SquarePeg Egg Plug Review: Best Soft Butt Plug

The SquarePegToys Egg Plug is the squishiest, most comfortable thing I’ve ever put in my ass. Basically, the Egg Plug (all 6 sizes!) is the butt plug equivalent of a warm hug from someone you care about. These deliciously soft butt plugs are handmade platinum silicone, by an early leader1 in the body-safe sex toy movement: SquarePegToys®. The brand is known for its wide variety of anal-centric toys: from depth-training toys to stretching plugs, from realistic lifecastdildos to puppy tails that the wearer can wag.

I’d been curious about SquarePeg’s silicone for literally years, so I was excited to test & find out for myself: Does the SquarePegToys Egg Plug live up to its stellar reputation?

Pros & Cons


  • Super-comfortable feel.
  • Bulbous and filling.
  • Original, expert design.
  • Body-safe US-sourced platinum silicone.
  • 9 sizes are spaced smartly for getting bigger.
  • T-bar base fits perfectly.
  • Excellent colors (4 choices).
  • Awesome anal expansion.


  • Not the best first butt plug. Must train beforehand.
  • Can retain some odor.

All Egg Plugs (9 sizes) are handmade of US-sourced platinum silicone, in a truly super-soft fleshy density. Simply, the Egg Plug is a butt toy you must experience if you enjoy anal. It’s one of our (only three!) must-have plugs for all anal fans, alongside the Njoy Pure Plug and the Snug Plug or WMCBP. Here’s why the SuperSoft silicone rocks, and my first Egg Plug testing experiences:

The Silicone: SuperSoft Bronze

The Egg Plug I’ll review is in SquarePegToys’ SuperSoft Bronze silicone, and that’s why it’s different than most other silicone plugs on the market.

SquarePegToys Egg Plugs all sizes Bronze, SquarePegToys product image

The term “SuperSoft” is no lie: this material doesn’t even register on a shore A durometer. Instead, it’s towards the lower end of the 00 shore scale.2 This firmness is roughly equivalent to the “medium” density options of most fantasy toy makers—but a world away from the hard silicone plugs that big manufacturers mass-produce in China.

SquarePegToys hand-makes all its products from US-sourced platinum silicone, so the Egg Plugs’ pricing is damn reasonable at only $29 for the XS size, up to $159 for the super girthy MONSTER size.

Wearing the SquarePeg Egg Plug

It’s been way too long since I’ve reviewed a butt plug, to be honest. SquarePegToys Egg Plug (size XS!) was an awesome way for me to get back on my anal game.

The XS size is only a tenth of an inch narrower3 than average penis width, so it’s actually pretty filling for me. But this is the thing about the Egg Plugs: once you start wearing one, you may need to size up in short succession. They’re addictive like that, great as anal stretching plugs. And because SquarePegToys are anal experts, the Egg Plug sizes are sized in reasonable increments—no huge jumps, like half an inch diameter or more.

The SuperSoft Bronze silicone is the Egg Plug’s biggest selling point… It also means that my butt needs to be warmed up and thoroughly LUBED up prior to inserting the Egg Plug’s round top. If I’m not ready, the soft, flexible silicone folds over before I can get it past my sphincters. (See the squishiness in this video!)

That’s why I recommend a very thick lube (like an oil-based one), to get the anal canal greased up and ready to take the Egg Plug’s squish. Then the SquarePegToys Egg Plugs’ smooth, slick finish slides right in.

You might wonder if the Egg Plugs are too soft to be felt after a while. And that’s why the egg shape is brilliant. The plug’s neck is short, so the bottom of the egg is always keeping my sphincters slightly open; I don’t close up like around a b-Vibe Snug Plug stem. The Egg Plug always leaves me feeling a little stretched. I really sense the roundness of the egg pressing down when I’m walking.

The Egg Plug’s anchor base base, though, sits so snugly between my cheeks I have to really, really focus to notice it. This is amazing to me because the base is thick, so that the SuperSoft Bronze silicone will never fold up, never allow the plug to slip inside the anal canal. It’s chunky, yet still comfortable.

SquarePegToys Egg Plug SuperSoft anal plug, size small, in hand

And hey, the anchor base has another use too: it puts pressure underneath my clit when I’ve chosen to wear the Egg Plug vaginally. (I have this problem where I try testing pretty much everything vaginally!) Because all SquarePegToys are quality platinum silicone, they can be fully sanitized between holes: Use boiling water, a diluted bleach solution, or rubbing alcohol to kill any bacteria or other germs.

For long-term wear, I heartily recommend the SquarePegToys Egg Plug. The soft silicone is mmm. But if you prefer to let your ass close up a little—rather than having your sphincter pushed down on by the egg-shaped bulb, then the b-Vibe Snug Plugs are another choice to consider! They’re firmer, and the weighted-torpedo body will remind you of the Snug Plug’s presence while you’re walking (or doing yard work—for some reason my ass loves this idea). But the Snug Plug’s thin neck does let your anus close, which some people will prefer when they’re keeping the plug in more than a couple hours!

Overall Egg Plug Thoughts

I had to add the SquarePegToys Egg Plug to my anal favorites list within the first week after I got this toy. Its SuperSoft silicone and well-crafted shape make the Egg Plug the most comfortable everyday plug I own. I understand why so many people want to buy multiple sizes of Egg Plug, too: it makes stretching feel easier than with any other butt toy I’ve owned prior to this.

The SquarePegToys Egg Plugs may not have the weight of the Njoy Pure Plugs, which I love for their naughty effect. The Egg Plugs’ softness doesn’t mean they lack impact, though. The wide egg shape keeps my sphincters feeling just a little stretched, in a supremely cushy way. And unlike harder plugs, my Egg Plug never starts to feel too heavy, like it wants to pop out.

The XS size of the Egg Plug may be slightly difficult for a true anal beginner to insert, due to its flexible neck. To that person, I recommend a more-tapered plug set prior to trying out the XS Egg Plug. And afterward…you’ll probably be like me, wanting to try the next size up!

Find the SquarePegToys Egg Plugs, SuperSoft, in 9 sizes here.

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  1. SquarePegToys began in 1997, the same year as Tantus did, at a time when body-safe (functionally non-porous & sanitizable) sex toys were very few and far between. Sometimes life does get better: in this case, in the form of the many thousands of platinum silicone sex toys available today.
  2. Probably around 00-40 to 00-50, if you’re counting.
  3. At its widest point, mid-egg. It’s definitely shorter than average, which I appreciate.

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