Adrien Lastic Revelation Review

Puffing power vibes. Adrien Lastic’s Revelation is a pulsing vibrator: not just an “air pulsation” stimulator. Part of trend to move beyond Womanizer & Satisfyer’s blowing air, Revelation rolls in deep vibration that really adds to the clitoral “suction” stimulator. With its pulsing and rumbling, the Lastic Revelation was almost too much for me at first: Until I learned how to best use this air pulsation vibrator.

This Adrien Lastic Revelation review compares it to related air pulsation sex toys, describes my experience, talks about how to tone down the surround-sound intensity (in case it gets to be too much for your clitoris, like right after a first orgasm!), and lists pros and cons for the Revelation pulsing vibe in the Recap.

Adrien Lastic Revelation Intensity & Functions

Adrien Lastic Revelation review, air pulsation vibrator in hand 2

The Revelation, as mentioned, combines air pulsation clitoral stimulation with vibration.1 The theory is that vibration travels deeper into the clitoris, down the “clitoral shaft” rather than just the head2 โ€” delivering more *bang* ๐Ÿ’ฅfor your buck than in a 100% air-pulse toy.

Indeed, the Adrien Lastic Revelation comes right behind the Inya Rose “viral” clit toy in my list of most powerful sex toys of 2021. The Revelation starts very potent, with very rumbly vibes; and of course gets stronger from there! I’ll talk about how to make its pulsing vibes less overwhelming in “My Experience,” next, in case you’re someone who desires a slower start.

Strongest vibrators of 2021_ Rose vibrator, Lovense Dolce, Adrien Lastic Revelation, Viben Obsession wand
See its size: Revelation, bottom next-to-left. The Rose vibe is to the left.

My favorite air-pulsing toy remains the We-Vibe Melt, and the Adrien Lastic Revelation is so close to matching Melt’s top intensity. Some new clitoral “suction” toy buyers think the Melt is too potent at first, and the Revelation seems to be missing Melt’s lowest 7 out of 10 intensity levels! You gotta be ready for this thing!

The Melt by We-Vibe doesn’t vibrate, though, so a 100% accurate power comparison is more difficult. The Adrien Lastic Revelation is most like the Lelo Sonas, the Lora DiCarlo Baci, the Vedo Suki, and the NS Inya Rose. All those vibrate and pulse together: the two functions tied together, inseparable.

I believe the Revelation is like a better, more ethical Lelo Sona. The Adrien Lastic Revelation is intense in the way the Lelo Sona is; its only true downside is that Revelation has 3 steady pulsing-vibration intensities, vs. 8 steady speeds for the Lelo Sona 2. The Revelation is smaller and lighter-weight, and you don’t have to reverse-cycle from high to low intensity to start out (an annoying user experience for the Sona). I can fit the Revelation into dildo play / vaginal penetration better than the Sona โ€” though the We-Vibe Melt’s shape is the most ergonomic for dual-stimulation.

Last, although you should always be sure to use lubricant inside an air pulsation toy’s mouth, the Revelation’s is a broader, more open space vs. Sona’s tighter channel. IMO that makes Revelation more comfortable to move around and under the clitoris. The only clits I wouldn’t recommend it to, for size reasons, are ones that do stick out from their labia significantly, more than about a third of an inch; almost every Satisfyer air pulse product (esp. the Curvy 1+) will be better suited for those longer clitorises.

My Experience with Revelation by AL

I’m really enjoying how well the Adrien Lastic Revelation fits into dildo sex. The body is small and arcs gently over my index finger, without taking up too much space toward my vagina. The We-Vibe Melt is still the most ergonomic for clit “suction” during penetration โ€” but sometimes I like to use Melt and Revelation one after another, for the different feels. Because the We-Vibe Melt does not vibrate like this Revelation vibrator does.

Adrien Lastic Revelation review, suction vibrator with Pillow Talk Sassy G-spot vibrator & Pleasure Tailor Triarx triple-density dildo
From top, Triarx triple-density dildo; Pillow Talk Sassy G-spot vibe; and Revelation. Accompanied by my favorite lube, on top of a helpful sex blanket.

I’ll admit, the first time I tried Revelation, I was like, “OMG but how.” How do I use this toy, that’s so powerful right at my clitoris? I’m super-sensitive to directly focused clitoral stimulation; I prefer broader rubbing motions, and often “jerk” my air pulse clit mouths up and down as I masturbate โ€” so I’m not getting overstimulated by the pressure right on top of my clit. So the next time I used the Adrien Lastic Revelation, I thought to position its open, rounded mouth downward more. Not creating a “suction” seal, which is how you get the most power from this toy. Instead, putting it below my clit hood; with Revelation’s pulsing mouth echoing toward my clitoral glans but not smothering it. This is how you start gentler with the Revelation, if you don’t need super-focused and strong stimulation to start your play; if you want a “warmup” that doesn’t 100% blow you away.

Adrien Lastic Revelation review, air pulsation vibrator in hand

The Revelation’s blow-hole is so much nicer than the Inya Rose: with the Rose, the big “petal” surface is shaped so that you really need to get your clit right in there to feel the vibration. Not so with the Revelation by Adrien Lastic (a Spanish sex toy manufacturer). Revelation lets me angle the toy different directions, and rub it over my vulva better than the viral Rose โ€” not to mention, Revelation doesn’t contain a helluva lot of little indents that my fluids & lube get trapped in.

