Vibrating Snug Plug Review

This review is a long time coming, because I’ve thought the Snug Plug was great for years—but I just recently picked up the Vibrating Snug Plug version!

The original Snug Plugs by b-Vibe are super fun to wear. After the SquarePeg Egg Plug, they’re the most fan-favorited plugs I see frequently recommended on sex toy threads.1 The Snug Plugs are distinguished for: (1) their weighted rolly balls inside; (2) their thin necks and canoe bases, well-designed for wearing around for a few hours comfortably. Plus the Snugs are available in 6 sizes: a range from “beginner” to “anal sex enthusiast” levels.

So would vibration in this Vibrating Snug Plug really add anything? We’ll see the different ways I’ve tested out the Vibrating Snug anal plug, and how we liked it (female & male perspectives). Skip to the end for a quick recap and 10% discount code.

Vibrating Snug Plug 2 review - wearable butt plug

How to Wear a Snug Plug Vibrating:

To get going with the Vibrating Snug Plug, you want to lubricate the tip well! (Or use a lube applicator inside your butt, to preprepare: best for thinner lubricants or hybrids like Sliquid Silk. But instead, for anal play I like Coconu a ton, because it’s so slick; and my boyfriend hadda get a second tube for anal toys at his place.2)

Vibrating Snug Plug with COCONU lube on top

Anyway, after your b-Vibe Snug Plug is lubed up: Slowly insert the top of that torpedo bulb. It may take a bit of time to work the “bulb” in—or at least the first 2 inches—because the Snug Plug flares outward pretty dramatically. But afterward, once you got the bulb all the way inside your asshole, then Snug Plug’s neck should get sucked up easily, as you push the base to right outside your anus. Next, you might…

Ways We’ve Tried the Vibrating Snug:

  1. While masturbating (clitorally). OMG. This is the best for me, wearing a comfortable butt plug while using an air pulsation “suction” clitoral toy. The Snug Plug Vibrating 2 and the Satisfyer Curvy are a pair where each toy feels even better when used together: the fullness from the Snug Plug makes the Curvy’s air pulses more intense, while the clit action makes the Snug Plug’s vibrating feel stronger.
  2. While masturbating (penis play). My boyfriend’s first toy was a vibrating dildo years ago, and he’s been looking for better vibing anal toys now, while sizing up. The Snug Plug 2 is now just a slight stretch, and he says the best is first to wear it around the house for an hour before, to build anticipation; only turning on the vibration the last 15 minutes, on low speed. He says the buildup is killer. Jacking off is “like twenty times better than normal.”
  3. During sex (prostate-ish stimulation). Because of how the Snug Plug’s neck bends, my bf found it will deliver vibration to the prostate during sex when he leans forward—like during missionary. I can feel his enthusiasm grow when the plug is turned on. We agree this plug vibration is pretty good (more detail in the next section), but a better “rev up your motors” toy with more intensity and frequency choices is the Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex—which is better curved for prostate stimulation. He chose to switch to the Plex after using the Snug Plug Vibrating during sex, and that Hot Octopuss toy gave him what he called “probably the best orgasm I’ve had in 20 years.” Not to mention that the Plex w/ Flex has a remote control included, unlike the Snug Plug.
  4. Doing chores. (Or mowing the lawn.) The Snug Plug’s wearability comes through here, since it’s not gonna grate against your butt cheeks. I’ve always liked the Snug while, say, trying to speed my way through doing the dishes and other household monotony; so the Vibrating version is a different take. I think I like the original (nonvibrating) plug more here, since the weighty roll balls are more teasing than grrrrrr-ing vibration.
  5. Just walking around. It’ll definitely liven your neighborhood up, let me tell you that, especially if you’re a frequent walker & your surroundings have gotten boring after a few dozen strolls. Only problem: No remote control, so you gotta turn your Vibrating Snug up to the function you want before you walk out the door. I say, go with function #2: it’s strong but not so buzzy.
  6. Work from home? 🙋 Yes, sometimes things get boring when I’m all by myself at the computer, especially if I’m sludging through a document I don’t really want to proofread. Enter the Snug Plug Vibrating: if I’m really needing a kick to finish up a project quickly, the kinda-aggressive vibes of function #3 move me along. But I can take it for about 15 minutes before the vibration is too much, and I’ll either need to remove the plug or take a break with my favorite more-powerful vibrator!
Vibrating Snug Plug by b-Vibe - how to wear
Gotta power up the Vibrating Snug before walking out the door!

Snug Plug vs. Vibrating Snug Plug Vibrating

The original Snug Plugs do have separate weights that can move as you move: 2 balls inside all S.P. sizes except the teeny Snug Plug 1. It’s a light motion that’s intriguing: and the more you move your hips, the more the weighted balls move. It’s kinda like vaginal kegel balls, except anal-safe. They’re also cheaper than the powered Snug Plug.

That’s versus the Vibrating Plugs, which still have weight added: But, the weight is fixed to the motor inside, so there’s no extra movement. The Vibrating and non-Vibrating versions are very similar for overall weight; only 3 grams (a fraction of an ounce) difference between my Snug Plug 2 original vs. the Vibrating size 2 plug. The vibrating plugs run from 1.2 inches diameter, up to a chunky 1.9 inches diameter; so if you want the largest Snug Plug (2.25 inches wide), you’ll need to get the nonvibrating Snug Plug size 6.

