Best Cheap Sex Toys under $40, 100% Body-Safe

Cheap sex toys needn’t feel cheap-o. But, many “budget” dildos, vibrators, and plugs are unsafe still. Toxic PVC sex toys can leach chlorine, and even melt; while soft “jelly” elastomers let bacteria, yeast, and/or mold grow. Yuck.

Buying my first toys, I wasted money by going too budget. The worst was a $10 jelly vibrator 😱 on Amazon 😨, etc. After 4 purchases left me wondering: “Can I just not orgasm on vibrators?!?,” I realized: Vibrators (and dildos & butt plugs!) are not made equally. (Good thing I disliked these weak toys enough to throw them away, not risk yeast infection.)

Today, a thousand toys later, I’ve selected 8 top all-body-safe but still affordable vibrators from my collection of over 800; plus, nonporous & budget-friendly dildos that feel great. My goal: Help you escape crappy, ineffective vibrators & porous dildos & plugs!

Best Cheap Vibrators

Vibrator motors vary *a lot*. Some are stronger, some are rumblier, some have much better speed range (difference between low & high intensities) than others.

I’ve selected under-$40 vibrating sex toys (browse my 8 picks, discounted here) that (1) aren’t terribly buzzy, (2) aren’t weak / have a decent power range. I rate each under-$40 toy by power level, in case you want a stronger or a weaker vibrator. Every vibe here is USB rechargeable🔋 and either water-resistant or submersible💦🛁. Full power stats chart, here.

Cheap sex toys - body-safe vibrators and clit suction under $40

Best under-$20 starter vibe: Essential Bullet by BMS. Mini-vibrator that’s small, but has a lotta power for its size. Not too buzzy. Travel case included. 10 vibe functions (4 steady, 6 patterns); 6.2/10 top power; $19.80 price (discount displays when added to cart).

Best strong mini-vibrator under $30: For its potent start + clitoral focus (it has a more precise tip!), the Intense Travel Vibe Mini kicks. Spot-on for strong clitoral stimulation during sex. 10 vibe functions (3 steady, 7 patterns); 6.75/10 top power; $29.99 price.

My favorite-ever affordable sex toy: It’s sooooo gooooood. I love💖✨🤩 the yellow Unihorn like no other small vibrator. It just does more: a licking tongue, clitoral air-pulse technology, and 2 motors that vibrate. Hella fun, and more multiply-orgasmic for me than pure air-pulse stimulation (like the Satisfyer Pro 2 & Rose, next). Dual motors: 10 air-pulse+licking+vibrating functions and 10 pure vibrating functions; 8.25/10 top power; $39.99 price.

Best quiet vibrator: Pillow Talk Racy is a very-rumbly vibrator that will not be heard from the next room. Fully adjustable speed control, so you get at least 20 different vibration intensities! Racy can be a clitoral sex toy; or insert it as a small, beginner-friendly G-spot vibrator. Press&hold adjustable vibration control = tons of steady speeds; 6.75/10 top power; $39.60 price (add to cart for discount).

Satisfyer, air pulse “clit suction” classic: Most popular sex toy of the last decade, the Satisfyer Pro 2 (Gen. 2) is air pulse stimulation: Surrounding the clitoris & focusing pressure on it, without direct touch. It’s as strong as all but the most Premium Womanizers. The Satisfyer’s good speed range lets you choose anywhere from “whispery” to “hard-pulsing power” functions. 11 air pulse functions; 8.75/10 top power; $39.99 price.

Best app-controlled & affordable: Satisfyer’s Curvy line pulses air like the Pro2, but has app control for less cost (than the Pro 2 Gen. 3 Connect, $59.99). Satisfyer’s free app lets you finely control intensity changes, or give control to a partner long-distance. The 3 Curvy stimulators have 3 different mouth sizes that affect clitoral fit (size details here), and do *not* feel like cheap sex toys. Dual motors: 11 air-pulse & 10 vibration functions (3 steady speeds, 7 patterns); 7.5/10 top power; $29.95 or $39.99 price, by Curvy model.

