Lovense Ferri Review: Super-Charged Panty Vibe

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Oooh, yeah! Lovense Ferri is the clit equivalent of the Lush 2. (A.k.a. “that toy with the pink tail.”) Finally, Lovense has released a wearable “panty vibrator,” big news since most people with clits find vaginal-only orgasms difficult to achieve. A Lovense motor has never underwhelmed me, so I was eager to see whether Ferri would outperform the We-Vibe Moxie orgasmically.

So of course my vibrator-ranking instinct compels me to review the strength of Lovense Ferri vs. We-Vibe Moxie, and Ferri vs. Lovense Lush 2 too: all Bluetooth remote wearable vibrators. I’ll tell you how wearable I found Ferri—and, as always with Lovense vibrators, let’s talk about the exceptional app control.

Ferri’s Shape & Wearability

The Lovense Ferri (full product page here) is a bullet-sized vibrator that’s slightly curved to rest between your labia. The silky, bright pank silicone has strong vertical ridges, the center one popping up the most—that’s for the extra clit pressure.

Lovense Ferri panty vibrator clit side

The clit-touching underside, above… And now for the important part on the Lovense Ferri’s top side: its magnetic clip. One black oval on top is removable:

Lovense Ferri review app controlled panty vibrator magnetic clip box
Extra magnetic clip included, as well as the charging cable under the Lovense name.

…You detach that black magnetic oval, place Ferri inside your underwear, then reattach the magnet on the outside of your underwear. Keeping Ferri nestled against your clit, so it doesn’t move around too much.

This magnetic-clip idea was pioneered in We-Vibe’s Moxie panty vibe—discussed more against Ferri in a minute.1 And it’s a smart idea, for stable wear.

Lovense Ferri panty vibrator in panties magnetic clip strength
It’s a strong magnet!

As mentioned, Ferri’s got this strong ridge running right down the middle. The most noticeable design feature, it really creates sensation when you sit on it. And sitting is definitely the best experience, IMO…

My Ferri Testing

10/10 a party in your panties.

Lovense Ferri panty vibrator in panties magnetic clip logo

After I got my Ferri out of its compact box (so small, = less waste!) and checked out how strong it was, I played. Against my clit with my fingers first, to get the full story about the strength with pressure applied—and then, clipped into my underwear for an IRL panty vibrator experience.

I’d idled on Ferri’s second speed for quite a while, letting it gruuuumble-bzzz against me while I typed out words. So many sex toys, all needing the *right* descriptors. Half paying attention, with Ferri pleasing me lightly.

Top speed is the way for Ferri orgasms, though. I turned it up and felt that last kick of power. I sat back, sensing my thighs twitched slightly and my clit now throbbed hard. Blood rushing to it; crashing like waves of sensation I knew I could let sweep me away to orgasm.

I felt myself opening my legs involuntarily, then starting to rub my clit up and down on ridge. Rocking my hips, to hump that line of firm silicone, the focal point of Ferri’s textured body. Its finger’s width of strong vibration. Not the deepest vibration, no; but it has power. (If you’re not used to Magic Wands & such, it’ll feel really strong.)

And that’s how I can come on the Lovense Ferri best, by myself, the sitting down and a little grinding, pushing myself over the edge.

Coming while I’m walking around with it—more difficult. But I could pull it off if it was in the mood, and with the right partner directing me.

Because Ferri is very much a toy for partner play: for exploring that give & take of up power, down power, and Do you like that? with a responsive other. If you’re wanting to add a real thrill to dinner out with your consistent lover, etc.

I only go out with girlfriends (who I’m not fucking) currently, so I’ve taken to wearing Ferri out this week while going on walks. It’s a good way to start out adventuring with public play: a walk around the neighborhood or somewhere cars are driving by, so you can gauge (1) noise level and (2) your comfort with the situation.

This way, it’s fun and a little kinky, but you’re not as exposed as if you were confined in a public venue and nervous about the noise. Because Ferri isn’t the quietest vibe, especially since it’s sitting totally outside your body. I’m an exhibitionist, but I prefer that everyone consent to me having sex in front of them. Under a couple layers of padding, I feel Ferri is disguisable as long as there’s background noise like light traffic or multiple people conversing.

