Lovense Hyphy Review

Pinpoint power. Lovense Hyphy brings it with a dot of jolting strength, practically steamrolling your clitoris with high-speed vibrations. I’m not joking, this little vibe kicks it up with how intense the pointy end is, and then the “handle” side is a strong G-spot (or clitoral) vibrator. Flip the Hyphy around & see…

How powerful, how high-pitched, and how focused do you like your clitoral stimulation? If it’s strength you seek, the Lovense Hyphy is absolutely going to home in and rival a Womanizer or Satisfyer “clit suction” sex toy for intensity. It is not a rumbly vibrator; it is not a balanced vibrator (that allows a slow progression from low to high vibration speed). Instead, the Hyphy’s two sides are… well, straight to the point.

This Lovense Hyphy review rates the power of the oscillating tip & the G-spot end, how to use the Hyphy, and my & a friend’s experience testing it out!

What Does Lovense Hyphy Do?

Hyphy’s multi-feature design does allow both ends of the toy to vibrate, in case you want different feelings in just one toy.

The Lovense Hyphy conjoins two different toys:

  • A Zumio-esque oscillating/vibrating tip (but with silicone head attachments!)
  • A strong G-spot vibrator

And then, like all Lovense toys, it connects to the Lovense app for partnered control or long-distance sex. Or for fine-tuning the point-end’s vibration intensity: but not customizing the G-spot end’s vibes (more on that in the Lovense Hyphy App section, later).

The Lovense Hyphy’s best feature, for me? The 3 little silicone attachments that fit over the point-head. That’s a very good thing for picky clits like mine, because the longest flapping attachment has brought me the most pleasure from Hyphy.

Lovense Hyphy review, convenient storage cover
Tip! The Lovense Hyphy comes with a really convenient plastic carrying case that has a slot for all 3 attachments! Put them in their respective storage slots right after drying. And be careful to lie the attachments somewhere flat & stable while drying, because these can roll away otherwise and are so small, they’re easy to misplace!

Hyphy Vibration Intensity & Functions

First, let’s get the Hyphy vibrator’s name explained: I assume it’s pronounced “HIGH-fee,” a clipping of “high frequency.” (I guess “Hi-Free” didn’t sound as cool.)

Indeed, Hyphy’s name is part of a trend to reclaim potent, high-pitched vibration as a selling point. They call it “high-frequency” โ€” whereas I, a vibrator critic, would tend to use the term “buzzy” instead for the same feeling. Definitely a pejorative word, buzzy; it sounds negative. But many people do enjoy powerful, buzzy vibration and even orgasm faster with it! The Hyphy’s tip end runs from โ‰ˆ140 to 150 Hertz frequency range; for reference, that’s higher than the top speed of the Magic Wand Rechargeable.1

In short, individual preferences & sensitivity level will dramatically impact any person’s experience with the Lovense Hyphy! If you find yourself overwhelmed by strong vibes, then Hyphy probably won’t be your bag, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it as a beginner vibrator unless the user knows they want super-strong, clit-pointed power.

The closest comparison I can make: Hyphy is like a Womanizer Premium except with focused vibes instead of pulsing air. It’s tough to even rate the pinpoint tip’s intensity level vs. more-standard vibrators, because of how small Hyphy’s tip is! I do feel it’s more intense than the Lovense Lush 3 (whose motor I feel is a downgrade from the Lush 2) for sure and, for that, may make you come very quickly. I’d give Hyphy an 8/10 power rating for the tip, and a 7/10 for the G-spot side. Find other Lovense clit & vaginal vibrators rated for strength here.

My Hyphy Experiences

We’d used the Hyphy together for 20 minutes when she pronounced, “5/5 stars!!!”

A new girlfriend was moaning like crazy as we tried out Hyphy. It was really hot as I moved it all around her vulva: starting above and below the clit. Then I had the long, flapping tongue attachment on: and I rubbed it up and down again, until it was lightly penetrating her. That’s when she really made noise. And she loved it!

Do you trust me as an honest critic? Then I’ll tell you: I personally wouldn’t have agreed to review Hyphy if I was choosing just for me. Because I like wider toys, not uber-clit-focused ones! Itty-bitty stimulators like the Zumio scare my clitoris.