The “sucking” Rose toy: The viral Rose packs air pulse tech (like a Satisfyer), but rumbles with vibration too. This Inya version is the rumbliest Rose toy. Cute shape; not the easiest to clean, unfortunately. 10 air pulse vibration functions (3 steady, 7 patterns); 8.75/10 top power; $37.79 with discount code felicity.

Strongest vibrator under $40: A bullet vibe with wand-power ambitions. Blush Power Vibes are the only under-$40 vibrators (that aren’t air pulse) to earn over 7 out of 10 top power rating on my scale. Bigger than most bullets, these colorful vibrators grrrrrr. Buttons are harder to press than most vibes. 10 vibration functions (5 steady speeds, 5 patterns); 7.5/10 top power; $34.99 price.

Best Cheap Dildos

When looking for cheaper dildos (under $50), be sure to get silicone or borosilicate glass from sellers who aren’t lying to you about what the material is. (It’s nearly impossible to tell with Amazon-sold dildos). For X-large dildos, you will need to pay over $50, for the increased volume of silicone.

See a broad selection of body-safe dildos under $40 in different styles, here. My favorites:

Cheap sex toys - body-safe dildos under $40

Best realistic dildos under $40: Neo Elite dual silicone, ($23.99 to $39.99). Best affordable dual-density silicone, which was invented to feel more realistic: The two layers are softer to imitate skin outside, then hard inside. The 7.5 Inch with Balls is the classic shape; the 7.5 Inch (no Balls) is great for suction-cupped deeper penetration (7 inches for vaginal or anal insertion); and the 6 Inch Tapered is the more-lifelike version of the Avant D15 starter dildo, next. 

Prettiest less-realistic dildos: Avant D15-16 ($38.99 / $36.99): Smooth silicone & prettier too, pastel stripes! D16 has a gentle G-spotting head; while the D15 is a 💯 beginner dildo, excellently sized for folks new to penetration. Semi-flexible, neither super-soft nor really hard.

Silicone G-spot dildos (or prostate!): Tantus Acute & Curve are solid smaller spot toys, by one of the first silicone dildo makers, Tantus. Medium-soft, flexible, slick silicone. For harder silicone: See Luxe Cici, $23.99 on limited clearance.

G-spot orgasms? Add a clitoral toy too, for best result if you’re new to G-spot stimulation. Most people will clits will need warmup & clit play to O!

If you want *the most* pressure & slickness: Get shatter-resistant borosilicate glass, like: Firefly G-Spot Wand ($37.99) for G-spot focus, or Chrystalino Planets ($34.99) for textured buh-bumpa-bump-bump (I prefer thrusting “Planets” vaginally, but could be affordable anal beads). Some folks love firmness for really homing in on their G-/P-spots, and glass is ultra-smooth and compatible with silicone lubricant. (Also, cheaper than real stainless steel!)

Affordable Anal Toys

Anal-specific toys start with anal-training kits and move on to the best soft butt plugs. If you’re more experienced, all dildos discussed above can also be anal toys.

Affordable anal sex toys
  1. 3-Plug Trainer Kits: Mood Naughty 1 ($28.99): Anal training kits in silicone have 3 plugs—a tried-and-true method for getting your posterior used to the initial weirdness of having something inside. With Mood Naughty 1: Work up from a tiny 0.75″ diameter, to a medium-small 1.25″ diameter. Or, for a lil bigger, the Anal Exerciser Kit moves from 1″ to 1.5″ (medium) diameter. Use lube & start slow: first-time anal tips detailed here.
  2. Best 1st anal dildo: Neo Elite 6″ Tapered ($23.99) or Dr. Lucas ($23.99): Same shape, different silicones. From an easy 1-inch-diameter head, tapering to 1.25″ and a manageable 5″ inch. I prefer the Neo Elite version’s soft silicone outside (more natural feel).
  3. First Prostate Stimulation Kit: Silicone Anal Ripple Kit ($29.99). P-spot plugs with suction cups! You can stick these to a flat surface (bathtub, wood chair, or toilet seat?) and rock your hips, so the prostate-seeking bulb will massage more. Kit includes 3 sizes for increased training, from 1″ to 1.5″ inches.
  4. 💗Egg Plug XS or Small ($29 to $39). 10/10 the best silicone in this guide. SquarePeg’s Super-Soft silicone is like, anal magic; so comfortable once inserted. Egg Plugs make your rectum feel full, and their bases fit nicely in the ass crack. Small is the Egg Plug size I recommend after you’ve been doing anal training for ≈6 weeks steadily or more.

