Review: Blush Novelties Avant Pride Dildos, P1 & P3

Sexuality is a spectrum, a fact that Blush Novelties’ Avant Pride toys incarnate in brightly pigmented silicone. After lots of testing, I’m loving the Blush Avant P3 affordable suction cup dildo. The Avant P1 is a cute addition to my collection too…though its shape is much less straightforward.

No matter what your sexual preferences or gender identity is, the Pride toys are an attractive, low-cost option that’s still body-safe. Also, the suction cup bases are super strong (as well as being harness-compatible).

Blush Novelties Avant dildos and plug group
Here’s my full Avant toy collection. From left to right: P3, P1, P5 plug, D5 (my personal fave overall), and D3.

Avant Pride P3

The Avant P3’s color scheme, which represents a lesbian pride flag, is even more vivid in person. I’m especially drawn to the crimson color (which is rare in silicone dildos). Of all the Avant dildos, the Avant P3 is the most penis-like, but the abstract color scheme minimizes that phallic look somewhat.Blush Novelties Avant Pride P3 outside full size

The Avant P3 stands out due to its smaller size. It’s my favorite small silicone dildo to recommend! Avant P3 does measure in at 1.25″ maximum diameter (so smaller but not really small), but that’s right above the suction cup base. The head maxes out at just over an inch diameter, making this toy both smaller and gentler than the vast majority of silicone dildos on the market. The satin smooth finish makes its silicone super comfortable to use. I’d say it’s a good “beginner’s dildo,” for folks who are easing into being more comfortable with either vaginal or anal penetration (or for anyone who just likes not-big sizes in general). Also, the not-too-long length makes it ideal for harness use in cases where the receiver is sensitive to cervix poking.

I enjoy the Avant P3’s subtle details and satiny (but slightly draggy) finish vaginally, but its size is more my butt’s speed. When I first used it that way, I had a relevation: This is the most comfortable anal dildo I own. The taper makes getting it in easy, and that satin smooth finish… ????

Seriously, I wish that I’d owned this dildo when I did the testing for the anal-use section of my Suction Cup Dildo Positions post. It’s small, it’s flexible, it’s tapered, it’s soft but not too soft, and it’s shorter. These are all good things for my butt! Most of all, I can even sit on the Avant P3 with no discomfort because its length is so manageable. Even better, the suction cup is really excellent, much like the larger Avant D3’s suction cup—it’s staying put.

Avant Pride P1

The rainbow Avant Pride P1, and its twin the P2, feature a small, bulbous head above a thinner neck that expands into a noticeable bump an inch above the base. The P1’s rainbow color is well executed, with clearly defined stripes and truly vibrant colors. (I’m not used to seeing a blue this blue in my silicone toys.)Blush Novelties Avant Pride P1 rainbow dildo full

As mentioned in my previous Avant reviews, the silicone is fairly soft, probably 10A shore. Because of the Avant P1’s smaller size (especially in the neck), the firmness is almost squishy.

This becomes obvious when inserting the Avant P1 anally: the thinner neck is flexible, so it takes a little maneuvering to get it in my butt without the neck folding over. But once it’s in, the bendable neck is a plus. I would recommend using it stuck to a shower wall and gently rocking back and forth.Avant Pride P1 dildo curve

I’m starting with anal use for the P1 because the toys’ shape says “prostate stimulation” to me. Now, I don’t have one of those currently available to experiment on ????,1 but in general, I’ll say this: the rounded head is spaced just the right distance away from the swell in the lower shaft to hit both prostate and sphincters. Inside my own butt, the Avant P1’s swell puts a decent—very noticeable but not painful—pressure right inside my anal canal. Because of how much that bump juts outward, I think the Avant P1 is better suited for slow, lingering movements than faster thrusting. If you’re planning on using it in a harness, you may be in for a bumpy ride! (But hey, maybe you like that?)

Honestly, my bits are of the opinion that the Avant P1 is really not well suited for G-spot stim. Here’s why: the head is small and soft enough that it doesn’t make much impact. Plus the thin neck below that bends when you thrust it (at really any speed), lessening the head’s force even more. But most of all, that final swell outward presses against the mouth of my vagina in a way that I’m not sure whether to define as “stimulating” or “irritating.” I have a strong preference for G-spot stim that’s deeper, something the Avant P1 can’t provide because of its “speed bump,” if you will.

So overall, the Avant P1/P2 isn’t a dildo that’s suited for thrusting motions—unless you like a lot of focused stim at your entrance. But, if you’re going for a smaller toy to just clench around or to gently rock on, then that final ridge will likely fall on the “stimulating” side rather than the “but why???” one like it did for me.

Final Thoughts

The Avant Pride dildos are really great toys for only about $30 each. The satin smooth silicone finish feels excellent in hand…and of course elsewhere, with your favorite water-based lube. Plus the expressive color schemes make them stand out. I’d most recommend the Pride P1 for gentler prostate stim (or for less-deep vaginal stim?), and the Pride P3 as a smaller, slightly textured toy, whether for vaginal or anal use.

You can check out all the Blush Avant silicone dildos here!

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  1. So sorrynot-sorry that my current relationship status doesn’t cater to all ye Opinionated Internet Assholes. Good luck starting your own website (which I’m sure won’t include vaginal and clit toy reviews!).

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    • I actually don’t know of any body-safe red, white, and blue dildos that one can buy right now (I’ve seen a few made especially for the 4th of July in the past, by Split Peaches, but they’re not up for sale now). You could probably custom-order a light-blue and white striped toy from some fantasy dildo makers, like Exotics Erotics (starting at about $50 USD for the smaller models)or Bad Dragon.

  1. Thank you for reviewing Avant Pride P3, I have bought it and I am completely satisfied! Small, a bit squishy. The best thing though – is its color and softness!

  2. I just purchased the P1 and can’t wait to try it out. I will be using it for prostate play and hopefully it will hit the right spot without having to bend my body in a weird position for it.


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