Dis-Satisfyed: How Satisfyer Pro 2 Failed Me

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation review
Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, Satisfyer’s first model with up-and-down control buttons, retails for $50.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review / Testing Diary

Air pulsation clit stimulators—a.k.a. clit suckers—are extremely orgasmic for many people with clits. But what if your Womanizer doesn’t work for you, or if your Satisfyer just doesn’t fit right? This isn’t precisely a Satisfyer Pro 2 review—but more a lament. First I’ll include few quick questions to help you discern whether this technology might be right for your body. Then I’ll explain a few alternatives to the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, because Womanizer toys and We-Vibe Melt have been far superior for me. Afterward follows my Satisfyer testing diary: a tale of why I once thought air pulsation/pressure wave toys were a lost cause for me!

First a quick note: If you landed here looking for info on Satisfyer Pro 2 (original) vs. the Next Generation model, it’s simple: up and down control buttons. The Pro 2 Next Generation makes it easier to back down a level or two—100% a feature you want with a toy this stimulating. Indeed, the Satisfyer Pro 2 original isn’t even produced anymore: if you buy a “Pro 2” from any legit retailer (like the links in this post), you’ll receive the Next Generation version.

Also, 2021 update: I

2021 Update: The new Satisfyer “Dual” stimulators (Dual Pleasure & Dual Love) are IMO much better for first-time Satisfyer buyers than Pro 2. Why? Because if the air pulsation confuses your clit, or takes a while to adapt to, you always have the vibrating “handle” end to fall back on. Full review on these true upgrades to the Pro 2 here.

Air Pulsation / Pleasure Air Tech Explained

First, what are these toys? The genre is called by so many names: “pressure wave,” “Pleasure Air,” “air pulsation” clitoral stimulators; or, sometimes, “clit suckers.”

Womanizers, the more affordable Satisfyers, and Lelo Sonas are NOT vibrators. (Though Satisfyer does make a few pulsation + vibration models now too.) All feature a silicone head that surrounds the clitoris and (theoretically) creates a seal, while pulsing air out directly onto the clit. It’s a new kind of sensation: touch-free but still very focused. Read about Womanizer vs. Satisfyer vs. We-Vibe Melt vs. Lelo Sona’s different sensations here.

It’s not sucking, exactly, though you may experience a suction-like effect if you get a good seal in place. Sounds great, right? So what went wrong for me & Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen.?

Will You Enjoy Air Pulsation Tech? A Survey

Let’s assume you’re looking for a good, new clit toy; maybe you’ve never even owned any vibrator before. Satisfyers and Womanizers are very focused stimulation. How do you know whether you’ll love it or hate it? The big question is:

Do you easily get oversensitive from direct clitoral contact?

Have you frequently wanted to slap a lover for going too hard on your clit during oral or while they were fingering you? Yes??? If so, you probably won’t be able to take advantage of any air pulsation toy’s full range of settings. These Womanizer-style toys offer very focused, pinpoint stimulation, vs. the broader stimulation of a G-spot vibe (used clitorally) or a wand vibrator.

It’s true that almost all air pulsation toys offer a range of speeds: the Satisfyer Pro 2’s first couple speeds do start very gentle: tiny puffs of air, barely impacting the head of the clit, on speed #1 out of 11. Meanwhile, the new Womanizer clit stimulators offer 6, 8, and 12 pulsation intensity levels depending on the toy’s price. But. If you want truly indirect stimulation, you’re simply out of luck with air pulsation toys. They may claim to be touch-free, but the blowing air does things. Especially on higher speeds, it’s a real force.

For me, being extra sensitive goes together with preferring broader stimulation, but that may not be the case for everyone. I know there are (Hitachi) Magic Wand fans who’ve become air pulsation converts, so liking both broad and focused sensation is 100% possible.

Also hugely important is: FIT.

My personal experience is that the Satisfyer Pro 2’s mouth is (1) too big and (2)  too hard to conform to my clit. Individual anatomy does vary. My clit is (apparently) smaller and hooded; it doesn’t pop out when aroused. I believe that Womanizer’s decision to move to oval openings was a smart move given that, statistically, clits are longer than they are wide.

