B-Vibe Snug Plug Review: Weighted Butt Plugs

When I set out to review the b-Vibe Snug Plug, my ass had no idea what it was in for. This weighted plug is so pleasant to wear, to feel the moving balls jiggle—especially after I moved up to Snug Plug size 2! The thin necks on these toys really *make* the Snug Plug’s design, letting your sphincters close up and wear the toy’s weight more comfortably for longer. Luckily, b-Vibe Snug Plugs come in 7 different-weighted girths now, so I had to buy the second size after I got used to the first!

First Impressions

B-Vibe Snug Plugs come in four size options, from very small to 2″ THICK. Because even average-sized dildos were a bit much for my butt back then, I went for the smallest Snug Plug, the #1 (seen in black in this review). It has a maximum diameter of just 0.8″, with an insertable length of 3.7″. And this was actually a great size for me as a total anal beginner. Even better than the small size were the Snug Plug’s shape and silicone finish.

b-Vibe Snug Plug review square
Size 1 Snug Plug above size 2 Snug Plug, purple.

You see the word “velvety” thrown around a lot in sex toy marketing, but I’d never used this term in a review before I got my Snug Plug 1. Now I understand what it means, because my Snug Plug has a lovely smoothness that I enjoyed running my fingers over when I first took the plug out of its package.

BVibe Snug Plug anal play guide

Upon opening the box, I also immediately noticed B-Vibe’s Guide to Anal Play, which includes the helpful tidbit, “Anal play is a journey, not a destination.” Yeah, so it sounds kinda like a fortune cookie—but this advice is encouraging to me as I continue along the path of working toward discomfort-free anal sex with my partner!

Snug as a Plug in a…Butt: My b-Vibe Snug Plug Experience

Overall, I find the Snug Plugs more comfortable for longer wear because of their long, thin stems. My sphincters are able to fully close up, while I feel the Snug Plug’s weight deeper inside. Because of the stems’ flexibility & skinniness, Snug Plugs aren’t for wide stretching like SquarePegToys squishy Egg Plugs are. Instead, the Snugs are all about that weight inside. Awesome to move around / walk around while wearing one.

All the b-Vibe Snug Plugs’ bulbs have an interesting torpedo shape—designed to hold the weighted ball(s) inside. There’s a slight taper before the main cylinder that encloses the weight.

This quick transition to the plug’s max. girth made it essential for me to warm my butthole up before insertion, by grinding and twisting the plug around. The T-bar base provides a nice handle for twisting back and forth.

BVibe Snug Plug 1 Tantus Perfect Plug
Snug Plug 1 next to a Tantus Perfect Plug, which is about the same maximum diameter but much pointier. (Too pointy, really.)

After a minute or two of warm-up, I felt ready to push the Snug Plug 1’s main body in. And sure enough, the vacuum of my rectum sucked the whole plug body in. Shortly afterward, I was able to sit on the base and take the full length. That accomplished, the plug made its presence known. I could feel the firmness, the bulk of the body. And it was surprisingly comfortable! [Note: I had very low expectations about anal pleasure at this time!]

The T-bar base is well designed to not irritate your butt cheeks for longer wear. It fits snugly in my ass crack, with that velvety silicone between my cheeks. The ends of the T-bar-base canoe are nice and rounded too, rather than pointy.

Speaking of long-term wear, even as an anal novice I had no problem wearing the Snug Plug 1 for several hours. (A nice oil-based lube helps a lot.) When I took the plug out after my first session, I immediately missed the feeling of fullness. Even with the smallest Snug Plug’s 55 gram (≈2 oz.) weight, there’s a definite heaviness that a normal silicone plug doesn’t give you. It’s not heavy like the Njoy Pure Plugs’ awesome pressure, but I can still feel the weight gently pressing up inside me. It makes the Snug Plug more noticeable when I move, or even if I’m just sitting in a chair. And the larger the plug, the more you feel the motion with the weighted balls inside: my Snug Plug size 2 feels twice as jiggly as size 1.

b-Vibe Snug Plugs weight comparison
Original 5 Snug Plug sizes. There are now 2 even-bigger ones, Snug Plugs 6 and 7.

By the second time I used the plug, I had no problem taking the full girth and length. I was craving the greater size and weight of the Snug Plug 2 already. The first snug plug is pretty tiny at 0.8 inches wide, while the next size up is a slightly-below average 1.2″. Size #2 (no pun intended) is very manageable for me these days, and I appreciate the second weighted ball as I move! Since this review was originally released, b-Vibe has even added another Snug Plug size, so that you can get one that’s a full two inches thick!

Even in the bigger sizes, the Snug Plug necks are quite thin, so they’ll always let your sphincters close up after the weighted torpedo goes in. Don’t get me wrong, I like that slight stretching feeling of a (soft) wider neck…but the Snug Plug’s shape is less stressful for my anal canal after a couple hours have elapsed.

Vibrating Snug Plug

So fast-forward to 2022, when I got the Vibrating Snug Plug & tested it out with my bf! The question, of course, was whether the vibration would be more/less fun than the original Snug Plug’s weighted rolly balls.

Vibrating Snug Plug 2 review - wearable butt plug

The vibes definitely have a few advantages: They’re more enjoyable to sit still with (not moving around), like if I’m working on a boring chapter at my computer and would forget about the nonvibrating plug. (But, this vibration is not especially rumbly, so it’ll get itchy to me after about 15 minutes on any of the higher speeds.) We were also disappointed that the Snug Plug Vibrating doesn’t include a remote, wtf?!? That non-vibrating-ness made this anal plug less fun as a couple. Because of what and since I’m not terribly impressed by the vibrating motor, I like the classic feel of the weighted Snug Plug balls (original version the rest of this review is about) for walking, lawn-mowing, and any other time I’m in motion: I can feel the weight better in the original Snug Plug than the Vibrating Snug Plug.

Overall Thoughts / Rating

Overall, I think this concept—a smooth silicone plug with weights inside—is a great compromise. It takes the velvet-touch of silicone and throws in a dash of the heft of stainless steel. The b-Vibe Snug Plug’s matte finish takes lube well, and it still feels nice inside my butt after a few hours of wear—especially because the thin neck lets my sphincters close up. I’ve rated it a 9.2 out of 10 because the Snug Plug performs well: it fits comfortably, and the jiggly balls add a little something when you’re moving around.

I like to wear the Snug Plug when I’m doing some boring task like the dishes or laundry, to make the most mundane activities a little kinky.

The Snug Plug 1 definitely helped me along my anal-stretching journey. It made me realize that plugging can be FUN! And that wearing my Snug Plug out and about feels infinitely naughty. I had to go back for more, to size up!

Find all 7 sizes of the B-Vibe Snug Plug here!

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3 thoughts on “B-Vibe Snug Plug Review: Weighted Butt Plugs”

  1. I really appreciate the your description of the finish and weight. This sounds like the perfect toy for general fun since girth isn’t exactly a problem for me.

  2. I’m an anal play novice, but I went for the snug plug 3 vibration model. Oh my.
    Felt a bit tight putting it in first time, but then once past the thick torpedo it was a great fit with the narrow neck.
    Very comfortable and a great feeling of fulness, weight and pressing up inside me.
    First time I could not help playing with the vibrations, which made me cum, but now I have put it back for a couple of hours stint.
    Busy sitting on a chair working from home. I can constantly feel the extra pressure as I sit on the tip. No one on the other end of the video calls is any the wiser. Going out for a walk soon 🙂


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