We-Vibe Nova 2: Will It Work for You?

We-Vibe Nova 2 took every problem I had with “rabbit” dual stimulation vibrators, and fixed it. This is the most adjustable, rumbliest, comfortable and orgasmic dual vibrator ever, no exaggeration. After using the Nova for 2.5 years now, I’ve updated my review to tell u how it’s stood the test of time!!!

Rabbits can be tricky because the distance between the clitoris and vaginal opening can vary a lot in different people. So, if you’re like me and your C(lit)-to-V(agina) distance is not the average 2 inches, you gonna be throwing money away when buying most dual-stimulation vibes. In contrast, the Nova vibrator has one huge advantage: its extra flexibility.

Pros & Cons


  • Super-rumbly vibration.
  • Made for clitoral + G-spot orgasms: more stimulation.
  • Very adjustable G-spot shaft + very flexible clitoral stimulator.
  • Constant clit contact: the clit stimulator is broad, and it flexes to maintain constant vibration over the clitoris.
  • Will fit more different bodies than any other rabbit vibrator.
  • Soft silicone for a vibrator. (10A Shore, vs. the harder 20A that’s typical.)
  • Comfortable for thrusting against G-spot and clitoris.
  • Waterproof.
  • USB magnetic rechargeable, with over 3 hours’ vibration per charge.
  • Optional app control; long-distance capable.


  • Not for anyone who needs pinpoint (sharply focused) clitoral pressure. In contrast, the Nova’s clitoral stimulator has a thumb’s-width pressure.
  • Not for anyone who wants either deep or thick vaginal penetration.
  • Not cheap.
  • We-Connect app is glitchy, so Nova’s not amazing for long-distance control.

The We-Vibe Nova is smooth, semi-soft silicone with 1.3 inches insertable diameter × 4.25 inches insertable length. It’s waterproof, rechargeable — and my favorite rabbit vibrator, ever!

We-Vibe Nova 2 size in hand

How Does We-Vibe Nova 2 Work?

The We-Vibe Nova has a clitoral stimulator that curllllls downward. Why? Because that clit stimulator flexes and bends to massage down the vulva,

…keeping constant clit contact as you thrust the Nova’s handle. That’s versus most rabbits’ clit stimulators that poke up toward your pubic mound, possibly ramming your pubic bone if you like to thrust your rabbit vibrator. Ouch.

OMG, the G-spot massage and steady clit vibes.

Meanwhile, the Nova’s internal arm can be “posed”—adjusted like a posable dildo—and stays in place, awesomely, at the angle you set it at. This is part 2 of the fan-fucking-tastic adjustability of the Nova, and why it’s given me so much pleasure.

The Nova is made for “Blended Orgasms.” Are they stronger? Most women & clit-havers will feel more pleasure by hitting two nerve-packed hotspots at once. (Statistically, most women [up to 75%] surveyed do not regularly orgasm without clitoral stimulation.) A dual-stimulating vibrator makes this twofer easier—clitoral and vaginal vibration—since you only need to hold one toy.

We-Vibe Nova 2 adjustable clit stimulator

Average clit-to-vagina distance is 2 inches: and Nova’s two stimulators will spread to be either a lot more, or a lot less, depending on your body. Flexible rabbits are, thankfully, becoming more common; but none of ’em (among the dozens I own) have the grade-A vibrations that Nova 2 does:

Vibration Functions

The Nova 2 has 8 intensity levels for all 10 vibration functions (1 steady function, 9 patterns). So, you have 8 steady speeds, and then 9 patterns that can be stronger or weaker, to your taste.

The Nova’s vibrations hum to life; a deep rumble on Nova 2’s first steady speed. Resonating, reverberating. Traveling through my skin & nerve endings better than a high-pitched (buzzy) vibrator. Rumbly vibrators like the We-Vibe Nova are less likely to make you feel numb after long-term use.

From its lowest intensity level to its highest intensity level, I’d rate the Nova:

  • Power: From 4 to 7.75 out of 10 (where 10/10 = Magic Wand power). (Power increases as you hit the + button.)
  • Rumblyness: From 10 to 7 out of 10. (Rumble decreases as you hit the + button; especially the last 2 intensity levels are less deep & rumbly.)

It maxes out at what I’d call an 7.75/10 for power, on par with the We-Vibe Rave and slightly weaker than the Pillow Talk Sassy by BMS—but both of those are strong G-spot vibrators, without clit stimulation built in.

