Guide to Self-Propelled Thrusting Dildos & Thrusting Rabbit Vibrators

Riding a suction cup dildo hands-free can be great, but if you’re like me, sometimes you just want someone else to do the work for you. Thrusting dildos & vibrators make this possible if you don’t currently have (or want!) a partner.1 The body-safe moving dildos and thrusting vibrators on the market right now fall into three groups: (1) Fun Factory Stronic jiggly pulsating dildos, (2) handheld thrusting machines like the Velvet Thrusters and the vibrating Maia Max/Monroe, and silicone-coated rabbit vibes with thrusting heads.

The thrusting dildos I’ll discuss are mini fucking machines—but less expensive, easier to store, and easier to position than a quality sex machine (one that’ll last and not stall out with heavy use). And as for thrusting rabbits: I’ll rank those a little differently, for vibration quality too. (Also check out my guide to rotating dildos and rotating rabbits if you’re looking for spinning options instead!)

All these toys thrill me—a huge fan of motion + penetration—and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. That’s why I’ve tried to consider: Which would I choose if I was the average buyer, looking to purchase just one for myself? It’s a hard call! Jump to each toy’s comparative review to see how it stacks up for speed, thrust length, noise level, and price. Or read the next section for a quick recap!

Best Of

  • Powerful thrusting: Velvet Thrusters, hands down. The Velvet Mini Teddy is quieter & easier to position than Jackie—but also shorter & less flexible.
  • Easiest to use: Fun Factory Stronics, because of their convenient size, low noise level, & waterproof-ness.
  • Best budget option: Maia Max & Monroe, for $99.2 Not-bad thrust speed plus OK vibes, a remote control, & an adjustable suction cup. Also my fave anal option. (And hey, the Inya Deep Stroker is even cheaper at $69.99: check it out if you’re good with a nonrealistic shape & less-rumbly vibes.)
  • Dual stimulation: Want clit stimulation too? Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit Thrusting is the best body-safe bunny that thrusts.

Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy Thrusting Dildo (10/10 Stars)

It is 100% possible to make a good thing EVEN BETTER, Velvet Co. has shown me with the new Velvet Thruster Mini, nicknamed Teddy.

The Velvet Thruster Mini:

The Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy has a shorter (and less flexible) shaft too. I prefer how Jackie’s shaft bends more, and Jackie has about 30% more speed, but…it’s hard to argue with Teddy’s more convenient size & simpler button control. See my video comparison between the two models here, and here’s a size comparison of the Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy (top) vs. Velvet Thruster Jackie (bottom):

Plus, Mini Teddy can be suction-cupped to smooth, flat surfaces. I think it’s mind-blowing when stuck on top of a T.O.M. dildo mount: truly the laziest hands-free fucking setup out of all the options in my collection.

Or, FOR THE MOST REALISTIC THRUSTING DILDO IN EXISTENCE (rating: 11 out of 10): stick a VixSkin soft silicone sheath on Teddy to create a big thrusting dildo3 that’s softer (= much more lifelike) than Teddy alone. My enthusiasm for this dual-density thrusting dildo is through the roof: it’s my favorite sex toy setup in my over-$16,000 collection. Find the VixThrust combo here.

Thrust length: 2″ max., like mid-range strokes during penetrative sex
Speed: Up to 125 strokes per minute
Functions: 6 total thrust speeds, from fairly slow to “going pretty good”
Noise level (where 10 = loudest): 7 out of 10: starts much lower but then gets a little loud. Much much better than the original Velvets & quieter than any other powerful thruster.
Ease of use: Teddy’s base is smaller & easier to hold. Plus it has an OK, not great, suction cup. Teddy can become hands-free, for both cowgirl and missionary positions, on top of this dildo mount.
Anal safety: Fully anal-safe!
Price: $135 here

Fun Factory Stronic Thrusting Pulsators (10/10 Stars)

The Stronic pulsators are the best-known thrusting dildos on the market. The Stronics pulse back and forth rather than vibrate—watch them move in my video here. There are currently 4 different Stronic shapes (the original three: Stronic Eins/One, Stronic Drei, and Stronic Zwei) have now been discontinued):