If you’re not sure about the fit you need, I would recommend:

  • A clit stimulator with multiple mouth sizes: Womanizer Liberty, Womanizer Classic and Womanizer Premium offer a small and large size, included with purchase. Premium is a larger version of Classic that only pulses when it’s right next to any object (like your clit) and that has an “Autopilot” increasing-intensity function that’s a clit rollercoaster. Liberty is smaller than both and just slightly less powerful: still quite strong and “thuddy” (a good thing).
  • I enjoy the We-Vibe Melt approximately 100 times more than the Satisfyer Pro 2 because: the silicone opening is (1) thinner and (2) more flexible than Satisfyer Pro 2’s big, firm silicone circle. It bends inward for more comfort—like how the squish of dual-density silicone dildos delights me more than firm silicone. For me, Melt creates a much better seal and a more suck-y effect than even the small head of the Womanizer Classic and Premium.

My Satisfyer Pro 2 Testing Diary

Test #1: I turned the toy on and was fascinated by the pulsing sensation that came out of it. This wasn’t the first time I’d held a Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, but it was the first time I’d held one that belonged to me and that I was free to apply to my clit.

When I took the toy out of its packaging, I’d spent a while wondering if my clit was especially small, because I could tell that the nozzle would dwarf it.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation nozzle size Phallophile Reviews
The nozzle will easily accommodate my middle finger (fittingly).

Oh well, I thought, here goes nothing. So I put a bit of lube around the nozzle, as suggested, and jumped right in. I bent my neck and spread my legs, trying to see the area well enough to get it situated properly.

Before this, I’d been reluctant to get a pressure wave toy for one anatomical reason. I knew these devices were supposed to create a seal around the clit—but my clit is always hooded, so would the toy even work on my bits?

Eventually I spent almost half an hour googling phrases like “Satisfyer Womanizer clitoral hood” and “Womanizer buried clit” to try to get some perspective. But I never came up with a definite answer. Now, finally, I’d finally see how this whole “seal” thing was supposed to work with the Satisfyer’s silicone nozzle.

I put the nozzle on top of my clit, with its hood over it. And the toy was pulsing out air just fine, and I could feel it strongly even on the lowest settings—so it seemed like my assumptions had been wrong. Later I pulled back my hood with my left hand while holding the toy with my right, to see if it was more effective. This felt strange, plus keeping the hood retracted required a lot more effort, so I stopped.

That first night I must’ve spent an hour with the toy, exploring different speeds and locations. After 45 minutes I decided that putting it right on top of my clit wasn’t getting me off, so moved the silicone ring down a quarter inch toward my vag; that way it pulsed more underneath my clit, where I enjoy being stimulated the most. And finally I came, hard, for maybe 8 seconds—and then I was done.

For me the best orgasms are ones that go on and on—a common occurrence for me—so I shrugged and decided I might as well go to sleep and try again another time.

Test #2: I pressed the toy against my clit for a long time, while talking to my lover on the phone. At one point I wondered aloud, “Are these things supposed to make people come faster?” After over an hour I decided I was tired, and I gave up and went to sleep, orgasm-less. (Something I never do normally, but I was under a penetration ban!)

Test #3: I decided I was going to focus hard. I concentrated on the sensation of air pulsing on my clit. When I start using the Satisfyer Pro 2, it always feels like I need to come almost right away, but then I get used to the feeling…and I don’t. I realized that the stronger speeds didn’t do any more for me than the first four—plus they’re louder. Finally I decided I needed to move the nozzle up and down my vulva, in a rubbing motion. Covering more territory felt great; it felt more natural to me.

I came faster than I ever had with the Satisfyer before—and than I ever would again.

Test #4: I used the toy after getting off on a the BMS Essential Bullet, hoping that coming on the Satisfyer would be easier now that I was so warmed up. (This was all after my G-spot-vibe testing plans went awry!!!)

Just a pile of toys I was testing last night—or trying to! The G-spot-vibe-comparison phase of testing went awry when I realized 2 of the 4 were dead!!! —Jan. 14, 2019

After the Essential Bullet’s rumbly power, the Satisfyer’s first and second settings seemed like a walk in the park. Based on my past experiences, the five minutes it took me to come was a sprint. It did work because I was SO ready (plus I was using the toy underneath my clit, not flat on top of it). I came once and was done, versus my multiple orgasms with the bullet.