How to Control Nova

This clit & Gspot vibrator has 5 buttons. But, if you’re like me and you dislike vibration patterns, you’ll only need to use two of them: the + button to turn on and to increase vibration strength, and the – button if you want to decrease power.

But, if you (1) like patterns and/or (2) want to use the We-Connect app, you’ll need the other 3. Here’s how to operate the Nova’s button control:

We-Vibe Nova 2 control buttons how to operate
  • 1A, the + button. Press to turn on. Press again to increase vibration strength, in any vibration function.
  • 1B, the – button: Press to decrease strength. Or, hold down for about 3 seconds to power off the Nova 2.
  • 1A + 1B: Hold down simultaneously to turn the travel lock on / off.
  • 2: The right and left arrows both change the function. Nova 2 starts out with steady vibration, and after that, there are 9 preset patterns you can shift through.
  • 3, the toggle button! It turns the two motors on/off: you can have the clit arm going alone, the shaft going alone, or both going at once (the only way for me!). OR, press and hold down for 5 to 10 seconds to put Nova 2 into “pairing mode” for the We-Connect app. It should buzz twice, then sync to the app you have open on your phone.

My Nova 2 Experience

Before I got a We-Vibe Nova, my thoughts about rabbit vibrators were: “WTF? These work for people?!” Because other two-point vibrators just did not line up for me. A dozen tries… and still no dice, until the Womanizer Duo was nice.

So, when I pulled out the We-Vibe Nova 2 for my first session, I wasn’t sure if it would work so well. First, I had to bend the “shaft”‘s firm core slightly, for a little extra G-spot curve. Then, I lubricated the Nova lightly, turned it on… and started feeling the rumbly vibes. And the soft silicone. OMG!

It was a 100% new 💡 experience: having a rabbit vibe actually stay in contact with my clit when I’m wiggling the shaft. Plus, the softer silicone outside is the density of an erect penis—so it feels natural. And Nova has those spectacularly deep, resonating vibrations.

We-Vibe Nova 2 clit arm closeup
The outside edge of Nova 2’s flat external arm is the part that keeps contact with the clit.

I’m a steady-vibes fan, I find it easier to orgasm if the vibrations are consistent rather than pulsing, jumping around everywhere, or even escalating. So I stick to Nova 2’s first function, the steady one, with 8 different strength levels.

Nova 2 is an Old Faithful for me: thrusting it, those rumbly vibes rolling, is always satisfying. Multiple orgasms are practically a guarantee (unless I am super tired and just roll over and fall asleep after the first 😄). Nova 2 doesn’t always give me the fastest orgasm. Usually, it’s a slow buildup, where I climax as I start thrusting the G-spot curved shaft fast. So. very. good.

I got a Nova 2 in June 2020, and I’ve used it consistently ever since (over 2.5 years now, a couple times a week). That’s super-rare, since I own hundreds of vibrators. I only come back to keep using very few of them regularly, for years.

The We-Vibe Nova’s length reaches my G-spot great, but this is a slightly-slim vibrator. Personally, I like toys that are thicker than average penis girth; between 1.8 inches and 2 inches diameter is my happy place for G-spot stimulation. Nova 2 is ≈1.3 inches at its widest insertable diameter. So, on my “I want it bigger” days, I need to use a different toy instead of, or after, my Nova vibrator!

On Nova 2’s durability: My first Nova was kicking strong for a year, about 150 uses total; until I was sleep-deprived one night and, tragically, grabbed the wrong bottle of silicone+oil lube that degraded Nova’s silicone. (Water-based and hybrid lubricants are the best for any silicone vibrator.) So, I had to get a new one; and that Nova 2 #2 is going strong (and rumbly!) to date, ready to roll through 2023.

So, the Nova 2’s longevity is good; it hasn’t died on me after 1 year, like many vibrators will if used frequently. We-Vibe provides a 2-year warranty for all its products purchased through legit retailers; that’s twice as long as most sex toy companies offer (1 year warranty is standard).

Soft Silicone: We-Vibe Nova vs. Nova 2

Another way Nova 2 excels, why I personally will choose it over other traditional rabbit vibes? The softness.

Versus the original We-Vibe Nova, the current [2024] We-Vibe Nova is fully covered in semi-soft silicone, at 10A Shore. The old one had a thin coat of 20A Shore on its shaft, then a white plastic handle below.

The current Nova is a big upgrade IMO for that reason. It does feel so much more skin-like, with the softer silicone shaft. It’s not a squishy fantasy dildo, but is very forgiving. The Neo Elite Encore and Naked Addiction Freak are the only worthwhile vibrating toys I’ve found with this kind of softer-silicone skin, and neither of those has rumbly vibration like the Nova does.