  1. The Stronic G (review here): Aaaah for high-quality G-spot stimulation. I was afraid this toy’s head might even be too much for me, but it works wonders. 
  2. The Stronic Real (review here): As the name implies, the most realistically shaped of the bunch. Straight shaft with a phallic head and subtle-but-noticeable coronal ridge. I love it!
  3. The Stronic Surf (review here): This newest Stronic is named for the wavy ripples down the shaft. And whoa, they’re pretty intense! Only go with this one if you’re sure you’re comfortable with textured stimulation. I personally find this toy best for vaginal mouth and back wall stimulation, rather than as a G-spotter.
  4. The Bi Fusion: Pulsating shaft plus an adjustable clitoral arm that vibrates. (Apparently the vibrations are fairly buzzy, so if that’s not your thing, steer clear.)

    Fun Factory Stronic G Stronic Real Stronic Surf Pulsator comparison shot

    From top to bottom: Stronic Real, Stronic Surf, & Stronic G.

Compared to fucking machines and true thrusters, the Stronics have a subtle movement. They do move extremely fast on the higher rhythms, but they wiggle in and out rather than really screw. That’s why, in the end, I have to disagree with Fun Factory’s claim that the (now discontinued) Stronic Eins “authentically mimics sexual thrust movements.” This is only true if you have a lover who doesn’t go deep or hard, ever (and who can go at super speed too!).

Many people will prefer the Stronics’ shorter stroke length because it’s gentle, yet insistent. The Stronic Real is mind-blowing for me because its quick little pulsations keep me on the edge of orgasm for up to ten minutes at a time, until I’m forced to give in and thrust it a little by hand—leading to an explosive climax.

The Stronics have a couple huge advantages: They’re fully waterproof (they don’t require a hole to vent air); they *may* be used totally hands-free (depending on the user’s anatomy; more on that here); and they’re quiet. You can easily hide their noise with just a blanket, vs. the louder sounds that true thrusting dildos produce.

Thrust length: About half an inch
Speed: Slowest rhythmic speed is 2 pulsations/second; hard to count, but probably more than 200/minute on the higher rhythms!
Patterns: 4 “constant mode” pulsing rhythms; 6 highly patterned settings (see chart here)
Noise level:
2 out of 10. Makes a shaking noise; quieter than many bullet vibes.
Ease of use:
Easiest thruster to hold, as it’s the smallest; some folks may be able to use some of these toys totally hands-free, like I can with the Stronic G. Also doesn’t heat up much, even with extended use. 
Anal safety:
Only the Bi Fusion is technically safely flared; the Stronic G and Real are vaginal-only, while the Surf…may or may not be anal-safe.
Standard price: $170.00 for Stronic Surf, Stronic G, and Stronic Real; $219.99 for the dual-stimulating Bi Stronic
Find at:

Velvet Thrusters (9/10 Stars)

The Velvet Thrusters, by Velvet Cock, claim to have “the power of a full sized fucking machine” in a handheld form. Sounds great, right? And it is! If you’re like me and you often crave real motion with your penetration, I can’t recommend the Velvet Thrusters enough. They go fast. Plus there are lots of speeds so you can start slow and work your way up.

Like the Stronics, there are a number of different shapes: four original ones including very phallic, semi-abstract and ridgy, and anal beads. I was skeptical about the anal-beaded Walter at first, because my butt’s kind of a wimp, but I ended up loving it—on the slowest few speeds.

In contrast, Jackie, the realistic one, gets seriously powered up inside my vag. I like to start slow…but eventually I find myself ten orgasms in, on speed setting #7, thanking my lucky stars that I own this machine. Jackie’s thrusting motion is so good that sometimes I feel a strange need to communicate with it. For example, the second time I tested Jackie, after maybe 15 minutes I found myself telling this toy, “Aaah, come for me, baby!!!”

How are the Velvet Thrusters different than the Stronics, though? The Stronic Real is rapid-fire jiggling, versus the Velvet Thrusters’ longer, deeper strokes. Both are frickin’ amazing in their own ways. The Stronics keep me on the edge of orgasm in the best way, and I love that. But I also love being really screwed, and that’s what Jackie and Teddy can do. It feels like vigorous penis-in-vagina sex. And as for anal, Walter’s slower speeds are a lot more enjoyable than butt sex with my ex was. ?

