Best Thrusting Dildo & Thrusting Vibrator Ranking

Guide to Dildos That Thrust & Thrusting Vibrators Too!

best thrusting vibrators & dildos that thrust
Mmm, my collection of the best thrusting dildos (all body-safe!) hanging out together.

Looking for a dildo that thrusts *itself*? 🙌 These thrusting dildos are mini fucking machines—but less expensive, easier to store, and easier to position than a quality sex machine.1 Lazier masturbation for the win! Each self-propelled dildo here is 100% body-safe, unlike cheap, low-quality thrusters on Amazon. And as for thrusting rabbit vibrators: I’ll rank those a little differently, for vibration quality too. (Also check out my guide to rotating vibrators if you’re looking for spinning options.) So which is the best thrusting dildo, and why would you want a self-propelled toy anyway?

Riding a suction cup dildo hands-free can be great, but if you’re like me, sometimes you just want someone else to do the work for you. A thrusting dildo that moves in and out, by itself. This updated guide to body-safe silicone moving dildos and thrusting vibrators covers three distinct toy types: (1) Fun Factory Stronic jiggly pulsating dildos, (2) handheld thrusting machines like the Velvet Thruster Mini and the vibrating Maia Max/Monroe, and (3) silicone-coated thrusting rabbit vibrators.

All these toys thrill me—a huge fan of motion + penetration—and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Jump to each toy’s comparative review to see how it stacks up for speed, thrust length, noise level, and price. Or read the next section for a quick recap.

Best Of thrusting dildos:

  • Easiest to use: Fun Factory Stronics, because of their convenient size, low noise level, & waterproofness. The most durable, luxe, handheld option here.
  • Powerful thrusting: Velvet Thrusters: The Velvet Mini Teddy ($135) delivers longer strokes than the Stronics above and is cheaper and shorter: go with Teddy XL ($169) for normal shaft length, OR even more thrust power & interchangeable shaft in the Velvet Prime Series ($234.55 and up).
  • Best realistic-feel thrusting for under $150: Velvet Thrusters and Stronics are firmer: look realistic, but don’t feel fleshy. Instead, pair a Maia Thruster ($99 with discount) with a Boneyard soft silicone sleeve (with rumbly vibes, optional!) that feels more like a cock. Maia thruster also has a better, adjustable suction cup, best for penetration from behind. It is loud! Use code FELICITY for $134.95 price on the 2 toys.
  • Best budget option: Maia Max & Monroe, for $99.2 Not-bad thrust speed plus pretty good vibes, a remote control, & an adjustable suction cup. Also my fave anal option. (And hey, the Inya Deep Stroker is even cheaper at $69.99: check it out if you’re good with a nonrealistic shape & less-rumbly vibes.) Any cheaper than this, and you’ll be getting less-safe materials (just say “no” to porous TPE dildos) and/or weaker thrusting power.
  • Dual stimulation: Want clit stimulation too? Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit Thrusting is the best body-safe bunny that thrusts. Strong clit vibes!
  • Goes harder and doesn’t stall out (unless you have a power outage): Kink Power Banger + SquarePegHole dildo

Thrusting Dildos

Here are my top choices for self-propelled penetration! All are anal-safe except the Fun Factory Stronics.

Fun Factory Stronic Thrusting Pulsators (10/10 Stars)

The Stronic pulsators are the best-known thrusting dildos on the market. The Stronics pulse back and forth rather than vibrate: watch them move in my video here. They offer short, fast pulsations—it’s a fascinating effect, definitely different from having sex with a penis-owner. There are currently 4 different Stronic shapes, find all here:3

  • The Stronic G (review here): Aaaah for high-quality G-spot stimulation. I was afraid this toy’s head might even be too much for me, but it works wonders.
  • The Stronic Real (review here): As the name implies, the most realistically shaped of the bunch. Straight shaft with a phallic head and subtle-but-noticeable coronal ridge. I love it! If you want it softer, more like skin, stick a VixSkin Ride On sleeve on top. Mmmm.
  • The Stronic Surf (review here): This newest Stronic is named for the wavy ripples down the shaft. And whoa, they’re pretty intense! Only go with this one if you’re sure you’re comfortable with textured stimulation. I personally find this toy best for vaginal mouth and back wall stimulation, rather than as a G-spotter.
  • The Bi Fusion: Pulsating shaft plus an adjustable clitoral arm that vibrates. (Apparently the vibrations are fairly buzzy, so if that’s not your thing, steer clear.)
Fun Factory Stronic G Stronic Real Stronic Surf Pulsator comparison shot
From top to bottom: Stronic Real, Stronic Surf, & Stronic G.

