Satisfyer Double Wand-er Review: Wand with 2 Heads!

The rumbliest wand vibrator around. I didn’t expect Satisfyer’s Double Wand-er vibrator to have such deep vibrations. It is certainly not the strongest massage wand, but the vibes’ rumbly quality leaves me…well, Satisfyed, nonetheless. The Double Wand-er also includes a G-spot attachment head, and is long-distance capable, AND is waterproof. It’s Satisfyer’s first attempt at “magic wand” size BIG vibration…

And the 2 different heads are IMO the best bonus. Wand vibrators / wand massagers are known for being powerful toys, so it’s a shame that G-spot attachments aren’t normally included! Even if you love vaginal stim… like I do… you may not think it’s worth it to pay $72 for a good silicone attachment alone. (Also, big discovery with the Satisfyer wand: the “G-spot” attachment is great for creating a more focused clitoral stimulator too, like a flexible finger rubbing outside!) With the Satisfyer Double Wand-er, you get the two different head styles for $10 more than the Magic Wand Plus. Even better: the G-spot attachment will not slip around during thrusting, since the shaft is part of that second head. The two Double Wand-er heads lock into place really well, and let the wand be submersible!

This Satisfyer Double Wand-er review rates power & vibe quality, ease of use, app control, and how the Double Wand-er has performed for me & my friends…

Satisfyer Double Wand-er Vibration Intensity

I’d call the Satisfyer Double Wand-er an “entry level” full-size wand: closely imitating the (Vibratex nรฉe Hitachi) Magic Wand’s stature, but with less bite. What I mean by that: the vibrations are easier to take, more suitable for someone who is not used to powerful vibration.

The Double Wand-er has the deepest, rumbliest vibrations I have ever felt in a large body massager. But (relatedly) it’s simply not as strong as a typical “big boy” wand like the corded Magic Wand, the Doxy, the Viben Obsession. (Or even the Lovense Domi: that one is power compressed into a smaller size!) I would rate the Double Wand-er a 7.25 out of 10 for top vibration power, meaning that it has the intensity of a decent G-spot vibrator, instead of excelling at sheer strength like many wand massagers.

Satisfyer Double Wand-er review, vs. Lovense Domi 2, Magic Wand, Viben Obsession
Size, top to bottom: Viben Obsession, Magic Wand R, Satisfyer Double Wander, Lovense Domi 2.

With long-distance play especially, I think that’s a huge benefit! The Lovense Domi 2, for example, is a wand massager that has overstimulated me once when I let a new partner control it remotely1; and last holiday season, I gave a Domi to a friend who enjoys power, and she was like, “Whoa! This is strong!” and had to get used to it. So, if you’re not looking to be bowled over by power, the Double Wand-er really makes sense. One advantage of Double Wand-er not being so strong is that it’s able to maintain its “deep & rumbly” feel better throughout the speed range! Usually as vibrators get stronger, they’re also “buzzier” / higher-pitched even if they started out rumbly: like the Magic Wand Plus and Rechargeable get that slightly “itchy” feel starting on the 3rd and 4th speeds, respectively โ€” which can make some users feel oversensitized / annoyed. (While other people just love it! Mmm, power!)

In contrast, this Satisfyer wand’s 6 steady vibration intensities remain low-frequency. They’re much less buzzy than, for example, the Lovense Lush and the Lovense Dolce (previously Quake), who I rate the Satisfyer Double Wand-er as directly in between for top power. It’s crazy that Satisfyer motors have gotten much better over the last couple years: because the older Satisfyer “Wander Woman” is a whole different beast, much buzzier than this new Double Wand.

If you’re someone who’s ever wanted a wand vibrator but are annoyed by buzzy vibration, I think this is an amazing choice. The Double Wand-er’s first 3-4 intensities in particular have very deep, low-frequency vibration, while the strongest two intensities (#5 and #6) are still much rumblier than other top wand-vibe settings.

My Double Wand-er Experience! The Rumbles

Uruuuga, these vibrations! I flipped the Double Wand-er on, and sensed how deep its waves were traveling. Fair enough, some vibrators start out with a grrrr that’s delightfully rumbly โ€” and then, as they surge upward, they begin to lose that that depth.

How hard will I come?, you may wonder about the Wand-er. I’ll tell you how it was for me: someone who prioritizes vibration depth (and silicone inside me!) more than sheer power.

