Lora DiCarlo Baci Review: Clit Suction Massager

Kisses… The Lora DiCarlo Baci “robotic” clitoral stimulator promises that: “to mimic the feeling of a mouth, lips, and tongue over the clitoris.” In reality, Baci is a Womanizer with a deeper thrumming undercurrent to the pulsing air. It is not a mouth, it is not oral sex. And why should it be? Baci’s clit suction-pulsation has made me orgasm harder than any partner’s mouth ever did. It does not have to be 100% realistic, to be extremely orgasmic.

OOPS! Baci was discontinued when Lora DiCarlo went out of business 2 years back. The most similar “rumbly, focused air pulse” vibrator I’ve found since then is the Firefly Dream, reviewed here.

I ranked the best Womanizer & Satisfyer-style clit stimulators last year, often called “clit suction” stimulators. And the Lora DiCarlo Baci is the first new release over the last 12 months that’s made me care enough to update my rating guide. The Romp toys certainly didn’t motivate me, and Vedo’s new finger-grip air pulsator is strong (aggressive strong)…but odd, so it hadn’t been slotted in either.1 In short: Baci is good, CRYING-level good; the only recent air pulse tech I’m eager to recommend you consider vs. the We-Vibe Melt and Womanizers (all compared below).

This Lora DiCarlo Baci review will rate the “robotic” clit stimulator’s air-pulse power, talk about its convenience (spoiler: it’s way less convenient during sex than We-Vibe Melt) and how to use, and share my clit-bumping experience with Baci!

Baci Power

Baci’s power is like the We-Vibe Melt’s, my favorite: except with a little more rumble under the pulsation. (More on Baci’s reverberations in the next section.) Both clit stimulators have 10 preset speeds.

That means the Lora DiCarlo Baci starts out at a speed that’s low enough, but not truly light. If you are looking for a first air pulsation toy, then I’d recommend the Womanizer Liberty (for thumpiest feel) or Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen. (a crowd favorite, and cheaper) for toys that do start their air-pulsing power gentler.

Baci’s first few speeds progress upward slowly enough…but wow, is this stimulator a powerhouse as you move up—especially if you’re sensitive to direct clit stimulation.

Not to mention, Baci’s pulses have another kind of impact…

“Stimulates the Full Clitoris”: Vs. Sona’s SenSonic Tech

Lora DiCarlo states Baci has “two types of clitoral stimulation.” (The same for Ose 2, Baci’s [theoretically] dual-stimulating colleague.) I can agree with this! Baci doesn’t simply blow air out, but has a different kind of resonance underneath the air pulsing. Not vibration, no; but a kind of waves that travel through flesh better, in a similar way as rumbly vibrations do.

Lora DiCarlo Baci review suction stimulator hearts
I hadda dig out the heart T-shirt for this, y’all.

I can feel Baci stimulating some of the internal clitoris (not just the glans, the head, the pink part you can see). I would NOT say Baci’s reaching the whole clitoral structure inside, like the crura (legs) that wrap around the vagina.

LELO originally said similar about its Sona: that Sona stimulated the entire internal clit. LELO called this “SenSonic” technology, and my Womanizer vs. Satisfyer guide describes the Sonas’ feel as “vibro-pulsation.” It’s a two-fer.

I’ll go all the way and say that Baci does deeper-clit massage more comfortably than the Lelo Sonas, which are harder to control (they start on high power, you need to cycle down). This is worthy of accolades and really the best innovation that Lora DiCarlo toys deliver at this point, IMO.

Not to mention that the Baci is better-suited for anyone with a larger clitoris than Sona or even Sona 2’s opening is: Baci’s “mouth” is even slightly larger than Womanizer ones: 0.75 inches long × 0.56 inches wide by my measurements, with about 0.75 inches depth. However, Lelo has released the Sila in response to this criticism, still with SenSonic vibro-pulsation.

Lora DiCarlo Baci review clit suction stimulator hole
The mouth from above.

Baci’s “thrumming” sensation is unique, and will benefit anyone who’s a little wary of too-focused / extra-pinpoint clit stimulation. Because of the thrumming way Baci’s pulses carry, a bit deeper, even going into the labia surrounding the clit.

My Experience

I had a mildly negative feel to start, but the Lora DiCarlo Baci has redeemed itself overall. I’d been put off by Baci’s hard rim at first glance: I wish that the stimulation mouth’s “lip” was not such a fine line (Womanizer lips are broader) and maybe that it was softer too (Melt-style). My clit likes soft, fleshy things to rub on.

Lora DiCarlo Baci review clit suction stimulator hard rim

Once I started getting into Baci’s pulsing power, I was able to forget that qualm. (Something I could NOT do with Ose 2, which is IMO a disaster of a $300 sex toy.)

When you get a right-on seal, the Baci has a nibbling type of effect right around the edges of the rim. It’s not as nibbly as the We-Vibe Melt for me (because Melt’s silicone is more flexible, more forgiving), but a mild “suction” effect is there.