Compared to fucking machines and true thrusters, the Stronics have a subtle movement. They do move extremely fast on the higher rhythms, but they wiggle in and out rather than really screw. That’s why, in the end, I have to disagree with Fun Factory’s claim that the (now discontinued) Stronic Eins “authentically mimics sexual thrust movements.” This is only true if you have a lover who doesn’t go deep or hard, ever (and who can go at super speed too!).

Many people will prefer the Stronics’ shorter stroke length because it’s gentle, yet insistent. The Stronic Real is mind-blowing for me because its quick little pulsations keep me on the edge of orgasm for up to ten minutes at a time, until I’m forced to give in and thrust it a little by hand—leading to an explosive climax. And these pulsating dildos are much easier to use while holding a clit vibe than a full-speed thrusting dildo is.

The Stronics have a couple huge advantages over full-on thrusting dildos:

  • They’re fully waterproof (since they don’t require a hole to vent air).
  • They won’t stall out with force. (My vagina can clench, yo!)
  • They’re quiet. You can easily hide their noise with just a blanket, vs. the louder sounds that true thrusting dildos produce.
  • They *may* be used totally hands-free, depending on the user’s anatomy (more on that here).
  • They’re less likely to break down: the Stronics are high-quality German engineering.

Thrust info: A little under ½” jiggle length; ≈120 to over 200 strokes per minute; 4 constant speeds & 6 pulsing patterns; super-quiet & lightweight
Find at: $153 for G and Real here (10% off) when you use code FELICITY at checkout

My Favorite Realistic Vibrating Dildo: Maia + Sheath 🌟

This is my favorite handheld thrusting vibrator: the Maia Max/Monroe (same toy, different colors) with a Boneyard Meaty extender on top. The Maia toy (see below) is fine by itself, but the sleeve is both reasonably priced AND has the firmness of an erect cock head. So I can come harder, and faster, than with other thrusters.

Maia Max Thruster thrusting dildo Boneyard Meaty realistic cock extender (2)

Ironically, the other BIG advantage of this over my super-squishy VixThrust bundle, for some? “Meaty” is not as thick, only 1.75 inches diameter (= def. above average) vs. the VixSkin Holster & Colossus at 2.125 and 2.25 inches diameter respectively ( = almost outside the realm of penis possibility, and pretty darn girthy). I’ve had numerous readers reach out to me looking for a realistic-feeling thrusting solution that isn’t so wide, and this Maia+Meaty combo is my answer.

As I’ll note for the Velvet Thrusters, the Maia can stall temporarily if you force it hard against your bone structure / give it nowhere to move. If you want to fuck like a porn star, a sex machine is your best alternative. For me, I love the Maia Meaty combo when I want to lie back and feel the rumbling vibrations from its vibe intensity #2, plus pretty good thrust. But not when I want to mount something cowgirl, or screw like the end is near. You can fuck these handheld toys to death, and they’re covered by warranty, but keep in mind that they have limits.

Biggest disadvantage of Maia-Meaty over the aforementioned VixThrust?: It’s even louder. This is not a quiet sex toy, at all. But I favor the Maia now because of the vibration—it’s extra stimulation that improves my orgasms.

