Blush Novelties Avant Pride P5 Butt Plug Review

When I first saw the three pride-themed plugs in Blush Novelties’ latest Avant release, I have to say I wasn’t very excited. Not because of the colors—which are awesome—but because these plugs have such a basic, tapered shape. I wondered what I could possibly say about them. That they were basic butt plugs…but in pride colors? Well, duh.

As it turns out, I do have a few things to say about the Avant Pride P5—besides the fact that its colors, representing gender fluid pride, are gorgeous. Blush Novelties Avant Pride P5 butt plug closeup silver

First, I’m so glad the P5 plug is in softer silicone.1 Why? Well, it’s pushing my anal size limit, and the little bit of squish in the silicone makes the plug more comfortable for me.

You see, my vag and my rectum have a Jack Sprat kind of arrangement: where the front always wants above-average-girth toys whike the back wants only below-average. The Pride P5 (and its BDSM-themed twin the Avant P4) is really close to 1.6” diameter at the bottom, so a bit above average. For me, it’s a good stretch. (There is one smaller Pride plug, the P6, if you also prefer small toys—and if you’re not specifically looking for a plug that expresses your gender fluid or BDSM-practicing identity.)

I’ve previously lamented how hard it is for me to insert a less-traditionally-shaped Blush plug, so I really can’t complain about the P5’s taper! Sure, the shape is basic, but it’s good basic. Because of the gradual taper, the Avant P5 is good for stretching. You don’t have to take the max. girth too soon; you can move it in and out easily and get used to the size.

When I finally conquered the Avant P5’s thickness, right where the black and blue stripes meet, it was a satisfying fullness. The plug’s short neck really means that your sphincters don’t close up, like they would around a plug with a longer, thinner stem.Blush Novelties Avant Pride P5 butt plug bottom

One other reason why I wouldn’t wear the Avant P5 for more than an hour or so at a time is the plug’s base shape. This is my only real complaint about the Avant P5 as a whole: the edges, though rounded, are boxy. They don’t sit too well between my ass cheeks. I understand that it’s technically difficult to get hand-poured (artisan) plugs to have a classic T-bar shape (which I’m a fan of). But whatever the reason for the base shape, I can’t say that I see myself wearing it around the house (or even outside the house like I might with an Njoy Pure Plug!). The Avant P5’s shape isn’t bad to sit on, but I find walking and moving around with it awkward. That’s why it’ll have to remain confined to my bedroom.

Overall Thoughts

In short, the Avant P5 is striking in a few ways: its vibrant pride colors, of course, but also its softer (and satiny) silicone and its ability to really stretch my anal canal—comfortably. Because of its short neck and boxy base, I can’t see myself recommending it for long-term wear. But it’s a nice, low-priced tool if you want to prep for thrusting with an average-sized toy or possibly for anal sex.

You can find the Avant Pride P5 here, or see all the Avant Pride toys here!

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  1. As mentioned in a few of my previous Avant reviews, it’s not squishy exactly, but it’s pretty close—I’m going for 10A-shore silicone.

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