Long-Distance Control & We-Connect App

Nova 2 works with the We-Connect app, free for iOS or Android. Download it, open it, then get your Nova out and ready.

To sync, you’ve gotta hold down the “toggle” button—the single button closest to the clit arm—for 5 to 10 seconds.

This latest iteration of the We-Connect app is smooth-looking, very purple, and pretty easy to figure out. Still, for ease of use, Lovense makes the best long-distance sex toy app overall.

The drop-down menu in the upper lefthand corner lets you access long-distance control (“Connect your partner”) or see all the local options (“Current session,” then hit the wavy squiggles in the bottom right hand corner.

There, you can choose between the 10 functions and increase/decrease strength in both Nova 2’s dual motors for each function. There’s also a Touch mode, where you wave your finger wildly to make the vibe increase in power. And finally, a Beat mode that syncs Nova 2 to music playing either around you, or through your music library.

We-Connect app custom vibration control
4 snips from the We-Connect app: 1. What pattern control looks like (slide your finger up & down); 2. Preset vibration patterns to select from; 3. New touch mode, where you gotta swipe like crazy; 4. Music syncing, really fun!

I played around with Beat mode the most, because it’s something you can’t do with Nova’s built-in control buttons. That function makes the vibrator pulse in time to / increase its strength along with music. I always play music through YouTube, and that is not an option here. So alas, I had to download a few songs and then go with an iTunes trial. I will say that Cardi B’s “WAP” sounds even more bad-ass (the background really comes through) when you’re feeling the vibrations from it.

In the end, having full control and steady power is most orgasmic to me, so I went back to jiggle-thrusting Nova 2 on intensity #5 of 10. During this process of song-perusing, I needed to resync Nova a couple times by holding down that motor-toggle button for a while. You might also try uninstalling and totally reinstalling the app if it completely freezes on you.

If you, like me, enjoy being made to hold off from orgasming, and then told to come really hard, the control factor is super-sexy. Or, it might be. If the app stays connected. We-Connect’s video function, like Skype built into the vibe app, is sweet in general, but can cause glitches. A lot. Honestly, I gave up on the We-Connect app for long-distance a while back because the connectivity is really not the best; and nothing kills a sexy mood like tech struggles.

Care & Cleaning

We-Vibe Nova 2 is USB magnetic rechargeable. I’ve found it has ≈ 3 hours run time per recharge, which is great.

Just clip the magnetic cable on, it’ll hold well once the magnets line up. We-Vibe has standardized its charging cables (phew), so Nova 2’s charger works with all newer We-Vibe toys: the We-Vibe Melt, Chorus, Moxie/Moxie Plus, Vector/Vector Plus, Sync, Verge, Bond, Ditto, Jive, and Match. Only the Rave (which needs an update) and the Bloom vag. balls require other chargers.

It’s waterproof submersible. Use Nova 2 in the shower, bathtub (if you’ve got slick lube!), or wherever. Its smooth silicone cleans up easily. To clean it, simply wash with soap under running water in your sink.

Nova 2’s soft silicone does have a slight raised seam right down the center, showing the silicone was injection-molded into a 2-part mold (the norm for vibrators). Even as someone who’s sensitive to textures, I can’t feel the seams in use.

Nova 2 comes in a nice box that just says “We-Vibe Nova.” It includes a storage pouch, instructions, of course the charging cord, and a sample pack of Pjur lubricant you should throw away due to its high glycerin content.

Nova 2 Final Thoughts

The original We-Vibe Nova’s flexibility stood out, but the Nova 2 is even better. Softer silicone outside, so I’m more comfortable. Tons of rumbly power, with 8 steady speeds. And, the curling clit arm, bending and moving as I push Nova 2 against my G-spot. Thrusting into OMG yessssssss.

Overall, Nova 2 is superb because of how easy it is. Clitoral plus G-spot vibes, that I can move together by holding Nova’s comfortable handle and thrusting it. Two hot spots hit, and I only need to deal with one toy. I give it a 4.8 out of 5 stars, only because the We-Connect app doesn’t impress me (so I don’t actually use it, really bringing the Nova to a 5/5 🌟 for my solo play sessions).

Is there a better rabbit vibrator? Only if you’re wanting a clit “suction” pulsation rabbit, in which case the Womanizer Duo is the bomb—so stimulating.

Find We-Vibe Nova 2 here (US).

Save 10% ⬆️ with code PHAL10 in the gift card box at checkout.