Price: $134.95 at Peepshow Toys when you buy Maia thruster + Boneyard Meaty and use code FELICITY

Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy Thrusting Dildo (10/10 Stars)

+ Velvet Thruster Prime & More

I’m covering all Velvet Thruster models here! I originally was enthusiastic about the Velvet Thruster Mini “Teddy,” with one exception: the shaft was a bit short. It can pinch if you have big labia and angle it wrong. The Velvet Teddy (now “Teddy TX”)’s shortness makes it easier to hold and control, that’s still true. Sticking a silicone sheath on it is an easy fix if you like above-average girth—that makes the dildo’s firmness feel more like a penis, not hard like the Velvet Thruster’s silicone by itself.

Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy thrusting dildo suction cup featured
Velvet Thruster Mini / a.k.a. Teddy / a.k.a. Teddy TX. (The shorter one.)

But Teddy XL is a better choice if you do want average cock length or more. Teddy XL is average penis thickness, just longer than the Teddy Mini / TX.

And, NEW! There’s an upgraded Velvet Prime series, where you can interchange the shaft you stick on the toy. ($44.55 for each extra shaft, suction cup attachment optional.) The “Jackie” shaft is pretty much indistinguishable from the Teddy XL, and then there’s: the G-spot-seeking Abbey (covered here, same head shape as Teddy GS), Sammie XL (my favorite to use straddled over the bathtub edge!), and the anal-beaded Walter, which seriously pops and gives awesome anal orgasms.

Velvet Thruster Prime thrusting dildo different shafts ds
This is the Jackie sleeve in center, with my finger showing where the silicone shaft can be removed. It fits securely in place during normal use.

These Velvet Prime toys are quieter than the original Velvet Thrusters too, and the new base shape is much easier to hold onto. The Prime Thrusters are still lengthy, so you’ll probably need to be propped up (lots of pillows behind your back) to use one comfortably, and not have reach issues or a belly—if you do, you’ll need to figure out something to wedge against the toy between your thighs, to keep it moving forward instead of thrusting backward out of your hole.

The Velvet Thruster does have limits, like all handheld full-length thrusters: they are not as strong as fuck machines and will stall if you’re going for the gold, thrust-wise. Only a full machine will withstand “fuck me like there’s no tomorrow” levels of pressure. I highly recommend the Kink Power Banger due to its compact size (best for use on your bed), adjustable angle of penetration, and easy storage. Pair it with my fave soft realistic dildo, SquarePegToys’ Nathan; or with Leo here for going deeeeep—and call it a day for hours of hard-core screwing. It’s almost $500, but my days of feeling hangry (= horny-angry, right?!?) are over.

Velvet Thruster thrust info: 2″ max. stroke length (like mid-range strokes during penetrative sex); up to 120 strokes per minute; 6 steady speeds
Price: $135 for the Mini here; $169 for the XL (longer) model; $234.55 for the Prime Interchangeable models

Maia Max & Monroe Thrusting Dildos (8.5/10 Stars)

Maia Max Anal Thrusting Dildo Suction Cup Remote Control

The Max (black) & Monroe (purple) thrusters—the same toy, in different colors—by Maia Toys offer a smooth, nonphallic shape and a shorter length (5″ insertable) than other thrusters in this guide.4 I think this makes Max easier to hold, plus more anal-friendly. (Though maybe that’s partly because my butt likes it smaller!)

I think the Maia Max’s motor is pretty good. The three thrusting speeds don’t offer as much variety as the Velvet Thrusters. But given Max’s much lower price point, I’m quite pleased with these speeds: from 60 to 100 thrusts per minute. Again, it’s very good for handheld, but it’s not a ripped porn star: if you’re going like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll need that true sex machine.

And beyond the thrusting, Max vibrates too—that function is independently controllable from the thrusting. Out of the three steady vibration intensities, the first is fairly low-powered and has some rumble to it; the second is pretty powerful, and starting to buzz a bit; and the third is definitely buzzy. When I match the second steady vibe intensity with the second steady thrusting rhythm, Max makes me happy.

Especially because Max is so texture-less, I need a little more stimulation to orgasm vaginally, so the vibrations really help; and anally, the power just feels nice around my asshole.

There are also cool extras, like on the Pipedream Fantasy for Her thruster (discussed next): an adjustable suction cup and a remote control. Positioning Max’s suction cup was a learning experience for me—but I figured it out pretty quick! (Just don’t try to move the suction cup around while actually using the toy!!!)