Velvet Thruster Jackie and Fun Factory Stronic Real comparison photo

Two great moving toys: the Velvet Thruster Jackie (purple) and Stronic Real (pink).

The original Velvet Thrusters have a few drawbacks too. They’re loud and have a drill-like sound; they’re hard to hold, especially when you’re lying flat on your back (my solution is to use my Liberator Wing, or to put a bunch of pillows behind my back so my arms can reach farther); they’re definitely not waterproof because of the large air vents in the motor casing; and the plastic motor casing gets hot with use.

Thrust length: 3″, quite long
Speed: Up to 140 strokes per minute (starts much slower)
Functions: 10 constant speeds, from gentle to WHOA-MY-GOD
Noise level: 9 out of 10. Loud whirring noise; don’t use if you have family over, that’s for sure!
Ease of use: Walter was hard for me to hold because it’s longer than my butt usually takes; Jackie is somewhat more accessible, but those with reach issues likely won’t be able to use it while lying flat. (I stick lots of pillows behind my back.) It’s much easier to straddle and/or ride these Thrusters: prop them up on a blanket (described by Suz here) or put them in a Liberator toy mount. 
Anal safety: Fully anal-safe!
Price: $199 at SheVibe (all 4 models) | $179.10 for Jackie at Peepshow Toys with code FELICITY

Maia Max & Monroe Thrusting Dildos (8.5/10 Stars)

The Max (black) & Monroe (purple) thrusters—the same toy, in different colors—by Maia Toys offer a smooth, nonphallic shape and a shorter length (5″ insertable) than other thrusters in this guide.5 I think this makes Max easier to hold, plus more anal-friendly. (Though maybe that’s partly because my butt likes it smaller!)Maia Max Anal Thrusting Dildo Suction Cup Remote Control

I think the Maia Max’s motor is pretty good. The three thrusting speeds don’t offer as much variety as the Velvet Thrusters. But given Max’s much lower price point, I’m quite pleased with these speeds: from 60 to 100 thrusts per minute.

And beyond the thrusting, Max vibrates too—that function is independently controllable from the thrusting. Out of the three steady vibration intensities, the first is fairly low-powered and has some rumble to it; the second is pretty powerful, and starting to buzz a bit; and the third is definitely buzzy. When I match the second steady vibe intensity with the second steady thrusting rhythm, Max makes me happy. (And it makes me ecstatic when I want larger penetration and I stick a VixSkin soft silicone sheath on it.)

Especially because Max is so texture-less, I need a little more stimulation to orgasm vaginally, so the vibrations really help; and anally, the power just feels nice around my asshole.

There are also cool extras, like on the Pipedream Fantasy for Her thruster (discussed next): an adjustable suction cup and a remote control. Positioning the suction cup was a learning experience for me—but I figured it out pretty quick! (Just don’t try to move the suction cup around while actually using the toy!!!)

And when I’m not using Max suction-cupped, it’s much easier to hold than the original Velvet Thrusters, but about the same as the Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy (with its 6 thrust speeds): both the latter toys are lightweight and rounded.

Max does share one big downside with the original Velvet Thrusters: it’s super fucking loud, possibly even a little worse than the Velvets. I need to invest in ear plugs, I’m thinking.

Thrust length: About 2.25″
Speed: From 60 to 100 strokes per second
Functions: 3 constant thrusting speeds; 3 steady vibration speeds plus 7 vibration patterns
Noise level: 9 out of 10. Loud whirring plus squealing noise; don’t buy if you’re sensitive aurally.
Ease of use: Easiest (non-Stronic) thruster to hold and use while lying flat on your back; cylindrical casing is smaller, lighter, and the toy itself is shorter.
Anal safety: Fully anal-safe!
Extras: Removable suction cup attachment and (rechargeable!) remote control

NS Novelties Inya Deep Stroker Thrusting Dildo (7.5/10 Stars)

The NS Inya Deep Stroker stands out for one huge reason: it’s the cheapest thrusting dildo around. With 2 inches total stroke length, it’s actually a realistic range of motion. (The original Velvet Thrusters’ 3 inches sometimes seems like a lot!)

