Magic Wand Mini Review

The Magic Wand Original is a hefty hunk of Hitachi: It’s certainly not the easiest vibrator to hold & use during sex. Hence, the newbie: Magic Wand Mini, lighter and shorter than Vibratex’s full-size Magic Wand massagers.

How much more convenient is the new Magic Wand Mini, and does its power compare to its bigger relatives? I’ll explore power and positioning options with the “MW Lite” in this review, plus give a full point-by-point of Magic Wand Mini vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable. Skip to the end for a recap & 10% Magic Wand discount code!

POWER?: Magic Wand Mini Strength

First, what’s the point of a Magic Wand? Well, I call it: wand power. One big attraction1 of “wand massagers” is that they are strong. (Plug-in wand vibrators in particular, with power running straight from your wall outlet.) These sexually repurposed back & neck massagers—from the original Hitachi wands, on down to the Magic Wand Plus and Rechargeable today—are over a foot long. The Magic Wand Rechargeable measures 13 inches length, with a 2.25 inch head diameter.

Stronger does not necessarily mean better. Not everyone needs really strong power to orgasm, so I don’t recommend any big-power wand massager as a first / beginner’s sex toy. But for humans who do get amazing orgasms from strong vibrators, then Magic Wands, Doxies, etc. may be prized (or maybe they’ll love the more-focused sensation of a Rose toy).

A larger vibrator certainly has the potential to be a stronger vibrator. But vibe motors are evolving: over the last few years, I’ve started seeing smaller sex toys get more potent. Can a legacy brand like Magic Wand keep up?

Not always. One example: The Powerhouse Vibe costs $7 less, it’s smaller, it’s waterproof, and every speed is more impressive than the Magic Wand Mini’s. Now, the Mini’s vibration quality is strong enough. The rotations are palpable; a certain gyrating intensity within the Magic Wand Mini’s head. And it’s rumbly enough (on speed #1 only) for me to tingle with pleasure. But these “enough”s are qualifiers, terms that imply I’d hoped for a bit more.

I’ve rated the Magic Wand Mini at 8 out of 10 for power on top speed, vs. the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s 9.4 out of 10 maximum power rating. It feels way weaker than the corded Magic Wand (Plus or Original): so Magic Wand Mini is best if you’re not set on maximum vibration power. Overall:

Pros & Cons


  • Less than half the weight of other Magic Wands (277g vs. 597g).
  • Shorter & easier to hold than other Magic Wands.
  • Easier for doggy-style sex.
  • Rechargeable (but not USB compatible).
  • Pretty-strong and rumbly vibration.


  • Not super-powerful like bigger Magic Wands.
  • Narrower speed range than MW Rechargeable.
  • Not waterproof, not even water-resistant.
  • Auto-shutoff after 20 minutes. (But can be powered back on.)

I prefer PalmPower Recharge as a better small wand: vs. Magic Wand Mini, it’s smaller, it’s even lighter, it’s stronger, it’s got more intensity options (=it also has gentler speeds than MW Mini).

Comparison Chart vs. MW Rechargeable

The Magic Wand Mini does most closely compare to the Rechargeable because both are “cordless” wands, which you don’t have to keep tethered to the wall while you’re playing. Details:2

Weight277 grams /
9.9 oz.
597 grams / 21.3 oz.
Length9.6 inches12.9 inches
Handle diameter1.5 inches1.9 inches
Noise level
(Against skin)
42 to 51 dB36 to 55 dB
Functions3 steady speeds4 steady speeds, 4 patterns
(10=max. rumble)
9.5 to 7.510 to 6.7

Size difference: The Mini wand is 53.6% lighter than the full-sized Magic Wand Rechargeable. Simply, the Mini version weighs less than half other Magic Wands. This is great for anyone with hand issues / for whom holding a 13-inch-long & THICK toy is a strain. The Mini Magic Wand is still 9.6 inches total length—not a short toy. But the separated handle does block your hand from absorbing so much vibration (= “getting buzzed”), especially if you hold closer to the end of the handle.

