Lovense Gravity Review – 2 thrusters tested for effortless sex

An automatic thruster dildo with vibration, suction cup & Lovense’s app control: Lovense Gravity has features. “Thrusting dildos” move themselves back-and-forth, pulsing a short distance so they can penetrate vaginally or (maybe) anally.

How well does Gravity succeed at that, though: is it a fun f^ck? (How orgasmic is it, really?) I’ve got full statistics on how the Gravity moves, and its power vs. a comparable thrusting sex toy & dildo machine!

Lovense Gravity Pros & Cons


  • Consistent automatic thrusting.
  • Does not stall out with vaginal use.
  • Rumbly vibration.
  • Flexible suction cup lets the shaft angle easily, and stay stuck to a smooth surface.
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • Great app control.
  • Long-distance capable.
  • USB rechargeable.


  • Non-realistic shape & firm silicone only.
  • Kinda-short thrust length.
  • Not the easiest to use – must kneel on hard floor.
  • 1 color choice.
  • Shaft’s diagonal ridges will irritate sensitive users.
  • Defects are likely?
  • Weaker than most other Lovense vibrators.

Thrust Depth & Vibration Strength

Lovense Gravity thrusts 1.2 inches total back-and-forth, achieving up to 140 thrusts per minute.

Lovense gravity thrusting vibrator review - in hand

That’s outside the body, though. Inside my vagina, the movement feels a bit restricted. Internally, it might reach almost an inch thrust length, and almost 2 thrusts per second on its highest speed.

I would not recommend Gravity highly as an anal thruster. Thrusting dildos in general are more prone to stalling or breaking with anal use. You’ll want an actual sex machine for solo pegging re-creation, insistent prostate play, or any automatic anal thrusting.

My overall TL;DR for this Lovense Gravity review:

Gravity’s thrusting: Not bad. Not really impressive.

Gravity’s vibration: 6.25 out of 10 for maximum vibration strength (=medium powerful vs. the best magic-wand-style vibes). Gravity’s vibe motor is real damn rumbly, I like that. It remains very low frequency, never high-pitched and buzzy.

Gravity vs. Velvet Thruster Comparison Chart

Lovense Gravity vs. Velvet Thruster (the first thrusting dildo with life-like stroke length!) stats tested: We compare stroke length (how far do they move in and out?), how many strokes per minute, volume in decibels, & more compared:

thrusting dildos vs. Lovense Gravity Velvet Thruster
FeatureGravityVelvet Thrust.
Stroke length1.2 inch2.3 inch
Stroke speed108 to 140
72 to 140
Volume43 to 49
44 to 55
Suction CupYes, detachable;
flexes well on
hard tile, etc.
Yes, built-in;
OK suction,
less flex.
Other featuresVibration:
very rumbly,
6/10 strong;
custom app
control &
Red only.
Realistic phallic,
XL (“Sammie”), &
anal bead
shafts available;
More color choices.
(after 15%
newsletter discount)

My Lovense Gravity Experience

Gravity’s head is smoothly rounded, and not wide (1.4 inches diameter), so it slides in easily.

Lovense Gravity - silicone dildo textures

This Lovense thrusting vibrator does have 3 sets of extra ripples on the “shaft” (followed by accordion-like folds so it can move up and down). The head ripples are fine, they add a bit of extra stimulation to this dildo that otherwise is not a G-spot toy. But I’m not a huge fan of the diagonal ripples on the right and left sides of the shaft. They drag more than straight horizontal (across-the-shaft, left to right) ridges would, for me. I have to make sure to add more lubricant to that one particular area around the lowest ripples as the Gravity continues thrusting.

Lovense Gravity Thrusting folds
The folds may pinch if you have puffy labia.

The thrusting shaft can be inserted about 4.5 inches inside my vagina before the bellows folds begin to pinch a little, tugging on my vaginal introitus. Also lubricate those up well if you enjoy deeper penetration.

Lovense Gravity Thrusting length

I was very surprised at how rumbly the Lovense Gravity’s vibrating motor is. If this vibration was in a G-spot-friendly shape, I’d be excited about that.

I’m someone who feels a lot from penis-in-vagina sex, and the Gravity is certainly nothing like that. Its mechanical, short strokes and hard non-realistic shape are worlds apart from gettin’ fucked by a partner’s penis. And that’s OK, if you do like nonphallic and harder penetration—a very legit preference.

However, Gravity feels like it’s half-commited to pleasing any single set of preferences I can imagine. It fucks, but in a short and nonrealistic way; it vibrates, but not potently; it’s firm, but doesn’t curve for G-spot stimulation (it’s not bulbous & arched like the most popular pressure-giving G-spot dildos).

How to Use Lovense Gravity

Gravity has two buttons. To power either thrusting or vibration on, hold down the top button for approximately 3 seconds.

Then, you can press either the vibration button (#1, below) or the thrusting button (#2, below) to cycle through the Gravity thrusting vibrator’s 7 vibe & 7 thrust functions.

Lovense Gravity positions

The Lovense Gravity can be used in any of these positions:

  1. Lying back in bed: It’s optimal to brace the Gravity against a pillow or towel between your thighs, to keep it thrusting into you rather than out of you.
  2. Edge of the bed: I’ve managed to wedge Gravity’s attached suction base against the edge of my bed, so I was standing as it penetrates. Works well as I hold my fave mini power-wand.
  3. Have a partner hold it: Give it to your partner, so they can grip its handle and ensure Gravity keeps thrusting forward.
  4. Suction-cupped to the floor: On your knees, so you’re either riding the Gravity straight up and down, or you can bend your legs & brace your hands forward, more cowgirl-style.