I started playing with the Double Wand-er’s traditionally round head first. Going for the all-over clitoral + labia stimulation that a good “massage wand” will provide. The Double Wand-er’s head also has little spiraly grooves, making it fun to rub against. Just a slight texture, adding to the vibes if you’re someone who enjoys grinding on / humping larger objects.

I do, I’m all about the 2-inch-wide massage. So I let the Double Wand-er’s head hang out, resting against my vulva. Because of those side textures, and the fact that it’s wider on the sides of the head (and narrows more on top), I definitely prefer to have the Double Wand-er stick straight up โ€” whereas with a Magic Wand, the softer top of the head makes me want to stick it straight out (a more awkward position to hold onto).

Satisfyer Double Wand-er review, wand attachment head position
Picture it with a vulva, instead of a pillow. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Turn it up, I say, with the Double Wand-er. The first 3 speeds are a great build-up, rumbly rumbly that starts to feel teasing! I want more, so I move to the 5th steady speed after a couple minutes. Then the Double Wand-er massaging really begins.

I think it’s funnest to orgasm once or twice on the external / clit-stimulating head, then detach it and go for the thrusting G-spot massage. OR use it to focus on the clitoris more than the big, broad head can: I discovered the “G-spot” arm is a fantastic fingering-feel too, once when I wanted outside stim but had been too lazy to (spend 20 seconds) switching over to the normal wand vibe head.

Satisfyer Double Wand-er review, G-spot attachment silicone head

OMG the silicone is super-silky too; has a lovely matte finish. The shaft’s silicone is a standard “not soft” firmness (โ‰ˆ30A Shore), but it’s thinner (1 inch diameter for most of the insertable length), so it does bend comfortably as I thrust. While still having that “come hither fingers” feel. It’s short, which I really appreciate: 3.5 inches insertable length, so it’s not overshooting my G-spot while I’m getting clitoral contact from the big head at the end. However, if you’re a fan of deep or cervical stimulation, it may not be to your taste.

I got some A-spot stimulation from it, though, kinda by accident when I handed it off to someone I’d just met! [The “A-spot” refers to the anterior fornix, an area on the front (belly button) side of the vagina โ€” like the G-spot in that way, except deeper in.]

I promise this toy can be super-fun in the privacy of your own bedroom, but I love having a wider range of experience to describe for my reviews. So I packed my Double Wand-er for some fun times at the sex club one night: And using both attachments with a new female friend was a serious highlight. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

I first used the “normal” massage wand head on a woman who owns a Magic Wand Plus. She said that the 3rd speed (out of 4) on the Magic Wand Plus was the one the one that brought her to orgasm very quickly; she didnโ€™t need the Magic Wand Plus’ fourth and highest speed, and was annoyed that the Plus needs to be plugged into the wall constantly. So we got to playing with the Double Wand-er on her. She moaned already at the lowest setting, but we quickly established that she wanted to go higher in speed. I held the wand shaft as she ground against it, asking for more. She said, “The third speed!” [referring to the Magic Wand Plus’s settings], when we were already on the Satisfyer Double Wand-er’s highest intensity. She wanted a little bit more, being used to a stronger vibrator. But still, a minute afterward, she came hard; grinding her pelvis against the Satisfyer wand, as she made a lot of noise orgasming in on it for what mustโ€™ve been a full 20 seconds.

It was my turn next. I removed the used head, since I like the G-spot (or external fingering!) one better anyway. G-spot + plus clit sensation when you insert the full “shaft” length: dual stimulation! So the woman I’d used the wand on was both really communicative and really good at picking up on how I was reacting to her movements. I really am a MORE G-SPOT PLEASE kind of person, and at first she had the wand handle angled downward more โ€” so it was arcing more into my A-spot rather than my G spot, and not making full contact with my clit. So she asked how the angle was, then I said, “Farther up!” And THEN we were in business. I had a great time coming on the G-spot stim and the clit grinding too, as she rubbed the wand up and down. ๐Ÿ’ฆ It was a really nice series of several orgasms, with my only complaint being that the G-spot shaft is an inch wide and felt thin compared to the dicking I’d gotten an hour previously, but hey, rumbly vibrations for the win! (I later turned to fitting a silicone penis extender over the Wand-er sometimes, see below, vroooom๐Ÿ™‚


After that, I took the Satisfyer Double Wand-er home, cleaned it off, and experimented with shower play! Because this full wand is waterproof. Hell yeah! I’m a little nervous to actually take it in fully submerged in the bathtub, though it does promise to be waterproof submersible and Satisfyer’s warranty will back that up. Full water coverage tends to numb vibration feel in my experience, so I’m happy just standing up with it in the shower. Since it’s not as TURBO as the Viben Obsession, it’s not an instant orgasm, and I may end up finishing on Double Wand-er when I’m done with my shower, hair in a towel, lying down in bed. (It’s harder to come while standing upright!) Having the choice to have rumbly vibes flowing between my legs while I relax & rinse is very cool, and I’m glad more wands are becoming more waterproof.