The Inya Stroker-thruster has a super-satiny finish that I love, and the thick accordion folds aren’t pinchy at all. This is a less-realistic shape, with textures that I can only describe as “interesting.” (They’re hard to see in pictures, but they’re almost totem-pole-like!) I find those abstract textures very gentle.

The Inya Deep Stroker includes three thrust speeds, and, like Max Max/Monroe, it vibrates too. Unfortunately, Inya’s vibe quality is buzzier—doesn’t penetrate deeply—than the Maia toys’ vibes. (It also no remote control or adjustable suction cup.)

For only $70, though, I think the NS Inya Deep Stroker offers a lot of positive features. If you don’t need the deepest vibrations or a realistic shape, it’s a good deal.

Thrust length: 2″
Speed: From about 90 to 110 strokes per minute
Functions: 3 thrust speeds and 10 vibration functions (3 steady speeds & 7 patterns)
Noise level: 8.5 out of 10 (pretty loud!)
Ease of use: Short base is easy to hold while Inya is thrusting into you. But it’s also easy to press the control buttons accidentally.
Anal safety: Fully anal-safe!
Price: $69.99 here

Zalo Sweet Magic Desire (7.5/10 Stars)

Zalo’s Sweet Magic Desire screams “luxury.” The packaging is adorable AF, the body and control panel includes actual gold plating, and the silicone is smooth and elegant. The non-phallic shape is curved forward, with a come-hither tip at the end, for G-spot stimulation. I hoped I’d love this toy, because it’s nice.Zalo Sweet Magic Desire thrusting dildo 1800

And, I mean, I like it, but…it’s not the most orgasmic toy for me personally. Though the Zalo Sweet Magic Desire has gold touches, it doesn’t live up to the gold standard of pulsation, the previously discussed Fun Factory Stronic II Pulsators.

And I would absolutely classify the Zalo Desire as a pulsator, not a thruster, because its stroke length is super-short: under half an inch. And more than that, it doesn’t have the heft that Stronic pulsators do. See what I mean in this comparison video.

The Zalo Sweet Magic Desire’s jigglyness is fun, and the curved tip adds sensation. The silicone is so smooth and slick, I can barely feel the series of three angled ridges under that. This smoothness will be a selling point for those who find Fun Factory’s silicone draggy.

This toy has a heating feature, and there’s a Turbo Mode button that lets you skip straight to the highest of three steady speeds. The control buttons aren’t the most intuitive; it took me about 5 play sessions to get used to what the mysterious symbols all meant.

Overall, the Zalo Sweet Magic Desire is super cute and very elegant, and it’s pretty good at what it does. If you like the aesthetic and are looking for gentle, sensual pulsing sensations, I highly recommend the quality.

Thrust length: Less than 0.5″
Patterns and vibrations: 3 steady thrusting rhythms, and 3 thrusting patterns
Speed: About 2 strokes per second for the first thrusting speed; around 270 pulsations per minute on the highest speed
Noise level: 2 out of 10. Extremely quiet.
Ease of use: Round handle fits great in my palm; this pulsator is lightweight, too, and it’s easy to stick a towel under it and angle it upward for hands-free G-spot stimulation
Extras: Heating feature; gold plating plus Swavorski crystal in control panel; silky silver storage pouch plus display-worthy storage tube
Anal safety: There’s a huge gap before the larger, round handle. Should be OK, but use anally at your own discretion.
Price: $149 here

Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine by Evolved Novelties (6.5/10 Stars)

It’s hard for me to not compare the “Infinite Thrusting” Sex Machine to the Velvet Thrusters; I had to do so at length in my Infinite Thruster review, because the two are similar in many ways.

Velvet Thruster Jackie and Evolved Novelties Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine comparison

Velvet Thruster Jackie above the Evolved Novelties Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine.

In the end, I think the Velvet Thrusters have two huge advantages over the Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine (ITSM): the Velvet Thrusters’ outer layer of silicone is softer, for a somewhat more realistic feel; and the Velvet Thrusters have 10 different thrusting speeds, so you can work your way up more comfortably and/or go a lot faster than with the ITSM.

