Anal Dilators Glass Trainer Kit Review

Glass for your ass! Can’t help the cheesy rhyme, because glass anal plugs have never come in a well-made trainer set before this. b-Vibe’s Anal Dilator Kit now includes 4 butt plugs, smartly spaced for anal sex training.

These “dilator” plugs are slick, don’t retain odor, and have wide-flared bases. So, they avoid one big issue common with glass butt plugs: a small base that lets the plug get sucked up into your butt. In contrast, these expand substantially.

We’ve found the B-Vibe dilator plugs super-helpful as a warmup to medium width dildos. The Anal Dilator set moves from a teeny 0.9 inches diameter, up to 1.7 inches of solid glass—with two intermediate steps, so you’re not tearing any tissue by jumping up too fast. (Anal training matters for safe play!)

Then, the easy cleanup & silicone lubricant compatability are my favorite advantages. Overall, here’s what we liked and disliked about the b-Vibe Anal Dilator Kit, and our experience using it:

Glass anal dilator kit - 4 butt plugs, foam support
4 glass plugs come packaged in a sturdy foamy insert, for storage.

Pros & Cons


  • Four sizes, correctly spaced in small intervals.
  • Safe option for easily moving from “anal beginner” to “ready for anal thrusting.”
  • Borosilicate glass is slick & drag-free.
  • Compatible with silicone lubricant (or coconut oil).
  • Don’t fold over when trying to insert.
  • Easy to clean: Quick scrub with soap and water removes all the dirty.
  • Don’t retain butt odor.
  • Safely flared bases.
  • Firm pressure: Do you like a rock-solid feel?


  • Made to sit on, not to walk around wearing.
  • Firm pressure: Not squishy or squeezable.
Glass butt plug pros & cons - firm, not chewy
Firm sex toy side-benefits: Any toothy critters in your home will walk right around glass plugs, whereas they might chew on super-soft silicone that’s left out.

Our Experience: Stretch It!

First, for anal, I love using silicone lube worry-free. (Or coconut oil, too, is a lot easier to wash off glass toys than off silicone ones.) Both lubricant types are extremely slick, and don’t get absorbed easily like water-based lubricant does. So, we’re not having to apply as much lube, nor reapply after like 10 minutes of play.

The XS plug is a breeze. No warmup, no problem. Oftentimes, folks will warm up anally with their fingers—but what if I don’t want to get my fingers dirty, need to trim my nails more, or use disposable gloves? In that case, very small butt plug for the win when I haven’t done any anal for a while. Under 1 inch max. diameter is always do-able, after the plug is lubed up.

Glass butt plug with silicone lubricant - safe

Again, with silicone lube, it is soooo easy. (The plug slides right in, after only a minute of slowing easing its tip in, so much better than with water-based lubricant.)

And the b-Vibe dilator’s tip is tapered nicely, to open my asshole but not feel poke-y. After I get it in, the glass feels solid. Like, this is not a plug you will forget you’re wearing.

The bulb (widest insertable point) is just a little wider than the “neck” (straight, slightly-thinner area above the base). So, it’s really for anal canal stretching; these glass dilators don’t let your sphincter muscles contract back down in size, like the twiggy necks of the b-Vibe Snug Plugs allow.

More “dropoff” between widest bulb diameter and neck diameter is essential you’re wanting to walk around wearing a butt plug; the skinny neck is why I’d rate the Snug Plug as #1 among “butt plugs to wear as you work out.” In contrast, with the Glass Dilator kit, be at home and be ready to sit on your plug.

Glass anal dilator kit - flared base

How to Use

My boyfriend & I both think b-Vibe Anal Dilators are best for short-term wear, like 30 to 45 minutes around the house, as prep for anal thrusting. (The circular bases, which ensure safety, are also not the most comfortable to wear while walking around.)

  1. Apply lubricant on the outside of the plug. Drizzle silicone lube over; or lube the plug (or your rectum, via a lube launcher) up with more water-based lube.
  2. Insert the tapered tip, slowly! Work it in and out, a small amount (half an inch-ish) at a time.
  3. Once the bulb is in, the widest point: Keep pushing slowly, you’re almost there!
  4. Done! Sit on top of the plug. Rest on the Glass Dilator while you’re doing whatever makes you happy: streaming a show, jerking off or edging in bed, etc. Personally, I’m someone who really enjoys clitoral stimulating while plugged, so this is a great space to use a clit toy where pleasure builds, especially an air pulse stimulator like Womanizer Classic 2 or Satisfyer Pro2-v.3.
  5. Next step: Now that your ass is more open, try thrusting with a toy about the same with (or up to 0.25 inch more diameter) as the Glass Dilator. Apply more lubricant as needed.1
b-vibe glass anal dilator set - for sizing up

After three weeks with the Anal Dilators Set, he’s finally gotten really comfortable with the SquarePeg Leo in small size, which is not a small penis: about 1.7 inches diameter (and 7 inches length). Easily. So it’s not an extended warmup, like it’s been for us before this, moving from fingers to a Neo Elite (in tan, above), then to the Leo. Since super-soft silicone feels incredible anally, he’s damn thrilled at this result for pegging play, that the process is more streamlined now.