Max/Monroe do share one big downside with the original Velvet Thrusters: it’s pretty damn loud, possibly even a little worse than the Velvets. I need to invest in ear plugs, I’m thinking.

Thrust info: About 2.25″ stroke length; 60 to 100 strokes per minute; 3 thrust speeds + 10 vibe functions (3 steady, 7 patterns); remote control included
Price: $99 at Peepshow Toys with code FELICITY

NS Novelties Inya Deep Stroker Thrusting Dildo (7.5/10 Stars)

The NS Inya Deep Stroker stands out for one huge reason: it’s the cheapest decent thrusting dildo around. With 2 inches total stroke length, it’s actually a realistic range of motion. (The original Velvet Thrusters’ 3 inches sometimes seems like a lot!)

The Inya Stroker-thruster has a super-satiny finish that I love, and the thick accordion folds aren’t pinchy at all. This is a less-realistic shape, with textures that I can only describe as “interesting.” (They’re hard to see in pictures, but they’re almost totem-pole-like!) I find those abstract textures very gentle.

The Inya Deep Stroker includes three thrust speeds, and, like Max Max/Monroe, it vibrates too. Unfortunately, Inya’s vibe quality is buzzier—doesn’t penetrate deeply—than the Maia toys’ vibes. (It also has no remote control or adjustable suction cup.) The short base is easy to hold, though I had to learn to not accidentally change speeds mid-use while tightening my grip as Inya did thrust deep in me!

For only $70, I think the NS Inya Deep Stroker offers a lot of positive features. If you don’t need the deepest vibrations or a realistic shape, it’s a good deal.

Thrust info: 2″ stroke length; ≈90 to 110 strokes per minute; 3 thrust speeds & 10 vibration functions (3 steady speeds + 7 patterns)
Price: $69.99 here (pink) | $59.99 here (black)

Pillow Talk Feisty: Soft Silicone

I keep proclaiming the word about soft silicone extenders because I feel they’re so much more comfortable when you are receiving the thrust—espeically true if you’re sensitive.

Enter the Pillow Talk Feisty, a thrusting vibrator with softer silicone than any other. This is VixSkin-level squish, so smooshy.

Pillow Talk Feisty thrusting vibrator glam image

The Pillow Talk Feisty includes a storage cover and a removable suction cup attachment (not pictured). The suction cup allows for adjustable angles and works OK on tile, but has limits.

The thrusting is fast (180 and over 200 thrust per minute on speeds #1 and 2, respectively) and about half an inch long: so a little thrust-ier than a Fun Factory Stronic, & not as lengthy as a Velvet Thruster or Maia. Feisty has 2 steady thrust speeds only, plus 5 patterned ones. All Feisty functions include thrusting and mid-level vibrations; the two features cannot be controlled independently.

Feisty is noisy too, and the metallic seam separating soft shaft and hard plastic handle can grate if you insert the full length.

Really, I would recommend this toy if (1) you love super-soft silicone with fantasy-dildo-esque textures, and (2) you want fast but shallow thrusting. My best Feisty experience is closing the handle/body between my thighs and letting it jiggly-thrust while I use a clit vibrator / We-Vibe Melt. While wearing headphones.

Thrust info: About 0.5″ stroke length; 180 to over 200 strokes per minute; 2 steady speeds + 5 patterns of thrusting vibration
Price: $81 at Peepshow Toys with code FELICITY

Comparative Table & Other Options

See how all these thrusting dildos compare by the numbers (click to enlarge):

Thrusting dildo comparison chart March 2020 Velvet Thruster Mini vs Maia Max and more

Other options that didn’t quite make the best-of list, but that have positive points about them:

Best Thrusting Rabbit Vibrators

Thrusting rabbits aim to do even more: stimulate your clit while their heads thrust in and out. With these toys, the shafts as a whole need to stay in place to ensure steady clitoral contact. As a result, they won’t have the stroke length of the thrusting dildos above: they’re best for shallower G-spot stimulation.

