Ose 2 Review: Lora DiCarlo “Hands-Free Blended Orgasms”

Fascinating, expensive, and problematic. Lora DiCarlo’s Ose 2 is surrounded in hype: this “hands-free” sex toy claims it “mimics the feel of a partner’s fingers, mouth, and tongue.” Via robots. Ose 2 is an egregious case of hyberbolic marketing, one of the worst I’ve seen in my years as a sex toy critic. Get your knives and forks out, please, I’m serving up a roast here.

I do think DiCarlo’s Ose 2 includes progressive technology. I’ll review Ose 2’s “Airflow” pulsation vs. Womanizer Pleasure Air tech here, for example. Lora DiCarlo’s less complex sex toys, particularly the Baci “clit suction” stimulator, get my seal of approval. 👍 But Ose 2…errrhm. Needs some work.

This Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 review will detail why (1) it’s simply not adjustable enough to fit too many users, (2) the “biomimetic technology” is pure words, and (3) you should consider high-quality alternatives. I compare those to Ose 2 below!

Ose 2 Sizing & Adjustability: The BIG Problem

Ose 2’s slender insertable arm is nine and a half inches long, fully extended. This is versus the Womanizer Duo’s 4.5 inch total arm length. At first try, I felt this was some sort of cruel joke: that Ose 2 seemed designed to optimally fit either giants, or aliens. This is how the clit stimulator naturally sits, a candid pic, when the shaft is best positioned for my G-spot:

Unedited, just me in my house shorts.

That’s correct, the clit stimulator rests above my mons pubis, above where my pubic hair naturally grows.

Isn’t Ose 2 supposed to be adjustable, though? Well, Ose 2’s external section is partly flexible, BUT. Two huge issues that make it not really that adjustable:

  1. The first 4.8 inches of insertable length, the “shaft,” is 100% hard and unyielding. It sticks straight in, it does not curve in an arc to wrap around the pelvic bone. This is nothing but poor design, as G-spot toys should arc around.
  2. The clit stimulator is backed by a huge mass of what I assume is the motor body. It’s BULKY AF, and doesn’t rest naturally against my vulva.

In between the “shaft” and the “head” is a thin extension I’ll call the “neck.”

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 review flexibility shaft doesn't bend
Ose 2’s external arm can be bent starting right underneath where my index finger is resting. The 4.8 inches above that are very firm.

To get Ose 2 to fit, you may have have to bend that neck aggressively. I was worried I would break the toy doing this. The first five times I tried to use Ose 2, I thought it was a complete failure. Then I realized how hard I needed to force Ose 2’s neck to get it to line up with both parts of my anatomy it’s supposed to be stimulating.

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 review flexibility neck kinks

Now it’s simply awkward to hold. And pinchy around my clitoris (more on that later). And the G-spot roller isn’t angled the right way. Just a few complaints here. Arrrrrghhhh.

Let’s look at Ose 2 versus the most-loved, popular dual stimulators you can buy right now. See their sizing vs. Ose:

Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit Thrusting, the least flexible one here (pink, on top of Ose), also has a moving shaft PLUS ears that are compact and not a massive bulb. See how 🖤Womanizer Duo and 💕We-Vibe Nova 2’s shafts curve—and can bend more than seen here.

I have never seen a single complaint about how the Womanizer Duo or We-Vibe Nova (2) didn’t fit someone. (Complaints about how the Duo’s air pulsation was odd for a specific person, perhaps, because air-pulse toys really can take some getting used to; but not about Duo’s alignment.) Do you know why? Because Duo’s rumbly insertable arm, like Nova 2’s, is highly flexible and doesn’t have a softball-sized clit stimulator attached.

The funny part is that Ose 2’s marketing says that Lora DiCarlo has fixed adjustability issues, though: this is the second version of this toy. The promise is: “[Ose 2] is designed to adapt to fit many different anatomies… The latest version has a more accommodating, intuitive fit with a slightly longer body and more flexibility” [emphasis added].

The original Ose, released in 2019, was already riddled with similar complaints as mine about Ose 2. I watched multiple Ose (original) buyers come into Reddit Sex Toys just to say that they’d had great hopes for the Ose, had purchased one for $300, but they couldn’t use it because it didn’t bend to fit them. The only other product over the past year where I have seen this level of numerous people coming in and just complaining about how it didn’t work for them was the LELO F1s penis vibrator.

Longer body than the original?! OMG, really? Yikes, they might’ve made it worse. More flexibility sounds good…in theory.

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 review length not flexible
You can even see the extra-long length in the product manual diagram below: that clit stimulator is so far from the clit, it’s not even funny. Should my clit be on top of my mons? That’s clearly how it is, for the Martians.

