Vibrating G-Spot Dildos with Handle, Compared!

Silicone or stainless steel: which (vibrating) dildo material would you pick?! The Smartee and the L’Acier Capo share a shape, yet feel very different. Smartee’s silicone is smooth + velvety, while Capo’s steel is ultra-hard + slick. Yet both toys:

  • vibrate,
  • curve for dramatic G-spot massage, and—
  • include a unique looong-reach handle!

That hooked head on each toy is seriously G-spot seeking, my favorite kind of sexual stimulation.

But the handle’s the most distinctive feature here: Smartee is labeled a “maternal vibe,” as its handle offers extra reach. With either Smartee (silicone) or Capo (steel), the Long Reach handle can work for easier thrusting around a bigger belly. Also helpful for letting a partner thrust either dildo deeper into your body.

Smartee maternity vibrator dildo with handle vs. L'Acier Capo stainless steel dildo with handle
Handles away!!!

I have strong opinions on silicone vs. stainless steel, making these two dildos by Velvet Co. contrast when I use them. Let’s see: Why are these vibrating dildos with handle opposed, which one is better for whom, and what are the pros & cons for each?

Smartee Vibration Functions & Strength

The Smartee is a vibrating G-spot dildo, covered in smooth silicone. Its head is imposing, really massaging the G-spot:

Smartee vibrating dildo vs. L'Acier Capo - G-spot stimulation curve, come hither motion
Much more “come hither” action than my fingers!

For me, Smartee’s flexible shaft lets it contour better inside my vagina, so it feels awesome as I thrust. It wraps right around my pubic bone internally, massaging the G-spot as I thrust Smartee’s Long-Reach handle.

Smartee maternity vibrator dildo with handle, flexibility, vs. L'Acier Capo stainless steel dildo with handle

Each handle can attach in 4 directions: forward and right are more natural for me & my right hand. Right was also the position my boyfriend used when helping me out here:

Right away, the Smartee’s ≈7 inch insertable length was OMG obvious, because he was thrusting till he couldn’t feel any more space, so it was A-spot stimulating (deepest point on the front vaginal wall). Since I like G-spot stimulation, I like shallower penetration, a few instructions were required. He still had a good angle, and a good view, while thrusting the Smartee vibrating dildo into me—with an occasional “pull it out a little bit” emanating from my mouth! (I really don’t like deep penetration!) Once we got that squared away, it was smoother sailing… Just sweet G-spot stimulation, with me not doing the work, and good vibes!

Smartee G-spot dildo with handle

During thrusting, the Smartee’s head is firm and pretty focused (but not so very spot-on like the Pure Wand’s extremity). I use Smartee’s vibration functions #1 and #2 mainly. Those are powerful enough, and not too buzzy. (I would rate the Smartee a 7/10 for maximum vibration strength, on a scale where 10 = super-strong wand vibrators.) Overall:

Pros & Cons


  • Strong G-spotting head.
  • Flexible shaft curves naturally with the vagina.
  • Long-reach: 7 inch insertable length,
  • Plus handle adds another ≈ 6 inches extension.
  • Handle has grooves, so it’s easier to hold if slippery.
  • Pretty strong vibration. 10 functions.
  • Smooth, silky silicone.
  • Easy to wash & clean.
  • 2 handle options: Long reach & finger ring.
  • 4 handle angle options: left, right, up, or down.
  • USB magnetic rechargeable.
  • Waterproof.


  • Handle bends to the side if you thrust faster.
  • If you’re playing with a partner: Communication is essential, this thing goes deep!

Handle Attachments: How They Work

Both vibrating dildos by Velvet Co. come with the 2 grip attachments: one is a longer-reach handle, and the other’s a ring that you slip your fingers through.

See the 4 ways each handle can face:

Dildo with handle attachment angles

The ring-loop is easy if you’re also gripping the bottom of Smartee’s shaft, while thrusting it into your body from the front; whereas the Long Reach handle works better if:

  • You have a bigger belly and/or short arms,
  • or you’re thrusting into a partner’s body.

