M-Elite Silicone Penis Stroker Review

Soft stroking + easy cleaning. M-Elite Platinum penis toys are part of a rare group: silicone penis strokers so they aren’t very porous, and aren’t expensive fantasy designs.

Silicone’s a sturdier material than the “male masturbators” found in almost all sex toy shops. Important points:

  • Silicone strokers won’t grow mold when left damp, like how Fleshlights and other TPE toys degrade. (Yikes.)

So, the M-Elite Platinum silicone masturbators are sturdy but squishy. My partner’s dick has gotten a true workout testing out the M-Elite Gript vs. the M-Elite Hekx (each $44.99) — and seeing whether he likes either one over the Firefly Yoni stroker ($35.95). This M-Elite Hekx and Gript review will give you pros & cons on each silicone penis stroker, how the silicone feels, his general thoughts, and how to clean.

M-Elite Differences: Size & Texture Matters

Two big differences among the M-Elite Platinum silicone masturbators by Blush:

  • Opening size. Hekx’s two ends are: ≈1.125″ diameter hole, and ≈1.625″ diameter hole (one end is wider). Gript’s primary opening is ≈0.9″ diameter (and the other end is a tiny hole that you squeeze shut if you want a lil suction). Takeaway: Gript will fit an average 1.5-inch diameter with a nice snug grip, but if you’re larger in girth, then consider the Hekx instead.
  • Inner channel textures. The Hekx is simple “ribs,” consistent lines. The Gript, instead, has 3 texture zones: bumpy-bumps, a few smaller ribs, and wavy diagonal lines.

Yeah, size does matter when you’re trying to get a good stroke going. M-Elite strokers have thicker walls, so the soft silicone is less likely to tear over time. They’ll stretch half an inch diameter easily, but will feel restrictive if you’re really expanding them. (If you’re in the top ≈20% of penis girths, then you’ll feel a bit strangled by the tighter M-Elite Gript; whereas you gotta be, like, Nick Capra-thick to be so constrained by the M-Elite Hekx.)

Blush M-Elite Platinum Gript vs. Hekx size
Pictured all lubed up!

These toys are for easy handheld stroking, they’re light-weight, but will not cover the full length of long penises all at once. They’re approximately equal to average vaginal depth, in fact (measured at 4.7 inches). Hekx is 5.2 inches total length, fully penetrable; while the Hekx is ≈4.7 inches penetrable, if you stop at the small “suction” hole on the tapered end.

Our Experience

Back and forth, back and forth! We flip-flopped between the Hekx and the Gript half a dozen times: A lot of lube was required! He took the two home and used them on alternate nights; while I wrapped my head around the hand-feel for the two silicone masturbators, using them in turn after we got back together.

Gript: Tighter, More Texture, Suction

The Gript is for focusing sensation on the head, and for stroking a couple inches up and down. The Gript’s bumpy textures at the bottom are the most pronounced textures, for him.

And the Gript’s “suction hole.” This is absolutely the most fun part, as someone who’s doing the stroking for their partner. Here’s how it works:

  • Sliquid Silk is the lube we’re using a lot of. Drizzle it into both ends of the M-Elite Platinum, and also rub on the cock for good measure.
  • Move the Gript stroker down over the shaft, opening it up…
  • Grip it and start stroking, slowly…
  • Choke up high on the stroker, putting pressure around the penis head within…
  • That’ll create a suctiony splutter as the toy is moved up and down, slowly.

“Oh yeah, keep doing that!” my boyfriend said, when I first started using the Gript this way; choking up its smaller end around his head.

Gript penis masturbator suction hole

So, my partner Travis believes the Gript stroker gives the most stimulation, because of the suction and the little dots. It’s his favorite, as someone with an average girth and whose mid-shaft is the widest part of his penis. In some ways, the Gript is more stimulation than vaginal penetration, because of the bumps & ripples inside the Gript’s channel; and because of the suctiony feel.

M-Elite silicone strokers inner chamber textures
Gript’s texture diagram, left box; Hekx’s ribbed diagram, right box.

