PalmPower Recharge Review

The smallest still seriously strong toy I own: PalmPower Recharge is for all the times I want big-power vibration feels, but in an easy-to-carry size.

Rumbling, reverberating vibrations, yet 76% lighter-weight than the Magic Wand: that’s why the PalmPower Recharge is my best clitoral vibe to travel with. This is largely due to the PalmPower’s adjustable speed control. Customized vibration, so my clit doesn’t get thrown off by a huge leap up in power between preset intensity levels.

Simply, I’ve kept coming back (over and over) to this small wand vibrator over the years. Is it the right wand vibrator for your sex life, though? I’ll detail the PalmPower Recharge’s pros & cons, with detailed info on its strength and features!!!

Vibration Intensity

I rate the PalmPower Recharge as running from 4.0 to 8.8 out of 10 maximum vibration intensity, as you increase from low to high power. That’s awesome because usually, the higher power ratings (8–10) are reserved for big vibrators, powered by larger motors!!!

PalmPower Recharge blue in hand

PalmPower Recharge is also extremely rumbly on the lower vibration levels, and pretty rumbly on high. Resonant vibration, I’d say. I rate the PalmPower Recharge as from 10 to 7 for rumbly vibration depth (low to high power).

The fully adjustable control is fantastic. BMS Factory (the maker) pioneered this “Incremental Speed” vibration control a decade ago. Versus traditional pre-set vibration functions, you just have more options. Here’s how that press & hold control works:

How to Control

The PalmPower Recharge’s “Incremental Speed Control” is a range of steady vibration intensity. To operate the PalmPower Recharge:

  • Press the power button 3 times quickly, to deactivate the travel lock.
  • Tap the button again to start on the lowest intensity.
  • Or, instead press and hold down the button to ramp up the power.
  • As you hold the button, the vibration will get stronger.
  • Release the button whenever you like the intensity.
  • Press & hold again to continue increasing, until you’re at max. power.
  • Press once to power off.
  • To avoid overstimulation at orgasm: Press once, then press again a second later to dive down to lower power.
Palmpower Recharge 2 colors powerful mini wand massager 2023 - horizontal
Each PalmPower has 1 large central control button.

My Experience: 4 Years

I’ve enjoyed the PalmPower Recharge so much over the years — since I got my first one in summer 2019 — I’d have to write a novella to describe all my sessions. 🔥 It’s for all the times when I don’t want to hold a big wand but still want sweet rev-it-up power clitorally.

PalmPower Recharge in hand 2
How to grip the PalmPower Recharge.

My first PalmPower Recharge lasted 3.5 years until the vibration started getting kinda rattly. That’s a nice lifespan for a rechargeable vibrator that’s used consistently; and my old PalmPower even still runs, whereas most vibrators will just cut out and not turn on again after a couple years (or less!). So now, I’m pumped about my new blue PalmPower Recharge, rolling along good as new in a royal-blue color.

BMS PalmPower Recharge
PalmPower Recharge original, in pink!

The PalmPower Recharge is 100% my favorite wand vibrator to travel with. It does have a travel lock, and it is so much smaller. When I first got into Magic Wands, I would even fly with my Magic Wand Plus. But that really is a headache, since it’s inevitable that a TSA agent is going to inspect a 13″ club-like device in your bag, either coming or going.

PalmPower Recharge packs about as much strength as the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s third (out of 4) steady function, while being much less menacing.

The PalmPower Recharge has more range, lower rumbles to start, versus the other notably powerful mini-wand, the Lovense Domi 2. The Domi 2 is now more rattly on low; less rumbly than the original Domi, and it just lacks the deep low vibration intensity. Plus, I’d rather just change speeds with one finger (on the PalmPower), personally, vs. having to get my cell phone involved if I want to customize the vibration.

I’m always delighted about the PalmPower maker, BMS Factory’s, adjustable vibe control: much better user experience than preset speeds. I get to avoid the overstimulation I feel for 20 seconds when trying to switch from the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s 2nd and 3rd vibration functions, for example. The fine-tuning of Incremental Speed is a big benefit for anyone with a more… particular clitoris.

