Inya Triple Delight Review

Licking suction, with vibration too. Inya Triple Delight is less painful & less problematic than a toy it’s clearly inspired by: the Fantasy for Her – Her Ultimate Pleasure by Pipedream.

When you combine a moving tongue with a vulva pump, is it magic? Original “Her Ultimate Pleasure” hype would have you believe it’s an incredible product; and I’m sure it’s been very fun for some people. But, here it turns out that size does matter; as well as sensitivity level. As someone whose clit (1) doesn’t stick out when I’m aroused and (2) is very sensitive, for me the Pipedream Her-Her-Her is wildly uncomfortable. It can force you to have your vulva sucked 2.5 inches into an acrylic funnel. Ouch! It’s ironic for a toy claiming to be ULTIMATE pleasure.

In contrast, the Inya Triple Delight’s tongue reaches to the rim of the suction cup, so it still covers my clit even when I don’t create a full suction seal. And when the vulva cup is sealed securely, I get much more pleasure, pain-free. Lovely, light sucking plus the moving tongue, and rumbling vibes from the first vibration function. This full review will cover Inya Triple Delight’s adaptations, the toy’s functions & waterproofness, and my experience using it! Skip to the end for overall rating & discount code.

Inya Triple Delight review - on bed

Inya Triple Delight vs. Fantasy for Her

So the “Her Ultimate Pleasure” suction licker, part of the “Fantasy for Her” line by Pipedream, became crazy-popular back in 2019.

The Inya Triple Delight by NS Novelties is a variant, an imitator; with serious similarities—but also differences vs. the Her Ultimate Pleasure that have improved my Inya experience. Now, if NS Novelties had adapted a small indie artist’s toy, I wouldn’t be recommending this product. But what can I say, it’s Pipedream, so ethically I feel just fine recommending NS Novelties’ refinements to this suction-tongue-vibing concept. Let’s talk “same” but “very different”:

Inya Triple Delight vs. Pipedream Fantasy for Her Her Ultimate Pleasure


  • Both toys have a pussy-pump style cup that sucks your tissue in.
  • Both have a flicking tongue.
  • The opposite “handle” end vibrates in both, so it can be inserted like a dildo.
  • Both have 2 pump-cup shapes: oval and round. The cups are removable.


  • The Inya Triple Delight’s tongue is longer, so—if your clitoris is not prominent—you can enjoy both the tongue and light suction without having your bits sucked hard into the cup, constantly.
  • The Inya Triple Delight’s handle is more curved and textured, for more G-spot purpose. It’s also thicker, at a standard-dildo 1.5 inch diameter, vs. the Fantasy for Her’s 1.2-inch diameter.
  • The Inya Triple Delight has slightly stronger top vibration intensity.
  • The Inya Triple Delight’s button control is easier to operate.
  • The Pipedream Her Ultimate Pleasure has more flicking-tongue speeds and stronger suction.
  • The Her Ultimate Pleasure includes (optional) porous TPE tongue covers (more likely to harbor bacteria & viruses).
  • Inya Triple Delight is $89.99, vs. $120 standard price for the Fantasy for Her.

If you ever wanted to see your labia protrude an extra 2.5 inches from your body, then either toy can do that—but the Pipedream Fantasy for Her product does do it more aggressively.

The Fantasy for Her Her Ultimate Pleasure will also forcefully remind you that you’re a “she” before letting this pink-and-purple toy suck your genitals. The back of the Her Ultimate Pleasure box uses she/her pronouns 28 times in 3 paragraphs, as well as the just-cheesy “lady bits” and “sensitive sweet spot.” I’ll refer you to my friend & colleague Betty Butch for an open-minded analysis of the “luxury” version of the Her Ultimate Pleasure1 from a nonbinary perspective.

My Inya Triple Delight Experience

Suction toys are tricky—they can get to be too much, suddenly, moving from fun to pain in seconds. With the Fantasy for Her pump licker, I got stuck on the highest suction setting, so that my Whoa! went to Aarrrrrgh NOOO in 10 seconds. Sure, it’s got a quick release button to vent out air; but I was trying to experience the licking-sucking in full. It made me imagine: An automatic penis pump with only 1 setting, and it stretches a 5-inch dick into an 8-inch one in less than 30 seconds. That’s damage. It made me think that the “Her Ultimate Pleasure”‘s name was 100% gaslighting.