Magic Wand Mini vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable - size comparison

And it’s crazy how much narrower the handle feels in the MW Mini. It’s more “average penis width” vs. the “it’s a big ‘un” level of the full-sized Vibratex wands’ handles. That slimmer handling leads to my favorite highlight of testing the Magic Wand Mini, making it moooooove…

My Experience

Excitement, as I pulled this Mini Magic Wand out of the box. The Magic Wand Plus had been a whoa moment for me when I discovered it; then, the Magic Wand Rechargeable became a staple of my collection. So how tiny would their friend the Mini version be?

Magic Wand Mini in hand review

I turned it right on, after glimpsing the size. Not bad, I pondered, as function #1 started up. Kinda rattly, though. I felt it for a minute, pressed it against my jaw to evaluate its tremors.

Hmm, what’s next? And so speed #2 growled to life under my fingers. Buzzing, higher-pitched, until I pressed it against skin—at which point the noise and the buzziness are more muted. OK, seems Magic Wand–like, but is there more?

And speed #3, the final vibration function. Its pitch reminiscent of an electric toothbrush; spinning power, buzzing around. I then realized that there were only 3 speeds; I’ve grown used to my other Magic Wands having 4. So that’s high power, I concluded, and—running out of time at the end of the workday—waited with anticipation, several hours, before I had time alone for further trials.

The Magic Wand Mini’s lighter weight quickly became its salient feature as I used it to masturbate. The handle really is so much lighter. And, happily, it’s 1.5 inches diameter—so it reminds me of an average-sized penis’s girth. Always the fan of phallic objects, I quickly found myself moving the Magic Wand Mini’s “shaft” / handle up and down, gently, as its padded silicone head maintained steady contact with my clitoris.

Magic Wand Mini vs Magic Wand Rechargeable size legs
Magic Wand handle length, sticking up. Mini on left, Rechargeable wand on right.

How else to use this smaller wand massager? I dove right in the next day.


  • Side of its head against the vulva. This is the position last discussed, so the wand’s handle sticks 90 degrees up in the air—becoming a 6-inch shaft, essentially. This way, I can rub myself off most easily; and the position allows lots of space for vaginal toys at the same time.
  • During vaginal sex (with a human or dildo). Favorite position #2. I set up a dildo mounting position, then lean forward on my Liberator Wing, more pillows behind it. The Magic Wand Mini’s handle angles sideways, and I’m both taking the dildo and humping the Magic Wand Mini’s head. It’s so much smaller. It fits under my pubic mound more easily.
  • With a vaginal plug in. Speaking of which, I tried the MW Mini with a large SquarePegToys G squeeze inside me. That’s a SuperSoft and filling “vaginal plug”: a leave-in dildo made for vaginal comfort. When I get really stuffed, I find myself wanting more frantic motion & more intense strength, so the Magic Wand Mini sitting outside didn’t quite get me there. I pulled out a Rose vibe instead.
  • Top of its head against the vulva. (Preferably with pillows / comfortable chair behind your back, for securest grip.) The Magic Wand Mini’s head can press in most firmly if you have it parallel to your pelvic floor. The neck doesn’t bend this way, so there’s more resistance. This is for pressure-lovers: people who enjoy firm pressure on their pelvic floor to reach orgasm. I found myself craving motion again.
  • While taking a suction cup dildo from behind. I got a long super-soft dildo (flexible city!) and stuck it to my bathroom door. Then backed myself up against it, inserting it vaginally; and afterward, bringing out the Magic Wand to hold in front of me. Fun for a time; hard to maintain the position, though. It’s a leg and core workout bumping a toy like this!
Magic Wand Mini flexible neck
Like other Magic Wands, the Mini’s neck is slightly flexible: moreso when you press it the side of the wand’s head (not the top) against your body.

Would I Use the Mini Vs. the MW Rechargeable?