That said, the ITSM is easier to hold because it doesn’t have a large motor box, the shape and royal purple color may appeal more to some, and it can vibrate as well as thrust. (Though the vibrations definitely aren’t the rumbliest out there; see my video of the ITSM’s thrusting and vibration patterns here.)

Thrust length: 3.25″
Speed: 1st steady thrusting speed is about a stroke per second; 3rd (and top) speed is about 78 thrusts/minute.
Functions: 3 steady thrusting rhythms, 3 steady vibration speeds, and 4 vibration patterns. Thrusting and vibrations can be controlled separately: use one or the other—or both together.
Noise level: 8 out of 10
Ease of use: 15″ shaft length when fully extended, so also a bit hard to hold, but the handle is ergonomically designed.
Anal safety: The length, ribbing, and curved handle make it unlikely someone’s ass would swallow this toy, but it doesn’t technically have a flared base, so beware.
Price: $150 here

Fantasy for Her Love Thrust-Her by Pipedream (5/10 Stars)

The Pipedream “Thrust-Her” is definitely not the most powerful toy out there; I find the shorter stroke length unfulfilling, and I tend to make the thrusting stall when I clench hard around the toy.Pipedream Fantasy for Her Love Thrust-Her Thrusting Vibrator featured image

The Thrust-Her’s one big selling point is that the price is so low compared to the Stronics and Velvet Thrusters. For $90, the Pipedream Thrust-Her thrusts, vibrates (kinda weakly, tbh), is remote-controlled, and has an optional suction cup. If you don’t need strong thrusting or strong vibes, you might consider this toy as a more affordable alternative to the Velvet Thrusters. But if you’re looking for something powerful or with more realistic thrusts, you’ll likely find yourself disappointed. Check out my review for full details about the motor and more info about the additional features.

Thrust length: Up to 1″
Speed: Hard to count because of the short stroke length! First steady speed seems to go about 2 thrusts per second, and the second, maybe 3 thrusts.
Functions: 2 steady thrusting speeds and 5 thrusting patterns; 7 vibration modes can be added to the thrusting.
Noise level: 7 out of 10. Quieter than the original Velvet Thrusters, at least!
Ease of use: Motor casing is smaller and cylindrical, so much easier to hold than Velvet Thrusters. Also, the short stroke length does have one benefit: you don’t have to extend your arms as far away when holding the toy.
Extras: Removable suction cup and remote control
Anal safety: Control box is definitely flared, so totally safe.
Price: $89.99 here

Best Thrusting Rabbit Vibes

Thrusting rabbits aim to do even more: stimulate your clit while their heads thrust in and out. With these toys, the shafts as a whole need to stay in place to ensure steady clitoral contact. As a result, they won’t have the stroke length of the thrusting dildos above: they’re best for shallower G-spot stimulation.

I’ll rate the vibes in these body-safe bunnies’ ears on a 10-point scale for power and rumbliness, so you can measure them against other toys in my comprehensive vibrator guides! Here are my two favorites…

Happy Rabbit, top; Commotion Cha Cha, bottom.

Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting

I thought it wasn’t possible for me to enjoy rabbit vibes, and then I got off hard on this one—so Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting has it going on, as far as I’m concerned.

With its short-ish stroke length and jutting coronal ridge, the Happy Rabbit Thrusting gives my G-spot lots of attention. I would definitely buy this shaft shape in a full-size thrusting dildo.

The external stimulator is a classic bunny shape, with wide ears. They sit right above my clitoral hood, and I can feel the vibes really traveling through my internal clit.

That’s because Happy Rabbit’s first vibe speed starts stronger than the FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet—a measurement of power for me. And that first Happy Rabbit function has a depth that’s like the second speed on the NS Luxe Collection Electra (my favorite bullet vibe). The vibration quality in Lovehoney toys can be a little hit-or-miss, and thankfully this one is part of the “hit” group for me.

