SquarePeg Egg Plug Review: Best Soft Butt Plug

The SquarePeg Egg Plug is the squishiest, most comfortable thing I’ve ever put in my ass. Basically, the Egg Plug is the butt plug equivalent of a warm hug from someone you care about. These deliciously soft butt plugs are handmade platinum silicone, by an early leader (since 1997!) in the body-safe sex toy movement: SquarePegToys®.

I’d been curious about SquarePeg’s silicone for literally years, so I was excited to test & find out for myself: Does the SquarePegToys Egg Plug live up to its stellar reputation?

Now, in 2024, my boyfriend has been trying out larger Egg Plug soft silicone butt plugs, too! The Egg Plug is very suitable for all genders, but he and I have different ideas about the Square Peg Egg’s best use and the best Egg Plug size!

Pros & Cons


  • Super-comfy soft plug bends with your body.
  • So-filling bulb.
  • Original, expert design.
  • Body-safe platinum silicone.
  • 9 sizes are spaced so you can move up safely.
  • T-bar base fits perfectly in butt crack.
  • U.S.-sourced & higher-quality.
  • Excellent metallic colors (4 choices).
  • Awesome for anal expansion and training.
  • Super-low price for U.S.-made soft silicone.


  • Not the best first butt plug. Must train beforehand.
  • Can retain some odor.

All SquarePeg Egg Plugs (9 sizes) are handmade of US-sourced platinum silicone, in a truly super-soft silicone density. We own Egg Plug sizes: XS, 1.35″ diameter egg-bulb × 2.75″ insertable length; Small, 1.55″ diameter egg-bulb × 3.67″ insertable length; Medium, 1.8″ diameter egg-bulb × 4″ insertable length; and L/XL, 2.33″ diameter egg-bulb × 4.9″ insertable length.

SquarePeg Egg Plug soft butt plug review - 4 sizes

Simply, the Egg Plug is a butt toy you must try at least 1 of if you enjoy anal. It’s one of our (only three!) best plugs, tied with the Njoy Pure Plug, and followed by the Snug Plug or WMCBP. Here’s why this soft buttplug’s silicone rocks, his vs. hers experiences:

Wearing the SquarePeg Egg Plug

His Perspective on the Egg Plug

The best butt plug I’ve owned, and legit the best soft butt plug we have (out of a crate of anal plugs between us, now). I’ve been into anal for about 3 years now, and the Egg Plug is just great for being so comfortable.

Some plugs poke or prod you, as you attempt to wear them. Not this bad boy. When you sit on it, the soft silicone bends with you. The big flared base, too. The taller end of the “anchor” angles to rest against my chode, feeling natural.

The “egg” shape is an oval that fills the rectum superbly. First, I warm up by inserting a couple fingers inside my anus, then apply ample lubrication.

Afterwards, I’m onto the medium SquarePeg Egg. We’ve measured it at 1.8 inches diameter. It’s getting thick. Filling is just the word – great overall effect for being stuffed: yet in a comfortable way, since this soft silicone butt plug can get squeezed and gently compressed inside the rectum.

SquarePeg Egg Plug 2 sizes vs. Blunt Plug soft buttplugs
Medium Egg Plug vs. S5-size Blunt Plug vs. L/XL Egg Plug, post-wash.

I had to try it in 2 sizes. Actually, we got me the Medium Egg Plug after I’d felt her small Egg Plug once, tried it, sanitized it. It was awesome. I wear [the medium] regularly. On weekends I’ll tend to wear it for 6 to 8 hours.

I then jumped up to the S5 Blunt Plug [in graphite-gray, above] for stretching pre-pegging. It’s sized close to the Large Egg Plug, but its wider “neck” keeps the anal sphincter muscles more spread. So it’s good to hold inside, sitting on it, before she penetrates me. But it [the Blunt Plug] is just not so easy to walk while wearing, as the Egg Plug is.

