Best Body-Safe Sex Toys by Category, 2024

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Picking out a new sex toy is about adventure, and exploration, and self-discovery. If you’re just diving into toy buying, the options can seem like A LOT. This guide lists the best sex toys available in 2024—body-safe sex toys only.1

As a professional sex toy reviewer, I spend hours every day reading about, writing about, and testing new toys. This post will combine my experience (and my personal favorite sex toys!) with the input of a dozen other reviewers and hundreds of normal buyers. Each body-safe sex toy category describes how different toy types stimulate (why would you want one over the other?), plus my top recommendations!


Vibrators do magical things! And some are much better than others: the majority of users prefer toys on the rumbly side. Their vibes are lower-pitched and travel through flesh better than buzzy vibrators.

There are two keys to choosing a good vibe for your body: how pinpoint (= focused) do you like your stimulation, and how powerful do you want the vibes to be?

Bullet Vibrators

These small vibes deliver focused stimulation to the clitoris (or penis or nipples, etc.). They’re the easiest toy category to hold while using a dildo, or during penis-in-vagina sex. See my full bullet vibe ranking here.

Air Pulsation/Pressure Wave Clit Stimulators

These unique “clit suction” toys provide extremely clit-centric stimulation. All air pulse vibes here include a silicone mouth that surrounds the clitoris and pulses out air. Speeds range from very gentle to very fast. Many love Womanizer or Satisfyer, and have even experienced their first orgasm with them. Other users (of the sensitive-clit variety) find them overwhelming. See my full clit-pulsator ranking here, with lots of detailed info.

Wand Vibrators

Full-sized wands are for broad stimulation: the powerful ones can truly make your entire pelvic floor shake. They’re awesome for anyone whose clit is sensitive to direct pressure, and work as penis vibes too! See my complete wand guide for power rankings.

G-Spot Vibrators

Great for G-spot, but also good for clitoral stimulation: G-spot vibes are halfway between pinpoint and broad stimulation. Their longer length means they’re easier to hold on the clit while you’re flat on your back or being penetrated from behind, for example. See my G-spot vibe ranking table here for more of the best.

App-Controlled & Wearable Vibrators

These toys enable a partner to tease & stimulate the vibe wearer—throughout the course of an evening out, or as foreplay tools in your bedroom. The Bluetooth connections of the first 3 below mean that you can use them long-distance, as well as locally. See my full ranking of app-controlled vaginal vibes here, based on my public play & long-distance experiences.

Rabbit Vibrators / Dual-Stimulation

Rabbits aim for clit and vaginal stimulation at once, of course! In theory they make a toy user’s life easier that way, but because clit-to-vag distance differs from person to person, less-adjustable models may not work for some users.

  • We-Vibe Nova 2: You can’t do any better than Nova 2 if you want dual-stim vibration. Super-adjustable external arm, meant to ensure that this toy works for almost any vulva, plus soft silicone! New Nova has the rumbliest vibes in any dual stimulator, and the way the clit arm flexes if you wanna thrust the shaft is great.
  • Lovehoney Happy Rabbits: Cheaper than Nova 2, the Happy Rabbits get generally good reviews, but lack Nova 2’s and the Alive Shine’s flexibility and speed range. All Happy Rabbits feature fairly strong vibrations, plus thrusting (my fave: self-propelled head!), rotating-bead, and even triple-stimulation models.
  • Womanizer Duo: Duo has an air-pulse clit stimulator and a flexible internal arm. It’s so ergonomic, truly a beautiful machine (full review here). First toy I was able to squirt on vaginally!


For anyone who wants penetration—but not necessarily vibration. My personal favorite body-safe sex toy type!

Realistic Dildos

Looking for something penis-like? Dual-density silicone dildos (full guide here) offer the most realistic feel overall. The soft outer layer makes you think of skin, while the hard core gives an erect effect.

G-Spot Dildos / Prostate Dildos

Whether you want to find your G-spot/ease into prostate play, or you already know exactly what you’re doing, these body-safe toys have just the right shape. Forward curve + pronounced ridge for the win!

Fantasy Dildos

Fantasy toys offer a lot of fascinating textures. Dragons and tentacles and unicorn horns, but also so many other creative & non-representational shapes. See my list of vetted fantasy silicone makers here.

