Silicone Masturbator Review: Yoni & Ass, Squishy Soft Sleeves

A silicone masturbator that’s cheap, and easy to clean, and realistic too? I thought we’d hit the jackpot when I first saw the Firefly silicone masturbation sleeves. These are strokers that you don’t have to worry about them molding or turning colors if you cum in them1 and then don’t clean and dry them carefully, right away.

My boyfriend volunteered to test out the Yoni and ass sleeves, while I assessed the silicone based on my experience with tons of silicone sex toys. This review will compare each silicone masturbator to “fantasy” silicone ones and to a Fleshlight-type feel, plus tell you how to clean a silicone masturbator.

Firefly Masturbator Silicone Feel

Update, 2023: 2 Firefly penis toys are now available as the Yoni Stroker & Ass Stroker, silicone in non-glow, tan color. Yay for “can be left damp, & NO MOLD!” penis toys!

Yoni Stroker and Ass Silicone penis stroker toy by Peepshow Toys

I pulled both the Yoni and the booty sleeves out of their boxes… And I knew this was a great new option. They’re so soft for silicone. Super-squishy. I’d been afraid because penis strokers really do need to be super-duper soft to be comfortable for most. And there was no way to tell, before feeling them for myself, how squishy NS Novelties’s silicone was in the Firefly strokers—since silicone comes in all different firmnesses, from hard-as-plastic to gummy-squeezable.

They’re a little sticky, being so soft; but not as gummy-tacky as I find VixSkin toys. They get less sticky with lube; my partner will talk about his experience there in a sec. Do store in a plastic bag like a gallon freezer bag, or a storage sack; these pick up tons of lint because of how soft they are, otherwise.

Yoni vs. the Ass (“Rear Entry”)

The Yoni and the Ass Strokers have the same internal textures. A series of ribs, spaced equally down the inner channel, from opening to exit hole. My boyfriend thinks, in the Yoni, that this imitates the vagina’s natural ripples (rugae).

The opening hole for the ass (in particular) is a little tighter than the exit hole, so the user’s lower-to-bottom shaft gets extra grip.

Ass Stroker silicone penis masturbator opening width
The openings do spread apart when penetrated.

The Peepshow silicone strokers are ALL compact: not big toys at all. They’re meant to fit in your grip easily. The extra-soft silicone is stretchy and will expand to fit most girths. However, if the XL condoms are too snug for you, then the Firefly’s top hole (vag, anus, mouth) will squeeze extra-tight too as you slide through, and (like any soft masturbator) is more prone to tearing the bigger your cock is. The thick-walled, more open M-Elite Hekx will be better than Firefly strokers for folks in the 5.5 to 6 inches erect circumference range (thick but not extra-super girthy).

And if you have a longer dick (much over the average 5.5 inches), the open-ended design [or Firefly, and especially of Hekx] lets you also slide through, just don’t expect your full shaft to be covered at any one time.

Here are the different total lengths for each:

Silicone masturbator NS Firefly Yoni review on dildo
Yoni over a *slightly* shorter than average member, Nathan actual size SuperSoft Bronze.

Again, they’re expandable but are geared to stimulate average girths. If you’re more than, say, 5.4 inches circumference (95th percentile for girth), you’ll start finding them real tight. No matter your size, always use lube for comfort, to reduce friction (unless you like a little sensation play, I mean the spiked pinwheel kind, with your jerking).2

Yoni Stroker and Ass Silicone stroker with Colours 5 dildo - length
The Yoni Stroker over an average dildo.

His Experience

The Firefly Yoni was sent to me in a plain box, with NS Novelties’ product box inside it. A clear picture of the toy in life size. Open the box up and you find just the mastubator waiting.

Have your lube ready. The Firefly’s hole needs it to stretch around a penis without pulling. The sleeve is small, I can wrap my fingers around it easily when nothing is inside. Then it stretches to fit.

I was given two lubricants to try with. The hybrid one is very slick while stroking. Don’t use too much or the Firefly will slip out of your hand. On the other hand (pun intended) the water-based needs more application, more is required for a comfortable time.

Silicone masturbator NS Firefly Yoni review full length (3)

The Yoni hole is oval, a vagina with labia. Its hole is a little bigger (longer) than the anal stroker, “Rear Entry.” The last one has a tighter hole that snugs up around my head as I penetrate it. The Yoni’s lips widen to the left and right quite a lot once you enter.

