Review: Fun Factory Stronic Real Pulsator

Fun Factory Stronic Real review

The existence of the Stronic Real Pulsator by Fun Factory hit me like a lightning bolt. I was scrolling Instagram one morning, trying to keep up with the constant stream of happenings in the sex toy world, when I saw a pic of this new thrusting toy. My first thoughts ran along these lines: “What??? Damn, maybe I should own one of these instead of the Stronic G?!”

Happily, it turned out to not be an either/or situation: I got my own copy of this new member of the popular Stronic pulsator line. So why was I **so excited** about writing a Stronic Real review?

Well, I may be a bit fixated on both phallic dildos and self-thrusting toys, so the Stronic Real seemed like the perfect combo. But I also had doubts: Could the Stronic Real’s straight shaft and smaller head possibly compete with the impact of the Stronic G? For me, the answer is a definite yesand here’s why. 

My Stronic Real Experience

Fun Factory Stronic Real head coronal ridge jpg

The Stronic Real, as you may have gathered from the name, is Fun Factory’s first attempt at making a more representational thrusting pulsator. It’s a stylized penis, you see: with a phallic shape overall, but no veins, skin texture, or other realistic detail. Also, though it is available in tan, the Stronic Real’s semi-soft silicone coating (just under 20A Shore; can be pressed inward slightly at the ridge) comes in purple and in this lovely pink too. 

Though the Stronic Real’s ridge may not be the largest on the block, it has a nice upward curve that rubs against my G-spot with each pulsation. And wow, does the Stronic Real jiggle back and forth. Starting with the first speed, “Perfect Start,” the Stronic Real’s magnetic propulsion system is already moving—a thrust every half second.

Stronic patterns

And then, the Stronic Real’s second setting (the first “constant mode,” a.k.a. “Rumba”) is freaking awesome. It’s my favorite overall because, when it’s not in such a rush, the Real’s head has more impact. I can feel the toy’s weight more—and it also covers more ground. 

You see, the Stronics’ stroke length gets shorter on the faster speeds, starting at the second “constant mode” setting. The Real’s third constant rhythm, “Quicky,” is trying to do too much, too fast, in my vagina’s opinion. What it gains in speed, it loses in distance. The Stronic pulsators also have six patterned settings (“algorithmic mode” and “dynamic mode,” the groups are called), discussed a bit more in my Stronic G review. I’m not going to tell you about them again here because I generally ignore them; they mostly exist to confuse me. Check out “Perfect Start,” the three “constant mode” pulsation rhythms, and three “dynamic mode” mode patterns here in my YouTube vid.

Now that you’ve seen1 this pulsator’s unique motion, I have to let you in on why getting pulsated by a Stronic is different than any other sex toy experience I’ve had: I don’t orgasm easily with the Stronic Real, but I’m still singing its praises. Typically2 I’d cast aside a toy that didn’t make me come after five, maybe ten, minutes, and I’d move on to another option. Oh the possibilities! But the Stronic Real keeps me transfixed on its pulsating shaft.

The wait isn’t a “Whoa, I’d love to come—but I can’t” kind of frustration. It’s an intense, lingering build-up. In some ways, it’s more sensory overload than longer, more realistic thrusting is. Because I’m not working to thrust, or to ride, or even to really hold on to the base, I can feel. I feel my nipples tingling, and my clit pulsing, and my uterus shaking—because the Stronic Real makes everything jiggle. (Ass too!)

I said the Stronic G made me feel like I was flying, and the Stronic Real gives me the same floating sensation (despite its different shape). I’ve even noticed tears welling up in my eyes because of the rush. I don’t typically cry during sex, it’s just that the Stronic Real just keeps me right on the edge of orgasm for ten minutes at a time. With it doing the work for me, I can just lie still and feel everything: It’s both overwhelming and so good.

Often, to tip myself over that edge, I find myself jerking the Stronic Real by hand. (It’s my way.) The Stronic stroke length just isn’t quite long enough to make me come without an extra push—but after that, it’s a roller coaster of hands-free orgasms, for minutes at a time.3

Speaking of additional stim, I can see why Fun Factory’s product description says, “Combine [the Stronic Real] with your favorite external vibe for a toe-curling climax.” This is, of course, how most owners will prefer to use the Real.4

Though this isn’t my style because I’m weird like that, I will tell you that the toy’s self-propelled motion gives me more freedom with my hands, to play with my body—or my phone, because it’s the Internet Age, y’all.

Other Stronic Advantages

Fun Factory Stronic Real full length from bottom

The Stronic pulsators may not offer the longest stroke length even among handheld thrusters like the Velvet Thrusters (full run-down here), but they come with distinct advantages. First, the bases are extremely easy to grip, not bulky at all. There’s no large motor you have to deal with.

