XR Thunderplugs Vibrating, Thrusting Butt Plug Review

When I saw the XR Thunderplugs Vibrating & Thrusting Silicone Plug described as a “thumper,”1 I immediately became three times more attached to this moving butt plug—while I pushed thoughts of Bambi out of my mind. I do have my thrusting standards: I expect 2 inches thrust length from a thrusting dildo before I can heartily recommend it. But the Thunderplugs (all 3 of them) are toys that you should be able to sit on if you want, which limits their range of motion!

So I was glad to have a new descriptor—”thumper”—for the XR Thunderplugs Vibrating & Thrusting. This anal plug’s shaft pulses slowly, with a short range of motion. It also includes a remote for easier access.

Self-thrusting butt plug options are limited, so I was curious to see whether this Thunderplug would make a favorable impression on my ass. More body-safe anal possibilities, please! Overall, I like it…but I’m not as impressed as by the Maia Max Thruster’s greater range of motion & somewhat deeper vibes.

Update: Since I wrote this review in 2019, the thrusting butt plug choices have evolved. There’s the Doc A-Play Thrust, it’s OK… but my new favorite is the Backdoor Banger: that toy has harder, faster “thump” thrusting, and does not have the pinchy folds that grated against my sphincters a bit in the Thunderplug reviewed below. Keep reading for the full original Thunderplug thrusting plug review.

Thunderplugs Thrusting & Vibrating Action

So what was I getting myself into with this self-propelled butt toy?

The XR Thunderplugs Thrusting Butt Plug has 3 thrust functions and 8 vibrating ones. This is a fair number of combinations. (But nowhere near the amount of possibilities you’ll find in a b-Vibe Rimming Plug with all its rotating bead + vibration combos.) To access all the Thunderplug’s functions—like controlling vibration and thrusting independently from each other—you will need to use the remote.

Thrust speed #1 is a pulsation function. The plug body moves maybe a quarter inch—but at a faster speed, about 2 pulses per second. (Akin to the starting speed of a Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator.2)

Then, the Thunderplugs Thrusting Butt Plug almost doubles its thrust length on function number 2, up to half an inch—while the stroke speed is nearly cut in half. And the third speed follows a similar pattern: thrusting slightly longer, but also more slowly. I’ve often had difficulties distinguishing between thrust speeds #2 and #3, because the final one isn’t too much more impactful. Plus 2 kind of “off/on” patterned thrusting modes exist; they feel erratic and make me wonder if I’m about to break the toy.3

The vibe functions comprise 3 steady speeds and 5 patterns. The motor is in the tip, so don’t expect serious power in the bulb. The intensity gets up to a medium level. It’s neither weak nor mind-blowing.

The XR Thunderplugs Thrusting is not a large toy. (Though it’s not a toy I would’ve wanted to take as a total anal noob!) The diameter is given as a pretty thick 1.8″, but the entire shaft above the bottom bulge is 1.25 inches wide. That bulge—which you may or may not want to take—significantly expands the width. Similarly, the Thunderplugs Thrusting’s total length insertable length, 5.75 inches, is average but that’s if you take into account the expansive bulb at the bottom, right above the base. This anal plug is 3.2 inches long above the “bellows,” the accordion folds that allow the firm silicone coating to move up and down, in and out.

My XR Thrusting Plug Experience

The Thunderplugs Thrusting Butt Plug has a straight, just slightly curved, tip. I wondered about how it would be for prostate, so I tried it as a G-spot toy first. It was kinda fun but not an incredible journey like my favorite thrusting sex machine or the Pillow Talk Sassy (my favorite vag vibe).

My butt is more sensitive to motion, though: it likes taking it slow. Because the width isn’t too large at all for almost the entire plug—comparable to the Maia Max Thrusting dildo’s slimline shaft—I was able to take the XR Thruster almost immediately. I was pleased that, even though my sphincters tend to be tight, the plug doesn’t stall out while I’m getting it in.