So, I recently picked up a L/XL Egg Plug, and that is a stretch. 2.3″ diameter. I need a good half an hour to work up to its width. Using the S5 Blunt first, and the SquarePeg Steve silicone dildo sometimes. And then, whoa, the L/XL Egg is inside — and it is a lot, in a good way. I’m still warming up to its width, but glad I own it. I’m planning to rest on this size for some time, get used it to and keep enjoying the fill. (The medium Egg Plug remains easier for wearing for over 4 hours, for me.)

It’s stimulating enough after insertion that it does make me leak some precum. By continuing to breathe and feel the soft anal plug all inside me, it’s relaxing and satisfying in a way that doesn’t make me feel I need to cum. I can just be with the Egg Plug and its satisfying soft bulk. Love this. It’s sad that all guys don’t check it out, because it’s more than worth trying: anal and prostate orgasms are just stronger.

I prize Njoy stainless steel’s Pure Wand — it gives first class prostate stimulation — but the Egg Plug here is the best butt plug to wear.

Her Perspective

It’s been way too long since I’ve reviewed a butt plug. Square Peg Toys Egg Plug (size XS!) was an awesome way for me to get back on my anal game.

The XS size Egg Plug, at its widest point, is roughly one-tenth an inch less than average penis width. So it’s not easy to stuff right it! And it takes me a good half an hour of teasing / probing in and around my anus and sphincters before I can get the small size Egg soft butt plug all in my rectum!!!

SquarePeg egg plug anal toy in hand

It’s just fun. Squishy, squishy, squish. A bulbous bulb, the egg is; then a slimmer (but not uber-thin like the Snug Plug’s) neck so it doesn’t pop out; then the base.

The Egg Plug’s anchor base base sits so snugly between my cheeks. It blends in. It warms to match my body, then I have to really focus to notice it. This is amazing to me because the base is thick, so that the SuperSoft silicone will never fold up, never allow the plug to slip inside the anal canal. It’s chunky, yet still comfortable. The “gives my ass a hug” feel, here. The best: Pair it with a fantastic clit toy, like a Womanizer, Satisfyer or my new fave Rose toy!

SquarePeg Egg Plug SuperSoft anal plug, size small, in hand

Over the years, I’ve found I go back to the small Egg Plug about once a month, just for the fullness train from its soft egg. So it’s not my most-used toy, but that’s because I’m inconsistent anally. If I was *forced* to choose, I would say the medium Pure Plug is my absolute favorite anal sex toy; it’s another best-of-the-best butt plugs. That’s because I like the scandal of feeling the Pure Plug’s greater weight outside; versus the thrill of soft expansion that many folks (M especially) are mega-fans of. So, I like stainless steel better for extended anal wear; while he prefers super-soft silicone, most of all these Eggs by SquarePeg.

Lubricant to Use with the Square Peg Egg Plug

We both agree that extra-virgin coconut oil is the best to use with the Egg Plug by SquarePeg (or any soft silicone plug). Coconut oil is super-slick, it lasts longer, and it’s not acidic — as all water-based lubes except X-lube / PEO-based lubricants are. Premixed water-based lubes dry up too fast!

With oil, you can the anal canal greased up and ready to take the Egg Plug’s squish. So the SquarePeg Egg Plugs’ smooth, slick finish slides. Virgin coconut oil is superior because it’s compatible with platinum cured silicone, and it’s non-hydrogenated (unrefined, so no free radicals will be released into your body).

If you want a premixed lube, Sliquid Silk is passable (though acidic; it stings slightly). Will last an hour or so only.

From XS to Large Egg Plug Sizes

The Super Soft Bronze silicone is the Egg Plug’s biggest selling point… but, even with the “extra-small” size (at 1.35″ maximum diameter):

My butt needs to be warmed up, first! Using ample lubricant helps, as do smaller trainer butt plugs! If I’m not ready, the Egg’s soft, flexible silicone folds over before I can get it past my sphincters. (See the squishiness in this video!)

Soft butt plug squish + flexibility. medium Square Peg Egg Plug in hand.
Soft butt plug squish + flexibility.