Then the soft silicone has ridges down it. Wet ripples when you have enough lube. I could feel more on my penis head and the bottom of my shaft when using Yoni and the Rear Entry. I prefer Yoni for how it looks and because it is a little wider.

Silicone masturbator NS Firefly Yoni review inside channel texture
In my hand —Phallophile

The Firefly sleeves are short enough so your head might slide through. [Felicity’s note: I like the visual effect here!] Try choking up to add tension, I would do this under my cock head off and on, choking and releasing, as I got more ready to come. You can also bunch the silicone up, it’s so flexible, for a thicker feeling around the base of your shaft. And squeeze there between stroking for variety.

The inside texture does feel quite realistic, when I stroke it. Lightly ribbed. [Like the vagina’s natural rugae.]

In summary, the Firefly Yoni is fun to penetrate for a change, and the soft silicone is gentle overall but nice when you tense up around it and add pressure. It’s the most realistic stroker we’ve tried, actually.

When you’re done, spread the hole open and run water through. Don’t pull too hard, the Yoni’s mouth is showing a few small tears in mine (I’m told this is safe with silicone, but you don’t want to push the material to make it last longest).

Silicone masturbator NS Firefly Yoni review featured

How to Clean a Silicone Masturbator

With TPR/TPE style toys (not silicone), cleaning is a big concern. That more-porous material does let bacteria and fungus start growing especially if there’s moisture left over. Bacteria feed off the wet.

I’ve often seen guys asking for strokers they can use in the shower and/or can be lazy with cleaning, and even, “Can I just leave it on the shower floor?” I’m not 100% sure I’d recommend the latter,3 but there’s no doubt that silicone masturbators are the easiest material to maintain. You cum and then fall asleep? Just deal with it in the morning.

Platinum silicone is hydrophobic, which means that its molecules naturally repel moisture—inhibiting microbial growth in/on silicone toys. So even if you don’t get every last droplet of water out of the Firefly stroker after washing, it’s no biggie. Just shake it out and let it air-dry before, say, sealing it in an airtight box or plastic bag.

So much simpler than the process that maintaining a Fleshlight is. Also, you don’t need corn starch to dry the material up. (White powder mess?)4

The Firefly strokers can be flipped about halfway inside out, so it’s easier to stick your fingers in and scrub with soap if the interior ribs happen to be really sticky. (From lube + cum, especially silicone or oil lubes.)

NS Firefly DAT Ass turned inside out silicone masturbator
Ass Stroker flipped inside out. The ribs are father apart and not as tall when stretched like this.

Silicone can be sanitized too, if you want to clean it super-thoroughly. 70% isopropyl alcohol, followed by more soap and water rinsing, is effective in denaturing bacterial cell walls (killing those germs). You can boil soft silicone too, in a pot on the stove. With Firefly sleeves, it’s best if the water is at a rolling boil and the masturbator is fully covered, rather than sitting on the bottom of the pot.

These are more prone to damage than a firmer silicone would be, so putting them in the dishwasher leaves their silicone finish more subject to abrasion as well. They are still safe to use if the surface is a little jagged, as silicone is functionally nonporous throughout its entire body, not just on its surface. So this is mainly an appearance issue. The Firefly Yoni will start to develop micro-tears with time, especially if you’re even a little above average-girth. Treat this vagina gently to make it last longer. Again, the tears aren’t a problem safety-wise, but obviously will widen the mouth as time goes by. The Firefly strokers should not be expected to last a lifetime, but while you’re using them you won’t need to be so careful to prevent colored spots developing or fungi appearing, like is a concern with Fleshlight, Tenga, and any other mainstream male masturbator.

Silicone Masturbator Choices

Most silicone masturbators / strokers are fantasy-themed (think Bad Dragon), and thicker. Bad Dragon is the best-known choice for sure. I recently did a review of the Love Smiths Drawf stroker, which fits this bill as pretty fantastic (with a mega-large clit and interesting outside textures) and weighty. There exist so few smaller silicone choices, none really “pocket pussy”-like: these Firefly sleeves are the closest yet.

The Peepshow Toys / Firefly silicone strokers are most different from a fantasy masturbator because of their thinner walls; you’re getting the ability to squeeze your hand around Fireflys better, tighten your grip, vs. the bulkier walls of a typical B(ad)D(ragon)-style penis toy.