The other fun possibility with glass is temperature play. I admit, I’m usually lazy and use at room temperature; but he’ll run his under warm (not hot) water before lubing it up and inserting it. The warmth lasts a couple minutes, during which it’s an immediate turnon (I’m told!).

Glass dilator large size by b-vibe pr
The largest of the 4 b-Vibe Glass Dilator plugs.

Dimensions: Insertable Width and Length, vs. Base Width

The outside of the b-Vibe Anal Dilator Kit box displays the exterior dimensions: base width instead of usable width, and… height specs which don’t match the more detailed dimensions published in the official listing. That’s confusing!!! Here are the full, correct specifications, carefully measured from the XS to the L plugs:

  • Plug #1, XS. Insertable: 0.9 inches max. diameter, 0.8 inches neck diameter, 2.7 inches insertable length. Total size: 1.7 inch (base) diameter; 3 inches length.
  • Plug #2, S. Insertable: 1.2 inches max. diameter, 1 inch neck diameter, 3 inches insertable length. Total size: 1.93 inch (base) diameter; 3.3 inches length.
  • Plug #3, M. Insertable: 1.5 inches max. diameter, 1.3 inch neck diameter, 3.75 inches insertable length. Total size: 1.93 inch (base) diameter; 4.1 inches length.
  • Plug #4, L. Insertable: 1.7 inches max. diameter, 1.5 inch neck diameter, 3.7 inches insertable length. Total size: 2.38 inch (base) diameter; 4.2 inches length.

With anal stretching, maximum width is the most important factor, since you can choose to take less length, but you can’t avoid a wide width if it’s on the first couple inches of a toy! So, I’m pleased that the steps between the sizes are so reasonable: from 0.2 to 0.3 inches step up from each b-Vibe glass dilator plug to the next. That’s enough so you feel the stretch (in firm glass especially, a fifth of an inch is noticeable), but it’s not an overextension.

Glass anal dilator kit dimensions - width length

Why Glass Dilators?

Some folks strongly prefer glass plugs (or metal ones, which share similar “pros”). Glass sex toys have these benefits over silicone ones:

  1. Super-slick, with no “drag.”
  2. No butt smell remains! Anal odor vanishes immediately after you wash glass with soap and water.
  3. Silicone lubricant is non-damaging / easy to clean off glass. (And silicone lube lasts a lot longer, and is not acidic like water-based lubes are [for preservation reasons & to match vaginal pH, but not rectal pH]).
  4. Firm means easier to insert, if your butt’s kinda tight. That said, don’t push yourself too hard too fast: Follow “slow & easy” first-time anal tips if you’re new to butt play.
Glass butt plug cleaning
I love silicone, but glass is definitely easier to wash.

Meanwhile, silicone reigns supreme if you want a flexible, yielding, or even fleshy feel—it’s the only body-safe / long-term hygienic material that can be soft and feel gentler.

Borosilicate glass was created to be shatter-resistant, and safer at high temperatures (than soda-lime glass is), while resisting extreme shifts in temperature. Borosilicate can withstand any normal stress your body exerts on it, and then some. What will cause borosilicate glass to break: a dramatic shock caused by changing velocity (acceleration), like if you throw a glass toy against a hard surface.

Recap & Product Rating

It’s awesome there’s finally a glass option for beginner anal training. Trainer kits are silicone as a rule. That’s nice on one hand because silicone (being more flexible) is more comfortable to walk around wearing. But, silicone takes a lil more work to clean, and often retains butt odor for a few days (even though it’s functionally safe).

The Glass Dilator Set makes sense if you’re good with short at-home sessions, to move into anal thrusting faster. 30-minute wear time, 2 or 3 times a week, works well.

The 0.2 to 0.3 inch diameter steps-up are truly perfect, just the right amount for safe stretching for most bodies. (In general, increasing 0.25 to 0.33 inches maximum from one toy to the next is the best guideline follow, and since glass is so solid, a fifth-of-an-inch increase is still noticeable & substantial.) These trainer plugs have wide necks to keep your sphincter muscles open, ready for thrusting / more expansion after you’ve dilated. Overall, 4.5 out of 5 stars; very effective for training, but should be considered a warmup tool, rather than the main orgasmic event.

Find the Glass dilator kit by b-Vibe here,

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  1. I did end up cleaning silicone lube off a couple silicone toys here, which was definitely more work than if I’d used water-based lube. Would recommend the Anal Dilators Set with either oil-based lube/coconut oil or hybrid lube, for more ease.

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