Review: Magic Wand Plus by Vibratex, new Hitachi w/ Body-Safe Head

Magic Wand Plus review

I didn’t think wand vibes were my thing—until I met the Magic Wand Plus and it blew my mind.

For decades, the (formerly Hitachi) Magic Wand massager has sold like crazy as a sex toy, for two big reasons:

  1. Its non-phallic, discreet nature. (I’m just using this on my sore neck!)
  2. Its strength.

I’m now ashamed to say that point #1 was why I’d always ignored the Magic Wand, even though I’d heard literally hundreds of enthusiastic comments about it. I usually want my sex toys to resemble something—be it a penis or a dragon—or else look cute and colorful. In contrast, the Magic Wand Plus’ utilitarian appearance doesn’t catch the eye.

But how many toys that look snazzy have ended up disappointing me? So I set out to review the Magic Wand Plus, a new (silicone-headed!) step between the two other Magic Wand models. I’ll describe the features of each toy and then jump into my personal experience to complete the review!

New Magic Wand Plus Features

This body-massager-turned-sex-tool was born in 1968 and has gone through multiple iterations since then. Most importantly, in 2013 the original brand name was dropped from the Magic Wand, and—though Hitachi still makes all Magic Wands—the massager was rebranded as the Magic Wand Original, distributed by Vibratex.

Then the Magic Wand Rechargeable came in 2015: a new vibe with 4 total steady speeds (rather than just 2), 4 totally new patterns, no cord, and a body-safe silicone head.

I’m all about the silicone head. It’s easy to sanitize by wiping down with alcohol or a bleach solution, so you kill any bacteria or whatever that the wand has touched. It’s ideal for those times when you decide to take your Magic Wand on a sightseeing tour of New Orleans!

Magic Wand Plus Hitachi wand vibrator Cafe du Monde beignets New Orleans
Beignets and cafe au lait, anyone???

But the Magic Wand Rechargeable is more than twice the Original’s price ($60), so I totally understand why people would be drawn to the latter.

This is why the Magic Wand Plus is a great option: it has the safe silicone head but is only $20 more than the original, TPR (or PVC???1) headed one. Plus you don’t have to look into getting a dimmer switch if you think the Magic Wand Original’s two speeds are a bit much. (This is a common complaint!) Instead, the Plus gives you four steady speeds, exactly like the pricier Magic Wand Rechargeable.2

The most obvious difference between the Magic Wand Plus ($80) and the Magic Wand Rechargeable ($125) is that the Plus is still corded. (More on that later.) But also: The Magic Wand Plus’ top speed feels stronger than the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s—with all that current flowing through the Plus’ cord. The Rechargeable is so convenient and still super-strong, so it’s a trade-off!

My Magic Wand Journey

The first time I used the Magic Wand Plus, I was at my parents’ house, so I didn’t want to turn up the noise level too much. Because this is definitely a louder-than-average vibe. But I had this new, intriguing sex toy, so you can guess what happened. It came out of its box and got cleaned, plugged in, and turned on pretty damn quickly. Just to be extra cautious about the noise level at 1 a.m., I confined myself to nestling the Magic Wand between my legs on the lowest level and covering it with a pillow.

That first speed was pleasantly rumbly, soothing, enjoyable. I started to wiggle against it. I liked this a lot, but when I still hadn’t come after a while, I did what gets me off most reliably: I tried inserting it. I managed to wedge the first half inch of the large (≈2.25″ diameter) head in. Then I imagined how I was gonna get laid soon, and I came. I would’ve orgasmed again, a few times, but it was late; instead I fell asleep with the Magic Wand Plus now outside me, its plastic body lying crossways between my legs.

But the second time I used the Magic Wand Plus, I became a true believer. I’d been testing insertable vibes in the shower: Zalo QueenSatisfyer Master, and Pillow Talk Sassy. (Sassy is 100% the one that made me orgasm, for the record.) Anyway, once I dried off, I figured I should complete the day’s testing cycle with this legendary toy that fascinated me—but that I wasn’t sure I really got yet.

I turned the Magic Wand Plus up to speed 2 and thought, “Oh, this is pretty good. Hmm.” Then I figured, “Why not see what this baby can do???” and I turned on speed 3.

It turns out, speed 3 is my friend. Speed 3 does things. At 5,400 rotations per minute,3 speed 3 is kicking ass and taking names. I came 5 seconds after I turned on speed 3—then again and again after that. After about 30 seconds, I realized my clit—no, not just my clit, my entire vulva—was getting oversensitive, so I went back to speed 2. And speed 2 is pretty damn great by itself; I’ve found I like to rest on it for a while, till I get over speed 3 being too much and I can return to the latter again, and orgasm in quick succession.

Magic Wand Plus with silicone dildos BMS Naked Addiction Dual Density Uberrime Splendid large
Magic Wand Plus between the average-sized BMS Naked Addiction Dual (my favorite realistic, body-safe dildo!) and the *large* size Uberrime Splendid (2″ thick at its head).