Truly BIG Dildos

If you want it large, huge, or truly super-sized plus body-safe, these are the best:

Abstract/Non-Phallic Dildos

If you enjoy penetration but aren’t into shapes that look like dick, these body-safe sex toys are excellent choices.

  • Most Tantus silicone dildos: Tantus has been making silicone dildos for 25 years (just like SquarePegToys!). The Silk is a great beginner toy (for pegging or smooth penetration), and the new Super Soft dildos are much squishier than previous Tantus offerings.
  • Avant D15/ D16: Semi-realistic but in bright colors: The D15 toy is very tapered. That’s why I recommend it for anyone new to either vaginal or anal penetration. The satin smooth finish is a nice touch too; or see Avant D16 for a gentle G-spotting head.

Thrusting & Vibrating Dildos

Thrusting dildos (some of which vibrate too) are the way to go for lazy penetration. You don’t have to jerk them by hand! See my self-propelled toy guide for a full ranking of thrusting, pulsating, & rotating dildos.

These are more prone to stalling than full-on sex machines, so if you do want the hardest pounding, see my sex machine guide instead: Hismith Premium is killer, a fantastic machine.

Vibrating Dildos

This toy category has a lot of overlap with insertable/G-spot vibrators: but are typically more phallic or even harnessable in the case of the first option.

Anal Plugs

Anal play can be super fun and so stimulating. Just make sure you go slow, use a good lube, and listen to your body for best results! Here’s a guide to first-time butt plug use!

Best for the Beginner

  • Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Trainer Kit: Simple & effective. The shape is a classic, for easy insertion and wear. The T-bar base is designed to fit easily between your butt cheeks.
  • Blush Luxe Beginner Plug Kit: Small plugs with a loooong taper (what I would’ve wanted when I was trying to ease into anal sex). The round base is better suited for penis-in-vagina sex.

Best for Comfortable Long-Term Wear

  • SquarePeg Egg Plugs: Squishy-squishy platinum silicone for comfort even all day long. These plugs are great for sizing up (so many choices). The signature anchor base is also awesome in terms of comfort.
  • Oxballs Ergo plugs: Similar to the Egg Plugs—very soft, American-made, high-quality silicone, and almost identical T-bar base—but with a curving “kidney” shape to tickle the prostate.
  • b-Vibe Snug Plugs: Torpedo-shaped toys with weight encased inside the silicone. The slim necks in these are better for anyone who wants to remember they’re plugged, but who doesn’t like the feel of their sphincter being held open. There’s also a vibrating Snug Plug that’s still weighted & the vibes are OK, tho they are kinda buzzy and my partner enjoys the vibration depth of the We-vibe Vector a lot more.

For more resources, male perspective, see Squirrelmunk and Plug Size’s precise guides to anal play.

Njoy Pure Plugs: The Weightiest (& Naughtiest)

Njoy Pure Plugs have a big, rounded bulb that feels delightful inside one’s ass. The weight of the stainless steel means that you’ll still feel the Pure Plug even after you’ve worn it for hours. The ring-loop base sits nicely between the ass cheeks—but for all-day wear, isn’t as comfortable as the above plugs.

Best Vibrating Butt Plugs

Vibration adds more sensation, stimulating the nerve endings in the anal canal & sphincters. These plugs aren’t specific to prostate: see this later section for that.

  • VeDO Bump: A slimmer tapered plug with a classic shape & comfortable anchor base. Like the same brand’s Bam bullet vibe, the vibes are quite powerful but not the deepest. Bump’s biggest advantage over over vibrating plugs is that the control button is recessed. That means no accidental speed changes when you’re sitting on Bump! The Bump Plus has a remote; the original Bump does not.
  • Luxe Active Throb thrusting plug: It jiggle-pulses! Sitting on the Luxe Active is very fun, just use the remote to flip through the 7 functions. IMO more ergonomically shaped (an egg shape, with more tapered neck) than the comparable A-Play Thrust Plugs by Doc Johnson.
  • b-Vibe Rimming Plugs: These luxury plugs vibrate plus have rotating beads in the stem (hence “rimming”2). The vibes are good, but the rimming beads really kick it up a notch. The remote control lets you easily create what seems like a million different rimming + vibrating combinations. The base on this toy is chunky, so it’s best for use in-bedroom or around the house (not for longer wear). I like the smaller Petite size.

