Intense Travel Vibe Mini Review, + Intense G-Spot

Absolutely a sex vibe! The Intense Travel Vibe Mini feels made for clit stimulation during PIV sex (“intercourse”) since it’s really easy to grip, it’s strong, and the button control is simple. You know, in case you’re distracted with other things. This Intense bullet vibrator by Nasstoys of course can be a solo toy too! This Intense Travel Vibe Mini covers my own play experiences, how a girlfriend tried it vs. the We-Vibe Tango and picked the Intense Travel Vibe Mini as her favorite, and how this Nasstoys Intense Mini bullet stacks up for power.

I’ll also cover the Travel Vibe Mini’s friend the Intense G-Spot vibe: which IMO is less intense, but a smart choice as a beginner G-spot vibrator.

Intense Travel Vibe Mini Power

I used the Intense Travel Vibe Mini a few times1 and moved it to #1 in my bullet vibrator recommendations! It’s just so easy to hold onto, not asymmetrical or short or bulky like other bullets; and the power is pretty darn strong without being mega-strong or über-buzzy.

Intense Travel Vibe Mini Bullet Vibrator by Nasstoys, in hand, Phallophile Reviews
This Travel Vibe Mini is a blush pink, while Peepshow Toys carries the pretty lilac shade.

The Intense Travel Vibe Mini receives an 8.5 out of 10 bullet-power rating in my comparison: that’s for top steady speed, its function #3. That means that the Intense Vibe, at $26.99, is stronger than the We-Vibe Tango luxury bullet ($79). It is not as strong a few bullets, most notably the Exposed Nocturnal large bullet vibe by Blush, which has ambitions of being a wand vibrator. This “Mini” Intense Vibe fits better in my fingers and is not numbing like the Blush bullet, however.

And the Intense Travel Vibe starts out relatively strong, so it may be A LOT for a totally new vibrator user! I’d give speed #1 (out of 3 steady functions) a 6.5 / 10 for power.

How to Use the Intense Travel Vibe Mini

“Bullet vibrators” are small vibes that tend to be about an inch diameter and under 4 inches long (sometimes only a couple inches length). “Compact” sizing makes a bullet vibe less awkward to fit into tight positions! Here are ways you might use a good bullet vibe like the Intense Travel Mini:

  • For clitoral stimulation during penis-in-vagina sex (“cowgirl” position is great, and doggy gives you a lot of room)
  • Just to press on the clit during masturbation
  • Or to rub up and down the vulva if that’s your style!
  • Hold the bullet while you’ve got a dildo (or vagina plug!) inserted

Besides the power level, what’s really won me over about the Intense Travel Vibe Mini is that it’s not complicated. You’re not going to lose time figuring out a complex control system. It’s got 1 button, and it’s big and easy to find: You press it to turn on the vibrator and then to increase speed, and then if you want to cycle through the 7 vibration patterns. You’re not going to accidentally hit the wrong button like you might with the We-Vibe Tango X’s new tiny, less-bold 3-button controls. If you’re using the Intense Travel Vibe Mini during partnered sex and you just want to go up from speed #2 to speed #3, there’s really no room for error!

Intense Travel vibe Mini review, control button

My Intense Travel Vibe Mini Experiences

True story: Three bullet vibrators walked into a mini-orgy one night, and one came out the favorite. Which one was it? You guessed it: the Intense Travel Vibe Mini.

I’d carried the Intense Mini, along with the BMS Essential Bullet and the We-Vibe Tango X, to a playdate involving two other women. As we moved toward the bed, I pulled out of my “bag of bullets” and showed them off. I showed how strong the Intense Travel Vibe Mini started out! One woman (my friends’ friend) ended up with the Essential Bullet… while I was using the Travel Vibe Mini first. By the end of the night, my sometimes-girlfriend2 was riding her long-time FWB’s penis, and had the Travel Vibe Mini in hand. She said that his girth was a lot of stretch for her, and the bullet vibrator helped her relax and really love all the stimulation. Two days later, she asked me if she could have a Travel Vibe Mini! (I was like, “NO, I’m keeping mine, here’s where you can get one for $27!” 😆)

The strength of the Intense Travel Vibe Mini had really clicked for personally, prior to that. And the shape! The “tip” is targeted, but smoothly, so it’s not rough or overstimulating like really pointed vibrators are for me. The smooth finish is nice to rub up and down, around my vulva and under my clit.

Intense Travel vibe Mini review, vs. Essential Bullet, We-Vibe Tango X, FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet
The tips! See how the Intense Vibe’s tip tapers gently, so it has more of a point than the FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet, left, or Essential Bullet, far right. That’s vs. the We-Vibe Tango X in navy’s slanted tip!

Being a classic bullet shape, it can also fit dildos with bullet vibe holes, and the strength carries through silicone well — making me pull out my Intense Travel Vibe Mini now to test with my Vac-U-Holed realistic silicone dildo I used to use the Nu Sensuelle Point Plus inside until the latter died.