But here we are, because (1) Lovense toys are super popular and POWERFUL too, and (2) hey, I have female playmates who might love it. Different people, different experiences!

As for me, I tried the Hyphy first without any of the silicone attachments. To see how it felt unadorned. I was like, “Damn!” Because it really is targeted. I can’t stand that on my clit head (as covered by clitoral hood as it is), so I had the Hyphy’s tip running below my clitoris. Oscillating, leaping, jolting. The vibes! Eee-ahhh! I stood it for 30 seconds before pulling out the largest stimulator attachment. The flapping one that I call the “tongue” is the one I do use whenever I’ve tested Hyphy: Besides a quick jaunt with the small round bulb (honestly, that one’s about the same as not having an attachment on at all); and then a minute with the bunny ears one! Again, I think the U-shaped “ears” attachment will be great for some people, but it’s a lot of focus for me. So onto the tongue, every time.

Lovense Hyphy review, 3 silicone tip attachments in hand

The tongue gives a light rubbing sensation as it flips and flaps, which I’m all about because my favorite kind of clit stimulation is having someone rub my vulva, up and down, under my clit hood. So the Hyphy is like a teeeeny finger doing that, alongside the intense vibes. The way the flapping attachment moves, I’m overwhelmed less by the high frequency than I would be if it was sitting still.

As for the G-spot end: It’s OK. It could have better speed range; the vibration there is no Pillow Talk Sassy PowerBullet motor. The Hyphy’s G-spot “head” is curved gently, with a subtle point at the tip. It is firm, inflexible, with the hard core underneath. Yet I find myself wanting a more dramatic curve. I really haven’t gotten a lot of out of using the Hyphy as a G-spot stimulator because the tip end is not a good handle. It’s hard to thrust the Hyphy; difficult to grip it and move it in and out of my vagina.

Like any “G-spot” vibe, it can be a clitoral stimulator too. That’s how I’ve orgasmed on the Hyphy’s G-spot end, the one time, massaging it over my vulva. Still, when I was testing the Hyphy’s G-spot vibe power against Blush Impressions vibrating suction cup dildos, I:

  • established that the Hyphy feels very similar to the Impressions toys’ vibration quality except it’s like Hyphy is missing Impressions’ steady speeds #2 and #5 (top speed);
  • came on the Impressions N5 while I was holding a vibrating Hyphy in my hand because I like the N5’s big-headed shape a lot more. At 1.3 inches max. diameter, the Hyphy is a tad slim, which is a legit preference (but not my preference).

The Lovense Hyphy’s got a similar sound to an electric toothbrush due to the high-frequency โ€” and is roughly tooth-brushed-sized as well. It’s a very distinct shape, different, especially if you’re not super up on sex toys and have never seen a Zumio before. For example, I was describing my weekend play to my favorite lover last Sunday, and I told him about the above-described scene with another woman. I said I hadn’t come as hard as she, because this really wasn’t MY kind of stimulation; then I sent him a pic of the Hyphy. His response: “That thing looks weird!” And this man has a sharp academic brain, but still: “not a well-known vibrator shape” translated immediately into “it’s weird” โ€” since he didn’t yet understand how the Hyphy vibrator functions. So of course I had to show him the way the Hyphy’s tip moves against my vulva, with its fluttering tongue attachment. First-hand knowledge for the win. ๐ŸŽ

How to Operate Lovense Hyphy

The Hyphy’s button control is a lil tough to figure out. It’s not immediately intuitive; it took me about 5 sessions with Hyphy before I got it down. I turned it off accidentally a few times.

Lovense Hyphy review, oscillating vibrator tip pinpoint clitoral stimulation
See the + and โ€“ buttons below the red light (indicating that Hyphy is vibrating).

