Maia Remi Suction Vibrator Review

You asked for it? A suction vibrator to wear inside underwear. The Maia Remi panty vibrator (1) actually sucks, and (2) is secured in underwear via a magnetic clip. It’s got a remote too, apparently for using the Maia Remi for sexy play with a partner—but, as we’ll learn, that’s maybe not something you want to do in public due to Remi’s volume.

It’s super-rare to find true suction in a clitoral sex toy (that is not a “pussy pump”), but Maia Toys now makes 3 sucking-inward sex toys.1 The Maia Destiny surprised and pleased me last year, so I was excited for this newfangled wearable suction vibe, too: the Remi. But, but, but… Remi reminds me there are certain toys that are NOT suited for my body.

This Maia Remi review will describe what the clitoral suction feels like, rate the Remi’s vibration strength, and discuss noise level and potential remote-controlled use.


It sucks and gurgles and tugs. Sputters, stutters, draws inward. The Maia Remi’s fine rim of a suction mouth pulls at your skin.

Maia Remi suction vibrator

It is not an air pulsation toy—nothing like a Satisfyer, a Womanizer, a Rose. All those blow outward, strongly. Interestingly, air pulsation feels stronger and more encompassing than Remi’s clitoral suction. At no point ever while using a Satisfyer or We-Vibe Melt, etc., have I thought, “Is this thing working??”

Because the sensation from the Remi’s suction is around the rim. A slight… pinching feeling there. Meanwhile, my clitoris feels largely unaffected. The suction is mediocre-strong; so it’s a pretty light feeling. You might get more out of it if you are:

  • Pressing your body weight down on the Remi.
  • Receiving right-on vibration from the opposite end of the toy—while should vibrate right outside the vagina.
  • Rocking on the Remi may be helpful as well.

Vibration Strength Rating vs. Other Panty Vibes

It’s got some nice power, for a panty vibrator. I struggled through comparing the Maia Remi’s vibrating end to the Lovense Ferri’s strength. That’s a good sign for the Maia Remi, since Lovense frequently produces very comparatively strong vibes.2 I think the Remi is just barely weaker for each vibe’s—Remi vs. Ferri’s—3 steady vibration speeds.

I give the Remi a 6.2 / 10 for its top vibration intensity, which is great for a wearable vibrator! Really powerful vibrators need to be bigger. There’s only so much motor circuitry you can fit into a small, compact wearable sex toy.


It sounded like a dream to sit on…

My Experience: It’s a Dual Stimulator!

Oh wow, I wish this toy fit me! It’s got a firm body, and approximately 2.5 inches distance between the middle of the suction mouth and the middle of the vibrating section. (The vibration is strongest between the middle and the back bumps, seen below.)

Maia Remi suction vibrator review - size vs. water bottle
In front of a water bottle, for comparison.

This is not a flexible, nor an adjustable toy. If you happen to have a shorter clitoris-to-vagina distance—an anatomical quality that varies widely between individual humans—then it’s going to be awkward. I find that when I have the back bumps situated perfectly, then the clitoral mouth is sitting on my pubic mound; while when the clitoral mouth is positioned right, the vibrating bump is hitting my perineum, Remi’s backside immediately next to my anus’s outer ring. Oh well.

The upward curve seems to want to lightly penetrate me, when I do have Remi’s end vibrating where it feels right. I’d be great with that if my spacing weren’t all wrong for this product. Because it’s pressing hard into my taint when the clit mouth’s spaced right: pushing the clitoral suction too far away from my clit.

Maia Remi review, vibrator curve

It does make sense that the vibrating motor core is very firm, since this is a suction toy. I’d bet some 💲 that a flexible toy with Remi’s suction function would break much more easily. Hardness = more stability.

So I tested the suction and the vibration independently, after discerning my particular physical issue with Remi.

The vibrating end is a winner. It’s wider than the Lovense Ferri or the We-Vibe Moxie; like a chunky bullet vibrator. I like that, since wider vibration pleases me. (I don’t enjoy the uber-pinpoint sex things.)

The vibration and sunction functions run simultaneously. That means, you can’t adjust the suction separately from the vibration (or vice versa). In a hypothetical universe where my pelvic floor was spaced normally and I was using both suction and vibration together, I’d find the lack of independent control sad. Because I prefer the 2nd and 3rd steady vibe functions; whereas I like the rhythmic pulsing patterns better on the suction end.

On the high-vibe intensities, the suction mouth creates an almost prickly sensation. It’s not pulling hard. Indeed, I can’t get the Remi to suction on my nipples. But the most-intense steady suction bites a little, just around the Remi’s fine rim. My clitoris gets much less stimulation. I wonder why I’m using this instead of the We-Vibe Melt, with its noticeable clitoral action and its softer, rounded mouth.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret vs. Maia Remi vs. We-Vibe Melt
Remi between: Satisfyer Sexy Secret, top, a more normal-sized panty vibe; and We-Vibe Melt, bottom.