If you’re looking for a first butt plug, then, I heartily recommend a firm silicone trainer 3-pack. Spend at least a couple weeks / at least 5 sessions moving up to the largest size firm butt plug. Then, well-lubed, your ass will be prepared to safely receive the soft butt plug goodness that is the small Egg Plug (1.55″ maximum diameter).

And, once you get to wearing an Egg Plug, you may crave sizing up before long. For everyone who loves a full, squeezable anal plug—most frequently, men and people with prostates—the Egg Plug by SquarePeg is next-level.

Moving to the next size is aided by the fact that the Egg Plug dimensions are spaced in reasonable increments: between 0.8 and 0.9 inches circumference more, when moving from one Egg Plug to the next size up. All SquarePeg products are designed for functionality foremost, so they’re thoroughly tested by Scott (the owner/creator, a trained sculptor) and his anal-enthusiast friends.

SquarePegToys Egg Plugs all sizes Bronze, SquarePegToys product image

The Silicone: SuperSoft Bronze

This Egg Plug review is about SquarePegToys’ SuperSoft Bronze silicone—why it’s different than 99.9% of silicone plugs. But, the Egg Plug is also available in a firmer density that’s actually medium-soft silicone. It’s not bad. (I once owned a firmer Egg Plug that I lost amidst a breakup, and wasn’t concerned enough to buy a replacement).

Because: it’s the super-soft silicone that’s won SquarePeg’s Egg its massive fanbase. This is the butt plug parallel of the VixSkin Mustang, a classic realistic dildo, in terms of how many A+ reviews the Egg Plug receives.

What’s the deal, why is soft good? Honestly, it’s just the comfort of it squishing slightly, the soft butt plug’s neck bending with your rear as you lean forward, the base resting and caressing in your crack, never poking. When going for BIG anal sex toys, super-soft silicone is king: a trend started by Square Peg’s SuperSoft in 2006.

Even today, any SquarePegToys soft butt plug is so much softer vs. mass-produced-in-China anal plugs. While shopping at Lovehoney, for example, you just won’t find a butt plug that’s this awesome for anal stretching.

SquarePegToys hand-makes all its products from US-sourced platinum silicone, so the Egg Plugs’ pricing is damn reasonable. Even after 5 years since I got my first SquarePeg Egg Plug, the creator (Scott) has purposefully kept his prices static, as inflation ripped through most product costs post-pandemic. Today, the SquarePeg Egg Plug still is just $29.00 USD for the XS size, and cost rises in proportion to the amount of soft silicone used, up to $159 for the super girthy MONSTER size (over 3.5″ diameter!).

Egg Plug Care & Cleaning

Because all SquarePegToys are pure platinum silicone, cleaning is simple. You really only need to wash well with soap and water after use.

Scrub for a minute or so. Let the plug air-dry.

If you’re trading an Egg Plug with a partner, it can be fully sanitized between holes: Use boiling water, a dilute bleach solution, or rubbing alcohol to kill any bacteria or other germs.

I have not found that the Egg Plug noticeably retains butt odor. If you have a very sensitive nose, you might perceive a bit of smell through a day after previous Egg Plug wear. Here are strategies for how to remove butt plug odor.

Overall SquarePeg Egg Plug Thoughts

I had to add the SquarePegToys Egg Plug to my anal favorites list within the first week after I got this toy. Its SuperSoft silicone and well-crafted shape make the Egg Plug the most comfortable everyday plug I own. After he started getting into anal a couple years ago, my boyfriend discovered why it’s common for folks to buy multiple sizes of Egg Plug, too: the soft silicone makes anal stretching feel better than with any other butt toy.

The SquarePeg Egg Plugs aren’t weighty like Njoy Pure Plugs, which I love for their naughty effect out in public. But the Egg Plugs’ softness, supple material doesn’t mean they lack impact. The wide egg shape keeps the anal sphincters feeling just a little stretched, in a supremely cushy way. And unlike harder plugs, my Egg Plug never starts to feel too heavy, like it wants to pop out. All-around greatness in buttplug form, here.

Find the Egg Plug super soft butt plugs in 9 sizes here.


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