I resolved to try the Satisfyer with a dildo next, to see how dual stimulation with an air pulsation toy might feel.

Test #5: The dildo was average-sized—smaller than most of my favorites—to not interfere with me trying to figure out where the eff to position the Satisfyer nozzle.

I let the dildo rest in place, because I was still confused about this whole “seal” concept; instead I’d realized I liked pressing the nozzle down, hard, angled backward to not just hit my clit’s head.

By this point I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that the dual stimulation didn’t do a ton for me. I rarely use clit vibes together with dildos because it’s too much sensation at once, so air pulsation + dildo was even stranger. After a while I took the small Splendid out, ditched the Satisfyer too out of frustration, and went back to the Essential Bullet.

Test #6: I felt a great need to bring my Satisfyer on a business trip; it seemed like a smart idea, since I was PMS-y and wanted more clitoral stimulation than usual, plus there was the whole part where I could turn up the toy as loud as I wanted and not worry about the noise bothering my family. (It is a bit raucous on the higher speeds, like #5 and above, of 11 total speeds.) Maybe I needed to give the toy another chance, free from the worries of being at home!

You know you’re a sex toy reviewer when you’re packing for a trip and you’re equally concerned about bringing: (1) clean clothes; (2) toys you might photograph in new and interesting places

So into the luggage it went. But then I suddenly wanted to use it the night before I left, so I took it out anyway. And then something interesting happened: The Satisfyer started doing this thing, seemingly at random, where it was pulsing steadily away but then it started making this GLUG-GLUG-GLUG sound that felt almost like sucking instead of the usual air pulsing? It was great! But in the moment I couldn’t get it to keep doing that: tugging on the bottom of my hood and glug-glug-glugging.

So I moved it up and down my vulva a bit, back toward my urethra like I’m prone to do with vibrators, and then I managed to come hard enough with it in place. I finished off with the BMS Essential Bullet again, though, because I wanted some vibes to travel deep into my CUV complex—something the Satisfyer Pro 2 doesn’t really do, I realized.

Test #7: In the hotel room after a day of dull conference, I kinda wanted to use the Satisfyer, but maybe not—I wasn’t sure. My uterus seemed to be having decision-making disorder about whether I was on my period or not, so everything felt a bit wonky.

I tried the Satisfyer for a few minutes, and then I was ready to come. It was strange! Before this, reaching orgasm with the Satisfyer had been…an adventure, like I was wandering through the woods and I thought I’d found a trail that would lead out, but then it turned out I’d actually made a wrong turn. But then, wait, no, there it was! And then, oops, no, I’d lost the path again. Anyway, the orgasm was fast, and kinda muted. I moved on to a dildo; maybe this all was my hormones being weird.

Test #8: The next night, I was still in the hotel room, and I had plans for the Pillow Talk Sassy (because that vibe is phenomenal). Naturally, two minutes in, the vibe died, so I had to go pull out the charger.

I figured I’d give the Satisfyer another whirl since I wasn’t feeling very dildo-ey for once. So I sat there, and I hung out, and I talked to my lover on the phone with it pressed against my clit. Finally I started feeling like I was a little closer, and I pushed down harder and decided I didn’t really like the toy’s shape; I felt like it wasn’t meant to be used the way I was using it. I was trying to mash it in, to go deeper, which is uncomfortable with the L-shape body.

Eventually I got bored and decided Sassy should be charged enough to use for a bit. And it was so much better.

Test #9: They say you should try a sex toy at least five times to see if you like it, because our bodies change from day to day. (And sexual response in particular changes if you’re subject to a hormonal cycle.) After the Satisfyer didn’t really do a lot for me—especially compared to the amount of time I spent using it—I mostly gave up on it, for almost a month. But I figured I’d round out the number of tests to 10, to make really really sure this wasn’t the thing for me.

Plus, a couple weeks before this, the Magic Wand Plus came into my possession—and I took to it right away. I was an instant believer. I turned it up to level 3 and came immediately, and then over and over, like so many folks say they can do with their Satisfyer/Womanizer/Sona.

This time, I tried pulling back my hood more, just to give it another shot. It felt good for a minute, on speed #3, but it didn’t stay that way. So I pressed harder, and harder, until my hand was tired. Finally I dawned on me: I was pressing so hard because I was trying to push the rumbling by-products of the pressure waves further into my internal clit. And it wasn’t working.