Lovense Ferri panty vibrator rose petals square

Ferri’s magnet clip has kept the vibrator in place well except when I really pressed my pelvis into something. That is, when I decided to bike-ride with Ferri on and didn’t realize just how hard the seat would push Ferri into my vulva when I had my legs spread, mounting it. That’s when Ferri started to migrate, pushed up front of my pubic mound. (Sitting on your butt normally doesn’t cause this problem.) As a side note, my bike rolling totally drowned out Ferri’s volume.

Ferri, like Lush 2, has 3 steady vibration speeds and 4 vibration patterns built-in. Flip through them via the power button. It’s difficult to access the button when it’s in the middle of your pelvic floor, so definitely use the app if you’re anywhere that reaching deep into your underwear could draw attention. There’s a storage bag if you’re engaging in public play and need to take off Ferri for any reason!

I’m a particular fan of steady speed #2, moving into the high-pitched level of steady speed #3 for a finale. But the Lovense app gives you more customizable control: more on that next.

More on Lovense App Features

TL;DR: The Lovense app is high-tech and a true haven for anyone who likes long-distance remote control—either taking control or giving it up (or both!). So much goin’ on with other Lovense app features, too. You can do any of the following, with 100% customizable vibrations being the most important feature:

  • Sync any Lovense vibrator to your music library (“Music,” of course),
  • sync to ambient noise around you (“Sound”),
  • Let the vibrator wake you up (“Alarm”),
  • Custom-set the strength by moving your finger up and down (“Remote”),
  • Access saved patterns & create new ones (“My Patterns”),
  • Browse the library of thousands and thousands of patterns created by others (“Patterns”),
  • and “Long Distance” for chat, giving up control to anyone you want, sending audio mesages, and live video chat too, if desired.
  • (I hear there’s a live orgy option called “Group Control” in the new app version under “Long Distance,” haven’t tried that!)
1. The home screen; 2. Playing in “My Patterns”; 3. Patterns created by Lovense users!

You can use Long Distance whether you have one special person you want to sex it up with, or whether you want to chat and play with lots of random new folks. You consent to each partner you’re talking to; no one can add you—or even find your Lovense username—unless you’ve given them the username or sent them an invitation link. No one controls the Ferri without you agreeing to it. If you are looking for a long-distance hookup, go on, it’s easy to find people to play with.

Versus other vibrator apps, the current Lovense toys have the best reputation for consistent Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth signals (what pair the vibrator to the user’s phone) aren’t designed to travel through flesh, so less-well-developed apps will cut out more during play: cause more connectivity issues. Especially for users with bigger thighs or booty, I would only recommend Lovense toys for wearing around and staying connected.

Let’s look at some of my IRL long-distance history, with other users’ images and names redded-out.2

Lovense long distance app control screenshots
1. Long-distance tab home, with a partner list; 2. The opening “be forewarned” privacy message Lovense recently added to chats; 3. A chat with live control in the middle.

I hope you get the idea: It can be really hot, especially if you have good chemistry with a partner. The only difficulty I’ve found during long-distance live control—once when I was controlling a guy’s Edge prostate vibe—is that the controller does need to stop moving the vibe speed up and down and let the vibe run steady, to be able to respond back via text. But videoing during vibrator control brings your/your partner’s arousal status to life fully, as you can see what your play partner is doing and hear their words. Of course, if you’re in person with your partner, you’ll see their reactions right in front of you!

Ferri vs. We-Vibe Moxie vs. Lovense Lush 2: Power

The We-Vibe Moxie has nice power for its size, but didn’t bowl me over orgasmically. Maybe part of the issue was the smoothness of its finger-wide shape. Moxie’s silky silicone has a nice feel in hand, but I like more clit toys a little more moving around, or wider, or doing something really exceptional. And there’s just no way that the Moxie can compete with another We-Vibe toy released at the same time, the We-Vibe Melt and its suctiony blowing power. Now that’s interesting to me.

But I digress: The Lovense Ferri feels roughly 10% more powerful than the We-Vibe Moxie IMO. More than that, Ferri’s prominent ridge down the center delivers more clit focus. So you’ll likely notice it more.