PalmPower Recharge waterproof wand vibrator

The waterproofness is awesome, the battery life is good, and my only little “oh well” about the PalmPower is that yes, I know the silicone cap is removable so that you can add fluttery or insertable attachments or whatever, but I wish that didn’t leave a fine seam on the side. A lil overhang, a hard line. That’s slightly irritating if I want to rub hard against the wand’s head: I have to add more lube. (It is much better than the sharp-to-me lines of the Fun Factory Vim, however.) I’d love to see this size PalmPower with a full silicone head, not a removable cap. Instead, when I do want to grind harder on a wand head, I’m using the Viben Sultry and its all-smooth silicone.

PalmPower Recharge removable cap

For use during sex (with a partner), the PalmPower Recharge is a sweet add-on especially if you don’t like pinpoint clit stimulation. Being so much smaller, it doesn’t have this long handle to interfere with positioning. It’s easiest during cowgirl, where it’ll vibrate right above my clitoris strongly; or doggy-style, where there’s plenty of room for the PalmPower full head to make contact. Overall, I do think the Maximum Bullet (also with fully adjustable intensity control!) is the absolute easiest pick if you only want a vibrator to use during PIV sex: the Max. Bullet’s stretchy-silicone grip is fantastic & accessible.

Size and Weight

The PalmPower Recharge weighs 143 grams, or 5.1 ounces. That’s versus 597g for Magic Wand Rechargeable: making the PalmPower 23.95% of the Magic Wand’s weight.

PalmPower Recharge vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable

The PalmPower is 5.75 inches shorter too, and its body is much less bulky.

It’s suitable for anyone who’s good with high, but not the highest power. A wall-powered wand will be the absolute strongest if you’re in need of extra-intense clitoral stimulation.

Waterproof / Care & Cleaning

The PalmPower Recharge is rated IPX7: waterproof submersible up to 1m (about 3 feet) of submersion depth. So, you can definitely shower with it, or you could use it in the bathtub.

The silicone cap can be removed for cleaning if you want. The notched seal that locks the PalmPower silicone cap on is reasonably watertight, so you could refrain from removing it if you’ve only used the wand dry. But you’d want to clean around the rim better and remove the cap if you’re using much lubricant or menstruating, etc. on the PalmPower’s head.

The blue / pink sections of the PalmPower Recharge are body-safe silicone, while the black areas are smooth, nonporous ABS plastic.

To charge the PalmPower Recharge, use the included, labeled cable. It plugs right into the very bottom of the handle. Insert the charging prong fully, like so:

PalmPower Recharge vibrator how to charge
Insert the cord at bottom of the vibrator: until you no longer see the metal charging prong’s silver.

Pros & Cons


  • Amazing vibration strength for its smaller size.
  • Great rumbly, revvvvving vibration feel.
  • Fully adjustable speed control.
  • Silicone cap (now in blue!)
  • Body-safe materials.
  • Travel lock.
  • Over 76% lighter than Magic Wand (=about one-quarter the weight).
  • Easier to hold during sex than most wand massagers.


  • Removable cap adds a fine line.
  • Not for anyone who needs either (1) very pinpoint or (2) extra-wide clitoral stimulation.

Recap and Rating

The PalmPower Recharge is absolutely the only small wand vibrator that I love. It fits so much verve into a 7″ size, which feels even tinier because of the tapered handle.

This waterproof, rechargeable vibrator has good rumbly depth as you turn up the speed, too. Out of the 50-some wand vibrators that I’ve tried at this point, it’s the only petite one that stands out for me. The adjustable intensity control is spot-on, a level of customization I keep coming back for! Literally! I think it’s a classic vibrator—among the very best—due to its top-of-the-line motor, explaining why the PP Recharge has remained constantly in my toy-drying rack or bedside table for years now.

Find the PalmPower Recharge here,

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(out of 10)
per dollar value:

Always a success
User experience/
Ease of use:

💖 the adjustable
speed control;
From ultra-
rumbly to
Press&hold system
takes 1 session
to master
Luxury feel
clean packaging,
travel lock,
short warranty)
Run time (2–3hrs.)
& easy charging
[vs. all vibrators]
4.0 to
out of 10
Vibration depth
10 to
out of 10
from 1 foot

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