I then figured that I’d give dual stimulation one more try. That was also a massive failure. I almost wanted to write a tribute poem to anyone who can manage a dildo and an air pulsation toy at the same time. To me it seems like an impossible juggling act.

So I took out the dildo and tried the Satisfyer alone one more time. Suddenly, the nozzle switched positions, and for two seconds it felt fucking amazing.


But alas, the quick awesomeness of that feeling passed. I gave up on orgasming on the Satisfyer ever again and wondered if I was some kind of alien, to not enjoy pressure wave toys.1

Test #10: I’d decided I would test the Satisfyer ten times, and here I was. One more go, and after that I’d consider myself done with this toy—it’d be relegated to the “unloved dildos” suitcase. And to collection pics, because sometimes you post a pic like this on Twitter and 2 weeks later you end up not one but two gold-pigmented dildos:

[Tweet reads: I randomly started grouping metallic sex toys together and it occurred to me that my collection is sadly missing a gold-pigmented dildo—how have I let this happen 😂

Anyway, I sat on the edge of the tub and spread my legs wide for a better view. I put the toy on my clit and turned it up to speed #5—but I immediately felt overstimulated. I kind of half-orgasmed before I got the speed down.

To get a better view of how the large-for-me nozzle (YMMV) fit between my labia, I pulled out my phone and took a couple pics. This didn’t enlighten me, since the Satisfyer’s head blocked most everything near my clit. But I did figure I should put the pulsing nozzle over my urethra just to see if that brought me pleasure. The answer was a resounding no.

I tried angling the Satisfyer all which ways. Nope, nothing there either. I tried moving up and down the speeds quickly, and again it was too much. So I went to function #2.

About 10 seconds later, I felt like an orgasm was being torn from me, almost against my will. I came, and the feeling bordered on painful. It was an orgasm that was less pleasurable than eating a fast-food salad.

Meanwhile, my vagina throbbed and almost cried out for attention. Testing goal accomplished, I ignored my vag and set out to finish this Satisfyer diary.

So that’s it: I get alternately bored and overstimulated from the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation. I have since found other air pulsation toys that fit my clit better. Satisfyer Pro 2 is super-stimulating for the price: but it is, essentially, a cheaper Womanizer. I can only give it a 3/5 stars.

* * *


  1. I think used my sex-toy-reviewer critical thinking skills and reassured myself that there are no right or wrong preferences (assuming there’s consent), and it’s 100% fine to not like something, no matter how popular it is.

15 thoughts on “Dis-Satisfyed: How Satisfyer Pro 2 Failed Me”

  1. I only own the Lelo Sona and can definitely say that it’s very intense. So intense that it can be hard to orgasm. It tends to force them out, and sometimes I like that, but not always. The biggest downside for me about it is how friggin loud it is! It’s most certainly the loudest and most intense toy I own.

    • Thanks for adding your experience! Bummer about the noise—that was one of the reasons I was almost glad that the higher Satisfyer levels were too intense for me. (I have sleeping kids!)

  2. Thank you! The Satisfyer did nothing for me. And you’re right, I do generally prefer to grind on something. And oral doesn’t do much for me either. So it’s just not my cup of tea and that’s ok. I went through the exact same process trying to get it in the right spot, eventually had a tiny orgasm, and then said “where’s my wand.” 😀

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for this post. I’ve tried Satisfyer motivated by the all-positive comments I’ve had read on the Internet and I felt really disappointed after trying it myself. After that, I also felt strange and confused: why was I having a such an indifferent (or even unpleasant) sensation using Satisfyer? It almost felt (in the middle and higher levels of “suction”) that my clit was being beaten, far away from feeling like “oral sex”, it felt aggressive. When I found your review I was somehow relieved: I’m not the only one! I saw myself perfectly reflected in your description of what kind of people wouldn’t like this product («you tend to get off by grinding on wider objects, or the palm of your hand; or you frequently orgasm from rubbing up and down your vulva, instead of just focusing on the clitoral glans»)
    So here’s my question: what kind of sex toy do you recommend for women like me? I also find difficult to get orgasms with a partner because I need that specifical kind of stimulation in order to get off…
    (I’m sorry if there’s any grammar mistake, I’m not an English speaker).

