Air Pulse Vibrator Rating Guide

Better than oral sex?! Air pulse vibrators are strong in a new kinda way: Loved because they produce faster and harder climaxes than any sex device since the “back massager” started being used…a little lower down.

But, not all air pulse vibes are equal: Some are stronger than others, some are easier to hold, and some have a better intensity range from gentle to wham-bam.

How do you choose the right one? I’ve tested 66 different air pulse / clitoral suction toys over the years, and a few really stand out. Here, I’ll compare the best air pulsation vibrators’ intensity & functions, and cover how to use for great orgasms, and how to find your best clit fit. Let’s start with my top 5… All are rated from lowest intensity to highest intensity, on a 12-point scale where 12 = the most pulsing power!

Best Air Pulse Vibrator Comparison Table

NEW! Viben Zen Rose is IMO the best Rose toy ever: From 6.75 to 9.5 out of 10 power and Ultra-Rumbly vibration, plus easier to clean vs. any other Rose vibe.

Other fan-favorite air pulse toys, quick recap:

Satisfyer Pro 2 air pulse sex toy

Satisfyer PRO 2 Next Gen.

Most Popular Air Pulse Toy

  • From 1 to 8.75 (out of 10) Intensity.
  • Air pulsation: 11 functions.
  • Large, removable silicone mouth.
  • A well-loved classic; rave reviews since 2016.

Womanizer Premium vs Premium 2 air pulse stimulator comparison

Womanizer Premium

Luv the *Thud*

  • From 1.5 to 9.75 Intensity (Premium 1); from 1.0 to 10.0 intensity (Premium 2).
  • Air pulsation: 12 functions for Premium 1; 14 functions for Premium 2.
  • 2 removable silicone mouths.
  • Great speed range from whispery to BAM! Thuddy pulsation. Note: Premium 2 has a slightly better range, but turns off after 10 mins. if no buttons pressed.

What Is an Air Pulse Vibrator?

Air Pulse vibrators puff, puff, puff away: their silicone mouths surround the clitoris, and work on it via air pressure (not direct touch!). 🌬️🌻 [One exception: This Unihorn vibrator does have a clit-stroking tongue with air-pulse vibration too!]

In the beginning, air pulsation sex toys were not, technically, vibrators (Womanizer brand, starting in 2011; then Satisfyers like the Pro 2). They only pulsed waves of air over the clitoris.

But a new generation of air pulse vibrators do actually vibrate too (full list here): Vibration waves flow thru the pulsing-air stimulation of the Lelo Sona, first (2018); and then the Rose vibe appeared (2020). IMO, this added vibration makes the MOST INTENSE air pulse toys.

Best air pulse vibrator guide
New vibrating models include: Satisfyer Curvy, right-most; and Jewel & Rose vibes, bottom row.

They’re also called “clit suction” toys, “pressure wave” stimulators, and “Pleasure Air” (for Womanizer brand) technology.

Mouth Size: Finding Your Best Fit

Different air pulse toys have different “mouth” sizes. That’s good, because clits do come in lots o’ sizes—just like penises do. Some stick out a lot more than others.

Most clits will be A-OK with any air pulse vibe’s sizing. But, if you’re outside the middle range, then consider:

  • For clits that like a tight fit: The Satisfyer Curvy 3 and Firefly Dream moon-vibrator’s air-pulse mouths are both tinier than the Pro 2’s mouth; and Curvy 3’s hole is flexible too, great for comfort, IMO, and for safety. See a size comparison chart here. The original Lelo Sona’s mouth was very smol, in firm silicone that sealed you in tight, enough that a few clit-havers reported bleeding after use. (If your clitoris does stick out noticeably, make sure you not getting a small-mouthed toy.)
  • Best mid-sized: The We-Vibe Melt’s mouth is an elongated oval, medium-width. Oval air-pulse mouths are sweet because many people like stimulation above or below their clitoral glans (head), so the longer length accomplishes that (while remaining snug on the sides). I find oval air pulse mouths fit more naturally inside my inner labia.
  • For big clits: Satisfyer Curvy 1 has the largest opening (sizing specs here). Or, Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen. is close, just a tad smaller.
Air pulse vibrator how to use - clitoral mouth size

How to Use an Air Pulse Vibrator

For many people, air pulse vibrators are instantly orgasmic: dripping climaxes in minutes.

