Blush Impressions Dildo Review: STRONG Vibrators w/ Suction Cup

Blush Impressions dildos go against the grain. Truly STRONG vibrating dildos with suction cups??? Basically unheard of. As a category, suction cup vibes tend to have lackluster power and/or include porous materials. Meet the exception: Impressions dildos hold serious strength inside their smooth silicone shafts.

Blush Novelties is really rocking it with their vibrator motors these days—having produced the most powerful toys in my bullet vibe comparison and in my G-spot vibe guide too. That’s no coincidence! Blush makes intense motors, like the very rumbly Wellness G Curve (a new version of the Sola Cue). Each Impressions dildo has 5 steady speeds and 5 patterns, echoing G Curve’s/Cue’s deep power. (But this time, with a harness-compatible suction cup attached.)

Toys are now called: Impressions Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Santorini, and Ibiza.

I asked to review all 4 then-available Impressions models1 so I could describe each one’s strengths!

I’ll start with the most impactful Impressions dildo, in case you like it strong too…

Blush Impressions N5 (Red)

Impressions Las Vegas (formerly N5) is the biggest and the most serious vibrating dildo in this series. The widest girth,2 the longest length, the most resonant head—and the most spot impact. It’s a dedicated G-spot seeker.

The first time I tested this toy, I was leaning up against my bathroom counter, and one of the lightbulbs in the overhead fixture started pulsing on and off. My brain immediately wanted to connect Impressions N5’s power to the flashing light. Like the dildo was so forceful, it was some kind of vibrator black hole, drawing energy into itself.

I then moved onto suctioning it onto my nightstand, because yay, no hands!
A Doxy Die Cast wand’s polished body was sticking halfway out of one of the drawers. It seemed like a fateful coincidence3: two red vibes, both the most powerful in their toy category.

I’m not exactly saying the Impressions N5 is an alternative to the Doxy…but who am I kidding, I would definitely buy it as easy-to-hold alternative to the Doxy.

Impressions N5’s uniball, as I like to call it, serves surprisingly well as a handle. My fingers wrap easily around it: a relief because N5’s base is the widest and thickest (so that its suction cup is sturdy to support N5’s bulky head). By contrast, this toy’s “unnecessary urethra”—a dot in the middle of the head—is decorative rather than functional. It requires a couple extra seconds to clean after use, but I like Impressions N1 so much I find myself endeared to its little dimple.

Interestingly, Impressions N5’s vibes also feel a little bigger than the other Impressions models. More room in the head equals more space for the vibrations to resonate!

At the right angle, Impressions N5 gives me flashes of Pure Wand pressure. Pulling motions feel practically explosive. And if you want to be absolutely blown away by power, pair Impressions N5 with an Exposed Nocturnal Bullet. Everything will shake. You may need towels.

Blush Impressions N1 (Black)

I was drawn to Impressions Amsterdam (formerly N1) right at unboxing. I wanted to make it my immediate favorite, before I gave the other Impressions toys their fair shake. (Or fair rumble?) That’s because I feel Impressions N1 is the most thrust-worthy of the bunch.

I love toys that gently stimulate my G-spot so I can move ’em as fast as I want—need for speed here! Impressions N1 excels that way. The triple-ridge design stimulates without catching hard. If you’re extra sensitive to hard pressure, I would recommend either Impressions N1 here or Impressions N4 because the heads are more streamlined.

Remember that time I had a blast with the suckers on that We-Vibe-Tango-imbued tentacle sleeve? They’re no match for Impression N1’s wavy ridges on speed #3 and above. Starting on speed #2, Impressions N1’s vibe are so strong that I can feel my asshole tingling when I’m using the toy for G-spot stimulation. Then, the bulge farther down the shaft pushes at my labia, a great sensory combination. Impressions N1 packs a lot of stimulation into a package that looks small, compared to N5!4

My last test session with N1, I was closing in on an orgasm when the battery died. For half a second, I considered whether crying would be an appropriate response, I’d been digging the vibes so much. Instead I followed the tried-and-true sex blogging principle: “If your vibe dies, just start it again on low power and hope for the best.”5 Happily for my bits, I reached the point of no return after 20 seconds with Impressions N1’s first intensity—right as the vibe died a second time. Yay for happy endings!

With its forward curve, ridged texture, and stretchy bulge, I also see Impressions N1 as well suited to anal + prostate stimulation. I know if I currently had a partner who was interested in prostate play, I would beg to use this toy on him.

Blush Impressions N3 (Teal)

Like N2, next, Impressions Miami (formerly N3)’s head has a lot more impact that I was bargaining for. Like N1, it feels strong to start—not so much for the warmup. That’s fine, I was looking to get off fast the first time I used Impressions N3. So I stuck it on my bathtub ledge, always a half-awkward place for me to mount a suction cup dildo.