Harnesses / Strap-On Play

A good harness should be comfortable. Most cheaper options include (backpack-style) nylon straps, which are fine, but the choices below are more wearable long-term. You can use any dildo of your choice that’s not extra-large in the following, so this harnesses are versatile! Read about my experiments with clit & vaginal pleasure while wearing a strap-on here.

  • SpareParts Joque: The best for comfortable fit plus support. Awesome material that’s breathable and stretchy (but not too stretchy), with a highly adjustable Velcro waistband. Joque has two vibe slots so the wearer can orgasm during play as well. See also Spareparts Deuce for double penetration/wear by someone with a penis. The stretchy O-ring can fit dildos up to about 2.25″ diameter.
  • CalExotics Packer Briefs: A very affordable brief-style harness that comes in multiple sizes. Good for comfortable packing, but also great for holding vag toys in too while you’re strapping it on, and there’s a pouch so you can fit a small vibrator all down the crotch, over the clitoris. The thick waistband gives a lot of support. Choose the size that corresponds to the wearer’s women’s underwear size.
  • Aslan Leather: There really is something about leather. Jaguar is most popular overall, while Prince Minx has a cute lace-up back and fits wider hips than Jaguar (up to 60″). These supportive harnesses take a little extra work to care for, as they’re not machine-washable.
  • Blush Temptasia Twist Strap-On Kit: Set of silicone dildos that pairs well with the above. The 3 graduated sizes (from very small to below average diameter, 0.75″ to 1.25″) are a good, budget-friendly intro to anal play especially.

Prostate Toys

Explore a few inches inside a prostate owner’s rectum, on the bellybutton side, and you’ll find a sensitive area that responds to pressure—like a good massage and/or vibration! If the person receiving the prostate stimulation doesn’t have previous anal experience, try a set of tapered plugs so they can get comfortable with the sensation of having something inside their ass before playing with average-size toys, suction cup dildos, and/or pegging. And always use lube!

Pure Wand

All the toys listed in the G-spot/Prostate Dildos section fit in this section, but the Njoy Pure Wand is the most loved. I’m told the orgasms are INTENSE with the Pure Wand for prostate. See All Male Sex Toys’ Pure Wand prostate massage tips for specific how-to tips.

Prostate Vibrators

Rumbly vibes + sensitive erogenous zones = mmmm.

  • Lovense Edge 2: More POWER & the best app control! Also a bigger body: 1.4″ maximum diameter vs. Vector’s 1″, and a larger bump that rests on/stimulates the perineum (chode). It’s not easy to walk around in… But if you’re looking for a prostate orgasm without thrusting a dildo, this is the best bet.
  • Svakom Vick Neo: Super rumbly, adjustable vibration too. Easier to walk around while wearing than other options. Very fun to tease & edge with.
  • LELO Bruno & Hugo: These are premium toys with quality vibes and two motors, one for prostate and one for perineum. Hugo is slightly thicker and includes a motion-activated remote control.

Aneros Wearable Stimulators

Aneros toys are meant to be worn like plugs, but clenched around. The user’s sphincters will move the toy forward, massaging the prostate. This is a gentle kind of play, and results may take time, versus a whoa-my-god toy like the Pure Wand or a strong vibe.

Penis Toys

Penis Vibrators

Add vibes to your penis play is a different sensation than normal stroking, and many find it really fun! In particular, the back of the cock head and the base of the shaft are vibration-sensitive zones.

  • Fun Factory Manta: A rumbly vibe that you can turn at a 90-degree angle to stimulate both frenulum and coronal ridge at once, fit directly over either of those two sensitive zones, or run up and down like a stroker. This open toy is very stimulating but doesn’t fully cover the penis. (Check out the Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 instead for more coverage.)
  • Man Wand: Strong, slightly buzzy vibes that pack a punch. This wand with taco sleeve is best to add stimulation while stroking.
  • Magic Wand with or without Hummingbird attachment: Magic Wands are seriously powerful, so this is your strongest option. Use the Magic Wand’s broad top or sides against the back of the penis head, at the bottom of the shaft, or underneath the ballsack. Go with the Magic Wand Plus or the cordless Magic Wand Rechargeable for 4 vibe speeds instead of the Original wand’s only 2 speeds (called “fuck” and “holy fuck,” popularly). The Hummer attachment is soft and see-through. Unfortunately, it’s porous TPE and needs extra attention like the stroker sleeves discussed next.
  • Maximum bullet vibrator with silicone strap. My boyfriend can cum fast from frenulum vibration, and this one does the trick easily: the stretchy silicone ring holds it parallel with his shaft, the bullet-tip pressing against the back of his cock-head. Strong, adjustable speed vibration. Full review here.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are great for three separate uses: (1) When worn around the shaft, they restrict blood flow from the penis, so it’s easier to stay hard and many wearers have stronger orgasms when they do get off. (2) When worn underneath the balls, they apply pressure to the root of the penis, hitting that pressure point underneath the scrotum and adding sensation—especially if you use a vibrating cock ring. (3) When worn around the shaft (or in a ring with two motors), they give clitoral stimulation during PIV sex.