  4. How much of your result do you think might be due to failure to create an air seal? Maybe these pulsation toys need to work on providing different shapes and sizes of tips, to help accommodate different anatomy?

    • I do believe that the Satisfyer nozzle is too large for my clit. And it’s good that many of the new Womanizer toys are including 2 head sizes. My main issue, though, is with my sensitivity level. I think these toys are really excellent for people who want lots of sensation right on their clit, or who have a difficult time orgasming, whereas I prefer more diffuse, broad stimulation. There’s just no one category of toy that works for everyone with a clitoris.

  5. Hi…thank you so much for posting this; it helped me feel not so alone/weird. I too bought the Satisfyer Pro 2 after seeing so many views talking about how amazing it was and how many multiple orgasms people had and just raved about it. Personally, I can have multiple orgasms but achieve mine by manually rubbing my clitoral area (and sometimes using a vibrator as well), but I thought ‘oh hey maybe this will help so my hand doesn’t get tired’ lol. So I was quite excited to try it, but today is the day after I tried it and it’s so strange…it’s almost as if I feel it ‘assaulted’ me if that makes any sense; and on top of that my orgasm hurt and was just really strange like devoid of good feeling even though it was an orgasm (maybe it’s like some who say it feels ‘forced’ or ‘ripped from you’). I guess I tend to like the build up and moving around and hanging on the edge of an orgasm for awhile, etc which I can control way more with my hand or a vibrator…but with this thing it was like …hard to explain. It also left me hurting; like a bit sore/achey in my clit area and also left me feeling almost like when you have period cramps and nauseous….just really weird cause I’ve NEVER had an orgasm make me feel nauseous and kind of hurt. I tried it out first on my finger and nipples cause I admit I was a bit fearful of this new technology…but it had so many rave reviews I went for it. Took me a bit to figure the right place to put it (still don’t know if I had it in exactly the right place but I think I did) but I think like you (original poster) my clit tends to be quite hooded so maybe it’s just not a good fit for my body and I had to do what you did as well slightly move it just under my clit sometimes and it felt a bit better. I couldn’t handle any more than level 3(but then level 1 and 2 didn’t hardly do anything and 3 was almost getting to be too much)…it did make me orgasm, kind of like one that sneaks up on you in a weird way, but I’ve had orgasms sneak up on me before yet they were still good but this definitely was not really in a good way. I had seen so many others say it gave them multiple orgasms, and since I’m naturally multiple orgasmic, I tried again but all that did was literally make my body cramp and seize up in a slightly (at first interesting) but then terrifying way and it definitely did not give me another orgasm….I didn’t try it too much longer cause it was getting unpleasant…it also started to give me an intense headache which never happens for me either…then after that I just went to my usual hand stimulation/rubbing my clit and came a couple more times from manual stimulation without the toy. But today is the day after and I still feel a bit hurt/crampy and just ‘weird’ almost like I’ve been through some negative sexual experience..and I’ve never had this with a toy EVER. And even right after using it I didn’t feel that relaxed ‘after-glow’ satisfied feeling you usually get with an orgasm…it felt like…really hard to describe but just something empty or I know this sounds so weird but it almost feels like it assaulted me or I’m like ‘this thing is evil!’ lol…now I have read some say it felt like they were getting punched in the clit or it felt like a ‘raptor’ lol…so maybe I’m just one of those who it doesn’t really work for…just seems so odd cause I’m a person who likes to grind and rub my clit a lot….and never felt like my clit was overly sensitive…but I don’t know…I contemplate trying one more time but I don’t know if I should(if I do I’d have to wait at least a week I think to have my clit and uterine muscles recover cause how I feel now w/ the cramping I don’t want anything near that area for awhile). I NEVER have posted anything about a sex toy but I thought I would in case it might help others who had a similar experience not feel alone or like something is wrong with them (because that’s how it made me feel…I thought ‘what’s wrong with me…seems like everyone else loves this thing’). And maybe sharing as well as partly ‘therapy’ for myself like I just had a negative experience that I need to tell someone about. Like I said it’s very strange how it made me feel physically as well as emotionally…almost like I just took part in a strange sadistic/masochistic act..which is fine for those who like that but it’s not something that turns me on… or like the toy itself is oddly intruiging yet repulsive at the same time, but really the best description is that I just feel ‘off’ and negative and ’empty’ like it sucked my soul out for a bit and I’m in some kind of ‘after shock’ of an assault. I know that sounds so overboard but it really has made me feel like that…just soooo strange/unexpected as I thought it would make me feel amazing as others say it does for them. Anyways…hope that makes sense… probably seems over the top but just trying my best to be hones/explain how it made me feel.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

      I see a lot of what I went through in your description.