Vs. L’Acier Capo: Same Shape, but Metal

Heavy. Metal! 🎸 The Capo by L’Acier (translation: “Steel”!) is a force, with its very firm, very G-spot-pressing head not yielding at. all.

Dis one for all you who seek the most weight: hardness pushing in on your insides, as the Capo curves inward and gives G-spot oomph.

L'Acier steel dildos with handle
L’Acier Reverb anal hook (top) above the Capo’s imposing head, bottom.

To start, go slowly. This 316 “medical grade” stainless has a big, bulbous head—a fascinating contrast with its very slick surface. Find your best handle position… then insert the Capo vaginally, introducing it about 3 inches into the vagina, on the belly-button side of your body. The Capo’s ridge should apply pressure:

So that the intensity builds up as you rock it gently. It’s normal to feel a “have to pee” sensation during G-spot stimulation. Normally, that will pass as you become more aroused.

With how very stimulating this steel dildo is, I wouldn’t let anyone else control its handle as it goes into my body, personally. I’m too sensitive, so the Capo’s pressure it could be too much too quickly for me. The Capo’s sibling the Reverb dildo (reviewed here) is less overwhelming for my taste because Reverb is more streamlined, with limited depth. The “YMMV” tag is so true here, since other folks will find weight + hard pressure much more effective for G-spot stimulation, vs. my “gentler & softer” preference.

One huge benefit of stainless steel is, it’s silicone lubricant compatible. That type of thick, long-last lube will not gunk up nor damage L’Acier dildos. (In contrast, silicone lube is a chore to clean off silicone sex toys.) Besides needing less reapplication, silicone lube doesn’t potentially disrupt vaginal balance like some water-based lubes, so it likely feels better for anyone who’s sensitive to other lubes vaginally.

Smartee vibrating dildo how to power on 10 vibration functions
Smartee’s built-in power button, left; vs. Capo’s included bullet vibrator outside the dildo, right.

Currently, the L’Acier Capo has a long bullet vibrator that you insert into the stainless steel shaft. The vibe is removable, not built-in. And this bullet vibrator is quite high-pitched. It also has 10 vibration functions: 3 steady speeds + 7 patterns of vibration.

Pros & Cons


  • Stainless steel delivers the most pressure.
  • Intense G-spot focus.
  • Very slick surface, no drag.
  • Usable with silicone lubricant.
  • Long-reach: 7 inch insertable length,
  • Plus handle adds another ≈ 6 inches extension.
  • Handle has grooves, so it’s easier to hold if slippery.
  • Vibrator is rechargeable & waterproof.


  • Handle bends to the side if you thrust faster.
  • Partner play should be approached gently.
  • Included vibrator is not rumbly.

Recap & Rating

The Smartee vibrating dildo is by far my favorite, since flexible, not-too-glossy dildos just feel more natural to me. The Smartee isn’t a realistic dildo, sure, but it does contour with my body and deliver excellent G-spot massage—like a popping coronal ridge on a human penis can. And then, the Smartee’s vibration makes it more fun, too.

That said, some people really love the extra-hard pressure & super-smoothness of stainless steel dildos. The Capo is G-spot targeting all the way: a semi-phallic head with big impact. The stainless steel’s weight is supported well by the Long-Reach handle.

Which one would you choose: flexible & yielding pressure, or hardness to the max?!

My Smartee vibrating dildo recap:

(out of 10)
per dollar value:

Excellent price for
its size, handles, and
decent vibration
User experience/
Ease of use:

Great handle;
Smooth silicone;
Flexible, with
Strong G-spot
Good, not fantastic
vibration built-in
Luxury feel
smooth silicone,
simple packaging,
USB rechargeable)
Run time (≈2hrs.)
& easy charging
[vs. all vibrators]
5.5 to
out of 10
Vibration depth
7 to
out of 10
from 2ft
away against skin)

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