Womanizer Duo Review: Vs. Womanizer Premium

The Womanizer Duo is an impressive machine. Premium engineering…for your clit and G-spot. Now that I’ve tried the Womanizer Duo, rabbit vibrators suddenly feel so 1990s. Duo has an air pulsation (a.k.a. “clit suction”) mouth, then a traditionally vibrating G-spot shaft. And it is a WILD combo. Vs. Womanizer Premium, Womanizer Duo’s vaginal vibes are brilliantly rumbly—on top of the “Pleasure Air” clit pulsation that the Womanizer brand pioneered.

The Duo came out when I was first trying to understand air pulsation toys. Because this tech is very different than vibration, and I have to admit I didn’t get it at first.1 It took me almost a month to adjust to We-Vibe Melt, whose praise I’ve been shouting from the (electronic) rooftops ever since. Would I be able to adjust to Duo too, find it so orgasmic? Here’s my story, a Womanizer Duo review by a rabbit vibrator skeptic. Is this premium toy worth almost $200 ($197.10 with 10% discount here2) for you?

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Womanizer Duo Functions: Lots Going On

So if you’re paying this much for a sex toy, it better have a whole helluva lot going on, right?3 Baubles, if you will. Besides luxurious quality. So Womanizer Duo includes what seems like endless function possibilities:

  • 12 air pulsation speeds (clitoral stimulation)
  • 12 steady vibration speeds (Gspot vibrations)
  • 12 patterned vibration modes w/ 12 intensities (vag, mostly4)

Like any good premium vibrator, Womanizer Duo is of course waterproof and USB rechargeable (charging cable included, always). It comes in what I like to call “fru-fru packaging,” along with a silky storage pouch and the USB charging cord. The pouch is extra convenient because Duo includes 2 removable silicone “stimulation heads,” and I would absolutely lose the large one if it weren’t for the pouch.

Womanizer Duo packaging full

One final frill is Womanizer Duo’s “Smart Silence” feature—which does not change the noise level when you’re actually using Duo. Instead, the sensors turn off Duo’s pulsation and vibes when the stimulation mouth isn’t touching skin. I can see Smart Silence providing anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds faster turn-off (than simply pressing the off button) if you happen to be using Duo when a housemate / child / relative returns home unexpectedly soon. For me, Smart Silence is most useful when I’m toying with several vibes and want to set Duo aside, then return to it—it’ll pick right up where I left off last.

But let me talk about what I think we’re all here for, the power. The orgasms we might have!

Duo’s clit pulsation stimulation is remarkable. Like Womanizer Premium, it starts low and slow—making me imagine butterfly wings or white fluffy clouds. But the highest of the 12 intensity levels are no joke—this thing gets strong.

Womanizer Duo (black) vs. Womanizer Premium (red).

At first test, I wanted to say Duo basically is the Womanizer Premium, but with a rumbly G-spot arm tacked on. Premium—the most powerful Womanizer—and Duo do both have 12 pulsation (“Pleasure Air Technology”) intensity levels. Through the first 7 to 8 levels, Duo and Premium are similar. At the highest pulsing speeds, though, Duo doesn’t mirror the sheer “thuddy” depth of Premium. Duo’s speeds 9 to 12 get STRONG, but the feel is more like the Womanizer Classic, slightly more “flappy” than Premium. This is a subtle difference, and you might not notice it. I had to *work* to discern it—as we’ll see in the next section, I cannot do Duo’s speeds 9 through 12 normally! I’d put both Womanizer Premium and Womanizer Duo at a 10/10 on my air pulsation intensity scale for the strength of their top speeds.

Womanizer Duo bordeaux cherry color
Want more color? Duo also comes in a “Bordeaux” that I’d call “cherry.”