So I do value that the Inya Triple Delight doesn’t have that high suction capacity, so it ensures safety. See it in action (on my thigh) here. I’m not going to hit the wrong button and be too engrossed in the oddness of watching my labia sticking out 3 inches out from their normal position on my pelvic floor, to immediately figure out I should power off and start again on low. (That’s the only suction function I can use without my vulva getting smush-sandwiched in a little cup.) In the NS Inya suction toy, there’s also one power button marked with the IEC power symbol that everyone knows, so you can turn all 3 functions off at once, STAT. The 3 functions are all independently controllable: You can adjust them apart from each other, or have 1, 2, or all 3 working together.

  • 8 flapping tongue functions (1 steady, 7 patterns)
  • 1 suction function
  • 8 vibration functions (3 steady, 5 patterns)

The Inya Triple Delight’s tongue is so much better for me, too. It’s longer and flatter at the tip. I love that. Real human tongues don’t have a pinpoint tip like the Fantasy for Her does; they can be curved upward, but they’re blunter. When the Triple Delight’s tongue moves, it feels more natural.

Inya Triple Delight vs. Pipedream Fantasy for Her Her Ultimate Pleasure tongue size
Fantasy for Her tongue, left; Triple Delight tongue, right.

My clit never peeks out when I’m aroused, so more length is perfect for me. The Inya Triple Delight can touch my clitoris before I turn on the suction, before my labia get sucked halfway up into the acrylic cup.

Together, these features—Inya Triple Delight’s longer tongue and mild suction—improve my comfort level 1000%!, because I do find vulva-pumping hurts when the suction is strong.

It’s certainly not identical to cunnilingus (oral sex on a vulva), but it’s damn near as close as we have in a sex toy right now.

Inya Triple Delight two pump mouths

The toy has two acrylic pump cylinders. Both are see-through, which is sexy to watch. Great for sending nudes to a lover, for example. I strongly prefer the oval cylinder, which reaches from the start of my labia (on the belly button side) all the way back to just underneath my labial “flaps,” pouches on both sides of my vagina. It does create a strong seal there, sealing in fluids.

I have to admit I used the oval cup almost exclusively in testing this sucking, licking vibrator—because the vulva is longer, not a simple circle. The circular one is less comfortable, IMO, but different vulvas may prefer a different fit.

I think the one real flaw with the Inya Delight is that it only has one steady tongue-flapping speed. Now, the tongue motion is a little intermittent by nature, so an array of rhythms makes sense. (More sense than, like, 3 speeds but 17 patterns on a normal vibrator.) Still, please give me two more flicking tongue functions that are consistent.

As someone who loves penetration, I’m glad for the vibrating end. It’s handy, to just turn it around and not need another toy, if you do want penetration too (by something phallic-sized, since the 1.5-inch-long tongue can be inserted, too.) I can see that the Inya Triple Delight’s “handle” end was more carefully designed for vaginal play—vs. in the Fantasy for Her, where vaginal use feels like an afterthought that happened because the manufacturer couldn’t fit the vibrating motor any higher up toward the suction mouth. On the Inya Triple Delight, see these lovely ripples:

Inya Triple Delight G-spot vibrator end

It’s a solid, firm density, so the textures are more stimulating than in a soft silicone product. I’ve liked holding them and rubbing them against my clit too. As noted, the Inya Triple Delight’s G-spot vibe handle is bigger than the Pipedream Fantasy for Her’s handle. This is an advantage for me, someone who likes thicker penetration; but will not be for folks who really need slim insertables. The Triple Delight is 1.5 inches diameter across the front (standard dildo & median penis width) but 5 inches circumference at the widest “dildo” point. Being very firm, the Triple Delight’s “shaft” gives my vagina the sense of taking an above-average 1.7 inches diameter.

The vibration intensity starts out resonant enough. It’s about a 5/10 on my power scales, with some rumble. Vibe function #2 is stronger, and neither rumbly nor high-frequency; while the highest vibrating speed, function #3, receives a 7/10 power rating from me, and it is indeed buzzy. (So I tend to stick to speed #1, and sometimes #2.)

This is my favorite way to use the Inya Triple Delight: Tongue function #1 (steady flicking), suction on in the oval cup, + vibration function #1 (the more rumbling one). I’ll let that sit for a while, enjoying; then I’ll remove the cup and let the tongue get even more contact with my vulva. Close to orgasm, I’ll crank it up to vibration intensity #2, then put the cup back on to feel the suction again. I can even move it up and down, without a good seal, letting the tongue flicker closer too. Overall, it’s a 10 to 15 minute exploration getting to orgasm, before I’m coming multiple times. And then I’ll want to play with the vibrating end more directly—since its vibration on the mouth side is indirect. And onto the G-spotting end!