I’m going to call the XR Vibrating and Thrusting Silicone Butt Plug by its new alias, XR Thumper, for the rest of this section. It does thump! It’s a light motion that’s like being fingered by something hard. (And that vibrates too.) See me holding it in a quick demo here, including the whirring sound that’s a normal part of thrusting-dildo use.


XR Thumper is pleasant in combo with the vibes. I get turned on and start wanting clitoral stimulation too, which is how I get off with butt play. (Except for that one anal-only orgasm exception.)

And Thumper is most pleasant when I only take the first three inches. At the wrong angle, if I’m pressing Thumper forward toward my vaginal wall, the bellows will start to feel a little pinchy. I stopped trying to get to the bulge, the 1.8-inch-wide section, because Thumper’s folds weren’t doing it for me. MORE LUBRICATION, please. But I just couldn’t get greased up well enough to love the accordion-like part rubbing my sphincters. If you want a pinch-less experience, I’d recommend the A-Play Thrust instead, with its jiggly pulsations.

Since I don’t really like a lot of length, only taking the Thunderplug’s tip is OK with me. It’s just a finger’s length. And since most prostates are 2 to 3 inches inches in, I can see this Thunderplug being workable as a vibrating, thrusting prostate plug.

If you want more, there is also a thrusting and swelling Thunderplug that claims 5.75 inches insertable, but again, that’s if you push past the bellows onto the bulge. The  swelling plug will get you a bit over 4 inches before the folds. (I can’t say anything about how well the swelling function performs.)

Really, I’d say to go with Maia Max if you want a longer-thrusting toy for a similar price point.

Lube & Cleaning

I need lots of lube with my anal motion, so I would recommend slathering the XR Thunderplugs Thrusting Butt Plug with a hybrid lube like Sliquid Silk, or even using oil-based lubricant. The latter helps the shaft move—but also makes cleanup lengthier. The Thunderplug’s bellows took a couple minutes of careful finger-circling and scrubbing.

Thumper is splashproof but not submersible: do not take this toy into the bathtub, and you might exercise caution with showering with it. (The remote shouldn’t go with you in the shower, for sure.)

Thumper itself is USB rechargeable, and the magnetic attachment blinks while charging (so you’ll know if it’s not attached correctly). The remote takes a CR2032 battery. I suggest removing this battery after each use, as my remote ate through a couple CR2032s between tests even though I’m 90% sure I turned the remote off each time. (Something that did not happen to me with the b-Vibe Rimming Plug remote’s same battery type.)

Overall Thoughts

I’m glad that the XR Thunderplugs Vibrating & Thrusting Plugs are expanding the safe anal thrusting options. (Yay body-safe silicone!)

The thumping is satisfying when I’m not looking to have my ass penetrated so fast. This is a plug that stimulates more gently: it’s not an anal pounding. 

This moving butt plug’s remote control is really handy. It makes the thrusting potentially hands-free and allows access to more functions, like using the vibes without the thrusting or vice versa.

Overall, I’d recommend this XR Thunderplug if you:

  • Want a lightly thrusting toy, with vibes too.
  • Want to experiment with thrusting prostate stimulation while holding the plug base (not sitting on it).
  • Are happy with 3 inches insertable length and a slimmer width, OR if you can take the 1.8-inch-wide bulge and almost 6 inches length.4

Thumper isn’t up there with my anal favorites, but it’s fun occasionally. It’s easier to hold than a full-sized thrusting dildo, and the self-propelled motion definitely has an appeal. It’s best, IMO, if you’re looking to lie back and receive light, hands-free anal stroking.

Find the XR Brands Vibrating & Thrusting Butt Plug here.

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  1. In an August 2019 XBiz adult industry mag issue.
  2. Which has three faster pulsation levels after the start speed!
  3. Nope, not yet!!! It’s still hanging in there!
  4. Because in that case, the bellows (folding silicone ridges) should be past your sphincters and not pinch sensitive nerve endings.

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