For anyone who’s read enough vibrator reviews to know the difference between “rumbly” and “buzzy” intensities: Ferri is less rumbly on its lower intensities than Moxie—but Moxie made me lose interest too quickly to really care about its deep, rumbly, low speeds, tbh. Neither vibe is rumbly on high power. Lovense Ferri vs. We-Vibe Moxie is a pretty easy call, in favor of Ferri unless you want lower-power vibration or you think you’d be irritated by the Lovense Ferri’s strong central ridge.

So what if you’re sold on a Lovense toy but aren’t sure whether to go for Lush 2 / Lush 3 or the Ferri’s vibrations? A point-by-point:

  • Clit vs. vag. Does the wearer orgasm from vaginal stimulation only? If no, and they do want the toy to make them come while they wear it around, obviously Ferri for the better clitoral stimulation. The Lush is easiest to wear for Gspot stimulation.
  • Strength. Do you want top power? Lush 2 essentially has 1 more steady speed: Ferri’s top intensity feels like Lush’s 2nd (of 3 total preset speeds). I’ll ball-park Lush 2 as 30% stronger than Ferri. (And Lush 3 is quite similar to Lush 2. Note: When you get into the app, you can also feel that Lush 2 has a bit more kick.) Keep in mind that you can also use Lush 2 as a clit vibe: just hold it against the clit like a bullet vibrator, instead of inserting it.
  • Noise. At 30 to 40 decibels when inserted, Lush 2’s top speeds max out as loud as my refrigerator. Ferri ranges from 42 to 52 decibels when I’m standing up normally (not crossing my legs or sitting on Ferri). If this is for public play, you may want to insulate Ferri3 and investigate the noise level of where you plan to toy around. Crossing your legs does help lower the volume.
📖 Note: The most powerful (non-wearable) Lovense vibrator is the Domi 2 wand. That thing beats the Magic Wand Rechargeable for power on high. I sent one to a friend as a late Xmas gift; she likes strong vibes, but she was like, “I can only stand it for a couple seconds” 😮

Overall Ferri Recap & Ranking

I moved the Lovense Ferri to the #1 position in my panty vibe ranking exactly 2 days after I opened up Ferri’s box. This vibe takes a good-powered bullet vibrator, contours it to fit the vulva and press on the clit, and adds the strong magnet clip for security. A panty vibrator that stays!

PLUS Lovense’s top-notch bluetooth remote app control, if you are wanting to venture out…and about… in public being kinky and wearing your clitoral vibrations hands free. Or just playing at home: The Lovense app is teaming with possibilities, whether you have one committed partner or many casual ones.

For anyone who does want a wearable clit toy, this is the best. That said, the Lovense Lush 2/3 is overall stronger than Ferri, and the Lush 2’s vaginal wear masks the vibe’s volume better. It just depends on whether you need total silence / the environment you’ll be wearing the vibe in—because, for example, some restaurants are quieter than others. So which would you choose: Clit stim and a little more noise, or quieter (but strong) G-spot vibes?

Check pricing for all Lovense vibrators here at the Lovense official store.

Lush 2 is often marked down to $99 ⬆️, and Ferri will likely be rotating between $99 and $109 as well.

Lovense Ferri


Strength vs. similar-sized vibes


Contoured fit + shape


Magnetic clip stability


App control ease


Vibration feel (power + rumble)



  • Great design for wearing around + stimulation
  • Very strong motor for its size
  • Clip keeps it in place in your underwear
  • OMG the Lovense app is so good
  • Focused clit pressure when sat on


  • How strong you want it? I'd rank this a 5.5/10, where 10 = Lovense Domi.
  • External toys are louder for public play
  • High-pitched vibes (critics will want more rumble)


  1. One might accuse Lovense of copycatting or design theft, but in this case I can’t fault the company too hard given that We-Vibe has re-released its Jive in a bright pink that’s remarkably similar to the Lovense Lush’s very-recognized shade. That’s no coincidence, We-Vibe is wanting to poach everyone who’s looking for “What’s that vibrator with the pink tail I saw in a porno?” It’s a sex toy battlefield out there.
  2. My apologies to all the folks I’m ignoring because I get bored without a strong intellectual connection—or, like, being able to see your face IRL. I may be more in the “need a special someone” group.
  3. Tight shorts underneath pants, etc.

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