How to Fit the Heads on Double Wand-er

It’s a slight learning experience to get either head twisted onto the Double Wand-er’s handle the right way, locked into place. The attachment heads feature a notch system: two grooves on one side, and a longer tab on the opposite side, that makes them very stable once twisted to lock in.

Satisfyer Double Wand-er review, interlocking head system

The Satisfyer Double Wander vibrator’s removable head actually makes it much easier to pack, to travel with. But get used to the head attachment process first, or you’ll be struggling for about 10 seconds! Case in point: I had the Double Wand-er stuck inside my tiny Adidas backpack for the afore-described club adventure (along with a skimpy change of clothes, lube, great condoms, and assorted other nighttime necessities).

Satisfyer Double Wand-er review, travel bag

The Wander’s handle fell out as I was trying to repack my bag, after sex with the boyfriend I was there to see. He asked what it was, never having seen a headless wand massager. (I mean, who has?!?) So I pulled out a separate toy storage sack (not included with purchase, unfortunately) that I had packed the Double Wand-er’s two heads into. I tried to slide the round one on as quickly as possible, but I found myself twisting and turning, and not quite getting it right. Eventually I twisted and pushed down on the Double Wand-er’s head, and it snapped in place satisfyingly. Then, only then, was I able to proclaim, โ€œItโ€™s got deep rumbly vibrations!โ€ Ooh! I paused to pull out the G-spotting head; spent another 10 seconds assembling that one, till it was attached properly, and powered on. Then I said, โ€œItโ€™s a great neck massager too!โ€ while stepping toward him (pants now on) and hooking the spot-stimulating shaft around the back of his neck. He stopped and (being very sensory, like me) considered the vibration, before agreeing it felt nice.

So here’s what you do: Of course put the head’s end down into the open space at the top of the handle. Twist while pushing lightly downward until you feel the attachment drop down about a quarter inch. Then twist further, clockwise, until you can’t twist anymore; about 45 degrees. And you’re in the game!

How to Control Satisfyer Double Wand-er

Once you’ve gotten your preferred head fitted on, here’s how to control the Satisfyer Double Wand-er, by the buttons:

  1. ~ Button: This one has 3 functions! It’s On/Off if you hold it down for 2 seconds. It flips through the 10 vibrations functions (1 steady with 6 adjustable intensities + 9 patterns with 5 adjustable intensities). Or it pairs to the Satisfyer app via Bluetooth if you hold it down for 4+ seconds.
  2. The + button increases vibration strength in any of the 10 built-in functions.
  3. And of course the โ€“ button decreases strength in the same built-in functions: amazing if you want to back down in speed quickly, without having to cycle through.

The + and โ€“ buttons are an essential for easy button control and something that it’s ridiculous for any over-$50 vibrator not to have nowadays. The only potential downside with the Satisfyer Double Wand-er’s button control is that you might accidentally push the ~ button instead of the + button, and move into a pattern when you wanted a higher steady speed. I think Satisfyer has been smart to add a little extra space between the (~) and the (+) buttons โ€” they’ve put some thought into user experience, which is commendable. You just have to spend a couple sessions getting used to where the buttons are, in order to avoid this “slightly annoying for 15 seconds” user error.

One of my first sessions with the Satisfyer Double Wand-er, I held down the power button for too long and the bottom of the toy started blinking! A light shows up when the Double Wand-er is in “pairing mode” ready for Bluetooth control. Clearly it was time to play with that feature…

Satisfyer App Control with Double Wand-er

The Satisfyer app is well-done, and has seen improvements since its first release in late 2020. In order of goodness, I would rank long-distance vibrator apps in 2021 as follows: 1. Lovense, 2. Satisfyer, 3. Ohmibod, 4. Hismith, 5. We-Connect by We-Vibe, 6. Motorbunny… 99. Svakom.

As of mid-2021, the Satisfyer app can run alongside other apps on your phone (whereas before it would, annoyingly, pause your synched toy’s vibrations if you tried to take a phone call, text someone outside the Satisfyer app, watch internet porn, browse Insta, etc.). Huge improvement, that. As noted in my original Satisfyer app review, I think the sheer amount of privacy notices are well-thought-out: they show that Satisfyer wants you to know what you’re consenting to while using their app.