      It definitely took me a while to get used to the different, and very focused sensation of air pulsation toys. I would pick wands over them as an entire category. That said, something *clicked* with me and We-Vibe Melt, and I enjoy it most alongside a dildo (inserted, obviously) or a smaller wand (sitting outside my vag)—somehow that makes my orgasms with Melt awesome rather than “slightly overstimulating but pretty good.”

      Still haven’t figured out how to enjoy the Satisfyer Pro 2, unfortunately 😝

      • Thank you for your response. I’m glad to know I’m not alone…I luckily was able to return the product. I did end up recently getting one of the Stronic Pulsators by Fun Factory and that was an interesting sensation (much better than the Satisfyer)..though I wish the Stronic had kind of a slower speed because too much thrusting can feel a lot for me. Anyways this is totally odd and obviously a year or so later response but you don’t think the Satisfyer could like permanently hurt you could it? I keep being worried…cause I think it was too much on my actual clit so the few times I tried it I would have it a little to the left of my clit (I too have a smaller and hooded clit)…and I remember it made the delicate skin there feel raw and sore (even w/ lube)…and ever since I noticed like…well hard to describe but it almost seems like the skin got pulled/sucked to the point that it’s permanently like sags out in that tiny section. That’s probably a horrible way to describe it I wish I could think of how to describe it better but you know like if a vacuum sucked your skin so that instead of being smooth to the left of the clit it was like bulged out a bit…. but I don’t know if just a few times could permanently do that or maybe it was always like that there and I just never paid that close attention? I mean it’s not painful or anything I just fear that it permanently..well you know that alternative technique of cupping I’ve seen people do where they have those suction cups on their backs and then it makes it like swollen out and red marks….but in that case it goes back to normal eventually…but I’m worried it permanently made the area to the left of my clit like that…I wish I knew if it was like that so much before or not. Or I hope that’s like an impossible thing for it to change it forever? Just wondered if you might know so I don’t worry about it lol…I mean there is no pain or anything like that just looks different (but then again maybe it always looked that way and I didn’t notice/look that close). And it can’t be anything else because I haven’t been with an actual person in that time and haven’t used any other suction toys in that area since. Thanks for your great site for people to share!

  6. This was an interesting review. I also have a hooded clit, and can’t stand direct stimulation on its tip. But wands do absolutely nothing for me, they just make me feel numb. I prefer tiny vibrator tips quite high up and on the sides of the part of the clit that isn’t visible. I stimulated the same spot with Satisfyer and came faster than ever! So, I guess my point is that clits do indeed differ in many ways.

  7. This might feel overly dramatic and I’m not sure if anyone will ever see this, but… thank you. I. Have no words? I am already struggling with feeling sexually inadequate because I am struggling to cum with a partner, and I have many mental blocks and triggers surrounding sex. People raving about how amazing these toys are is triggering for me because my experience have been EXACTLY the same as yours. I easily get overstimulated with a small, hooded clit, so the “fit” and the “glug glug” is a constant challenge. I’ve never heard of anyone who is struggling and always get a “oh really, I never had a problem” when I’ve mentioned it. I feel heard and empowered.

    • I’m so glad I could make you feel heard! There’s definitely no right response or absolute pleasure guarantee with any toy, even if it’s super-popular.

      I hope your explorations go well, and really it’s awesome to see experimenting with different toys as a journey where you get to discover the feelings you like and don’t. And it doesn’t all have to be about the orgasms, sometimes a new sensation is just fascinating by itself.

  8. I got myself the satisfyer pro 2 last week. Only tested it once. It made glug-glug-glug noises during the whole session (so annoying and loud) and I can’t make it fit properly over my clit (??). I thought I was doing something completely wrong until I saw your review. They could at least have produced different sized “heads” for it, so we’d have a chance to make it work a bit better; same size doesn’t fit all…

    Nice review btw.


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