When I’m using the vibrating end, it’s more fun—but I wonder why I’m not using a toy with an easier-grip handle.

I’m sorry, Maia Remi; it’s not you— Wait, perhaps it’s both of us that are the problem. My anatomy is unusual, and your suction… Well, it needs more intensity, and a less-sharp rim to deliver it.

Noise & Remote Control

The Maia Remi’s remote and magnetic clip imply that this is a suction vibrator with potential for public wear.

The golden magnetic clip is strong enough to stick well through any underwear. This clip is removed from the vibrator, then put on the outside of one’s panties; then, the vibrator inside the panties connects to the magnet. And it stays better, once you position the Remi over your clitoris.

Maia Remi suction vibrator - magnetic clip strength
Clip holding Remi firmly in place, dangling.

But the Maia Remi’s sucking can be a bit racous, especially on function #3: the strongest vibration intensity. It ranges from 38 to 48 decibels.

That’s versus measurements taken from other luxe panty vibes:

  • We-Vibe Moxie: 35 to 40 decibels (and the least powerful)
  • Lovense Ferri: 38 to 44 decibels (the strongest overall)
  • Vs. Remi: 38 to 48 decibels

Anything near 40 dB is getting too loud for certainly-discreet public wear, in quieter venues. If you’re a pedestrian in a busy city, or you’re just walking around your neighborhood alone, then fine. Your panty vibe won’t be heard. If you’re at home, letting your partner randomly tease you before sex, even better.

The Maia Remi’s pretty-strong vibration also doesn’t help if you’re seeking a “date night” type of vibrator to wear outside. Stronger vibration is louder, by nature. Remi’s top vibe speed, #3, has a distinct high-pitched buzzing sound. Then throw in occasional slurps that boost the decibel level up to almost 50.

Charging & Waterproofness

Both the Remi itself and its remote are rechargeable, which is nice. A separate cable is included for each piece, plus a drawstring storage pouch.

Maia Remi review - packaging, charging cables

They say it’s waterproof. I don’t believe any true suction toys are waterproof submersible; they all include an air vent (the same as thrusting dildos have to), so if you block that vent, it’ll cause malfunction. I killed a Maia Destiny by letting water flow through it while the Destiny was running, for example. So these 3 Maia products really need to be relabeled “splashproof,” which indicates that submersion is off limits.

Further adding to the waterproof issue, the Maia Remi requires you to pierce through the thick silicone at the bottom of the toy and (in my Remi’s case) dig around to get the prong connected to its receiving hole correctly. I had to force it and angle it upward, which left a gap in the silicone after the prong was removed. There’s a damn good reason that sex toy makers are progressing to magnetic recharging almost exclusively: it’s cleaner, in that it prevents this kind of tearing when one has to penetrate a vibrator’s surface with an insertable charging prong.

There is a 1-year warranty on this toy, so if it breaks for any reason, you will receive a replacement after going through the warranty process (which requires filling out a form and providing a proof of purchase; sexy 😶).

Maia Remi Recap & Ranking

Maia has done well to create a product that is actually something new. No one makes a good, strong panty vibrator with a suction feature—besides Maia, in the Remi. I know I’ve seen normal toy users request a suction panty vibe over the years. So I love that the Maia Remi exists, in principle.

Its vibration quality is very decent. It’s not a lightweight in the realm of panty vibrators. And the magnetic clip and remote control are features every wearable vibrator should have!

It’s the suction that I’ve had a tough time wrapping my head around, personally. That function feels both lightweight, yet prickly to me. As the Remi’s fine rim tug-tug-tugs.

I believe this product will have more impact (than it does for me) for the user whose clitoris-to-vagina distance is roughly 2 inches. In those “median distance” folks, the Remi’s vibrating end should be aligned better. If you’ve bought and used a not-flexible rabbit vibrator successfully in the past, that’s probably you.

Still, I’d like to see independent control over the Remi’s vibration and suction functions, for every body. The most sensational combo would be strong & steady vibration, plus rhythmic suction. Remi would also benefit from magnetic recharging, as it’s in no way waterproof as it is right now.

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  1. One other exception that does offer clit suction is the pump-mouth-style Inya Triple Delight, an imitator that doesn’t share the godawful naming of a certain Pipedream product.
  2. Like how, for rechargeable wand vibrators, the Lovense Domi is as strong as the Magic Wand Rechargeable and smaller too. (Though Domi has less deep, rumbly vibration; Lovense vibes are not rumbly.)

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