And as for the Womanizer Duo’s G-spot arm, the vibes travel deep with this one. “Rumbly,” a vibrator-reviewer’s favorite catchword. No weak and buzzy nonsense here. That said, Duo’s vibration is not the strongest by itself: not going to earn a place among my top 12 G-spot vibes. Duo’s top vibe level is roughly equal to the We-Vibe Rave’s starting power (which is actually speed #4 out of 8 steady levels, you gotta dial Rave down to go lower). I always compare vibrator power because some people are true power fanatics. But keep in mind: “Extra powerful” doesn’t mean “good” for every individual. As for me, I’ve stuck a Magic Wand into my vagina before—and Duo’s moderately strong, deep vibes still do a lot…

My Experience: How Does Duo Feel

The Womanizer Duo is the damn-near-closest thing I’ve ever felt to having BOTH THESE THINGS happen at once with a toy:

  1. Clit-sucking,

Because even though it’s a vibrator, the Womanizer Duo’s internal arm has an underlying staccato beat. It’s a force that flows alongside the vibration, makes me think of internal movement.

Womanizer Duo G-spot vibration power

It’s so intense, I get up to level 4 and then I gotta back down. If I go up to level 9, I insta-come. (Forget strength levels 10 to 12, whoa.) Womanizer Duo is honestly 10 times better for me than the Womanizer Premium alone—whose air pulsation intensity is so strong and thuddy—but then Duo has the G-spot vibes.

A beautiful duet (DUO-et?) because I do come harder from vaginal stimulation than just clitoral, almost all the time. Most users will be the opposite: will naturally orgasm harder from clitoral, with the vaginal stim being a nice addition. So it makes sense Duo’s external power is more highly stimulating than the slimmer G-spot arm’s vibes. The question to consider is: Do the vibes really need to be mind-blowingly strong, with that fucking fantastic clit-blowing going on outside?

The best thing, after I’ve come a few times (up to 5!) from holding the Duo stimulator steady? Rocking it back and forth. Duo’s shape is well-done: It’s easy to hold the back of the toy and move it gently. So the vibrator is really thrusting against my G-spot.

I love G-spot thrusting with an almost-blinding fervor, and I have never orgasmed so hard on a dual-stimulation vibrator than when easing Duo’s shaft in and out. The clit suction mouth doesn’t keep perfect contact, but I just turn the pulsation up an extra speed or two (since I don’t use the strongest settings when it’s perfectly surrounding my clit), and then I’m still getting the right amount of clit sensation. (I am a big proponent of the opinion that you do not need a perfect “seal” with pressure waves toys, especially if your clit is sensitive or touchy.)

Duo’s shaft flexibility (demo-ed here) ensures that this rocking motion is always comfortable.

Before testing Duo, I was a little concerned about the circular shape of its “mouth,” the stimulation head that surrounds the clitoris. That’s because I am so sold on the new oval shape of Womanizers Liberty, Classic, and Premium—not to mention my beloved We-Vibe Melt.

I believe those ovals are better shaped to hug most clits. But whatever, Duo’s rounder mouth may be a touch wider than I personally need (even in the smaller size), but it’s angled very ergonomically. It presses down around on my clit well once I have the G-spot arm set a little deeper than my G-spot.5 I am sure Womanizer did extensive testing while designing and prototyping this product. It’s a far cry from that Tracy’s Dog bullshit…6)

Womanizer Premium stimulation heads 2 sizes difference
Duo’s smaller mouth, left; vs. the wider Large one, right, whose outside rim is about a third an inch wider.

Let me be extra clear: I think rabbit vibrators are weird. My usual thoughts on trying a rabbit dual stimulation vibe: Why is the clit section even where it is??? Do these work for people? How and why?!?

It’s hard to me to come on “normal” rabbit toys. Really hard. It does not feel right.

With the Womanizer Duo, I can come almost immediately, within the first two or three minutes. Any time of the month. Then I keep going.

Duo is the only toy I own where I can squirt (a little) while while I have anything inserted vaginally. The Njoy Pure Wand, the quintessential G-spot squirt-producer? Nope, can’t do it. But Duo’s slimmer curved vibrator and strong pulsation are that fantastic, that I’m literally dripping (if I make an effort to push outward, several orgasms into using Duo).