The bump in the middle of the abstract head curves ridge around my pelvic bone inside the vagina. The inflexible body almost locks those strong vibes in place, right at my G-spot. I came in 10 seconds, no joke. The back of the head sticks out a fair amount too, so—even though I don’t often notice back-vaginal-wall sensation—I do really feel it.

The second bump on the back is more subtle, usually resting right at my entrance while N3’s head is on my G-spot.

So Impressions N3 is actually my third favorite shape of the bunch; I like quick and effective. It has one advantage and one disadvantage vs. other Impressions:

Good: The buttons are easier to activate (as simple as Impressions N1’s uncoated buttons).

Bad: The suction cup is weaker. You’re going to remove it from its sticking place while riding, most likely.

Blush Impressions N2 (Blue)

Impressions Santorini (formerly N2) has a blunt head that catches and pulls. The flat surface is good if, like me, you enjoy all kinds of broad stimulation. Besides its flat head, the Impressions N2 dildo is the smallest in the series: with the same insertable length as Impressions N1 but without an expansive bulge. For me this makes it the best Impressions dildo to sit on and rock; the length is enough so that, fully inserted, the ridge sits maybe an inch above my G-spot. Then it exerts pressure downward as I move.

Impressions N2’s ridge catches forcefully. The shape is more dramatic than it first appears! It almost reminds me of the shape of the equine toys6 that many fantasy dildo makers create—which are known to be popular for prostate stim due to their flared heads.

And externally, the flat-headedness is perfect if you want a blunt object to rub against. The suction cup will keep N2 very stable on a wall this way.

Blush Impressions N4 (Purple)

First, let me admit a bias here: Impressions Ibiza (formerly N4) is a dildo I would never have bought for myself. I gravitate toward BIG and BOLD, whereas N4 is a sleek abstract toy. It looks unassuming.

But oh-ho, a toy doesn’t need hundreds of dragon scales to be intense when it’s got this kind of motor. Impressions N4 is like a lovely gentle fingering, excellent for rocking back and forth slowly. The smooth silicone of the bulge pushes my labia apart if I choose to use N4 deeper.

And Impressions N4 has the most insertable length of the series! It’s long enough to be effective as an A-spot toy, and for rumbly cervical stimulation. The vibes are low-pitched and, like in other Blush Impressions toys, so strong.

Even though the sleek shape isn’t my preference, it’s easy for me to get off on the vibes. As low as steady speed #2 out of 5 will do it for me, with its deep force.

Impressions Havana

This new Impressions, the Havana (released fall 2022), is not a vibrator! It’s a pulsating dildo, or “thumper.” With a remote control! This type of pulse-thrusting dildo works by jiggling up and down very fast, with short strokes. Thumpity-thump-thump, the Havana wiggles inside.

I’ve always liked this dildo shape, found in other Blush toys like the Neo Elite Marquee dual-density silicone. It’s pretty girthy, streamlined, with a light ridge for gentle G-spotting—best when it’s thrust. So, motion is the key: I feel the Havana’s thumping as a big turn-on.

Impressions Havana review - pulsating dildo with remote
The Havana’s + and – buttons (12 o’clock and 6 o’clock) increase and decrease the steady thumping; while the left and right arrows (3 o’clock and 9 o’clock) cycle through the patterned functions.

That means, I like it with a good clitoral toy best. Or, I can jerk it by hand to get the momentum I need for a good orgasm. It’s reminiscent of the Fun Factory Stronic Real pulsator; key differences:

  • Impressions Havana is thicker (about 1.75″ max. diameter, vs. 1.4″ for Stronic Real) and longer (7.5″ insertable, if you’re using the remote, vs. 5.4″ from the Stronic’s tip to its handle). That’s good for me, since I enjoy above-average toys; the Havana is much more filling, its head more substantial. See a size comparison below 🖼️⬇️
  • Stronic Real has 1 more steady speed (4 pulsing speeds + 6 patterns), vs. 3 steady speeds + 4 patterns for the Havana.
  • The Stronic pulsators have weightier thumps. Their pulsing effect is a little stronger than in the Havana. Don’t expect sex-machine-level thrusting in any handheld dildo, however; but these thrusting dildos have the advantage of being easier to position and easier to hide than a fuck machine.
  • Impressions Havana is softer silicone, which I strongly prefer. It’s about 7A Shore points lower throughout, and the head isn’t as firm. (It’s still not super-soft; rather, ≈15A shore down the shaft due to the motor core under the 10A silicone. If you want super-soft, see the Naked Addiction Freak realistic.)
  • Impressions Havana is cheaper ($72.99 sale price, vs. $169.99 for the Stronic).
Impressions Havana dildo vs. Fun Factory Stronic Real - size

Overall, I definitely enjoy the Impressions Havana because it’s a girthier, less-expensive pulsating dildo.