When pairing your toy, first you should:

  • Hold down the vibrator’s power on/off button for 5 seconds. Now it’s in pairing mode.
  • In the app, hit the link ๐Ÿ”— icon in the upper right corner. You should see a “Strong Bonding Successfull” message.
  • Hit the “Pair” button in response to the Bluetooth Pairing Request box.
  • Hit “OK” if you want to allow the app to hear noises around you (to vibrate in tandem), OR if you want to connect long-distance and hear your partner.

Then you’ll see the following play options, screenshot #2 below:

Satisfyer app Double Wand-er vibrator review

The Live Control function lets you move your finger up and down to increase vibration intensity. If your partner is controlling your toy (in person on their phone, or long-distance), they’ll also get the same screen. You can save previous Live Control sessions as patterns to use later, as seen in screenshot #3 above; I’ve named my favorite one I’ve created for Double Wand-er “Thrust”; it’s a series of gently rolling waves that’s fun to grind my vulva along with, or just press and hold.

My one remaining critique about the Satisfyer app is that the Live Control screen wastes so much space. A huge part of the screen does nothing (see where I’m imposed the words “Empty Space” on screenshot #4, above), because you can only drag your finger down to mid-screen; that’s where the lowest vibration intensity is reached, and the rest of the speed range is then bunched up into the top half of the screen. It makes incremental adjustment (changing the vibe speed just a little bit) a tad trickier than it could be.

It’s still easy enough, though. Other Satisfyer app options include the new Audiobooks feature, which you need to link your Spotify through if you want to hear anything other than a very cheesy Satisfyer-promoting audio “porn.”2 The Ambient Noise function… exists; I have to make a lot of noise to get my Double Wand-er’s vibes to really be felt there.

I haven’t tried the Long Distance option with Double Wand-er because I can’t do virtual sex these days (unless it’s a Rauw Alejandro song ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿฅต). You access that app function via the two little linked hearts on the bottom bar. But the Satisfyer app’s connectivity has functioned just fine for me in the past. Do note that your partner will need to be at home / somewhere private where they can do a video call during long-distance control. It’s cool to have this option if you have a long-distance relationship. The Lovense Domi 2 is the closest competing long-distance wand vibrator, and it’s certainly more powerful than the Satisfyer wand but significantly buzzy, as mentioned earlier.

Overall Double Wand-er Rating

I’m so pumped about this Satisfyer wand because I think it’s a great first wand vibrator option, or perfect for folks who find other power-wands too extreme or too buzzy. The Satisfyer Double Wand-er is rumbly and pretty (but not super) powerful.

It has a lot going on: like how the ability to switch to G-spot / P-spot play (or clitoral fingering!) too is an innovative touch. Yes, actually innovative: this is a really cool feature that no other wand vibrator has for the full head.3 The interlocking head system works very well, so the “shaft” is actually part of the wand vibrator itself โ€” not just an afterthought, or something you have to purchase separately. “A lot going on” also includes the Double Wander’s size: it is big, and it is weighty. It is not the right toy if you have accessibility issues relating to your hands.

Again, this is a moderately strong wand. I really, really like using it because it’s more rumbly than the other wands I own, throughout the full speed range. It doesn’t feel buzzy or numbing like a Doxy, for example. True power-fans might want to skip the Double Wand-er; but if you’ve never owned a wand before or you’re irritated by high-pitched “buzzy” vibrations, I would recommend it strongly. Or if you want a G-spot attachment option, yay!

Find the Satisfyer Double Wand-er here for an automatic 10% discount.

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  1. Never again, power wands are not for friends I’m not consistently submissive to.
  2. I’m lazy, I’ve never set up a Spotify account, I listen to YouTube Music all the time.
  3. The BMS original Palm Powers have removable silicone caps that cover half the head, and leave a slight seam; which was a novel system, but not as good a feel as a full interlocking head, IMO.

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  1. How do the vibrations compare to the we vibe wand? That thing is super duper rumbly, but like not quite as strong as magic wand when I tried it out in a shop.

    • Hi, good question! The Double Wander’s head is more tapered, slimmer at the top; but at widest, it’s a small fraction of an inch less-wide than the Magic Wands, maybe a 1/16″ diameter difference, which isn’t enough to really matter. Magic Wand toppers will fit on it.


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