But, for a fraction of users, an air pulse vibrator is an adjustment. It takes a few sessions (even a few weeks!) to have awesome orgasms, because the air pulse technology feels so different. I was this way: I first tried the Satisfyer Pro 2’s pressure waves, and it was never 100% right. My sensitive, small clit hadda get a better fit from the We-Vibe Melt, and then I spent another week learning how to use my new favorite clit toy!1

Here are tips on how to use an air pulse vibrator for best effect, as a beginner:

Air pulse vibrator how to use - lubricate lightly
  • Totally new to toys / masturbation? Find your clit first. Flip your phone camera so you can really see where your clitoris is & how your labia surround it!
  • Lightly lubricate inside the air pulse vibrator’s stimulation mouth. Some users report too much lube reduces sensation, while others need more lube for comfort. Add just a couple drops to start. (Also invest in a body-safe, glycerin-free lubricant!)
  • Larger outer labia? You may need to separate the labia, gently, to position the air pulse stimulator over your clit.
  • Position the air pulsation vibe’s mouth right over the clitoris, centered. If you know you like stimulation more above or below the clitoral head, move the vibrator mouth slightly up or downward.
  • Your clitoral hood does NOT need to be retracted. If your skin doesn’t naturally pull itself back when you’re aroused, don’t force it when using an air pulse toy.
  • Turn the air pulse toy on. Start on low intensity.
  • Lie back and relax, feeling the air pulse tech stimulate you. Adjust the clitoral “mouth” as needed. It always helps to be in a positive, sexy headspace. Whether you enjoy dreaming up your own fantasies, thinking of a favorite partner, watching or just listening to porn: All are valid options.
  • Move up 1 or 2 speeds. To avoid overstimulation, progress slowly. Remain on the lower air-pulse speeds for a couple minutes.
  • If you do start feeling “Awww, too much!!!” you can of course always decrease the air pulse intensity! This is much easier on pulsing sex toys with a (–) down button, like We-Vibe Melt or any current Satisfyer (including the current Pro 2, Penguin, and Satisfyer Curvy vibes).
  • But if you feel too stimulated on low speeds, even: Try using either (1) a G-spot vibrator (my all-time fave here) internally, or (2) any mid-sized vibrator resting outside your vagina at the same time as the air pulse toy. This lessens the directness of the clitoral stim.
  • Or, for more intensity: Press the toy’s air-hole down, gently. This creates a tighter seal, making the air pulsation more potent.
  • If you’re not feeling like orgasm is near after a time, try (1) moving the air pulse stimulator up and down, so its mouth is rubbing your clitoris as it pulses air; and/or (2) adding vaginal stimulation too: any of a body-safe dildo, a G-spot vibe, a vaginal plug, or a partner’s fingers.
  • How to reach orgasm:
    • Try upping the speed till you feel a good “Whoa!” Stay there for ≈30 seconds,
    • Then back down 2 intensity levels. Linger for a minute…
    • And up ⬆️ the speed again.
    • Meanwhile, clench your pelvic floor muscles, off and on, repeating as you feel the stimulation build.
    • You’ll know when you’re close. Contract again… hold and push…
    • If you’re into rubbing motions (like from clit fingering!), you can rub the air pulse vibrator’s mouth up and down— “jerking off” your clit.
    • You may also choose to push outward when orgasming on an air pulse vibrator: Squirting may happen.
    • Optional: Decrease 2 or 3 intensity levels as you cum, to avoid “Eee-aaah YIKES!” Decreasing intensity is not ruining your orgasm, it’s adjusting the toy to how incredibly sensitive your pulsing clitoris is right after climax. For me, decreasing intensity at orgasm is a must, and lets me go on to have several orgasms in a row!
Air pulse vibrator how to use - position over clitoris Womanizer
Womanizer brand’s graphic of air pulsation clit stimulation: It shows a very exposed clitoris. If your clit is not exposed naturally, I promise the air pulses will still feel strong. (Image © Wow Tech Group.)

What’s the Strongest Air Pulse Vibrator?

The strongest pure air pulsation stimulator is the Womanizer Premium 2. (The We-Vibe Melt and Satisfyer Pro 2 are close.)