AND, Baci’s pulsations are more resonant than almost any other air-pulse clit toy. I see sound words like vrooom, grrr, zoom-zoom, and ruuum-thrum-thrum when I listen to the noise it makes. It’s a worthy motor: a race car for your clit, perhaps.

In use, I’d say LDC’s Baci is everything the Lelo Sona wanted to be (powerful and deeply stimulating), without catastrophic failures (= how Sona’s intensity begins at the highest level for each function and you have to dial down, why). (I am hoping the LELO Sila improves these issues, as the mouth and body shapes look way cushier than Sona or Sona 2.)

So that’s why Baci is sweet, it does more for me than most pure air-flow toys because I do looooove broader clit stimulation, not super-focused. I think the Womanizer Premium still has the best range (starts low) and most impact on high, but it’s real easy for me to get overstimulated with its focused thudding.

Baci’s got grrr at first; it lets you knows its presence. Not the lightest touch to begin, but not at all aggressive either. Baci’s rumbling from the start.

I sit back for a while, let Baci just thrum while I’m doing something else. I can nestle its round body between my thighs and keep it in place. The slightly fatter shape makes this easier than positioning a Womanizer hands-free, for my legs at least. This is the second key difference I would point out if you’re trying to choose between the We-Vibe Melt and the Lora DiCarlo Baci: Baci is nice for holding between my legs, for clit stim alone. But its body extends back farther and blocks precious space in front of my vagina, so We-Vibe’s Melt is the obvious choice if you do want vaginal penetration (a G-spot vibe, a dildo, a plug, a penis) while using a clit stimulator.

We-Vibe Melt on vacation
We-Vibe Melt wraps around your mons, handle pointing toward the belly button, to not interfere with vaginal.

Turn the Lora DiCarlo Baci up: one speed, then another, feeling that power increase… And the driving current underneath. Baci’s vroom-pulse taps are reaching more of my clitoral shaft than Satisfyers for sure; Womanizers; and Sonas.

Tears start welling up in my eyes somewhere around speed 6 or 7 (out of 10). That’s good; they’re the “Oh god yeeeeees” kind of tears. And there’s a hard orgasm waiting to follow them. Multiple ones, rocking cums, the kind of climax where my clit nearly burns from the excitement after it’s over.

The simplicity of the 10 speeds, with up and down control arrows, is real nice. As quality a machine as the Womanizer Premium is, I find its extra features useless: Smart Silence is simply an annoyance because the toy still makes noise when it’s on your clit; and Auto Pilot is fun for about 2 minutes once every 6 months, because I don’t seek out patterned clitoral stim often.

In contrast, you have the 10 speeds with Baci, and you don’t need to fiddle with extra features. It doesn’t have all these complicated buttons. Let’s see what buttons it does have…

How to Use Lora DiCarlo’s Baci

Straightforward. Baci’s controls are well-done. You have a power button, which is the Lora DiCarlo logo, on the back side the toy. That button’ll be facing your vagina when you’re using Baci, so it won’t be bumped accidentally.

Lora DiCarlo Baci review clit suction stimulator how to use lora dicarlo baci (2)
Power button approached by my index finger; speed controls on bottom.

You need to press down on the power button for 5 full seconds, longer than many vibrators. This is another safeguard so Baci doesn’t turn on by accident.

Once you hold the power button down long enough, a ring around it will light up. And Baci’s ready to be controlled.

To start it pulsing, you push on the speed-change button on Baci’s bottom. You can hit the + side to increase power, or just push in the middle. Both do the same.

If you want to decrease power, then do push on the – side of the speed button (the side closer to your belly button when Baci’s being used).


Baci includes a plastic storage cover, which I hope to travel with one day (#2020problems).

Lora DiCarlo Baci review clit suction stimulator storage cover

It’s waterproof submersible, USB rechargeable with a several-hour run time per charge, and of course made of silicone (I’m reviewing it, right?!) and nonporous ABS plastic. Like any luxury vibe should be, it’s easy to clean and hygienic, and comes with a 1-year warranty (just in case).

Baci Overall Thoughts

Baci impressed me! This is an air pulsation toy with fast-paced blowing, and also with a certain drumming, rumbling sensation. It’s not cunnilingus: but it was damn good.

With Lora DiCarlo out of business: I’d most recommend the following air pulse vibes for drawn out and rocking orgasms: (1) We-Vibe Melt (best speed range), (2) Firefly Dream moon (most thrumming, Baci-like vibration), (3) Inya Rose vibe (cute shape), (4) Unihorn with air-pulse & tongue, my all-time favorite toy of this type after Melt.

Find my favorite air-pulse sex toys here.

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  1. Not to mention the dozens of other copycat brands and cheap Chinese manufacturers that I’ve ignored. If you care about quality, don’t buy on Amazon.

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  1. I already have a Melt and I’m trying to decide whether to buy a Baci as well. Would you say that, sensation-wise, they’re different enough to warrant having both? I do generally like broader stimulation so it does have a lot of appeal, but I guess I’m wondering how noticeable that ‘thrumming’ is and whether, form aside, they’re going to feel substantially different. Any advice would be appreciated!


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