Penis Toys under $40

Cock rings can be vibrating or nonvibrating, and then we’ve got penis strokers.

  • Perfect Fit Rings ($19.99 per 3-pack): Very functional; 3 sizes to try. These are simple rings, but: Perfect Fit’s goal is for the wearer to have more size choices, so they find a ring that does fit their individual penis well. They work to make the penis stay harder—once you’ve got the right size. You could also wear a bigger Perfect Fit ring around both penis and testicles, but for that purpose the next option is likely more fun…
  • 💗Oxballs super-soft rings ($22.00 to $33.00), like Grunt, or Grip & Pig Ring full-package rings. Thick, soft silicone grips the cock or balls too (depending on your size & which ring you choose): I’m told that wearing one around the ball sack is a great squeeze and makes the wearer want to come harder. The Grip ring is very wearable. My boyfriend has worn a Grip while we’re out: Hot, Knowing his junk is being gripped, like by a soft-squeezing hand. The ball-gripping adds to sex too; he likes the extra feeling, says it makes him ejaculate harder in the end.
  • Satisfyer Legendary duo ring ($29.99): Vibrating cock&ball rings, with a wider vibrating surface intended to stimulate the ring-wearer’s partner’s clit. Medium vibration intensity; not rumbly; not for large penises or scrotums.
  • Yoni or Ass Strokers ($35.99): Silicone penis strokers / “male masturbators” that don’t degrade or grow mold. The Yoni Stroker & Ass stroker are super-soft silicone, but not quite as soft as a Fleshlight. The Firefly toys are very average-sized strokers, with the channel meant to be fairly tight; so it’s a lil difficult to get down into the ribs to clean, and the size is not optimal for thicker penises.
  • Tenga Spinners are popular as cheaper penis toys made of TPE. Enjoy, but ideally, dispose of after several months.
Best penis sex toys under $50

Strap-On Sale

Packer Gear Briefs ($26.99) are affordable but more stimulating because: You can slide a good bullet vibrator into the briefs’ “crotch pocket.” Most harnesses don’t have a pocket directly under the clitoris: instead, harness vibrator pockets tend to be way up near the O-ring, on the wearer’s pubic mound. That’s too far away from the clitoris, IMO; so this open-pouched Brief is a very welcome change. I wouldn’t go without them for pegging explorations. Put any dildo up to 2″ diameter in these.

Temptasia Briefs vibrator slot - vibrating strap-on harness

Affordable Vibrator Power Rating Chart

I rate “cheap but not crap!” vibrators for power & vibration range, vibration depth, and volume. All my top “cheap” vibrators are discounted here, once you add to cart.

Scroll ➡️

Speed Range,
Low to High

out of 10
Low to High

out of 10
4.5 to 6.26 to 339–46
4.0 to 8.2510 to 9 front,
4.5 to 3 back
1.0 to 8.75
Travel Vibe
6.0 to 6.755 to 442–47
Rose Vibe
w/ code
7.25 to 8.759.5 to 943–48
5.5 to 7.55 to 439–45
1.0 to 7.57 to 428–46;
42–52 w/ vibes
PT Racy
3.5 to 6.75
10 to 634–40
6.5 to 5.256 to 341–37

Cheap Sex Toys = Remember to Buy Safe!

Buying one or three cheap sex toys is a great way to learn about your own unique preferences — just be sure to avoid gross materials like PVC, and toss any “jelly” or real-feel dildos after a few weeks. In the long run, if you want a great dildo or advanced toy, it’s so important to seek out safe materials, since the sex toy industry is totally unregulated! Avoid those “shower curtain” smelling dildos and seek out platinum silicone! I hope this quick list is a fantastic starting point for buying safe toys that don’t suck.

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