The Technical Bits

Do not expect these dildos to bend with your body while you’re riding or thrusting them. (Impressions N3 is the most flexible and forgiving overall!) Their firmness is the main reason for their success as powerful vibrators: hard, nonporous plastic carries vibration best. No matter how strong a vibrator’s motor is, its intensity will be dampened by soft silicone or other thick materials. (The reason why I save my most powerful small bullet vibes for use inside my favorite Vac-U-Lock-holed realistic dildo.)

For example, I wouldn’t be surprised if, theoretically, the Fun Factory Big Boss’ motor was as strong as the Impressions N5’s. But with a thicker, slightly softer, & more flexible silicone coating, Big Boss’ strength doesn’t feel quite as bold. It doesn’t have the whollop of Impressions.

Blush Impressions dildos are coated in a thin layer of very smooth silicone—what you should except from a quality body-safe vibrator. Like most silicone vibes, they have a seam down the middle where the two-part mold came together, but that detail isn’t noticeable in use.

All Impressions dildos come with a magnetic USB charging cable that clips into the suction cup base. Then the power button blinks to let you know you’ve attached the cable correctly.

These toys are fully waterproof submersible, so have at it in the bathtub or shower—I’m going the latter route. (I’m doing my best to not waste water here, it’s a battle.)

Last, Impressions dildos are controlled by two buttons: a power on/off button and a function change button. I believe 5 is a good range of steady speeds. Likewise, 5 patterns is enough to give some variety but not confuse: so you don’t struggle to remember where the hell that one pattern you liked that one time might possibly be located in an ocean of settings.

The on/off button7 does require force to activate: hold down for about 5 seconds or until you see the button light up. This is longer than other vibes require, so don’t panic if your Impressions dildo doesn’t turn on immediately. The delayed stand-by mode is a nice precaution if you’re carrying one of these in luggage, because there’s no way the toy can turn itself on accidentally. (Ask me about the time I picked up my suitcase late from baggage claim only to find that it was vibrating, and then realize the folks who’d inspected the luggage tag surely noticed. 😊)

Final Recap

If you want a good vibrating dildo, I will recommend Blush Impressions to you along with a couple other options. If you want a good vibrating suction cup dildo, I will recommend Impressions to you exclusively. Other suction cupped vibes might as well give up and go home now, because they can’t compete with the Impressions toys’ strength.

Along with the strong vibes and suction cups, all Impressions dildos share another feature: they’re angled for G-spot or prostate stimulation. But they’re all a little different too! Here’s a run-down of each toy’s outstanding points:

N1 (Black)

  • Ridgy goodness: light bumps for repeated stimulation
  • Expands toward the bottom to stretch your opening
  • Has the thinnest, most tapered head = easiest to inert
  • The best if you like rubbing on texture

N2 (Blue)

  • Drastic angle at the ridge: it really pulls downward
  • Blunt head for broad rubbing strokes
  • Shortest and slimmest overall

N3 (Teal)

  • Subtle but firm ridge + significant curve lock this toy in at my G-spot
  • Rounded bump on the backside for pressure at vaginal/anal opening
  • Least-strong suction cup (but easier button control)

N4 (Purple)

  • The smoothest & most abstract
  • Lets you pay more attention to the vibes, rather than prominent textures
  • The longest Impressions: over 6.5″ insertable length

N5 (Red)

  • Boom! kinda head: Powerful, rounded pressure
  • Semi-phallic shape: If you want a hint of realism, but not too much
  • The thickest Impressions: 1.7″ at the head
  • Have I mentioned how good it is for strong G-spot pressure???

My personal favorites are N1, because ripply ridges; and N5, the most phallic shape—with a huge impact! Which way do your preferences draw you?

Find Blush Novelties Impressions dildos here.

* * *


  1. The full lineup now includes 5 different shapes, each in its own color: my thoughts about N3 coming soon!
  2. 1.7″ diameter at the head, just barely wider than Impressions N4’s bottom-of-the-shaft bulge.
  3. Or maybe I’m just disorganized, that’s also a possibility. 😀
  4. N5 certainly takes up more space and is heavier too. But don’t be deceived by appearances: N1 actually has just a little more insertable length than N5, and is only a tenth an inch less width at the widest point (1.7″ for N5’s larger head vs. 1.6″ for N1’s bottom bulge).
  5. Yes I did just made up that truism, but that’s OK, I’m living by it anyway.
  6. Except shorter.
  7. In all toys except N1, whose buttons are more exposed; and N3, which you don’t need to press as hard on.

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