the storage bag when bringing it to your place a few times staying over.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme pump - included

The Hydroxtreme is functional and effective – I wasn’t unconfident about my dick being shorter, but now I do feel a boost everytime I look down and see it’s longer when I’m hard. It’s so hot to see how much you like when I drive that bigger dick into you 😘

Bathmate vs. Penis Extender

Penis extenders, also called sheaths or sleeves, can be made of body-safe platinum silicone—which doesn’t degrade or harbor bacteria like TPE “real feel” extenders do. Extenders come in many different sizes and shapes. A few months ago, we ordered a couple to compare vs. his Bathmate results from penis pumping.

FeaturePenis Pump
Penis Extender
Size increase+ 0.25 to 1.75 inches girth.
+ 0.1 to 1 inch length.
+0.5″ length is typical post-pump after 2 months, may recede over the next 4 hours.
As girthy as you want.
2 inches length extension before extender gets floppy.
How long it takes1 month–1 year+.
Use 3–4× a week.
1 minute to put on.
Easy to get a good fit4.5 out of 5 ⭐s.
Clear length specs chart.
Press down to create a suction seal, then get pumping.
2 out of 5 ⭐s.
Easy to misorder internal length;
Easy to buy too thick.
Less comfy for a prominent 🍆ridge.
Feel for receiving partner✅100% real.✅Soft, squishy, comfortable, can be BIG.
❌Not totally lifelike. Skin texture not the same. Close enough for some, but not spot-on.
Feel for the penis-owner✅Full sensation.🤷Limited skin contact: You feel lube + silicone, plus your hips thrusting. Best for vicarious pleasure: If you can enjoy your partner’s greater enjoyment.

I ordered a “made to measure” extender from Uncover Creations to fit his length: but I didn’t see that you have to pay $12 to “Customise External Length” after you choose the penis length (internal length) dimension. So, one extender has too much silicone, about 4 inches, above the tip of his glans penis. That makes it floppy AF. Whoops.

Silicone penis extenders vs. average penis girth Neo Elite 7.5 Inch dildo
Penis extenders vs. the average-penis-size of Neo Elite 7.5″ (= 5.5″ insertable × 1.5″ diameter). It is hard to find a body-safe penis extender that isn’t 1. Super thick and 2. Really restrictive for the wearer.

He might’ve reordered, but he’s got a flared corona (🔔 glans shape with a protruding ridge) that gets super-compressed at the top of the extender. So, not only does he feel less, it’s uncomfortable to stuff his penis inside. Ordering well-fitting extenders is hard, and worse for anyone with a nice flared ridge or a strong curvature of their penis. It’s…not great.

Recap & Rating

He did get real, consistent results from Bathmate pumping. The gains were most pronounced between 2 and 4 months use, then slowed down—which is great for us, since he was getting to close to the perfect size:

She says: Yeah, I like the longer dick, and it’s wider too. Not all women need more size. I do. I like girth. And skin feel. The over-half-an-inch consistent growth has made sex like 20 times less draining for me, cuz he can pound me without it sliding out after a minute. Better than an extender as well, since I love the tactile touch of skin — bigger in my hands too, bigger in my pussy, and more girth to run my tongue around. And he’s still feeling my vagina, directly. SO HOT.🔥

He recommends: Pick up a Hydroxtreme,

or see all Bathmate water-pressure pump choices here.

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