Versatile? Comparison Chart

And only having to hold ONE toy’s base makes duo very convenient. Duo is not as versatile as my brainchild the We-Vibe Melt + BMS Sassy Bundle: there you get more G-spot power, 100% adjustable fit, and a powerful clit sucker that you can use during sex with a partner (or any dildo or insertable vibe). Your options expand—like how I sometimes just need to thrust my G-spot vibe, deeper and faster than I can with Duo’s shaft. Or I want deep clit vibration instead of suction, because Pillow Talk Sassy is phenomenal externally too. In those cases I go for Melt + Sassy. But when using that pair together, I do need to have both hands occupied with the toys—much harder to find dirty pics, or do any of the other 10K things I do on my phone. Duo is simpler as an all-in-one option for solo play. Here’s a fuller comparison:

*Womanizer DuoMelt + Sassy
Air Pulse Power10/1010/10
Vibration Power6.5/108.25/10
Price$219.00 here$185.00 here
Notes 💖• All-in-one!
• 1 hand is free
• 2 mouth sizes
• Less recharging
• Lil more G-spot pressure
• Melt works w/ partner sex
• Versatile: Sassy's for clit or G-spot vibes
• Superior for G-spot thrusting
Noise Level*38–52 dB36–45 dB

* Note: Decibel levels measured a foot away when the G-spot vibe for each toy/pair was inserted. Range begins with the lowest setting for both pulsation and vibration, to the highest setting for pulsation and vibes.

Womanizer Duo vs. Pillow Talk Sassy vibrator power
Duo’s shaft size (top) vs. Pillow Talk Sassy’s. Both vibes are flexible & rumbly—Sassy has a touch more girth and definitely more power than Duo’s vibrator alone.

And the Womanizer Duo’s patterns? Yeah, I’ve left them for last because, well, I like consistency. A steady rhythm is greater than random escalations. Still, since there are so many vibration pattern options—twelve…a dirty dozen?—you’re more likely to find one that’s interesting to take for a spin occasionally. (There are no patterns for the clit sucker section.) My patterned vibe favorite is the first one. IMO it’s a big improvement from Womanizer Premium’s “Auto Pilot” mode, which is one endlessly looping random pattern (that you have 3 strength options with). With Premium, Auto Pilot was fun the first time, but then I was like, UGH THIS IS TAKING TOO LONG (I am an impatient human being). And I turned back to the steady levels (that I can control completely) and didn’t bother with Auto Pilot after that. (Honestly, after that I got so enthralled with the We-Vibe Melt I’ve basically forgotten about the Womanizer Premium entirely, it comes out once a month.)

Anyway, in contrast, Womanizer Duo’s first pattern seems very calming to me, instead of frustrating. Here’s how it goes: It’s late at night, and the house is quiet. I imagine myself on a forest trail, walking by a meadow. There’s a river stream running by too, softly flowing—and I want to come on a man’s face. (Wow, that got dirty quickly, didn’t it? Told you I like to move fast.)

I’ve noted that Duo’s clit-blowing power can be a lot…so I’ll tell you how Duo has worked best for me.

How to Use Womanizer Duo: Tips

Air pulsation (= Pleasure Air technology if it’s a Womanizer; also called “pressure waves” or even “clit suction”) tech is incredibly unique. You have to feel it to understand what the sensation is like. I think it’s fascinating, but it took me a full month with a Pleasure Air toy (We-Vibe Melt) to get totally used to how WHOA the feeling is. (I never managed to get used to my first air pulse toy; a Satisfyer, which I think is clunky.) I am sensitive to very focused, pinpoint clit stimulation, so these tips will include advice for folks who also have overstimulation issues.

How to Use a Womanizer Duo

Total Time:

Sanitize prior to first use.

See how to deep-clean body-safe sex toys here—always best to remove the factory & packaging process off them. (Repeat after me: Safety seals mean nothing.)