And even more importantly for many folks, the Stronics are quiet. They do produce a distinct shaking noise as the magnets move, but it’s not loud like even many vibrator motors. My favorite bullet vibe makes more noise, in fact. If you’re looking for a self-thrusting toy and you live with people who can’t know you’re masturbating in the next room, then the Stronic pulsators are the way to go. (I am going to spend some time at my parents’ house soon…)

And last, the Stronic Real is fully waterproof, which makes it so much easier to clean than the Velvet Thrusters. Whenever you want to sanitize the toy, rinse it with a 10% bleach solution or in rubbing alcohol—without worrying about whether you’re going to accidentally damage this expensive toy. The only minor cleaning difficulty with the Stronics is that fluids and lube will find their way into the seam between the silicone and the handle, so I pay extra attention to cleaning that crack.

That all said, when I’m looking to be really screwed by a self-thrusting toy, rather than jiggled into oblivion, I have to admit that I’ll pick up the Velvet Thruster Jackie instead of the Stronic Real.

Stronic Real vs. Stronic G

I could summarize the overall tone of my Stronic G review by saying, “The Stronic G is great, the Stronic G’s motion is amazing, the Stronic G’s head is awesome, and everyone who likes thrusting motions should get one.” So yeah, I might be a fan. But…if I somehow lost both these pulsators and could replace only one, I’d buy a new Stronic Real.

Fun Factory Stronic G and Stronic Real comparison pic

Obviously, the shape of the toys’ heads is the biggest difference between them. They look about equally wide when facing upward, but technically the Stronic G is has more girth (1.65″ diameter for the G, vs. 1.4″ for the Real) because of how its ridge sticks out. The Stronic G also has a quarter inch more insertable length (5.75″, vs. 5.5″ for the Real):

Though the dimensions are slightly different, the Stronic G’s head doesn’t feel wider to me: instead, it’s more focused. The protruding shape offers a more direct pressure than the Stronic Real’s flatter, broader coronal ridge. Here, it’s all down to personal preference: how direct do you like your G-spot pressure? This is something that varies for me throughout the month, but overall I have an aversion to pointy things and a strong taste for broader, more rounded, and wider dildos.

The Stronic Real’s less-bulging ridge also creates another (minor, but slightly tragic!) difference in how I’m able to position the toy. In normal use, lying flat on my back, I can use the Stronic Real and its more phallic head much the same way as the Stronic G. I roll up a towel or a T-shirt to stick under the toy’s handle—so that gravity keeps it in place while it’s pulsating away. In fact, the Stronic Real’s sleeker shape seems to glide just a tiny bit more easily than the Stronic G.

But alas! if I’m standing upright, the Real will want to leap out. In contrast, I sometimes take snack breaks mid-masturbation session with the Stronic G. I shuffle into the kitchen with the G still pulsating away; I stand at the counter, my thighs closed around the pulsator as I munch on chocolate chip cookies and drink coffee. (I’m living my best life here!) I guess I’ll just have to learn to live with like, you know, actually turning off my Stronic Real and picking back up with it later. ← Note: *This is not a real complaint about the Real; read with sarcasm.* 

Overall Thoughts

The Stronic Real makes me glad that I’m alive and have a vagina. It’s one of those rare sex toys that I feel the need to keep rigorously testing even after I know I’ve used it enough to write a detailed review. It’s a good thing the Stronics’ battery life is so long (I’ve found mine to last something like an hour and a half), because you may want to spend a while with this toy. I feel like I’m doing myself a disservice if I dedicate less than 45 minutes to the Stronic Real. It’s all because of the Stronic pulsators’ short and very fast movements—they keep me in a liminal “Wow, I’m gonna come so hard in just a second” kind of state for many minutes at a time.

The Stronic technology really is distinct from that of any other powered toy on the market, and these pulsators’ price tag shows that. If you’re not a lover of thrusting, wiggling movements vaginally,5 then they probably won’t be right for you, and some users will likely find the more gentle stimulation of the Stronic Real underwhelming.

So are they worth $200? I would say, Hell, yeah. When I’m too lazy to jerk a dildo by hand, the Stronic Real is the obvious choice. But it’s more than that: once while I was testing the Stronic Real, I forgot to charge it the night before, so of course it died a couple minutes in. I was depressed because I’d just gotten used to the Real’s quick little thrusts, and neither jerking a dildo by hand or riding a suction cup one compared. I—someone who has a lot of experience with both jerking and riding dildos—just didn’t have the stamina to create the same kind of insistent, rapid-pace stimulation that the Stronic Real does, for as long as it does. It took a little while to readjust! Simply put, I’m enjoying this toy. A lot.