Which leads us to the suction attachment… How does it work?

Detachable Suction Cup

The Lovense Gravity’s suction cup arrives not attached, in a separate slot inside the packaging. First, remove the Gravity itself from the box, then remove the small red circular flap from its handle-end, and then you’ll find grooves:

Lovense Gravity how to attach suction cup base

Via those grooves, you screw the Lovense Gravity’s silicone suction cup onto the toy.

This screw-on mechanism is also reminiscent of the Velvet Thruster Prime’s suction cup attachment, which is mega-strong—like, I once had to pry it off my bathroom floor tile by wedging in a butter knife to break the suction.

Lovense Gravity suction cup strength vs. Velvet Thruster Prime
From left: Gravity, Velvet Thruster Prime with suction base, Velvet Thruster Mini series with built-in suction cup.

Lovense Gravity’s suction is quite strong too, and the silicone is more flexible. That yield allows Gravity to stay attached, suctioning to tile or smooth surfaces, even if you bend its shaft about 45 degrees in any direction. It makes for easier riding—as long as my knees have something soft (like handtowels) underneath ’em!

Lovense App Control

The Lovense brand was built upon long-distance sex toys; vibrators you can use together, when you & your partner are thousands of miles apart. Here’s a Lovense app fuller how-to guide, based on times when I have used Lovense products long-distance (or short-distance) with a partner.

Lovense app - Gravity how-to

With Gravity, via the “Remote” section, you can tailor the speed for thrusting & vibration separately. See window #2 in the screenshots above. I have my Gravity running on max. vibrator power all the way through, since it’s not especially strong vibration; the thrusting is more fun to tweak, letting it move faster and slightly less-fast in rolling waves. I recommend hitting the “Float” icon on the right side of the screen, so Gravity will keep running without you having to have 2 fingers on the screen at all times!

Other Lovense-user-created patterns and rhythms are found under Discover (bottom of the screen), then Patterns. You can sort for Gravity-specific patterns—helpful because many Lovense toys don’t have 2 separate motors, so Lush or Hush patterns likely won’t feel as cool as having dual-motor independent control for the Gravity dildo’s vibrating and thrusting.

Warranty & Defects

After the first time I used it, my Lovense Gravity lost a bunch of the built-in functions! Now, after a full charge, the Gravity has only 1 thrust speed and 1 vibration functions.

The Lovense app does retain full control over the toy; I just cannot use Gravity’s built-in buttons for more or less speed, more or less power, now. And I like manual buttons, dammit. This is definitely the strangest sex toy defect I’ve encountered, and I probably wouldn’t have believed it if I’d read about someone else experiencing such an odd function loss.

I assume this should be covered by the 1-year product warranty, for a free replacement. But Lovense refuses to send me any further products for my honest reviews after I wrote about how poorly I thought the Flexer “fingering vibrator” performed, so I’m out of luck there.

Gravity is rated IPX6 as per its package: “resistant to jets of spraying water” (like in the shower, short-term). Be sure not to submerge any thrusting dildo fully underwater while the thrust function’s running, because that will waterlog the product and kill its motor.

Gravity Recap & Rating

The Lovense Gravity is decent, but not exceptional, at thrusting.

It takes the patented thrust-mechanism pioneered by Velvet Thruster dildos, then adds a rumbly vibrating motor & Lovense’s main thang: app control.

Gravity’s detachable suction cup base is a nice touch. Really, I see the Gravity as being most beneficial for cam models, since they can use the Lovense Connect app to link Gravity’s thrusts up to tipping. Gravity is also cheaper than a Hismith Premium with APP sex machine, which fucks a lot harder and feels much more satisfying than the Gravity (better adjustable speeds, from very slow to super-fast), but is not easily tip-enabled.

If long-distance control isn’t essential to you, then Velvet Thruster is the original creator of—and the more banging choice among—portable thrusting dildos.

Find the Gravity here (15% discount possible), or here at Lovense.

(out of 5)
Orgasms per dollar value:
OK thrusting, no G-spot stimuation, rumbly but not-strong vibes
User experience/ Ease of use:
Decent but not great; app control is smooth; suction cup works well; lost built-in functions after first use, may be defect-prone
Luxury feel:
Body-safe, smooth silicone; clean packaging, USB rechargeable; app control; don’t use in water
Run time (≈2 hrs.)
& easy charging
Total3.25 out of 5 ⭐s
Thrust power,
[vs. sex machines]
2.5 out of 10
< 140 strokes/min.
& 1.2 inch max. length
[vs. all vibrators]
4.0 to
out of 10
Vibration depth
10 to
out of 10
from 2ft
away in use)

Lovense Gravity

Full statistics on how Lovense Gravity moves: how good is this thruster? I tested Gravity vs. Velvet Thruster dildo machine... Pros & cons.

Product SKU: 6972677430104

Product Brand: Lovense

Editor's Rating:


  • Consistent automatic thrusting.
  • Does not stall out with vaginal use.
  • Rumbly vibration.
  • Flexible suction cup lets the shaft angle easily, and stay stuck to a smooth surface.
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • Great app control.
  • Long-distance capable.
  • USB rechargeable.


  • Non-realistic shape & firm silicone only.
  • Short thrust length.
  • 1 color choice.
  • Shaft's diagonal ridges will irritate sensitive users.
  • Defects are likely.
  • Not easy to ride: Must kneel on hard floor.

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