Lube it up!

The shaft in particular, but some wetness around the stimulation mouth increases comfort too. Choose a water-based lube that’s free of glycerin (aka, not Pjur and many others), propylene glycol, and other potentially disruptive ingredients.

Insert the shaft partway…

Gettin’ it in…

Then line the stimulation mouth up over your clit!

This may require some experimentation. You do not need a perfect seal for Duo to be effective, but when it’s right over your clit, it will be so much more intense.

Clit fit too snug?

Check out the included larger stimulation head, packaged alongside the charging cord.

Power it on…

Button on the backside of the toy, at back. (See pic below.)

Start low, then work your way up!


What feels best to you? How strong do you like both pulsation and vibration?

Too much clit stim? Back down…

…a couple levels (two, I’d suggest) on the clit pulsation. Also consider moving the mouth back slightly. Pleasure Air is supposedly indirect stimulation, but holy hell, it can be a lot for the clitorally sensitive (on the higher speeds especially). I find what feels like a very stimulating speed to me, then do go down 2 levels when I feel orgasm coming on—otherwise I’d get overstimulated and not be able to manage multiple Os.

Grab a towel?

If you suddenly feel like you have to pee: That’s G-spot stimulation *at work*. I suggest you grab a towel…and keep going, because the orgasms can be much stronger after you pass the “gotta pee” stage.

Since individual preferences vary so much, it’s awesome that Duo has so many speeds and intensities. You may need to experiment over the course of a few sessions to find the wettest air-pulse & vibe levels for you—and those may also vary based on mood (streeeess?), arousal level, and/or hormonal cycle.

That was more of a general how-to, but let me show you the actual control buttons as well. Since Womanizer Duo has SO many functions, it’s got a lot of buttons to control them. 12 air pulse speeds, 12 vibration power levels, then 12 patterned vibe modes. Damn, that’s a lot.

First, the power button is smartly located on Duo’s bottom backside—so it’s much less likely you’ll power it off by accident. This is one upgrade to Womanizer Duo vs. Womanizer Inside Out. With Inside Out, the older toy, you had to turn vibration and pulsation off separately. (But I’d argue that the biggest upgrade to Womanizer Duo vs. Womanizer Inside Out is Duo’s more curved, more bulbous G-spot arm. Mmm, wider G-spot stimulation!)

Womanizer Duo how to operate buttons
Click to enlarge.

Then there are the front buttons, 5 of them! The clit pulsation controls are the back set of 2 buttons; the vibration, the front pair (closest to the G-spotting shaft).

Last, the pattern-activation button is farthest front, closest to Duo’s clit stimulator. This pattern button is pretty easy to avoid (I mostly do, by choice) if you’re just going for steadier vibration + clit stim. If you do manage to hit it by accident (I have while rocking this toy for G-spot motion + vibration), then the best way to get out of the patterns is just power off and on again, on Womanizer Duo’s backside.

How to Clean Womanizer Duo: Waterproof

Is the Womanizer Duo waterproof? But of course! Like all Womanizers, it’s waterproof submersible. Taking it into the bathtub may intuitively feel a little scary because Womanizers do pulse out air, and how is it possible the toy won’t be damaged?

I’m not an engineer, but I can tell you that I’ve taken my Womanizer Duo into the shower all the time, as well as submersed it in the bath, and it’s still going strong. This waterproofness makes cleaning fairly simple—just, the removable mouth and air pulse tunnel require a touch more work than a standard vibrator or bullet vibrators.

  1. First, scrub with soap (antibacterial NOT needed) and water, wherever Duo has touched fluids or lube.
  2. Remove Duo’s silicone stimulation head next. Rinse inside the plastic underneath.
  3. Wash the head/mouth separately, also running your finger around the inside. Use soap and water!
  4. Literally shake Duo out to remove water from inside the air pulse tunnel. Much better for water to not sit inside—which it will do if you don’t shake it out gently.
  5. Place Duo on a clean towel or dedicated dish drying rack. Let air dry, stimulation head still not attached. Reattach that before next use!

