Credo – Belief Statement

Phallophile Reviews is based on sexual pleasure: my pleasure and your pleasure, I hope, as I write detailed recommendations with different preferences in mind. I write as Phallophile, aka Felicity, and my brand identity is based on my physical experience feeling up sex toys. Phallophile is a part of, but not synonymous with, my personal identity as a human being whose name the public will never know.

As Phallophile, I want to be clear that this site is about sexual expression and freedom, and I do not define or limit anyone else’s identity. I’d like to share the following belief statements with you, in case you’re wondering about the values behind Phallophile Reviews:

  1. I believe all human beings have beautifully different experiences.
  2. I believe we should all be free to explore what makes us who we are, sexually and otherwise. We may transform and redefine our beliefs and identities as we become more self-aware.
  3. I believe in women, and men, and nonbinary humans, and trans humans whose identity and pronouns are 100% valid irrespective of their genital and breast configuration. All genders are valid. Any person may call themself “him,” “her” or “they,” or alternate between pronouns as they see fit. I write as a female, a woman, and use female pronouns. That is my experience. It is no morally better or worse than anyone else’s experience.
  4. I believe in sharing my experience as descriptively and in as detailed a way as possible, while describing my personal sexual preferences so that others can compare those to their own when trying to decide if they’d have fun with a particular sex toy.
  5. I believe in the information age. I believe the internet has allowed all of us to access information and be more aware of our choices in life, whether that info relates to sex toys or our complex human bodies or our next vacation and so, so much more.
  6. I believe in responding to reader requests in as helpful a manner as possible. I apologize if you’ve ever emailed me and I haven’t managed to respond promptly. I currently have 3 different lines of work I perform, as well as a young family, and a social life that allows me to de-stress. Please email me again if I miss your message. Thank you for your understanding, I truly appreciate my readers and especially anyone who has a great question or is looking for detailed info.
  7. As an American, I believe the United States has a hell of a lot of problems, but our American personal liberties are beautiful. Enjoy them, fight for them if you feel called to do so; use your freedom be yourself the best you can be.
  8. I believe that all human beings deserve equal treatment and respect no matter their race, language, or ethnic background.
  9. I believe in not using my friends of different races to promote my brand. I’m not going to pull out a never-before-mentioned Black friend, once and only once, and post about them on social media because everyone else is doing it. I believe that’s an abuse of that person’s identity. If I don’t have anything sex toy-related to contribute, I simply will not say anything as Phallophile.
  10. I believe in not pushing rainbow products suddenly, once a year, when Pride rolls around. (Though I may retweet a cool rainbow fantasy dildo because sometimes those are just too delicious not to look at.) I do not use my personal bisexual identity to promote products, except indirectly, in that I occasionally mention when I played with a toy with a FWB of whatever gender, and whether they liked the product or not.
  11. I believe people can identify as any sexual orientation they feel called to, and can redefine their identity at any time in their life. I believe monogamous and polyamorous relationships, committed relationships and casual hookups, are all valid choices as long as they’re adding benefit to the lives of everyone involved.
  12. I believe that the many forms of “kink” and BDSM are also valid choices, whether occasional or as a long-term lifestyle.
  13. I believe consent is key when having sex; anyone can change their mind or back out at any time.
  14. I believe human language is fucking amazing and complex and intriguing. I’ve studied 5 languages and speak Spanish quite fluently. Algunos amigos me han preguntado si yo pudiera traducir unos artículos míos al español, y creo que ése es el futuro. (¡Que yo encuentre el tiempo algún día!)
  15. I believe some human beings are more respectful and considerate than others. We all only have so much time and energy in this life, and accordingly, we are free to choose to not respond to negative influences in our lives. I have lived through dogmatic & patriarchal power structures, plus an emotionally abusive relationship; and as a result, I simply avoid demands that I behave a certain way or say a certain thing. I will not be boxed in.
  16. I believe in calling out products that are actually dangerous to use. If a toy is simply mediocre, I likely won’t take the time to review it, though I may own one and have an opinion about it (that I’m willing to share when asked).
  17. I believe that everyone has their own agenda to promote (consiously or not), and you have a choice of who to read and who to believe, yourself. I do not critique (or respond to the critiques of) other product influencers on social media. At the end of the day, if you’re reading sex toy reviews and comparing products, you’ll likely be clicking through affiliate links — and only 1 blogger/influencer can earn money from the same sale. Our commission costs you the consumer nothing extra at checkout; in fact, you may, with certain retailers, save money consistently by remembering an influencer’s discount code. But all influencers are competitors, and you can choose whose writing and/or videos you find most engaging and informative before you click through and make a purchase. I believe in making sure that helpful salespeople do earn money when I’m shopping myself, because I know the work that goes into helping an individual select a product (or multiple products!) that will hopefully suit their personal needs and tastes best. I am happy to positively commend other influencers especially in cases where they have experience with a toy I don’t, or they have a different perspective I’m not equipped to offer. For example, if you are looking for gender-diverse reviews about toys for clit and vagina-havers, Betty Butch is so incredibly thorough and brilliant, and you should buy through their links if you like their opinions and style.
  18. I believe in fair compensation for workers, and in promoting American-made or locally made artisan products as much as possible. Indie silicone sex toy makers work to create unique artistry — one-of-a-kind, made of high-quality platinum silicone — and these toys’ increased cost vs. mass-produced or cheap PVC products is very worth it, as long as you choose a toy size and shape that suits your body.
  19. I believe you can never have too many sex toys, as long as you’ve got the budget and it brings you pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with trying several new toys at once: you’ll never 100% know what you love until you try it, and try it, and maybe try it again.
  20. I believe all individual stimulation preferences are valid, and also evolving. Some people like vaginal penetration, others are more focused on clitoral, others like both. Some clits and vaginas enjoy cunnilingus more, some enjoy fingering more. Some people love squirting, some people want to squirt, other people want to stop squirting. Some people enjoy penis vibrators, others couldn’t care less. Some humans with dicks love putting toys in their ass, others are averse to it. There are so many possibilities. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions for their own body, and change those over time if desired! You may learn to enjoy dual stimulation, or anal play, when it was weird at first, etc. etc.
  21. I of course believe in safe products: body-safe sex toy materials. This is the cornerstone of Phallophile Reviews: how silicone is such a diverse material, found in so many different densities and shapes and colors, etc.
  22. I believe in well-rounded sexual education. My writing is product-focused, and Phallophile is not a sex educator per se, though using toys can definitely help a person learn about their anatomy.