How to Operate the Triple Delight

Here’s how the 3 functions in the NS Inya Triple Delight work:

Inya Triple Delight button control
  • First, hold down the power button (C, above) for 5 seconds.
  • It’ll light up.
  • Then, choose between A (flicking tongue), B (suction), or D (vibration).
  • Tap on any of those other buttons to start the function.
  • Press A or D lightly to cycle through the tongue / vibration functions, respectively.
  • Button B turns the suction on or off. It doesn’t increase intensity.
  • Press down on any button to turn off either tongue, suction, or vibration; or hold the power button down for several seconds, to power everything off.

The Triple Delight is charged by connecting the magnetic charger prongs to 2 receiving nodes on the back of the Triple Delight (opposite where the buttons are located).

Is It Waterproof?

While the Inya Triple Delight’s suction is running, you should not be submerging it in water. Do not use the full 3-in-1 while you’re in the bathtub. That use wouldn’t hurt you, but it’s very likely to kill the toy. The problem is the air vent that the vulva pump requires. Trying to vent air underwater will cause the toy to become water-logged. (Believe me, I’ve killed a suction-pump toy like this before. It wasn’t intentional: Really, I pumpslaughtered it.) This is why I also wouldn’t recommend the Triple Delight as a toy for copious squirting, so you fill up the vulva cup. đź’¦

When the suction is not running, then I’ll believe the product is the IPX7 (waterproof submersible up to 3m water depth / for 30 minutes) that the box claims. NS Novelties should be clearer about that; really, they know the toy is only “water-resistant” (=splashproof, not submersible), since their own on-site product description labels it as such.

You could use the flicking tongue and vibration in the shower, if desired. Or simply use the handle as a vibrator (for clit or G-spot) in the bath. And it’s very safe to wash the whole (powered-off) Triple Delight under running water in the sink. Speaking of which:

To Clean:

  1. Remove the vulva-pump cup for easier tongue cleaning.
  2. The silicone rim of the cup may be removed too, to better clean lube off of it.
  3. Wash all 3 parts (toy, cup, cup ring) under running water, with any normal soap.
  4. Leave it all to dry on a towel.
  5. Fit the cup rim back onto the cup, and the cup onto the toy, when you’re ready to use it the next time.

Triple Delight Recap & Rating

It’s amazing to have a real suction toy with moving tongue and vibration that I feel comfortable both using and endorsing. The Inya Triple Delight does a better job at trying to imitate oral sex, safely.

It’s a gentle, tugging suction that pulls the user’s labia lightly into the pump cylinder. Pair it with the flickering tongue and with my favorite vibration function (#1), and it’s an awesome journey going from sucking-licking-vibes to just the tongue up closer, to all 3 together again—and then my favorite way to finish is with the insertable G-spot vibration going strong. Your orgasmic progress may be different, because the 3 different functions really deliver a lot to play with in one toy.

Find the Triple Delight here.

Save 10% ⬆️ by entering code FELICITY during checkout.

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  1. In which Pipedream charges $30 more for the same toy except not in pink+purple.

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  1. Just as an FYI…. I’m pretty sure the round cup is meant for breast stimulation rather than a different shape for your vulva.

    • Right, though there is only 1 possible attachment at a time, so my feeling is that it’s slightly frustrating to have one nipple stimulated but not the other—but hey, maybe that’ll work for someone! I’m certain there are folks who are able to use the round cup on their vulva as well, perhaps if they have fleshier labia.

  2. Hi,
    Was very happy to discover your website.
    It is a great assistant to understanding products and how well they meet the needs.
    I have a question about your preference of the Maia Destiny Clit Suction Vibrator vs the Inya Triple delight. If you could only have one , which would you pick and why?
    Thanks again for your work on this informative web site

    • I should take a new pic and revise this review, because (though I still like the Inya Triple’s color best), I’m liking the functionality of the Enhance Vulva Pump better. Something about the suction intensity, plus the really rumbly vibration there, is the winner for me. The Inya Triple does have the advantage that its vibrating motor on the handle end is stronger and, alternately, can be a vaginal vibrator.

      But the lower-pitched vibration in the Pumped Enhance Pump is my preference; I’m loving starting with that and then moving to either the Zen Rose or a wand vibrator with rumblier settings for a power finish.


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