After my first real trial run with the Magic Wand Plus, I came to understand why I can sit with a Satisfyer air pulsation toy over my clit for literally an hour and not orgasm. (While others find that toy mind-blowing.) I need more. I need my labia stimulated, I need the mouth of my vag stimulated, and I want my urethra and clitoral shaft stimulated too. The Magic Wand Plus does all this with its deep, fuck-yeah vibrations. (All four speeds!) The wand stimulates the whole pelvic floor, not just around the head of the clitoris.

I later brought my Magic Wand Plus on a pleasure-focused weekend getaway, and I kept coming back to it over all the other toys I’d brought along. The large head is pure YES-ness for me—especially if I start low and work my way up through the first three speeds.

I enjoy grinding on thick dildos, like the squishy ColourSoft 8″, and the Magic Wand Plus is like that but with more wow factor. Sometimes I use the flat top of the wand’s head to press into my vulva and back toward my vag, while imagining it’s a huge cock waiting to get in. Other times, I hold the wand in position that’s much more ergonomic when I’m lying flat on my back: with the side of the head against my clit and bits, the wand’s long handle sticking up in the air.

I’m grateful for how the Magic Wand Plus’ neck isn’t too flexible, because I like to use a lot of pressure. The slightly soft top of the silicone head is still gentle against my clit and vulva. But there’s nothing gentle about the vibes past the first two settings: speed 3 is knock-my-socks-off strong, and speed 4 is usually too much for me; it is definitely on the buzzy side. (The price of seriously high power!!!)

Magic Wand Plus head up down control buttons

Luckily, the up-and-down control buttons let me turn down the Magic Wand Plus quickly—or let me alternate easily between speeds 2 and 3, a technique that my vulva now lives for.

Throughout my solo sessions with the Magic Wand Plus, the cord hasn’t bothered me because I plug it into an extension cord, to get all the length I need. Six feet—the total cord length—seems like a lot in theory, but when your outlet is behind your bed headboard, or to the side of your nightstand, or across the room, the length can feel restricting. One might say that the cord limits creative play possibilities. If you’re looking to use it during partnered sex, you may want to invest in a long extension cord for the Magic Wand Plus—or else just go for the cordless Magic Wand Rechargeable.

Care & Cleaning

No Magic Wand is waterproof, so cleaning is a little more tricky than with many vibes. You’re very unlikely to ruin a Magic Wand with bodily fluids, but you also don’t want to immerse the Magic Wand Plus and let moisture seep down into the neck.

To sanitize the body-safe silicone head especially, as well as the ABS plastic in the body, it’s good to rub the surface down with a 10% bleach solution or with 70% isopropyl alcohol, and then cleanse with soap and water. Wipes or lint-free cloths are safest. I’ve run a small stream of water over the head while scrubbing it, but be careful with this because, again, water running down into the neck area could damage the motor. (If you do want a fully waterproof wand that’s worth writing home about, then the Lelo Smart Wand is a powerful alternative that gets great reviews.)

The Magic Wand Plus does shut off automatically after 20 minutes, as a (totally unnecessary) safety feature. Turn it back on and play with the wand for as long as you enjoy, though, because the Magic Wand Plus isn’t prone to overheating like earlier Magic Wands historically have been.

Also, Magic Wands—unlike some other powerful wands (*cough* Doxy *cough*)—have very low fail rates. Your Magic Wand’s head isn’t liable to come detached or stop working!

Overall Thoughts / Recap

I haven’t been so excited about a new powered toy since I got into pulsator & thruster reviewing. Not owning a quality wand like this was a huge void in my toy collection—one that I’m thankful the Magic Wand Plus has filled.

I’m not giving up on good bullet vibes, but the Magic Wand Plus is so big, and so easy. It’s simple for me to get off on. I now understand how well-deserved the Hitachi Magic Wand’s reputation is. Speeds 2 and 3 of the Plus are a game-changer for me! When I use the Magic Wand Plus, I feel pampered. It’s sensual, it’s erotic, and basically it just feels really damn good.

Really, I can’t recommend the Plus enough: It’s an affordable way to experience the original Magic Wand, but with a body-safe silicone head and 4 power levels.

Wand vibes aren’t for everyone, though. Those who prefer more-targeted clitoral stimulation will be better served by the We-Vibe Tango’s rumbly focus, as opposed to the Magic Wand’s broad strength. Also, the Magic Wand Plus’ cord can sometimes feel limiting, so if you want to move freely with your vibe at all times, consider the Magic Wand Rechargeable instead.

Find the Magic Wand Plus here at Peepshow Toys: where everything is body-safe.

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Magic Wand Plus


Total power


Intensity range


Orgasms per dollar value


Ease of use



  • Big head + STRONG power = super-stimulating
  • 4 speeds cover a range from low & rumbly to high but not-buzzy
  • Squishy top is very comfortable
  • Up & down control buttons for easy speed changes
  • Silicone head will not stain


  • Corded means more power, but can feel limiting
  • Not waterproof or splashproof = harder to clean


3.1/5 (14 Reviews)
  1. I’d really like a definite answer about what the Original’s head is currently made of—or what it was historically coated in—because there’s confusion about the material. Is it a firmer PVC to TPR over the years.
  2. The Magic Wand Rechargeable also has 4 patterns versus the Plus’ zero, if patterns are a selling point for you.
  3. Believe me, I don’t really understand what the number means either, but now I understand what it does!

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