I do have a non-standard clit-to-vag distance—not everyone is the same!—but I can use the Womanizer and We-Vibe rabbits very comfortably. Very orgasmically. Sure, Ose 2 will line up better for some users than for me: But… Do you want to take that chance? With the oddly angled stimulation mouth too? Why not simply choose something more ergonomic, that curves in a natural arc and doesn’t have that softball attached. Something that isn’t so long, so the rigid shaft appears set to try ‘n’ impale my A-spot (back of the vagina).

Ose 2 vs. Womanizer & LELO Sona 2

It’s sad, because the Ose 2 has some awesome clit-pulsing power! It is very good that Lora DiCarlo decided to separate Ose 2’s two parts: into the Baci clit stimulator, and the Onda rolling ball G-spot toy (except that Onda rolls as well as vibrates—the only Lora DiCarlo toy that does offer vibes, OK ones).

So I’ll rate Ose 2 vs. the power of the Womanizer Duo, and even the Lelo Sona 2, based on my experience with Lora DiCarlo’s Baci clit-only stimulator. Which is an admirable product, I highly recommend.

Ose 2’s clit stimulator matches and even slightly exceeds the power of the Womanizer Premium and Womanizer Duo. It pulses fast, and then it has a reverberating, thrumming feel that I agree actually does stimulate some of the internal clitoris, its shaft. The sensation is something akin to rumbly vibrations, going deeper.

In that way, I’ve opined that Lora DiCarlo’s “airflow” technology outdoes the “SenSonic” tech of the Lelo Sona and Lelo Sona 2. It’s not exactly the same kind of vibro-pulsation—but DiCarlo toys’ pulsation is an experience you need to feel if you love Womanizer-style toys. First-rate orgasms may await.

In the end, I am recommending Baci (clit-only), but not Ose 2, vs. similar Womanizer products. Ose 2 will always have the dual-stimulation problem, that lack of true adjustability. My truth is that you should get a Womanizer Duo if you’re interested in this kind of dual stimulation: strong air pulsation plus high-quality G-spot pleasure in the same toy. The Duo is incredible (squirting-level good!), its G-spot arm is actually flexible and vibrates, it’s more compact, and it’s already tested and exceedingly well-reviewed. Duo’s expensive enough—it’s also cheaper than Ose 2.

How to Use Ose 2

How do you use the Lora DiCarlo 2? If you don’t mind either a highly kinked shaft + bulky head, or you do have a long clit-to-vag distance, it’s possible it might work.

In that case, let’s talk about Ose 2’s button controls and functionality.

It’s got a lot of buttons: fitting of the many functions. Those are:

  • 10 levels of air-pulse power,
  • 10 rolling-shaft speed options, and
  • slightly adjustable rolling-ball length.

The key with Lora DiCarlo toys, if you’re having trouble turning them on: You need to press the Lora DiCarlo-logoed power button down for a full 5 seconds, till the ring around it lights up and blinks on/off. Then hit the other control buttons to start the toy’s movement.

Inside the Ose 2 instruction manual.

Then fiddle with these buttons… Will you be able to find your fit and speeds that work?

“Biomimetic” and “Microrobotic”

Truth claims. I would not be cutting Ose 2 the way I am now if its promoters didn’t promise it makes you feel like you’re receiving both oral sex and a vaginal fingering at the same time.

Mimics human touch — replicates a come-hither motion against the G-spot and a mouth and tongue against the clitoris.

—Ose 2 product sheet, by Lora DiCarlo

They say the microrobotic tech creates a “biomimetic” (imitating [real] life) feel. It’s crucial to take this with a grain of salt. If, you know, you have ever had sex with another person before and remember what that experience is like sensually.

I would consider a sex toy biomimetic when I feel the need to start talking to it while I’m fucking it. The sex toys that best resemble actual human sex right now are fucking machines, which can be somewhat like penetration if you get a good soft dildo to accompany them. These are the only sex aides that can make me randomly exclaim, “Urgghhhh, give to me deeper” or “That’s it, rub my slit” or “Oh god I need to come I need to come make me come, Daddy.”

There are no Womanizer-style pulsation toys that feel just like a sucking, licking human tongue and mouth.1 Air pulsation (or “air flow” as DiCarlo calls it) technology is a sensation that human mouths cannot produce. It is mechanical, not lifelike.

Does that mean it’s not good? Does that mean it’s not orgasmic? NO. NOT AT ALL. Now as I stated in my initial unboxing demo of the Ose 2, a toy does not need to feel exactly like a human being in order to be very orgasmic.

“Lifelike” is an extremely hard standard to meet, first of all; and second of all, toys can do things that human beings cannot. Indeed, they even do better, for a lot of people, in a lot of cases. No mouth and tongue pulse as quickly as a Womanizer; no human penis can thrust as consistently and as long as a sex machine, every day. It’s not possible.