The strongest air pulse vibrator is the Zen Rose by Viben. It has vibration flowing under the air-bursts. (Other Rose vibes are pretty strong, just not as strong as the Zen Rose vibe.) In contrast, the Inya Rose takes no prisoners: it’s got exactly zero gentle warmup options!

Strongest air pulse vibrators - Inya Rose, Womanizer Premium 2

More detail: This chart’s updated with popular Womanizers, Satisfyers, and air pulse vibes since 2019; it compares each air-pulse function’s intensity against other toys’!

Clit “Suction” Stimulators, Or Not?

Air pulse vibrators do pulse outward, they are not sucking your clit inward (for the most part).2

And it’s OK because a toy doesn’t need to feel life-like to be mind-blowing.3

Indeed, air pulsation is easier, stronger, and (I’d argue) more effective than clitoral suction. A few toys—based on clitoral pumps—do offer clit sucking:

Best Clitoral Suction Toy?

The following vibrators offer true suction, as they pull your genitals into their mouths. They seal hard around the clitoris, pulling on the skin and possibly enlarging it (air pulse toys, in contrast, don’t make your clit bigger, even temporarily). These suckers may leave an imprint with their suction mouths, temporarily (see here).

  • Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure: It’s a pussy pump with a licking tongue and a vibrating handle. It can pull your labia hard, on the high speed. (It’s too much pussy-pulling for me!) Its handle offers a buzzier, high-pitched vibration intensity.
  • Maia Destiny is a vulva pump lite, suctioning around the labia. Its small, flexible tongue vibrates. The handle vibrates more powerfully.
  • Maia Tulip Pro: Best small true-suction vibrator. The Tulip Pro’s silicone mouth flexes in. The suction is strong enough to bend the mouth as it latches onto my lips. It’s a slightly biting feeling as the Tulip sucks; may be perceived as more painful than an air pulse vibrator.
Clit Suction vibrator listing

One problem with true suction vibrators is, they’re less-water-resistant.4 If you are a squirter, you may ruin your clit suction toy quickly. Go with an IPX7-rated air pulsation toy instead, like any Satisfyer air pulse or Womanizer.

How to Clean

Air pulse vibrators are at least water-resistant, also called “splashproof.” You can wash them in the sink no problem. Details on how to clean an air pulse stimulator mouth well:

  • Have a steady stream of running water plus liquid soap.
  • Wash the air pulse vibrator’s mouth under the water stream.
  • Run your finger around inside the mouth, with soap. (Wash well with pure water after.)
  • You may choose to use a clean Q-tip to remove accumulated lube / fluids at the bottom of the “mouth,” over the toy’s pulse plate. Wet the Q-tip and rub it over the silicone plate, then wash with water.
  • Shake out your air pulse vibe’s mouth when done washing, so the water won’t sit inside.
  • If you have a Satisfyer Pro 2 or Womanizer with a removable mouth, do remove it. Wash it separately with soap and water. Shake the mouth out when finished, to remove excess water. Let the air pulse mouth air-dry separately.
  • If you have a Rose vibe, you’ll need to do extra cleaning around the petals.
Air pulsation toy lineup Satisfyer dual love, satisfyer dual pleasure, satisfyer curvy 3+, Satisfyer Pro 2, BMS Pillow Talk Dreamy, We-Vibe Melt
Just-washed air pulse toys!

More than splashproof, Womanizer, Satisfyer, Sona, Melt are waterproof submersible, IPX7. So, you could use their pulsing air stimulation in the bathtub, if desired. I find their effect less stimulating this way, it’s like the surrounding water is decreasing the air pulse pressure; but YMMV.

Quietest Air Pulse Vibrator?

TL;DR: I think the Satisfyer Curvy series is the quietest air-pulse option with decent intensity range. Their noise level approaches 50 decibels on high, a.k.a. “quiet home,” so any of these will be difficult to hear in the next room if your door is closed. (Also, consider playing music out loud.)

But, air pleasure tech follows what I’ll call Phal’s Rule (for vibrators too): You gotta choose between QUIET and STRONG. No toy is both very quiet and very strong at the same time. Not yet, at least.