Thrust length: About 0.8″ inches
Thrust speed: From 70 to 115 thrusts per minute
Vibration quality: 7.25 out of 10 for power; 8 out of 10 for rumbliness on low, 7 out of 10 for rumbliness on high
Functions: 3 thrust speeds; 3 steady vibe speeds & 9 vibe patterns all in the ears
Noise level: 6.5 out of 10; the thrusting does produce a whirring noise but it’s not as loud as a pure thrusting dildo.
External arm: Wide bunny ears that split in a V-shape; firm & not adjustable, so precise positioning may not be perfect for every body.
Ease of use: Handle is easy to grip, and the base is flat so Happy Rabbit stands upright (yay for the body not touching bathroom countertops!). My only wish is that there were two vibe control buttons (up and down arrows) because of the 9 patterns that need to be cycled through.
Price: $69.99 here 

BMS Commotion Cha Cha

BMS Commotion Cha Cha is the equivalent of a Stronic pulsator in rabbit form. It jiggles. FAST. Cha Cha’s curved tip is like a finger fluttering at super speed against the G-spot. (See a demo of it in motion vs. Happy Rabbit Thrusting here.)

I like that Commotion Cha Cha’s body has a soft quality. The silicone is smooth, and underneath it’s not all hard plastic, so if you’re tactile like me, it’s interesting to press your fingers into.

The pulsation starts out fairly quiet but gets loud above the fourth (of 6) thrusting speeds. Cha Cha’s motion is short and rapid-fire like a Stronic—but noisier. The pulsation gets loud above the fourth speed. That intensity is already so speedy for me, I don’t even go to the higher levels!

Cha Cha’s external arm is very flexible, so it’ll fit wider clit-to-vag distances better than most bunnies. Unfortunately, I think the not-hard silicone absorbs some of the vibe intensity, so Cha Cha’s ears are not for anyone who’s used to truly strong vibes.

Thrust length: About 0.33″ inches
Thrust speed: Lowest speed is about 100 strokes per minute; I can’t count after that, it goes too fast.
Vibration quality: 6 out of 10 for power; 6 out of 10 for rumbliness on low, 4 out of 10 for rumbliness on high.
Functions: 6 thrust speeds plus this interesting shaking-all-over function; 3 steady vibe speeds.
Noise level: 8.5 out of 10; starts much quieter but gets intense by thrust speed #5. Vibes are also loud.
External arm: Extremely flexible, soft silicone. The bunny ears are narrow antennas.
Ease of use: Big, slightly weighty handle isn’t hard to hold. Once I figured out that you change vibe speeds through the on/off button, and the up/down arrows are for the thrusting, the controls were simple.
Price: $117 here with code FELICITY

CalExotics California Dreaming Orange County Cutie

The CalExotics California Dreaming Thrusting Rabbit isn’t a bad toy at all, but it doesn’t have quite the thrust power or the vibration strength of the Happy Rabbit Thrusting. California Dreaming Thrusting Rabbit starts much slower—less than a stroke per second—which may appeal if you like to ease into penetration. Its third speed maxes out at just under 100 thrusts per minute.

The external arm is a less traditional “wing” shape that flutters with vibration. If you like more pinpoint stimulation (rather than having your clit surrounded by two ears), it’s worth a look.

Thrust length: About 0.75″ inches
Thrust speed: 50 to 98 thrusts per minute
Vibration quality: 6 out of 10 for power; 5 out of 10 for rumbliness (very middle of the road)
Functions: 3 thrust speeds; 10 vibe functions
Noise level: 7 out of 10
External arm: Very slim shape that comes to a point that flaps with the vibration traveling through it.
Price: $59.99 here 

* * * 


  1. Or if you just want to have your partner watch from a distance, right?
  2. Use code FELICITY to save $11.
  3. If you want it even bigger, then the VixSkin Colossus is slightly wider (1/8″) and an inch longer than Holster!
  4. Just select “Standard Shipping” at checkout.
  5. Except Velvet Mini Teddy.

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      The thrust speed on Teddy isn’t quite as fast, though I usually only go up to speed #7 of 10 on Jackie anyway because the last ones are smoking! I’d recommend either one with hybrid lube, actually, to reduce friction if you wanna go fast.

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