Paladin Pleasure Sculptors Silicone Dildos Review – Beauty, in 4 smooth shapes

Silicone sorcery?! Paladin Pleasure (PP) Sculptors is run by magicians, I’ve considered. Because the colors that Linda the creator manages are fantastic. Platinum silicone art, with incredible ripple effects; body-safe dildos that glimmer.

And now even better (for me!): PPSculptor’s new “Elemental” lineup is humanoid / semi-phallic dildos. For anyone who loves more realistic toys, but in extravagant hues. These 4 dildos are:

  • Caelus‘s corona (head ridge) sticks out more: a smooth ride down its long shaft, with a little *pop* for G- or P-spot.
  • Tellus is maximum fullness: its tapered tip transitions into a big bulge, with smooth vertical ridges delivering pressure.
  • Aquus: Ripply ridges reminiscent of a retracted foreskin, plenty of thickness. *Personal favorite*.
  • Ignis: Cuuuuurvy boi! An extreme bent arcs forward, stabilized by a wider shaft below.
PPSculptors fantasy dildos review

Elemental dildos: Smoothed Realistic Silicone

I’ve totally spent hours ogling over’s offerings, over the past couple years. (Their stock drops are on Saturdays at 2pm Central time.) I first got a Paladin Pleasure / PPSculptors dildo in 2020, Titan, in a shockingly bright rainbow marble. I love the look. The overall aesthetic & head were great for me, but Titan also has a lotta bumps in the lower shaft. Since I’m oversensitive to bumpy & pointy textures, I couldn’t go full-on with thrusting it.

Now, in 2023: the Elemental dildos are different. They’re smooth, ready for speedier motion (if desired). The very-soft silicone finish itself is smooth, but then the dildo forms are streamlined, too. Zero rough textures, lots of glide. Combine that with my (unfortunately unchangeable, lol) preference for phallic shapes,

and the Elemental toys are dildo art that’s highly usable and orgasmic too. Here’s my experience with each shape:

Caelus Dildo

The smoothest. Caelus is long & slick. Its single texture is a smoothed-out head ridge, which flares to left, right, and front. Just a little *bump* of streamlined texture as it passes sensitive regions (like my “G-zone”).

Paladin Pleasure Caelus long silicone dildo

This one’s for if you like to ride fast and hard. I’ll pair it with a good clitoral vibrator for double stimulation (I suggest: PalmPower or Maximum Bullet). The extra length lifts Caelus’ head way up from the floor, making it easier to ride for me.

See Caelus vs. the chunkier form of Aquus, seriously my new favorite indie/fantasy dildo:

Paladin Pleasure silicone dildos - Aquus, Caelus

Tellus Dildo

But the filling-est award goes to Tellus.

It does share some similarities with Aquus, next: Tellus widens mid-shaft, too, and has a close outline. But Tellus has a vertical line down the front and back shaft, feeling like more pressure when I’m almost fully stuffed. Tellus’s tip also tapers more (it’s skinner at the very top), and the single corona is more subdued vs. Aquus.

Paladin Pleasure Aquus vs Tellus dildos

My Tellus’ Near Clear (more translucent / see-through) silicone is very obvious, with all this shimmer underneath. It’s more muted on one side, while the back and other side get crazy vibrant in bright light or the flash of a camera.

Paladin Pleasure Tellus silicone dildo color

Aquus Dildo

Aquus is 100% my favorite. Bulky, with dual coronal ridges right at the girthiest section. That’s my thing, I’m all about thick (but not pointy!) head ridges.

It’s been a minute since I came right away the first time I inserted a new dildo, so I was slightly surprised when Aquus felt like an immediate smash.

Paladin Pleasure Aquus near clear silicone dildo

It’s a very smoothed foreskin feel, just a little extra ripple when the Aquus is in motion. And the thickness 😛, it’s putting all this soft & comfortable extra pressure on both sides of my pubic bone vaginally, for G-spot width plus.

In the medium size, it’s got plenty of length (that I can’t take vaginally, I got a 5- to 5.5-inch limit), which I can use for riding the Aquus in a cowgirl position on comfy bedding. (For a short time; my folded-over legs get tired.) That way, I feel its thickest, bulbous point POP, just like I love.

It’s so wide, and smooth but yet with just enough texture!

This is my “goldilocks” level of fantasy toy now, after I’ve become even more sensitive to texture and drag. And do you see how this mica pigment shimmers through the Near Clear silicone? Incredible. I’ve taken it into my bathroom in dim light, and still seen it shining and been like, WHOA that’s nice.

Paladin Pleasure Aquus best

Ignis Dildo

Lookit this curve! Ignis’s bent is intense.

Paladin Pleasure Ignis curved silicone dildo
Ignis dildo in PPSculptor’s strong suit, the best-ever rainbow colors.