Snug plug versus snug plug vibrating butt plug by b-Vibe PR

Otherwise, the plugs are very similarly sized and shaped; the Vibrating plug’s base is just a fraction of an inch taller, due to the charging nodes and power button:

vibrating Snug Plug 2 - how to control

Snug Plug Vibration Quality

The Snug Plug’s vibration quality is good enough, but not stellar compared to other vibrators.

It’s moderately strong, but not “OMG WOW” strong in any way.

For example, the $34 Limited Addiction bullet by Blush is even smaller than the Vibrating Snug Plug ($94.50 for this size),3 and the Limited Addiction bullet kicks the Snug Plug’s ass for power. (But is not anal vibe.)

Snug Plug vibrating 2 vs Limited Addiction bullet by Blush
Most colorful vibrator I’ve ever seen, lovin’ it.

Similarly, the Plex with Flex (now $79) is just a tad strong than the Snug Plug, but the Plex with Flex has two motors you can control indepedently: To either combine or use only (1) the “Bass” rumblier motor (which is legit a very good vibrator) and (2) the “Treble” higher-frequency one.

So the Snug Plug Vibrating isn’t the winner for best vibes in class. But if you’re someone who’s not particular about “buzzy” vibration or is fine with “pretty strong,” then it’s likely to please.

I recommend setting # 2 out of the Vibrating Snug Plug’s 10 vibration functions. This is the one that for me is the best overall strength, without being so buzzy or overwhelming while I’m moving around wearing it, or while I’m using it alongside my favorite Satisfyer.

Snug Plug Design

Let me elaborate on why this plug is so wearable! Its design is superior for wearing for several hours—especially if you’re more intermediate-level with anal, or haven’t done much anal stretching lately. It’s all because of how thin the b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug’s “neck” is. You see this area?

Vibrating Snug Plug 2 - design

That narrow 1.5 inches (in the Snug Plug size 2, pictured) will rest in the anal canal, the entryway into the rectum, and let your butt’s sphincter muscles close up around it.

“Stretched sphincters” are also the main reason that beginner plugs will pop out accidentally, or pop out when you orgasm. Not the Snug Plug: as far as the neck goes, it’s almost like having nothing in your ass. But then the wider torpedo shape sits up higher, firmly inside the rectum, and there you will feel fuller because of the Snug Plug’s weight.

The thin neck can really bend forward, so the whole plug curves with your ass if you lean forward—and can be a bit of a prostate plug, as my bf discovered.

Last, the canoe shaped base is: (1 large enough so it won’t get pulled in, and (2) canoe-shaped to sit in the butt crack and not rub your ass cheeks, like my bf has an issue with round-based plugs doing.

Vibrating Snug Plug Recap & Ranking

The Vibrating Snug Plug by b-Vibe is a good choice if you want a plug (1) to wear around for an hour or more, and (2) that buzzes your butt. (But you don’t need a remote control.)

This b-Vibe vibrating plug shares the original Snug Plug’s very wearable shape. However, its vibrations are in the “Yeah, it’s fine, I guess” category, rather than being stellar. I’d class it as a 6.5 out of 10 for top vibration strength (where 10 is the more extreme power of the Magic Wand).

My boyfriend found that the Snug Plug Vibrating was very chill to wear around his home with the vibrations off—before turning them on for a few minutes of buzzy tingly, before he moved to stroking off and did have a significantly stronger orgasm than he does without edging & butt plug wear. So: great shape, not-bad vibes that, for him, set up a “what a great release” moment. 4 out of 5 stars, overall.

Find all Snug Plugs here, in multiple sizes.

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  1. On Reddit: and the Njoy Pure Plug (for extra weight) and the Oxballs Ergo (for more girth) are the other couple I would absolutely name among the best butt plugs on the market. My personal addition for #5 is a high-quality jewel plug for non-stretching enthusiasts.
  2. The only caveat with Coconu is that it requires more work to clean off silicone. So we’ve used 70% isopropyl alcohol, an effective germ-killer too, to get the Snug Plug’s surface back to like-new. Douse with the alcohol, it’ll cut the grease; then wash down with normal soap and water.
  3. Size is worth noting because in general, larger vibrators have more space inside to house a stronger motor!

2 thoughts on “Vibrating Snug Plug Review”

    • Definitely. It sounds like you haven’t previously found a butt plug where the “neck” of the plug (between the widest point / bulb; and the base) narrows down enough.

      The Snug Plugs have the thinnest neck, so it really allows the anal sphincter muscles to close up around the neck, almost “locking” the plug in place as the rectum is keeping the plug’s torpedo-bulb in place above.

      I really recommend the non-vibrating Snug Plugs, because the weighted balls moving feels a lot better vs. the mediocre vibrating motor in the Vibrating Snug Plugs.

      Snug Plugs are super easy to wear around vs. other plugs. I also think the Pure Plugs are fantastic for longer wear, but the necks there are shorter than the Snug Plugs, so tall people might find they don’t stay in as well as the Snug Plugs.


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