Speaking of which, the Intense vibes do have a 2-year warranty through Nasstoys’ website, which is more generous than most manufacturers’ 1-year product warranty.

I just can’t get over how much easier the Intense Travel Vibe Mini feels to hold than the We-Vibe Tango X! New Tango has this bulk of silicone-coated grip that seems more awkward. I’ve never really loved the Tango’s slanted-tip design, either, to be honest; it makes the kind of “up and down my labia” stroking I enjoy harder to pull off. The Intense Vibe’s 100% symmetrical shape feels less limiting to me.

It is waterproof and USB magnetic rechargeable!

On the Intense G-Spot Vibrator: Smaller G-Spot Stim!

The Intense G-Spot Vibrator is really a “beginner G-spot vibrator” that makes sense for anyone who desires a slimmer toy. Like, if you (are like my friend who enjoys slimmer insertables) and don’t want the full 1.5 inch diameter of the Pillow Talk Sassy: a favorite of mine that does have a more robust vibrating motor than the Intense G-Spot Vibe.

Intense G-spot vibrator vs. Pillow Talk Sassy
Intense G-Spot, above: definitely smaller.

This Intense G-Spot vibe, intriguingly, is much less intense than the Intense Travel Vibe Mini: the Intense Mini’s lowest steady speed is strong than the Intense G-Spot’s highest one. Hmm! It is a larger toy, and is covered in a silky matte silicone that feels very nice.

Not everyone needs a strong vibrator or a big vibrator! The Intense G-Spot Vibrator’s first function has a real rumbly depth I appreciate, and the second speed is best for me orgasmically: mid-range powerful (maybe a 6/10) with just an edge of buzz. I like thrusting it, because of the smooth silicone and the flexible neck.

Versus the Pillow Talk Sassy, it shares that flexible head: which I would say makes both G-spot vibrators more comfortable. They’re not going to clash with your pubic bone if you thrust them in and out. This is overall a gentler toy, not for the fan of hard or super-strong stimulation. And that’s OK.

Intense G-spot vibrator head flexibility
It’s not SUPER-bendy, but flexes with pressure.

I’ve come hard on this Intense G-Spot Vibrator when I get to thrusting it good! Fast, for a little while. Then rubbing it around my clitoris too. Remember that “G-spot vibrators” are multipurpose: You can always decide to use ’em clitorally instead.

The G-spot Intense Vibrator is water-resistant (a.k.a. splashproof, not for submerging in the bath) and is USB rechargeable with a plug-in prong rather than magnetic. These aren’t differences that have negatively impacted how I play with the Intense G-spot Vibrator, but those features do feel like a little bit of downgrade from the Intense Travel Mini bullet.

Also see: Best rabbit for $50!: I would strongly recommend the Lustful Massager “rabbit” (by Nasstoys) as the best ≈ $50 clit & G-spot toy I’ve ever employed. (Code FELICITY brings the price to $51.30.) It’s basically like a budget We-Vibe Nova 2, IMO the best rabbit ever created. Like Nova 2, the Lustful Massager has a super-flexible clit stimulator. So almost anyone can use it, whereas too many rabbits give trouble to folks who have don’t have an “average” spaced clit. The Lustful is reasonably strong too and I hope to write more about it! The power is nice. Of course the Lustful’s speed range and rumbliness don’t match Nova 2, but for almost $100 less… Yeah, I’d buy one as my first rabbit after having felt it!

Nasstoys Intense Vibrator Recap

The Intense Travel Vibe Mini gives such good feels for a little toy! So easy to use for satisfying clit stimulation, as well as being hot to watch someone use 🦪 during sex. It definitely beats a dozen plus other bullet vibrators for me; I only wouldn’t recommend it if you need gentler sensation or very rumbly low vibration: in which case the We-Vibe Tango X has its merits. (Even tho me & a girlfriend opted for the Intense Mini first. 😀)

As for the Intense G-Spot Vibrator, it is a recommendable as a first G-spot toy: in case you’re wanting to explore G-spot vibration and want a compact shape with a classic G-spot-seeking bulb. The silky silicone and comfortably flexible neck were a fun time for me testing it out (though it’s unlikely to gain a spot in my picky list of personal favorites).

See both Intense Vibes by Nasstoys here.

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  1. It’s not a new vibrator, either, but 3 or 4 years old now! Nasstoys is a classic & established sex toy manufacturer, so it makes sense they’d offer a classic bullet shape for the focused clitoral stimulation. Nass does sell lots of cheap (in the bad way) toys made of questionable materials like “jelly,” so it’s nice to see them moving into more premium “boutique” style silicone vibrators more recently. The Intense Travel Vibe Mini is made of nonporous ABS plastic is a smooth PU cote (safe for skin contact); while the other Nasstoys products I’ll mention in this review are body-safe silicone.
  2. Life’s complicated, y’all

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