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I’m a butt plug enthusiast now, thanks to the Njoy Pure Plug.

Silicone sex toys are everything to me, as both a reviewer and a user. But there’s one brand that’s forced me to make an exception to my unwavering love for silicone insertables—and that’s Njoy.

Njoy Pure Plug’s Stainless Steel

As soon as I took my stainless steel Pure Plug out of its box, I understood what the big goddamn deal was. (These plugs are very popular among sex toy fans, so I’d heard about them a lot.) The Pure Plugs’ *weight*—even the small size, which I tested—that makes them feel…luxurious. Powerful. Impactful.

Njoy Pure Plug box
The storage box is nice too!

I’ve never been drawn to the appearance of a butt plug before (apart from the sheer color of the Avant P5), but my Pure Plug is one attractive toy. It begs to be photographed. (I now have a folder full of erotic selfies with this plug.) And more than that, the Pure Plug begs to be worn.

Insertion & Wearing Pure Plug

I admit I was a little nervous about the bulbous shape at first. But the small size is very doable even for those who are new to anal play: only an inch at the widest point. With lots of lube (always important for butt stuff), inserting the small Pure Plug was super easy—just a few seconds of wriggling.

The loop at the bottom helps: it’s easy to grasp, so you can maneuver the plug’s bulb at just the angle you need. You don’t even have to get your fingers involved around your butthole.Njoy Pure Plug loop base

And though my plug’s size is small (an inch max. diameter, 2.25″ insertable), it still has oomph. I can feel the Pure Plug—even for hours after insertion. It becomes a comfortable weight, present but never painful. The bigger head over the thinner, curved stem is a brilliant design. The best way I can think to describe it is: the small Pure Plug feels like it’s giving my anal canal a hug.

I like the weighted, silicone-coated b-Vibe Snug Plugs a lot, it’s true, but…before I got a Pure Plug, I would’ve never imagined plug-wearing being something I sought out regularly. I’ve worn plugs to prep for anal sex, or to get myself ready for another (larger) butt toy I was testing. But the Pure Plug fits so well, and is so weighty, that I look forward to using it.

Long-Term Wear

I hear that there are people who really enjoy wearing their Pure Plugs around for many hours at a time,1 like throughout the course of an eight-hour day. While I personally wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a plug for more than about three hours at once (at which point I’d suggest relubing, if you’re going for long-term wear), I can understand the appeal. The plug’s weight makes you remember it’s there when you’re moving around, that’s for sure.

Especially while I’m walking around, or if I bend over to pick something up, the Pure Plug reminds me of its presence. If you like the thought of wearing a butt toy out in public, the Pure Plugs are an awesome choice. And it’s not just the plug’s weight and bulbous head that make it so noticeable, but the oval-ring base. The ring rubs against my ass cheeks as I walk, which really heightens the experience.

Pure Plugs small, medium, large Njoy product photo
Pure Plug small, medium, and large sizes. Product photo by Njoy.

Before I got my Pure Plug, I wondered whether sitting on this oval base would be awkward, because it does stick out a little more than other butt plug bases. But it’s really no problem to sit on the Pure Plug base, even speaking as someone who doesn’t have the meatiest ass.

One last thing that I’ve found to be really cool about the Pure Plug is how its stainless steel warms up. (Or cools down, if that’s more your style.) Run it under hot water for a minute, and it will make oil-based lube melt, and then it’ll stay warm for a while after you insert it. The steel definitely retains heat for longer than silicone does. If you’ve ever considered experimenting with temperature play, wanted to see how hot and cold things stimulate your skin (and other regions), then Njoy products excel at that.

Plus (ssshhh, don’t tell my silicone toys I said this), the Pure Plug’s steel is a whole hell of a lot easier to clean than silicone,2 and doesn’t make you work to remove the butt odors that silicone plugs inevitably attract.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to know you’re wearing a butt plug, buy a Pure Plug. It’s that simple. The shiny, heavy stainless steel of these plugs is shaped to be worn—and enjoyed. The big head, the curved shape, the and circular loop base combine to make wearing my Pure Plug both exciting and comfortable. I’m one of those people who sometimes wears sex toys outside the house now, y’all.

Really, the only folks who I wouldn’t suggest a Pure Plug to are those who:

  1. are super-duper new to butt play and don’t know if they’d like the weight,
  2. know they prefer soft anal toys (they should check out an Egg Plug or an Oxballs Ergo!), or
  3. want a very straight or very LARGE butt plug.

I have a much larger anal collection now, but the Njoy Pure Plug is my favorite anal thing. I even prefer it to the awesomeness of soft ‘n’ squishy butt plugs. I’ve had to size up to large since I first wrote this small Pure Plug review!

Find all the Pure Plugs (four sizes!) here.


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  1. Always make sure you’re using enough lube if you do this. Reapply every few hours or whenever wear becomes uncomfortable. If it hurts, stop and give your butt a break! Stainless steel is great because you’re not limited in your lube choice: oil-baseds are always great for extended wear, but silicone lube lasts well too, or check out a hybrid or a thicker water-based lube.
  2. Wash well with soap and water between uses, and sanitize occasionally.
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9 thoughts on “Review: Njoy Pure Plug, Size Small”

  1. Yay! I got into some anal play from being pregnant recently. Never thought I’d be into it but boom hormones and now I am. I have the b-vibe and really love that you. But I really, really love stainless steel (have a SS dildo) and wanted something for my booty. Now if I could find a stainless steel butt plug that vibes I’d never leave the house. I’m glad to see this isn’t an old article and the code is valid so I’ll be purchasing one of these. Thank you for the awesome review!

  2. My wife absolutely LOVES her NJOY Pure Plug medium size. I’ll have to check the code and see about getting the large too.

  3. Got the Pure Plug on your recommendation. Wore it yesterday for about an hour – it was incredible. Thank you. Love your site and looking forward to purchasing more of your top toys.

  4. I’m tossing up between this and the Super soft egg – never tried very soft toys before. how would you compare their stretch effect? does the weight and size of the njoy bulb compensate for the thin stem to keep you open? if you had to pick one over the other which would you get and why?

    thank you for all your detailed and insightful reviews!

    • Good questions, and thanks for the kind words. The Egg Plugs definitely give more of a stretching feel. They’re tougher to insert than the Pure Plugs, is all, so they’re really designed for folks who do have some stretching experience (are able to take normal to BIG butt toys easily). Vs. the Pure Plugs, where of course you’ll feel pressure from the bulb, a lil higher up, rather than having your sphincters feel slightly open like with the Egg Plug. My butt enjoys firm pressure in smaller sizes more than stretching, so I would go with the Pure Plug if I had to choose, whereas the Egg Plugs are 100% best for a stretching feel.

  5. I like the njoy medium what size is B-vibe is comparable? I have the small b-vibe but want to size up. Not sure if I should go to size 2 or size 3.


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