These are important points to recognize if you are seeking human touch: the Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 is not going to provide that exact human contact. It’s a distinct sensory experience.

Summary: I wish the manufacturer would just cut the bullshit and not mislead us by saying that their air pulsation / pressure wave device was like a human mouth.

Now I’ll spill some words dissecting how the “come hither” motion of the rolling ball isn’t like a vaginal fingering. The movement is fine—for a while. It’s pretty interesting. It can go fast! And the ball sticks out farther than other “rolling ball” vibe mechanisms, at approximately a third of an inch.

Ose 2’s rolling “finger” doesn’t have the texture that human fingers do. It doesn’t press inward hard like fingers can. (Remember, the shaft itself is firm, all 4.8 inches of it, and cannot bend.) And it’s a hard rolling ball, for chrissakes. Where’s the fleshy feel I love in actual fingers? The softness that makes me scream? Not in Ose 2.

Indeed, the roller can’t make me come. Listen, I say this as a person who can orgasm from 15 seconds of sitting on a dick with no clit stim. You will not find a woman more easily pleased by a realistic feel than I am—she simply doesn’t exist. Ose 2’s fingering failure is tragic. The hard protrusion is, well, hard. The stroking kinda hurts me after 5 minutes,2 and the shaft starts getting uncomfortably warm.

Let’s add the fact that the angle of penetration is NOT good. It’s missing the front of my vaginal opening due to the linked neck pulling the shaft downward toward my ass. So I give up. And I pull out my We-Vibe Nova 2, a dual stimulator that actually adapts to fit me. Afterward, still remembering the discomfort of Ose 2’s rolling stroker that’s supposed to feel like fingers, I’ll run and grab my favorite soft dildo—to remind myself that sex toys can be fleshy and realistic.

A quick note on DiCarlo’s Onda here: It has Ose 2’s rolling movement plus vibration. (Ose 2 does not vibrate anywhere.) Again, this stroking stimulator takes the limited range of previous “rolling ball” vibrators and expands it. The stroke length is longer, and the “fingertip” sticks out more. But again, in Onda, the insertable part doesn’t curve as dramatically as fingers, plus it’s hard and heats up with use. Some users will certainly find the noise of the rolling mechanism grating: hear Ose 2’s rolling starting at six minutes into my YouTube unboxing.

The Hard Rim, Oh No

My bits are fairly sensitive. I don’t like hard edges, sharp points, near my clitoris or vagina—unless those pointy things are truly super-soft (like in my horn-y demon dildo!). Enjoying pinpoint clitoral stimulation is 100% a legit preference. But I’m here to speak for anyone who prioritizes softness and comfort near their genitals.

The Lora DiCarlo Ose 2’s clit mouth has a very fine ring that sticks out. Sharp, this thin, raised line. The silicone has some give, so in Lora DiCarlo’s Baci, it’s not painful for me because I can position the mouth at exactly the angle I need. But in Ose 2, the awkwardness of the whole setup pushes that rim in and grates around my labia.

Again, Lora DiCarlo’s Ose 2 fails to Womanizer products3, which have a more gently rounded lip on their clitoral “stimulation heads” (a.k.a. mouths).

Because the Ose 2 is so expensive, I believe it deserves extra scrutiny. I want it to pamper me like a day at the spa, a suite in the Keys, a Michelin-starred dinner.

Instead I experience: Failure. Failure. Failure. Bulky, twiggy, rigid, hot to the touch, poking, uncomfortable. In a diagram, for you:

Lora Di Carlo Ose 2 review doesn't fit 3 parts

More Color, Please, I’m Not Dead Yet

The circles I run in, toys can be bright, an explosion of color. As many shades as you can imagine, bold marbles all over the place; as vibrant as the sexuality they express.

For example, I just got a $100 rainbow glow dildo: simply looking at it brings joy.

Obviously, I’m not expecting Ose 2’s injection-molded silicone to equal the color schemes of a hand-poured fantasy dildo. Ose does have to be a single tone.

But it’s real strange to me how Ose 2 (almost $300) only comes in one color variant. You have 1 choice, 1 choice only. A gray-white, toilet-bowl-color. Utilitarian. Bland. Lifeless.

“Hands-Free”? For Someone, Somewhere

I have to cover the “hands-free” claim too. Again, Ose 2 is just so massive. It’s possible that Ose 2 could be hands-free, maybe, for someone? Whose anatomy was a lot different from mine?

But in general, the bulb under the clit stimulator, Ose’s motor compartment, is so big and weighs down. And with the way Ose 2’s arm is so long, it’s more difficult to close one’s thighs around and press that clit-pulsing mouth in, get all the pressure and suction one might want.

I can do that with DiCarlo’s Baci great, close my thighs around it and have it pulse in little rhythmic, thrumming bursts. I’m typing with it doing that to me right now, in fact! It’s great!