For me, the Gript is best for slow motion, because he says the sucky tip sensation is best that way; and because it’s wider and slightly shorter at the main opening. For jerking fast, in contrast…

Hekx: For Harder Stroking, Larger Sizes

The Hekx is better for longer stroking, more than 3 inches up and down the full shaft. It’s smoother; light ripples all up and down the inner channel, and it’s fully open-ended. I find it easier to move it, move it.

On size: For guys whose cock head is really prominent—with a mushroom-y ridge🍄🍆—then the Hekx is gonna be more comfortable to stroke (than the Gript), no question. I’ve played with a number of dildos inside these strokers to test how different sizes fit. The Hekx will accommodate average-girth (around 4.5 inches circumference) dildos just fine—it’s just that the Hekx’s larger end won’t be tight around the dildo head, it’ll open up as you squeeze. See below:

M-elite Platinum Hekx penis head room
1.2-inch-diameter Neo Elite head, top, not filling up Hekx’s bigger end; vs. SquarePeg’s Leo size small (≈1.75″D) not allowing that gap, bottom.

This was also the case IRL, as Travis gets less feeling from the large end, as much as I like moving it quickly. His head is smaller, so I’m sure the Hekx will be a more snugly-stimulating fit around larger heads. Stroking it on the SquarePegToys Leo small’s 1.75-inch thickness, for example: the Hekx opens up and takes its girth much better.

Even though Hekx is not a perfect fit for him, he likes it, saying it’s great for not being bored with normal stroking when he’s home alone (and horny). (He especially likes it with his fave vibrating plug.)

And overall, Travis says the M-Elite strokers are more solid than the Firefly Yoni; more substantial. That may be good or bad depending on how you stroke. The M-Elites’ thicker channels add a bit of extra weight… more sleeve to put your dick inside.

M-Elite Platinum silicone strokers vs. Firefly Yoni Naked Addiction Dual
From left: Naked Addiction Dual-Density, a dildo with slightly-wide thickness & average length (the suction cup & balls make it look taller); Hekx; Firefly Yoni on top of Gript.

How to Clean & Care

These are super-soft silicone, at 00-30 Shore durometer. They’re functionally nonporous, and can be used wet and left a little wet, too, without issue.

You do not need to dust them with cornstarch like people often dust softened thermoplastic (usually TPE) strokers, to absorb the oils that seep out from those cheaper materials. That said, Blush seems to have pre-dusted the M-Elite Platinum strokers with cornstarch anyway. That’s fine, it’s not harmful, just wash it off.

The M-Elite strokers should be used with lubricant or they’ll be really grippy. Water-based lube appears white as it dries on their surface. It can be washed off with normal soap and running water later.

M-Elite silicone penis stroker packaging

Silicone does attract dust and lint (pictured above after use!!!), so it’s nice that each M-Elite comes with a storage pouch. Overall care instructions after you’ve employed your M-Elite stroker:

  • Wash off your M-Elite under running water, with liquid soap.
  • Run your fingers inside as the water flows through, to remove fluids.
  • Shake out any excess water inside (when you’re finished washing).
  • Let it dry on a clean towel.
  • Store it inside its drawstring pouch when dry.

M-Elite Hekx and Gript Recap & Rating

The M-Elite Platinum silicone penis strokers are exciting because they are more durable (than TPE toys), and a nice contrast with the Firefly masturbators.

We’d give these a 4.2 out of 5 for overall feel—with the Gript’s ribbed-dotted channel being his top pick for slow & steady stroking that feels like more than just jerking off. I’d bump the rating up to 4.5/5 🌟s, since each M-Elite stroker costs less than half a Bad Dragon one.

The orgasms are slow-building and “Oh, yeah, Iet’s do this again,” in his words. As someone who doesn’t orgasm super-easily from just PIV sex (but instead will last and last), he’s appreciative of tools that add more stimulation. As long as the M-Elite is well-lubricated, it’s a very fun time—worth keeping at hand & ready when we’re gonna get in bed. My favorite part: the Gript’s tighter hole, squeezing it for suction around his head and seeing his cum shoot out at the end.


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