I may return to the Magic Wand Mini occasionally, since grinding on top of its petite head while I’m on top of a dildo is a definite highlight. But I envision it hanging out, unused, in my drawers a lot. For me, it’s quite not the classic toy that the Magic Wand Rechargeable is. The Rechargeable just has more range.

Update 2023: An even smaller Magic Wand now exists, the Micro! And it is less potent than the Mini for sure!!! Full comparison chart here. It’s adorable, but less WHAM!

The Magic Wand Mini’s vibration quality isn’t bad. Neither is it impressive. Let’s look at why:

Magic Wand Mini vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable frequency pitch
  • Magic Wand Mini’s main frequency band for each of the 3 functions is higher than the respective main frequency band for the Magic Wand Rechargeable. “Higher-frequency” may be interpreted as “buzzier” or “itchier,” for some vibrator users, depending on their sensitivity level. (Other folks enjoy high-pitched vibration.) I tend to respond best to vibration in the 40 to 85 Hertz range.
  • Look at how many lines of echoing vibration occur in the Rechargeable vs. the Mini. This helps me understand why the Mini, IMO, feels shallow compared to the Magic Wand Rechargeable. There’s just less vibration action happening in this range with the Mini. The Rechargeable wand, by contrast, I call resonant.

Care & Cleaning

The Magic Wand Mini’s silicone head is safe for long-term skin contact.

But the wand isn’t waterproof, nor splashproof, so cleaning is less carefree than with a more watertight massager. The goal is to avoid ounces of moisture getting into the neck and buttons areas + charging dock at the end of the handle. (Submerging a Magic Wand does kill it.)

You can run a slow stream of water over the head in your sink, and wash it with soap. Or you can wipe the head thoroughly with a damp, soapy cloth; then rinse and wipe with clean water.

The silicone head may be sanitized (to kill bacteria, viruses, STIs immediately). You can use isopropyl alcohol swabs rubbed over the silicone cap, then rinse with water. Or use a UV sanitizing solution after the wand has been washed and dried.

The Magic Wand Mini’s button control is indeed “intuitive,” as described on the box. 3 buttons: The power button powers on, the + button increases intensity, and the – button decreases intensity.

Magic Wand Mini buttons - how to control

Magic Wand Mini Recap & Ranking

The Magic Wand Mini presents some of the same vibration feel as the larger Magic Wands, but in a package that’s lighter-weight and 30% shorter. But, it is definitely a Magic Wand LITE: It’s less strong, it’s higher-frequency, and it contains less vibration functions than its bigger siblings.

The Mini is also ≈$50 cheaper than the MW Rechargeable—but you can buy stronger & smaller vibrators for less than the MW Mini.

I’ve enjoyed testing out the Magic Wand Mini, but I don’t have the warm fuzzies for this vibrator. I’m all about speed range—more vibration options—and Magic Wand Rechargeable wins there! But, the Mini wand is loads easier to hold and position.

Consider picking up the new Mini MW if you check either of the following boxes:

  • Already own 1 or more Magic Wands, and want a smaller one.
  • Like a quite-strong vibrator with a wider, padded stimulation area.

Find the Magic Wand Mini here.

See wands (like Magic Wand Rechargeable) that I favor here.

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Magic Wand Mini


Top vibration intensity


Easy to operate


Robust vibration feel



  • It's a mini Hitachi!
  • So much lighter
  • Easier to maneuver during vaginal play
  • Same Magic Wand build quality
  • Cordless


  • Less power & less functions
  • Higher-pitched vibration; feels shallower
  • Still no water-resistance


4/5 (5 Reviews)
  1. The other big attraction of wands is that they broadly stimulate, with vibration affecting not just the clitoral glans but the labia (both pairs), the vaginal opening, the perineum, and maybe even the butthole. That’s perfect for folks, like me, whose clitoris finds pinpoint stimulation aggressive & even downright offensive.
  2. Notes: Decibel readings taken from approx. 2 feet away, where ambient noise is 27–29 decibels. Hertz readings refer to the strongest frequency band & do not reflect lesser resonance at higher frequencies (which can impact vibration feel).

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