Ose 2, though? Unfortunately impossible, due to the unwieldiness of the bulb and nine-inch-long extension / shaft.

I can ignore the fine rim on Baci because I can adjust that clit-sicker to my perfect angle. With Ose 2… all the heft and inflexibility of the attached length make the rim jab at my labia. The whole shape of the head is odd, the transition abrupt, a sharp cutoff staring half an inch under the mouth. WHY.

Is Ose 2 Waterproof?

Yes, my friend, I have been scorning the Ose 2, but I will tell you that Lora DiCarlo products feel generally well-constructed and have the benefits that a luxury vibrator should in the 2020s:

  • Ose 2 is waterproof submersible (rated IPX7). Take it in the shower, the bath even, or just wash in the sink without a care.
  • It’s USB magnetic rechargeable.
  • Silky silicone body! The silicone feel is nice enough, comparable to We-Vibe products. Better than Fun Factory.
  • Comes with a storage pouch.
  • Fancy box. You care about fancy boxes? I’m all about what’s inside.4

Ose 2 Review Summary

Buying the Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 is a gamble for any particular individual, given the (1) long, unyielding G-spot arm and (2) unwieldy clit stimulator size. If you’ve previously owned rabbit vibes, and always found the clit arm way short, then you might give Ose 2 a go.

For me, the Ose 2 is a lost cause, as there is no possible way that I can get this toy to line up with both my clitoris and my G-spot comfortably. The insertable shaft isn’t flexible; only the twiggy part between that insertable portion and baseball-sized head is. Not enough.

The two parts of the Ose 2 (clit stimulator, G-spot roller) are available by themselves, if you hear me about these dual-stim alignment problems. And the Lora DiCarlo Baci ($160) clit-pulsator is excellent, IMO better than Lelo Sona suction toys and playing in the same league as Womanizer / We-Vibe air-pulsation clit stimulators.

But, yes…Ose 2 still reminds me of a toilet bowl. The head is bulky, the whole thing is awkward to position, and it only comes in off-white for almost $300?!? This is my 185th sex toy review, and the first I have ever closed by pointing you straightway to a different product. (Usually I give options and let you choose, when I think a product has faults!)

Find the Womanizer Duo here.

Lora DiCarlo is out of business and no longer produces Ose.

Save 10% ⬆️ with code FELICITY at checkout.


  1. There are moving tongue vibrators: Pipedream’s Fantasy for Her one has been popular, and offers a light vulva-pump-type suction along with a hard, smooth silicone tongue. Nu Sensuelle’s Trinitii is another attempt with a lot going on; and again, a firm tongue, plus so-so suction. Lora DiCarlo’s Filare is, I will argue, more mouth-like than Ose 2/Baci because it’s more comparable to a moving tongue—but one that neither applies much pressure, creates saliva, nor moves back toward the vagina (and beyond?) to insert itself.
  2. I am not prone to vaginal pain with normal penetration.
  3. All except maybe the (resurrected) Womanizer Pro 40, whose reanimation I have mixed feelings about.
  4. I’m not even joking about this, I’ve never had sex with a human being who I was drawn to physically rather than mentally, and I’m not really worried about that.

4 thoughts on “Ose 2 Review: Lora DiCarlo “Hands-Free Blended Orgasms””

  1. Im curious to see what you would say about Carezza from the same brand. It looks like the thing i’ve been looking for, BUT there are little to no reviews about it. Please do. I really love your reviews. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the compliment! I have all 5 of the DiCarlo toys, and the Carezza is interesting. But I do think that you need to be a light touch clitorally in order to find it satisfying. You may know it’s a tapping sensation. And some people can orgasm from that, I definitely cannot. I find it kind of jarring on the high speeds (definitely use lube), and ineffective on the lower ones. It’s pretty precise stimulation, but not touch-free like air pulsation is. As someone who likes my clit sucked or rubbed but not tapped on like a doorbell, I find myself running for the We-Vibe Melt for relief.

  2. I just discovered this review and although I wasn’t considering this product, I sure loved your review! I laughed out loud several times, and I especially appreciated “Ose 2 seemed designed to optimally fit either giants, or aliens.” Now I must read *all* your reviews!

    • Thank you so much, Joan!!! I’m honored to hear you loved the review, huge bright spot in my week! (Note for readers: Joan is an authority on pleasure & aging; find her work at joanprice.com).

      I did think the Ose 2’s air-pulse/vibrating function had a fantastic feel, but is easier to hold & (somewhat) more accessible in the Lora Di Carlo Baci. So, I was sad to hear this week that it’s possible the Baci (and other LDC products) is discontinued — but we will see in the coming months. I’d love to find a toy with that exact feel in the under-$100 price range too, especially these days.


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