How to control Hyphy by Lovense:

  1. Press the + button down for 3 seconds. It’s now in standby mode.
  2. Tap the + button to turn on the oscillating tip. It’s in steady speed #1 now.
  3. For more tip power: Tap the + button again, as desired, to get to 2 additional steady speeds + 4 patterned functions.
  4. To decrease tip power: Tap the โ€“ button.
  5. To turn on the G-spot vibe end: Follow steps #1 and #2 above so the tip end is on, first. Then press down the โ€“ button for 3 full seconds. You’re on the top G-spot vibe steady intensity (#3) now, not the lowest level. Why they did this, I have no idea.
  6. For lower G-spot end power: Tap the โ€“ button after completing #5 to move into the two lower vibe speeds. Alternately, use the + button to move into the G-spot end’s patterned vibrations.

Hitting the โ€“ button too many times turns either Lovense Hyphy function off, so hit the + button if you do that by accident: and thus, turn back on the tip vibes or G-spot vibes (whichever you were using last will turn back on). If you hit the โ€“ button before completing steps #1 & 2 above, you’ll have to redo step #1: a long hold of (+) rather than a quick tap.

Hyphy with Lovense App Control

The Lovense (often misspelled Lovesense) vibrators brand is based on long-distance app control. To “bridge the distance,” as they say, between separated sex partners. As long as one person has a Lovense vibe in their possession, they and their partner(s?) can connect from anywhere โ€” as long as both long-distance players have working phones with cellular service or WiFi.

Read my Lovense app reviews for previous toys:

So the main reason I went into the Lovense app this time was to try adjusting Hyphy’s G-spot end. I wanted to see if I could turn the vibration down! It starts fairly strong.

Lovense app for Hyphy review
Connect Hyphy, screen #1. MAKE SURE you’ve updated to the newest version of the Lovense app, it won’t work with older versions. Local Hyphy control, screen #2; you can now drag in the screen pictured, or choose “Traditional” for a slide bar that stays steadier. And screen #3, for giggles: a new notice before the “Speed Mode” function that makes you agree that you’re not using a Lovense vibe while driving. Stay safe, kids!

Unfortunately the Hyphy does not have two independently controllable motors, the way the Dolce (formerly Quake) has. You can’t adjust the handle / G-spot end vibration from inside the Lovense app; only the tip intensity. So I browsed through the Lovense pattern control library, and had the Hyphy’s tip with the flapping attachment do some patterned quaking for me. It’s not bad, though I think the Domi 2 is really the way if you want surprises with random vibe intensity changes โ€” because the Domi wand packs so much power.

If you’re into precise clit stimulation and frequently have virtual sex, then the Hyphy is your niche. It’s a very particular preference set, but it will suit some users who’ve tried the Lush and were like, “Nah, it’s not doing enough for my clit! I need more!”

Lovense Hyphy Recap & Ranking

The Lovense Hyphy is worth checking out if you want LONG-DISTANCE CONTROL and VERY CLIT-CENTRIC & focused stimulation. It’s somewhat versatile since you can use the handle end as a wider clit vibe or a G-spot vibrator as well: though the Hyphy’s pinpoint tip extension rules out Hyphy as an easy thrusting dildo (it’s difficult to jerk in and out). Since I enjoy G-spot stimulation a lot, I’ve penalized the Hyphy a bit in my rating, below, for how the G-spot end didn’t meet my expectations. But the other end is very well-doneโ€”so it’s a great choice if you only need a clitoral sex toy.

The “high-frequency” nature of the vibes in Hyphy’s tip do make it jiggle for moving sensations, and the 3 silicone tip attachments are the best part, IMO. The bunny ears one encloses the clit on left and right sides, while most of my Lovense Hyphy review has focused on the longest “tongue” attachment since I like the larger, flapping movement most of all! That one can even be a lovely tool for teasing the vaginal opening, as I saw when a girlfriend was making the best noises from Hyphy’s larger tip going inside. Focused vaginal stimulation can get people off hard too, I learned…

Find the Lovense Hyphy on Lovense’s store here.

Read the Hyphy detailed product info page here.

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  1. I consider anything 100 Hz plus “moving into buzzy,” with 125+ being definitely buzzy. On the other hand, the Hyphy’s G-spot end is less “hi-fre,” ranging from โ‰ˆ72 to 138 Hz on the steady speeds (low to high intensity).

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