If the Stronic Real sounds like it’s right for you, pick one up here!

Also available bundled with Sliquid lube ($6 value) & a FF anti-microbial toybag ($25 value) for $8 more than the Stronic alone.


  1. Disclaimer: So I joked about the Stronic Real jumping out of “your orifices,” plural, and I guess you could put it in your mouth, but really this toy is intended for vaginal use only: it’s not safely flared for anal.
  2. Outside of testing for review purposes, of course!
  3. Obviously your mileage may vary; this isn’t unheard-of unusual for me—but what is unusual is being able to keep coming without using my hands and/or my legs.
  4. In re clit stim and the Stronic Real, though, I have to write a quick side note: Fun Factory also says, “Want a fuller orgasm? The STRONIC REAL massages the internal clitoris with every thrust.” My first reaction to this was: What, you mean exactly like every plain dildo on the market does??? (You know, when you move it by hand. Or ride it, even.) It’s astonishing to me that, with all the technology that the Stronic Real offers, one of Fun Factory’s main selling points is that this pulsator massages the internal clit. (Which is certainly involved in vaginal orgasms, but definitely isn’t the whole story.) Any insertable sex toy that presses on/rubs against the front vaginal wall and mouth can stimulate the internal clit—the Stronic Real is not unique here. Why, Fun Factory?
  5. The Stronic Drei and the Bi Stronic Fusion (a dual stimulator that could be used on the perineum instead of clit, in theory) are the only Stronic pulsators that are considered anal-safe.

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  1. Hi Felicity,

    Thank you so much for this thorough review. I’ve only been able to start my collection of sex toys this last month as I have FINALLY turned 18 (I haven’t been allowed to make any internet purchases beforehand), and as a person living in a small town without any sex toy shops nearby, your well-written and descriptive articles have been a huge help to me. Growing up I haven’t really had any grown ups to talk about sex with (and the times I tried to ask something, my social anxiety got triggered), so your blog has become a safe haven for me, and been a necessary means in order for me to buy quality, body-safe sex toys. I thank you with all my heart. <3

    I have a question: How would you describe the (eventual) differences between Tantus’ ”Vamp Super Soft”, ”Tantus Uncut 1” and Vixen Creations’ ”Vixskin Johnny” in terms of firmness/”squishyness”? Are dual density toys a good alternative for those who like soft dildos?

    I have read your guide on silicone firmness over 10 times already and am now trying to decide between Tantus’ ”Vamp Super Soft”, ”Tantus Uncut 2” or ”Curve Super Soft”, or the more expensive ”Vixskin Mustang” by Vixen C.. I love NSNovelties ColourSoft (5”) (bought it thanks to you!), and now I want to buy toys with similar firmness without making any expensive mistakes by buying a model that might be too firm for my liking. I don’t even know if dual density would be a good choise for me, so I’d really appreciate your help.


    • Hi, Em! Sorry for taking a couple days to respond! If you like the ColourSoft 5″, I think the Tantus Uncut #2 is a good choice because both dildos have some texture. But the Tantus Curve, I would also understand because it’s a similar firmness—just less textured. It seems to glide more easily for me. The Mustang is even slicker, and squishier (but with that firm core). I hope this helps. Tell me if I’ve been unclear/you have more questions.

  2. ???????????? the Stronic Real sounds amazing omg. I just won the G in a giveaway, and I’m excited but tbh a little apprehensive as my g-spot is a bit easily overwhelmed, and I’m not too sure if the G will be too much for me. Hopefully I’ll eventually end up with the means to get a Real, though!

  3. Thank you so, so much for your informative, detailed reviews for both the Stronic Real and Stronic G models, most definitely helped me confirm that I need a Stronic pulsator in my life! Could you please tell me how soft or firm the heads of both the Stronic Real and Stronic G are, especially when you compare the two? I’m definitely getting the new Stronic Surf pulsator first, but depending on how soft or firm the heads of the other two models are, I will also get a Stronic Real and/or a Stronic G next, so I would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks again, looking forward to your reply!

    • Hi there! They’re really amazing toys, I hope you enjoy the Surf. So the silicone coatings in both the Real and the G are the same silicone. It’s just a little soft (maybe about 10A shore, just in case you’re familiar with fantasy toy densities). But because the Stronic G’s head sticks out more from the firm, mechanical core underneath, the ridge is a bit softer.

  4. thanks to your review and Comparison, i decided on the stronic real and im so happy and pleased with it.
    so thank you very much! 🙂


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