I have seen folks call the Satisfyer Pro 2 “quiet.” And I scratched my head, because that air pulse toy gets pretty raucous on the 9th through 11 intensity levels.

womanizer vs satisfyer vs sona guide

So, it depends on whether you’re using the strongest intensity levels, or not. And how loud is loud for you also depends on whether you’re living with someone you need to hide the volume from (and how close-by they are while you’re playing!).

My Favorite Air Pulse Vibes & Why

We-Vibe Melt has been my go-to since 2019, and my favorite is pairing it with the Pillow Talk Sassy (sold together for $11 more than the Melt alone). That’s because I love fuller-vulva and G-spot stimulation too; I orgasm best with some vaginal fullness. For me, it’s incredible how Melt fits into vaginal play:

We-Vibe Melt + Pillow Talk Sassy intense clitoral stimulation & G-spot vibrator bundle

Melt was designed so you can hold it easier during penis-in-vagina sex. Though that’s not flawless—it’s hard to keep a good seal when someone else’s body is moving against you!!—Melt’s absolutely the best air pulse stimulator I’ll always use at the same time as a fave dildo or other vaginal sex toy. Melt’s mouth does not stick out like Womanizer toys’ do, taking up precious real estate at my vulva.

Satisfyer Curvy 3 is my back-up air pulse clit toy, for when I just want something different than the Melt or my Melt hasn’t been recharged. It’s fantastically priced, too, still on sale for under $35, so I would choose this as my first air pulsation vibrator on a budget. The Curvy 3’s (optional) vibration is unfortunately buzzy (high-pitched), but I like the kick sometimes when it’s paired with the Curvy’s stronger air pulse intensities.

Finally, sometimes I like vibrating air pulsation, for the extra intensity. I’m someone who the Inya Rose vibe was too strong for on low speed, so I’m looooving the Unihorn vibe’s lower-intensity function #1, and its direct-contact tongue and second vibrating motor too; not to mention it’s adorable AF and under $40.


  1. OK, it’s a tie for favorite; hard to choose just the one. I’ll always be a big wand vibrator fan.
  2. If you see a sex toy labeled “clit suction” or “clitoral sucking vibrator,” then most likely the manufacturer’s using the term “clit suction” as a shortcut. It’s a simpler way to explain, “This product pulses air outward over the clitoris and (when properly positioned) creates a light seal around it, and can offer a tugging, sucking sensation if you break that seal by moving the toy’s mouth up and down.”
  3. Human mouths can suck; they cannot perfectly surround and blow on a clitoris at 100 puffs per minute, consistently. If you see a company claiming their toy is exactly like cunnilingus or “actual sex,” should you trust them? I wouldn’t, because: First, air pulse vibrators are small handheld devices, not androids with realistic human features; and second: Toys don’t need to replace human partners, they exist to make your sex more fun (whether you’re playing solo or with a human partner).
  4. These clit suction toys include a small hole inside the mouth that acts as an air vent, so the toy can keep suction/pumping. You also don’t want to fill them with too much thick lube, since that can clog the vent.

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  1. Another great article (66 different air pulse toys??!!) as always. I haven’t taken the plunge into trying air pulse yet because it’s so hard to know if I’ll like it or not, but I’m toying with the idea of trying out a Satisfyer if they’ve got a good Black Friday sale. Have you tested any of the newer ‘Curvy Trinity’ models to see how they compare to the other Curvys (eg is the shape with the G-spotting end clunkier to hold, or is the vibration any rumblier)?

  2. Sick article! I I found this on Reddit and I was curious to find which mouths fit which clit, and article did not disappoint! I really like the breakdown and the testing you have done! Thanks for the tips.

  3. In your ‘Air Pulse Vibrators: Complete Guide’ article, the picture at the top shows lots of different vibrators. What is the turquoise one in the bottom right with the silver piece on the end. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi! It’s the Alive Caribbean Shine! I reviewed it here and it was an absolute fave for a bit, then the first one stopped working 5 or 6 months in, and I hear it’s really defect-prone in general, unfortunately; Peepshow Toys stopped carrying it as a result, apparently it was hard to get the warranty supported. I like the Rock Candy Sugarotic as a stimulating replacement, it’s really strong, but the shaft is a bit long for my own anatomy. Overall, Womanizer Duo seems all-around most-favorited; only big downside there is the higher price point.


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