  • Basic: Perfect Fit Silicone Cock Rings: No two penises are alike, so Perfect Fit makes 16 different-sized rings.
  • Longer wear, C&B play, maximum comfort: Oxballs 100% soft silicone rings: Thick, stretchy rings that do indeed feel “blubbery.” Oxballs promotes these as being great for creating a bigger bulge in your pants, and wearing longer than the usually recommended 30-minute limit for cock rings. The silicone is so awesomely squishy that I can definitely see this working with no harm done. The thickness of the material still helps the wearer last longer while wearing a Cock-T, Hung, Grinder, etc.!
  • Good vibes: Hot Octopuss Atom & Atom Plus vibrating rings: Both rings have good vibe quality. Atom Plus has two motors and is stretched under the ball sack to vibrate both your penis (and a partner’s bits too) and your testicles.
  • Affordable power: Satisfyer’s vibrating cock rings are pretty strong and a good affordable option for testing the waters of vibrating c-rings. Fits average-girth penises best (try the toilet paper roll test: if you’re having a hard time getting your hard dick through the center of a TP roll, you’ll probably have fit issues with many penis toys).


Body-safe silicone penis extension options are still a limited market, unfortunately.

  • Blissfull Creations I’ve widely heard does the best: have read dozens of glowing reviews. You can tailor them to fit (like by requesting that Blissfull shorten any extender), and there’s no ball strap to deal with. They just fit right over the cock and stay in place. Also see Sensual Extensions, a similar handmade platinum silicone extender maker.
  • VixSkin extenders: Super-soft silicone with squishy head that is oh-so-good. Available in three sizes: Ride On is smallest, Holster is medium (at over 2″ across!!!), and Colossus is the big boy. Check the inner diameter in each listing for details about what’ll fit inside. I chose the Holster to make my average-girth Velvet Thruster feel more realistic, and I’m incredibly happy with the result.

Strokers/Masturbation Sleeves

These toys are typically made of porous (but non-toxic) TPR/TPE, which can degrade with time, heat, and moisture. After using a porous stroker, make sure to wash thoroughly with water (don’t use soap on Fleshlights), shake out, and let dry thoroughly to prolong the toy’s lifespan.

Silicone penis-stroking toy options are finally expanding, though! More reviews to come in 2023: Right now, see the M-Elite Platinum silicone strokers compared to Firefly Yoni & Ass strokers here.

  • Fleshlights: The BIG name. Not sure which of these popular toys to pick? I hear: Fleshlight Ice for visual effect (see-through!) and great suction, Turbo Thrust for an effect that’s most like sticking your cock in someone’s mouth, or Quick Shot for a more compact size—and easier clean-up. Or for realistic porn-star effect: Fleshlight Girls all have a similar feel inside (the porn stars’ vaginal cavities aren’t molded, only their external genitalia), so pick whichever looks hottest to you. The same applies to Fleshlight Boys sleeves.
  • Tenga: Discreet, non-realistic strokers. Popular models are the Flip Zero and Flip Hole series. The Tenga 3D models have fascinating textures and come with a drying stand to help remove moisture.
  • Bad Dragon has a wide range of silicone “Masturbators,” with semi-realistic human to very fantasy designs. Click the Size Chart link in each listing to see the stroker’s exact dimensions.

Have more questions about any type of toy? I’m always happy to make personalized suggestions too: email me at

* * *

  1. With a few TPR/TPE strokers—which are porous but non-toxic—for external use only. (Toxic sex toys are still an industry-wide problem, sadly: I never recommend “jelly,” “rubber,” or PVC toys; or porous TPR/TPE insertable toys.)
  2. Is it exactly like actual rimming? No. But hell if it doesn’t feel pretty good.