I’ve had my most intense orgasms while keeping the Revelation’s handle-tip over my finger and lightly thrusting my new favorite dildo in and out. So the Revelation’s mouth is gently rocking too. OMG.

For clit-only orgasms, I relax and ease into the Revelation’s stimulation. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So as I get more turned on, I can finally place the mouth totally surrounding my clit. Then I might move it up and down. I find that after I do climax on Revelation, I need to move the toy down under my clit or stop using it for a few minutes! Usually I don’t have a “refractory period” for orgasms, but with really powerful clitoral ones โ€” that only a few toys can produce โ€” I do want a couple minutes’ break before I can keep going for multiples. Long, drawn-out orgasm sequences are the best.

I’ll note again that even on intensity #1 in the AL Revelation (the lowest power!), the rumbling vibes are pretty darn strong! They’re making me think of the We-Vibe Tango X’s rumbly slant-tip! The Revelation is not a “beginner” vibrator, unless you know you need strength to orgasm.

The Adrien Lastic Revelation does only have 3 steady speeds, and the range is kinda abbreviated. The 3 strong speeds are “tightly spaced,” if you will. If you want a gentler (but still rumbly) start and comparable power to finish, you’ll need to buy a Lora DiCarlo Baci for $160. I love that pulsing vibrator, but its tall body is tougher to hold and to fit into vaginal sex, so I mainly find myself sitting on the Baci, in my desk chair here. Letting gravity do the work of keeping Baci in place.

The Revelation also has 6 patterns that are fun to flip through for a spin.

I feel like the Revelation tends to decrease in intensity as you drain the battery. It’s weaker after the first, oh, hour of use; even though the battery life lasts an hour and a half plus. So do recharge your Revelation more often (than most vibes) for the fullest effect.

How to Use the Revelation “Suction” Sex Toy

Adrien Lastic Revelation review, air pulsation vibrator, mouth size for clitoral stimulation
My ring (fourth) finger in Revelation’s mouth, with some room to spare.

So the Adrien Lastic Revelation has 3 control buttons, seen above. It’s neither the best nor the worst button control I’ve played with. The Revelation’s on/off button is simple, well-done, so you don’t accidentally power off the Revelation while trying to change functions.

The middle button is key: it cycles through the 9 functions. You cannot back down 1 intensity level with this vibrating pulsator; you do need to flip through. If this were a luxury vibe like Womanizer or Melt ($100 – $199), that would be more disappointing; but for the amount of power and the ease of use that Revelation provides (for under $65), I feel it’s forgivable.

Last, the “wavy peaks” button will take the Revelation to its top intensity, no matter what function you’re on. So let’s say you really enjoy one of the Revelation’s patterns but want even more power: just hold down that button. (And keep it held down.)

Other Revelation Features

The Adrien Lastic Revelation is smooth silicone, with a silvery ABS plastic accent on its backside. Both materials are body-safe and sanitizable, though I’m not really sure about the need for all these shiny plastic accents on vibrators: they can create more work when you clean them, depending on the toy. But luckily, the backside of the Revelation isn’t directly exposed to fluids. So its only real purpose, as far as I can tell, is so as to try one’s hand(s) at taking nude selfies reflected in its silver “mirror” shine.

But I digress. It’s waterproof submersible. Shower with it, if you like. (I do.) You can use it in the bathtub, if you want to fight against the weight of the water dampening your orgasms.

It’s USB magnetic rechargeable like every other air pulse toy I’ve tested, except that one time that Womanizer tried releasing a cheap-o battery-powered version of “Pleasure Air technology.” (Major fail, Romp toys; let’s leave those in the dark abyss of 2020 memories.3

Revelation Recap & Ranking

This is a nice, safe alternative to the Lelo Sona with rumbly pulsing power. The Adrien Lastic Revelation’s vibration โ€” intertwined with thumping air โ€” starts deep and feels strong. It’s a power-lover’s toy with no gradual intensity increase. You can angle the Revelation’s “mouth” to lessen its direct impact on the clitoris; and I think the rounded mouth is comfortably shaped. It’s a light-weight toy that’s easy to hold in your hand, and I’ve managed to use it very successfully with a G-spot dildo.

Find the Adrien Lastic Revelation here.

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  1. Air pulse (or “pressure wave” or “clit suction”) toys do surround the clitoris and puff out air in regular bursts: this can be very intense, even though it doesn’t directly touch the clitoris. Womanizer, and then Satisfyer, were the leading brands in this trend. Later, Lelo became the first to add vibration hand-in-hand with air pulsation. (Though Lelo still doesn’t admit this, claiming that the vibration in the Lelo Sona and Sila toys is “SenSonic technology.” Bullshit, it’s vibration.)
  2. Again, Lelo’s marketing of the Sona is misleading here in that they claim the toy “uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris.” The entire clitoris is a large structure that has legs (crura) wrapping around the vagina. Those vibrations are not traveling that far.
  3. Weird how Adrien Lastic (and their offshoot Alive) toys make me get all existential. I’ll blame the Spanish influence. My ex-husband gifted me the large tome of Miguel de Unamuno’s The Tragic Sense of Life early in our relationship. I should’ve taken it as a reflection of his willfully tragic nature and run ๐Ÿ˜†

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