Its progressively sized: a smaller head. The ultra-bend slides in easily, followed by more thickness.

I feel a fullness in the middle, my vaginal mouth opened up, pleasantly spread. That’s very good when I add clitoral stimulation. We-Vibe Melt is my best fit for air-pulse “suction” when I’m using a wider dildo.1

The curvy-curve does keep its shape surprisingly well in this super-soft silicone. With my anatomy, it wants to push deeper, sometimes. Moving into anterior fornix land: a.k.a. the A-spot.

Ignis should be best for those who do want more precise focus with their soft-silicone G-spot or P-spot stimulation.

Platinum Silicone + Skin-Safe Pigments

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors’ gift to the world is the most gorgeous rainbow toys + and shimmery dildos. Seriously. It is an art show to look at, and even better when they’re in your hand and you can see the fine ripples of color swirling through the silicone.

They use certified-skin-safe platinum silicone by Smooth-On and cosmetic grade pigments, like other reputable independent dildo-smiths. (Here’s my short list of favorites, leave me a comment if I’m missing a fabulous newer shop!) PPSculptors dildos’ “glitter” and sparklyness come from mica pigments, fine powders that are fully encapsulated within the platinum silicone—and thus do not delaminate like cheap mass-produced glitter dildos may.

Firmness: The Silicone Density

They do typically use very soft silicone, standard in “fantasy” artisan dildos: Shore durometers between 0030 and 0050. That softness means each dildo is flexible, squishy, and very comfortable in the bigger sizes. (It is not for fans of hard internal pressure, though.) They even make some dildos in 00-20, as soft as a silicone dildo can be!

Now, it’s technically more difficult to get really tight “ribbons” in silicone that soft, hence my wonder at the marble-rific work here. And zero air bubbles or noticeable surface spots, too. This is craft. Dedication to the art.

The Elemental toys I received are all in 00-31 Shore Near Clear silicone. It has a few notes about care:

How to Clean

Simply washing with your normal hand soap, scrubbing for 30 seconds under running water, is the way to clean a good fantasy dildo after use. With how smooth the Elemental dildos are, they don’t require much attention — whereas you might want to scrub a little harder against toys with many raised bumps or indented grooves.

Then just let the silicone dry! It can be stored touching other pure silicone dildos, but you might separate it from vibrators with a thin silicone coat over a motor core, which may swell when left pressed against super-soft silicone. My 5 favorite vibrators drying peacefully near PPSculptors’ awesome silicone:

Paladin Pleasure silicone dildos with my favorite vibrators

Cured silicone can be boiled or baked (if it doesn’t have a vibrating motor inside, like all PPS toys don’t). Boil for 3 to 5 minutes per side, turning over in a pot with a silicone spatula. If baking, try 300 degrees for 10 minutes.

Near Clear silicone, being clearer, has a few concerns about look in the long run. I personally have a few Near Clear silicone toys from last year and have seen zero change in their appearance, after using with hybrid and water-based lubricants and washing in soap and water, with normal light exposure inside my home—so I don’t think this is a big issue, but you might be aware: Paladin Pleasure does give the following care instructions for all dildos made with Near Clear silicone (they’ll say “0031” in the product title), but not for their other toys made from normal (any of 0020, 0030, or 0050) Ecoflex silicone: “…discoloration is more obvious (not more likely) than regular cloudy silicone. Please use extra caution to avoid staining with oil based lubes and bodily fluids. Boiling for long periods of time is not recommended.”

Shipping & Delivery

Paladin Pleasure ships via USPS in generic brown boxes, which are sealed really well with brown tape, under the sender name “PPS.”

Once you cut through all the tape (carefully! Don’t slice thru and jab your dildo with scissors!), you’ll find colorful tissue paper inside, surrounding your toy. Each dildo is vacuum-sealed inside a clear bag. A few PPS logo stickers are included!

PPSculptors Caelus dildo
I tore right into the plastic, lol.

Paladin Pleasure Recap!

If you like streamlined / semi-phallic dildos and you like ’em to look like a million bucks, then you can’t do better than PPSculptors’ Elemental lineup. The colors are out of this world. This is seriously hand-crafted (sex) art, with a careful attention to detail.

It’s only choosing the right shape and size that’s the trick: I ended up enjoying my medium Aquus best of all. I can see Caelus’ extra slickness and length being great for many people, and the super-fullness of Tellus is excellent, while Ignis is for the extra-curvy focus!

Find Paladin Pleasure Sculptors’ full inventory here.

PPSculptors sent me these toys in exchange for my work reviewing & photographing them. My home has become truly toy-overloaded, lol, so this review exists because I believe in their craftspersonship 100%!!!

  1. Womanizers and Satisfyers are less compact, harder to squeeze into my personally tight spacing.

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