Dual Rider Thrust & Grind vs. Bump & Grind Review

Get on top and grind. The three “Dual Rider” vibrators let you rub all up on a broad hump, for clitoral stimulation — with 2 vibrating motors in each Dual Rider grind-pad, and 3 different texture options varying by model.

Why? A Grinding Vibrator is best for: (1) anyone who began masturbating by humping pillows / who likes to grind their pelvis to clitoral orgasm; (2) hands-free clit stimulation during sex in “prone bone” or flatter doggy-style positioning—so you don’t have to worry about holding onto a vibrator or knocking a “couples vibrator” out of place if your sex speeds up or you wanna change positions.

3 different Dual Rider grinders now on offer, so which one should you pick for the best grinding orgasm?

Dual Rider vibrators summary

These grind-pad vibrators by CalExotics are all made of body-safe silicone, and include a remote control. Via the remote, you control each grinding vibe’s 2 motors separately, and/or let a partner control the vibrator as you ride it.

Those are the similarities, but here’s how these grinding toys are different from one another:

  • Dual Rider Remote Control Bump & Grind: The most powerful vibrating motor, with raised dots for lots o’ texture. Preferred for anyone who likes clitoral focus & pinpoint sensation. Max. power: 7.5 out of 10.
  • Dual Rider Remote Control Thrust & Grind: A thrusting shaft (really, a peg) moves automatically inside the rider’s vagina, up and down; while vibrating outside. Better if you love penetration (not just clit play) like me. Higher-pitched clitoral vibrating motor. Power: ≈300 pulsing-strokes per minute.
  • “Lust Rider” Remote Control Dual Rider: the original model. Two rolling humps… to hump. Lightly textured, with smooth-flowing ripples; moderately powerful, and rumblier vibration on high power vs. the VibePad (next). Max. power: 6.9 out of 10.
  • VibePad by Orion: The largest vibrating grinder, VibePad has taller humps too. Buzzes more on high speed. Max. power: 7.0 out of 10.
Dual Rider grinding vibrators - Bump & Grind vs. Thrust & Grind vs. Lust Dual Rider

Next, my experience with how each Dual Rider grinding vibrator feels, plus specific pros & cons by model:

Bump & Grind

The Bump & Grind’s name is truth, cuz it’s covered in little bumps: Then, it has a bigger hump to grind on.

This grindpad holds the most rocking, rolling vibration of any grinding vibrator I’ve encountered. It revs up as you move to function #2 for both motors, thrumming right along; and has a strong finish with the third steady function (before the 9 patterns for each motor). I like function #9 best of those, since it is this escalating grrrr that’s very arousing.

Bump and Grind grinding vibrator - clitoral stimulation texture

The nubs are super-stimulating: firm points in a grid. I’m sensitive to prickly and pointy focus—I am not a fan of pinpoint clitoral stimulation, which some people love. That’s why I need to not grind *hard* (no fast-action hip motion!) on this one. I lube up💦 the dots well!

Their pointy-ness is useful for feeling more with partnered sex, though: Put the bump in front of your clitoris, with the bumpy nubs on your vaginal side, and get railed in prone-bone position. (More on that in grinding vibe positions, later.)

Speaking of self-propelled motion, our next candidate thrusts automatically:

Thrust & Grind

Essentially: a self-thrusting dildo you can sit on, plus vibrating base!

I LOVE this idea. It is small, though: The Thrust & Grind’s “shaft” diameter is 1 inch. It’s more like a good fingering than a fat dildo. As for penetration length, it moves between 3.75 and 4 inches insertable length. Stroking away, while I’m lying back.

Thrust vs Bump Grinding Vibrators - my experience
Thrust & Grind’s thrusting peg size, center.

The thrusting range is limited by the fact that I’m leaning forward on the Thrust & Grind, so it’ll angle into my pubic-bone area (for G-spot stimulation). Too much pressure on top of the thrusting peg makes it stop / barely pulse. It’s less vigorous than a higher-end thrusting dildo, so I find myself riding Thrust & Grind atop pillows but not letting my full body weight come down.

That low torque is not awesome, but this thrusting vibrator is 10/10 easier to position than a thrusting dildo. Thrust & Grind doesn’t push itself out of my vag like a thrusting dildo does when its base isn’t held tightly, or wedged between my thighs. The Thrust & Grind’s thrusting motion is approximately half an inch, and can get up to 300 thrusts per minute in the open air. In my body, it’s more like 150 thrusts per minute max., which is still a decent high speed. It has 3 thrusting speeds…

…plus the 12 vibration functions (3 steady, 9 patterned), like all Lust Riders. Thrust & Grind’s vibration adds to the thrusting: but make sure your clit is on not against the “button” side of this grinding vibrator—it’s more powerful on the other side.

There, it’s again medium-strong, and neither especially rumbly nor terribly buzzy. So why do I still like this Dual Rider vibrator, despite its limitations? Well: for lazy penetration, next…

My Favorite Dual Rider Experience

I put a soft-silicone sheath over the Thrust & Grind’s thrusting peg, to make it more like median penis size: 1.5 inches diameter, not just an inch. This makes it 5 inches insertable length.

Thrust & Grind thrusting vibrator - realistic silicone attachment

I would truly love a decent sex machine for riding on top: my Hismith Premium kicks butt, but—as adjustable as it is—a strong upward angle is super awkward there. You just can’t sit atop a normal sex machine, and my thrusting Motorbunny Buck just… doesn’t come with good phallic attachments and the Vac-U adapter lifts dildos too far up off the machine, so they’re too long for my vagina.