If you’re thicker than average size, do check out the M-Elite Platinum Hekx first: it’s got more expansive openings than the Peepshow / Firefly strokers.

And it’s also sweet to see more realistic-ish options like the Yoni toy—before this, I’ve had to point folks to the RealDoll vagina (almost $300) if they were put off by the “fantasy” (sometimes animal-themed, almost always with a non-human look outside) silicone masturbators.

We don’t currently have any close-cased silicone masturbators, Fleshlight style ones, where you adjust the suction / tightness level by turning the bottom of the toy or sliding a level on the side. There is the closed-up Lelo F1s, but as I pointed out in my review of Ose 2 (another very publicity-hyped toy), the amount of disappointment about that Lelo penis vibe is sky-high. So vs. Fleshlight, you gotta adjust the tension level by hand, continuously, with Firefly.

Other silicone penis vibes are generally firmer; the Maia Piper is a little forgiving, just don’t believe that it’s actually going to provide suction. The Man Wand is an awesome choice for open stroking + wand vibe strength. And see All Male Sex Toys’ careful opinions here on other great penis vibrators (not simple strokers).

Firefly Glow!

So much to say about the extra-soft silicone, I almost forgot to mention the Firefly version of the Yoni stroker does glow in the dark! Just like the Firefly firmer silicone dildos released years ago.

NS Firefly Glow in the Dark Silicone Masturbator glowing ed
Glowing in a sex toy drying shelf! On top of a large SquarePegToys dildo.

Do be sure to “charge” any Firefly for shiniest results: stick the stroker5 in sunlight or LED light for a while before you bring them into the darkness. They’ll glow much better.

(The same applies to the new Neo Elite Glow dual-density dildos: Wow, are they glowsticks after being in the sun!)

The shining blue light is cool to look at. I can see it being most fun if you have a partner doing the stroking for you. That way, you’ll be able to see their hand—black against the lit-up blue silicone—inside your dark bedroom.

If you tend to use sex toys in the dark in general, the glow makes Firefly easier to find if you’ve set it down on the sheets or wherever.6

Overall Thoughts

The Yoni & Ass silicone masturbators are an “Aha!” lightbulb moment: safer, easy-to-clean toys that are SOFT and comfortable. Also, not a big investment. They remind me so much of when I discovered the NS ColourSoft realistic squishy dildos years back, and loved the heck out of my 8-incher.7

They should add to your stroking, but they don’t reinvent the wheel. Ribbed inside, Firefly strokers are best when you use your hand to move ’em and apply tighter pressure—wherever you want it down your shaft. They provide more “soft vag” feel than a hand alone, but aren’t suction toys or customizable tightness. They’re simple, and they’re worth checking out for being squeezably stimulating and easy-to-clean at a lower price.

Find Yoni & Ass silicone masturbators here.


  1. Or leave lube in them, or shower with them, etc.
  2. You could also use coconut oil if you’re a fan, it won’t damage silicone either. Or if you happen to have an affinity for Boy Butter, or even for pure silicone lubricant. All those will really sliiiiide inside a Firefly and not damage the material. Your only issue may be the silky-squishy stroker slipping underneath your fingers if you overapply!
  3. Depends on whether you’ve got a smooth porcelain shower, or tile that mold can also grow in the grout around, gross.
  4. Remember when anthrax was a big concern? Is it now safe for me to make jokes like, “Has al-Qaeda been here lately, or are you just takin’ care of your Fleshlight?”
  5. Maybe on a plastic bag or lint-free cloth.
  6. I misplace everything all the time, so believe me, this is actually a selling point. Thank the dildo deities for cell phone flashlights, assuming I haven’t lost my phone too.
  7. I’d suffered from “why the heck are all these realistic dildos so rock solid” fatigue before that. I should’ve known about SquarePegToys, they were around first with SuperSoft dildos! Good thing, though, I had a silicone dildo firmness guide to compose after meandering through lots of ho-hum through pretty-good choices!

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    • They’re like Fleshlights in that the hole itself is small, but the material is really stretchy (so the hole size isn’t too helpful to know by itself).

      If you have a really thick penis, the Firefly strokers will be tight and/or tear more easily; but if you’re anywhere near average, it won’t be a problem.

      • Oh okay, I assumed it mattered since the only reference I had was Silicone Nozzles where they specify that info but it’s nice to know it’s pretty stretchy. Thank you!


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