Thrusting vibrators best rabbit vibrators
From left to right: (1) Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting; (2) CalEx Orange County Cutie; (3) Blush Lush Iris; (4) FemmeFunn Essenza; and (5) BMS Commotion Cha Cha.

I’ll rate the vibes in these body-safe bunnies’ ears on a 10-point scale for power and rumbliness, so you can measure them against other toys in my comprehensive vibrator guides! See the full chart at the end for detailed info on speed & stroke length too.

Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting

This bunny ranks first because it has the longest stroke length, about three-quarters an inch! I thought it wasn’t possible for me to enjoy rabbit vibes, and then I got off hard on this one—so Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting has it going on, as far as I’m concerned.

With its jutting coronal ridge, the Happy Rabbit Thrusting gives my G-spot lots of attention—more than the finger-like heads in most other rabbits here. I would definitely buy this shaft shape in a full-size thrusting dildo.

The external stimulator is a classic bunny shape, with wide ears. They sit right above my clitoral hood, and I can feel the vibes really traveling through my internal clit. I like this classic ear shape, but widened, most because I dig the broad stimulation.

And as for the vibes? Happy Rabbit’s first vibe speed starts stronger than the FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet—a measurement of power for me. Overall, Happy Rabbits aren’t as rumbly as the renowned We-Vibe Tango, but—especially on the lowest 2 (of 3) steady speeds, they have a good depth. The only real inconvenience with Happy Rabbit? There are 12 vibe functions all controlled through one button, so you have to cycle all the way around to go down one intensity level. Overall, Happy Rabbit has good thrusting power and vibes for a reasonable price compared to other body-safe thrusting vibes.

Thrust info: About 0.75″ stroke length; 3 thrust functions, from 70 to 115 thrusts per minute
Vibration quality: 7 out of 10 for power; 8 out of 10 for rumbliness on low, 7 out of 10 for rumbliness on high.
Price: $69.99 here

Other Thrusting Rabbit Vibrators

Happy Rabbit Thrusting is a good one…but these bunnies all offer something a little different—from flickering clit stim, to pulsing air, to pulsating shafts.

  • CalExotics California Dreaming Orange County Cutie Thrusting Rabbit is a great toy if you like intensely pinpoint/flippy sensations against your clit (rather than Happy Rabbit’s classic clit-surrounding ears). Orange County Cutie has a slightly shorter stroke length than Happy Rabbit Thrusting, but the second speed feels like it’s really kneading my G-spot (in a good way). And the external arm’s motion is a crazy flapping on the top speed, and a few of the patterns! I find myself liking the alternating/escalating functions more in this toy than most. Orange County Cutie’s shaft is slightly slimmer than Happy Rabbit, and more tapered, and some users may find that more comfortable.
  • Blush’s Lush Iris is two hot sex toy trends rolled into one: self-propelled thrusting and air pulsation clit stim! Iris’ shaft thrusts in a spinning-kinda way. Its soft head is lined with ripples underneath, for more texture. This air-blowing bunny gets pretty strong (of course not Womanizer-Premium powerful!) in the clit section. Lush Iris’ external arm is very straight and hard, so there’s little adjustability: your clit-to-vag distance will need to be “average” for the best fit.
  • FemmeFunn Essenza reminds me a lot of the Commotion Cha Cha (next) but with a *slightly* wider shaft and a shorter, solid clit arm. The body is quite pliable, squeezable, which is great. The pulsing is speedy-speedy on the top levels, and the last one gets loud! Essenza’s clit arm is pretty flexible (but again, short). For the $200 price tag, I wish the vibes in the clit section were a touch more intense. Overall, it’s a cute toy, and well put together. I’d recommend it more highly if it went for $150 or less.
  • BMS Commotion Cha Cha is the equivalent of a Fun Factory Stronic pulsator in rabbit form. It wiggle-jiggles. FAST. Cha Cha’s curved tip is like a finger fluttering at super speed against the G-spot. (See a demo of it in motion vs. Happy Rabbit Thrusting here.) Unfortunately, it’s also significantly noisier than the Stronics, especially on the last couple speeds. Cha Cha biggest selling point? Its external arm is very flexible, so it’ll fit pretty much any clit-to-vag distance. Since this is a BMS Factory toy, and I’m used to the Pillow Talk Sassy’s and the PalmPower Extreme’s kick-ass vibes, I was expecting the clit arm to really rock my world—but perhaps there’s only so much power you can fit into such a tiny area. Cha Cha’s strength is pretty good, especially along with the thrusting, but no PalmPower.