The Thrust & Grind + silicone penis cover is simpler, and my cervix doesn’t feel attacked. Its a big, soft head massaging deep enough, but not too deep. Bonus points: I can make my favorite ever rabbit vibrator have a cock-head when I’m in that (hormonal) mood, by sticking the Performance Maxx sleeve on the Nova’s shaft.

Lust Dual Rider

The Lust Dual Rider’s vibration strength is quite similar to the VibePad by a different maker, Orion Toys: except,

  1. the VibePad has slightly higher-frequency vibration (=buzzier);
  2. the VibePad is larger, over 1.5 inches wider × 3 inches longer;
  3. the VibePad is smooth besides its 2 humps; the Lust Dual has light, wavy ripples all over
  4. The VibePad requires you to use the remote to change speeds while on top. With the Lust Rider, you can just press the built-in buttons, in case you’re like me and you’re always misplacing little objects like this tiny remote. (I’ve temporarily lost a remote at least 5 times so far amidst testing all these graind-pads the last month.)
Grind-pad vibrators compared - lust dual rider vs. VibePad

If you’re looking for a vibrator you don’t have to hold, and don’t need ultra-strong, then it’s worth a sit. Each motor (1 per bump) has 12 functions, 3 steady speeds + 9 patterned rhythms of vibration.

Grinding Vibrator Positions

You can choose any of the following positions for sex with a grinding vibrator—and maybe you’ll imagine a new way, too!

Grinding vibrator how to use positions - over edge of bed
Like this, except, ya know, actually sitting on it with legs not crossed! 🌠
  1. Over the edge of the bed, rocking your hips. This gives a lot of freedom of motion, with legs on the floor in front of you. Either sit up straight, or put your palms on the bed behind and use them as leverage for forward-rocking hip motion.
  2. On top of a pillow or two, riding. Make a “mount” for straddling your grinding vibrator, by stacking two pillows up then placing the vibrator on top. This will create more elevation, for a better cowgirl-position feel.
  3. On top of a chair: You can either face toward the chair back and grip it for leverage; or sit normally on the chair (your back supported by its back) and grind by rocking your hips forward.
  4. Tied up: Not technically a different position—but a different feel. Use wrist cuffs behind your back, or get your ankles bound too; preferably while blindfolded, since blocking sight lets you focus on sensation more acutely.
  5. Prone-bone sex: Trying to hold a vibrator during sex can feel like a chore if you’re a moving around kinda couple. Couples vibrators are prone to getting knocked out during thrusting, while “lay-on” vibrators are usually a miss for most people. Since you’re sitting on a grindpad vibrator, it has nowhere to go: this works in the “prone bone” position, which is like doggy-style except the receiving partner is flatter against the bed, pushed down with butt raised (pillows under your belly work!). Here, I recommend the Bump & Grind grinder’s bump in front of the clitoris (to rock forward on), while the nubby side is under the vagina.
Grinding vibrator how to use positions - ride on pillows
Raised up on my bed, pillows enabling a more cowgirl-esque ride.

Remote Control & How to Operate

First, to use a Dual Rider, you have to find the power button on the bottom of the grindpad: its flat underside.

Dual Rider grindpads - how to turn on
Each Dual Rider has its on/off button on the bottom. You must hold that button down to turn on the vibrator.

Then, once you press that button to put the Dual Rider into standby mode, you push one or both buttons on the grinding-side to power on each of the 2 motors.

You can cycle through 12 vibrating functions for each motor, by continuing to push those buttons.

Or, once the grinding vibrator is powered on, use the remote. The “X” controls one motor, while the “O” controls the other.

Both the vibrator pad and the remote are USB rechargeable; the included Dual Rider charging cable has two interchangeable prongs that you plug into the bottom of the grindpad and the bottom of the remote control. Find the small dot marked out under the letters DC, and stick the charger prong in:

Bump & Grind vibrator - how to charge
And obviously, plug your USB adapter into a wall outlet to get the vibrator juiced back up. White adapter not included, you can use any such USB adapter you use for cellphone charging; or just plug the Dual Rider’s USB charging cord into a computer’s USB (type A) port.

Care & Cleaning

The Dual Rider vibrators are covered in silicone. It’s the only stable, but not-ultra-hard sex toy material. Silicone is hygienic for long-term use because it cures to form a cross-linked polymer that’s hydrophobic. Meaning, silicone repels the water molecules that allow bacteria, yeast & fungi, and viruses to remain active and reproduce themselves.

To clean, wash under running water in the sink, scrubbing with any soap. This may take about a minute.

The bumps and folds may require a soft bristled toothbrush to clean, if you see any dried particles remaining post-drying. Get a new very soft brush, cover it in soap, get it wet, then get right into the bumps / folds while rubbing gently. The debris will come right off.

How to clean silicone grinding vibrator

Recap & Rating

Grinding vibrators are an awesome new tool, for everyone who doesn’t wanna hang onto a vibrator but still wants to get off; and the Dual Rider line has the most options overall.

I would most recommend the Bump & Grind’s vibrating motors, they have the most impact; and fit into prone-bone sex particularly well.

I love the combo of the Thrust & Grind with a silicone penis sheath, for riding on top; the pulsing + vibrating are so fun. It’s slightly frustrating that it does stall out at the wrong angle into my vag, so I’ve learned to work with not riding down too hard. As someone who’s still looking for the bestest ride-on-top thrusting sex toy, I’m excited for any advancement here! The Thrust & Grind isn’t perfect, but it’s a good step; a nice lazy ride.

Find all the Dual Rider grinders here!

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