Duo Recap & Ranking

As someone who finds dual stimulation rabbit vibes almost pointless, I was shocked by how I took to Womanizer Duo right away. In under a minute it was making me come. Duo has made me orgasm repeatedly, cry (the good way!), and even squirt some. In short, Duo is a truly superior clit + vag toy.

Encouraged by my new good feels for dual stimulation toys, I’m trying out the We-Vibe Nova rabbit’s rumbly vibes next—just to give it a fair shot. But Duo is gonna be next-to-impossible to beat…because in the end, there’s truly nothing like a good clit pulsation mouth alongside rumbly vibrations. [Update: Ooooh I did end up liking the We-Vibe Nova 2 more, now I call it the best rabbit vibrator in existence! I still like the Duo A LOT, though…)

Find the Womanizer Duo here (US); $219 regular price, but save $21.90 w/ code FELICITY.

Also at Womanizer Canada and Womanizer UK!

* * *


  1. Though part of that may be that my clit is picky, and Satisfyer toys—the best-known Womanizer knockoff brand—don’t do so much for me.
  2. Use code FELICITY at checkout in the discount code box.
  3. Me & my $500 dildo definitely aren’t one to judge. Sometimes you just deserve the best.
  4. It’s pretty interesting, though, the vibrating arm is so rumbly that the patterns travel up through the clit mouth too, and run underneath the more-constant clitoral pulsation.
  5. My clit-to-vag distance is probably shorter than average, and Duo is meant to line up exactly to fit that standard distance. My clit is also apparently small.
  6. Toy that one person wrote a sensational review on on Amazon, and then people went nuts even though that toy’s manufacturer can’t discern the difference between silica gel (the kind in the “do not eat” packs) and platinum silicone. Yikes.

5 thoughts on “Womanizer Duo Review: Vs. Womanizer Premium”

  1. Thank you so much for this one again. I’ve been intrigued by this toy for some time now but would not have considered buying before reading your review. I too have a problem with rabbit vibrators, I can make the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit work for me because the arm is a bit flexible, but in general I steer clear from rabbits, even though I do prefer to have one free hand for the same reasons you mentioned (or to grab onto the headboard).

    I’m definitely interested in this one. The down side is that my list just keeps getting bigger 😛

    • If you do like air pulse toys (and dual-stim), Duo is definitely worth having!

      “The down side is that my list just keeps getting bigger 😛”

      OMG, right?! It’s a true problem with toys 😄

  2. Can I just say thank you for what you do? <3
    Spent a couple of hours reading your reviews and found the perfect match for my needs.

    Thank you!!

  3. Hi…I’m Richie from UK, I don’t have a vagina nor a clit but after reading your article on the Duo I wish I did 😀 It’s my gf’s birthday in November, and I need your advice with what to purchase please.

    She’s very orgasmic and comes easy with Clit, G-spot and Deep Spot. She prefers blended orgasms because they feel more, ‘complete’ ..in her words…but she loves clit orgasms too.

    I was thinking start with the Womanizer Premium (awesome 5 year guarantee) and I can stimulate her G/Deep spot with fingers for now…. and then later move to a duo perhaps…or, would you advise anything else please? Budget around $200 maximum.

    Your advise and support would be most welcome 😀
    Thanks again

    • Hi, thank you so much for reading!!!

      Your gf’s preferences sound awesome, glad to hear how much pleasure she’s having.

      The Duo is very fun.

      I do see why you might want just a clit toy:

      There, the Womanizer Premium is a high-quality for sure, but honestly it’s much more difficult to fit into vaginal toying, for me at least. The We-Vibe Melt is my favorite over the Premium, just for that reason; the Premium feels much clunkier, it’s bigger and harder to hold. I’d much rather a 2-year warranty on a toy that’s easy to use consistently, than a 5-year warranty on a toy that sits on my shelf because I can’t fit it into dildo play or G-spot-vibe use.


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