Comparative Rabbit Chart

All the details! Click to enlarge:

* * *


  1. One that’ll last and not stall out with heavy use.
  2. Use code FELICITY for 10% off at checkout.
  3. The original three: Stronic Eins/One, Stronic Drei, and Stronic Zwei, have now been discontinued.
  4. Except Velvet Mini Teddy.

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  1. I’m actually really glad you started out with a break-down of straight-up fucking machines; I still think I’ll end up getting one because I LOVE dildos but rarely use them because I’m so supremely lazy. I think the price and downsides to use would be worth it to me–but these will be excellent points to keep in mind when I start shopping around!

  2. I found you when I was looking for the best thrusting toys to buy. I really enjoy your reviews, you give a lot of information to help people find what’s right for them. I noticed that Velvet Cock has a new improved version called, Teddy, the new thruster mini. It looks promising but there’s no reviews yet so there’s only the little info that’s in their description. I’m not sure if you’ve checked it out yet but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

    • The Velvet Mini/Teddy became available to retailers last week, so full reviews will take a little while yet! I should be getting mine by the end of May, and I’ll be updating this guide by this time next month. I’m excited to see how it performs because it looks so much easier to hold (and honestly, 6 speeds should be enough variety for me!).

        • Right, they arrived at the few online retailers who sell them two days ago! Mine just shipped. I’m looking forward to putting together a full compare-contrast with Jackie, for sure.

  3. Love your reviews and guides 😉
    Thank you!
    If you needed to choose between the velvet jackie and the mini version teddy, which one would you choose?
    I kind of want them both, but worried it will be a waste (will use one of them, jackie maybe?) also money wise I should probably buy only one.. will appreciate your opinion

    • Thanks so much!

      It’s a hard decision. Right now I think I’d go with the Mini Teddy because I’m liking how it’s more hands-free (especially with the dildo mount setup I show here) plus the lower noise level is awesome.

      The thrust speed on Teddy isn’t quite as fast, though I usually only go up to speed #7 of 10 on Jackie anyway because the last ones are smoking! I’d recommend either one with hybrid lube, actually, to reduce friction if you wanna go fast.

      • Thanks!! ????❤️
        Think I’m gonna go with the mini version. And probably get myself the T.O.M too. Thank you very much ????

        • I’m a little late replying to your review so hopefully you see this lol but I have a question about the Teddy thruster noise level. Do you think a 7 out of 10 in noise could be hidden by a pillow and/or some TV. I have roommates but I love the idea of Teddy’s deep thrusts vs. fun factory’s thrusters.

          Thanks! Love how in depth your comparison reviews are.

          • Hi, thanks for writing and for the compliment! So Teddy gets up to 65 decibels. Here’s a chart saying what decibel measurements roughly compare to. I tend to cover the noise by playing fast, driving music. I think TV could work if the TV noise level doesn’t cut out between scenes or commercials, etc.!

  4. Thanks for your detailed reviews! They have been so helpful in selecting gifts for my wife. Thanks to you we’ve made some great additions to our toy collection.

    • Yes, I’m trying to update the guide soon! I’ve had Pillow Talk Feisty for a couple months, and the small size makes it easy to hold, and I love how squishy the silicone is. It does only have 2 steady thrust speeds; and the vibes are OK, not really strong. I’m on the fence about whether I like it personally: the price is great, and again, the soft silicone is my personal preference for comfort reasons, but Feisty is really only noteworthy for me when used along with a clit vibrator.

  5. Hello! how are you? great job on this piece. Do you know if Calexotics Orange Cutie is made of safe material? I recently saw a girl from the netherlands saying it wasn’t and now I’m in doubt whether to buy it or not.
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