Or if you’re Canadian: see Nova 2 here.

We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe Nova 2 is a clitoral+Gspot vibrator with SERIOUS rumbly vibration. Has Nova solved my rabbit-vibe failure issue? 2.5 years in, I'm having an amazing adjustable time!

Product SKU: 4251460603959

Product Brand: We-Vibe

Editor's Rating:


  • Super-rumbly vibration.
  • Made for clitoral + G-spot orgasms: more stimulation.
  • Very adjustable G-spot shaft + very flexible clitoral stimulator.
  • Constant clit contact.
  • Will fit more different bodies than any other rabbit vibrator.
  • Soft silicone for a vibrator.
  • Comfortable for thrusting against G-spot and clitoris.
  • Waterproof.
  • USB magnetic rechargeable, with over 3 hours' vibration per charge.


  • Not for pinpoint (sharply focused) clitoral pressure.
  • Not for either deep or thick vaginal penetration.
  • Not cheap.
  • We-Connect app is glitchy, so Nova's not amazing for long-distance control.


16 thoughts on “We-Vibe Nova 2: Will It Work for You?”

  1. I have the original Nova but I find the clit arm a bit too stiff when I’m trying to thrust. Is the Nova 2’s clit arm significantly more flexible than the original’s?

    • Hey, great question! The clit arm is more flexible, like it bends really easily and automatically. The handle is also flatter than the original Nova’s (less chunky), and the buttons are a bit easier to press.

  2. How well does the nova 2 do for gspot stimulation? I know its a dual, but I’m comparing this to the rave. I’m not sure which would be better. The nova 2 seems like a better value since it provides both.

    • Hi, thanks for writing again! My apologies, *too busy* last week.

      I’d say it depends on your G-spot needs. Nova 2 feels much better for me because I like a softer touch and I like thrusting, and that’s actually uncomfortable for me with Rave. The firmness of Rave, and the off-center curve, just make it clash with my pelvic bone.

      Vs. Nova 2 being just a liiiiittle bit squishy, and a more classic forward-curved shape that does stay put well (it doesn’t bend while thrusting) because of the harder rib down its center.

      Nova 2 is still about $20 cheaper than Rave (but will go up to $30 more), so I agree with your point about the value especially if you know you want dual stimulation!

      Nova 2 is not larger than Rave. I would suggest checking out the Impressions N5 if you want:

      • really knock-out power,
      • more width (1.7 inch diameter),
      • an inch more insertable length,
      • a bulbous head that’s firm, and
      • you’re OK with the vibes being a little higher-pitched than We-Vibe.

      Fun Factory Big Boss is another somewhat thicker vibe, and the vibration quality is pretty growling-rumbly on the first several speeds. The only complaint that people have with this one is that the silicone has a slightly gritty feel / drags more.

    • Yes, I would, Nova 2 is like the Pillow Talk Sassy (another huge favorite of mine) where the noise level is quite low for the excellent amount of power you get. On high speed, if you’re trying to be discreet, it’s not totally silent, you might want to put a pillow over yourself while using—but for most of the speed range it’s definitely low-volume.

  3. Hi Felicity,
    How does Nova 2’s clit vibration compare to the We-Vibe X Touch’s? Does the Nova start a little lower than Touch X on lowest setting? I’d prefer a more gentle warm up with less intensity in the beginning.

    • I think the Nova 2 is slightly stronger to start and to finish than the Touch X. I’d put the Touch X’s starting speed at about 3 / 10 for power, and honestly most buyers won’t want lower intensities than that (since “luxury” vibrators like We-Vibe tend to be geared toward people who enjoy *power*). The BMS Pillow Talk bullets are probably your best bet because they’re rumbly but lower-powered: with Flirty being my first recommendation. I hope that helps!

  4. Hey Felicity,
    Thanks for all you hard work on this site.

    My partner and I are trying to decide between the Womanizer Duo and the Nova 2. In this post you say that you would grab the Womanizer if you house caught on fire, but commented on the Nova as the best duel vibrator out there with a higher number rating (9.2 > 8.8), must be a tough call!
    Does it all come down to preference of ‘clit’ suction, or could you comment on which you think is better. (Nova 2 is also $100 cheaper in Australia where we’re from)

    • I think it depends on whether you prefer thrusting vs. suction! I love love loved the Duo when I got it and still use it occasionally, but the Nova 2 is my mainstay now because I just enjoy thrusting it so much, so it massages both G-spot and clit simultaneously. The Duo can be rocked but is harder to grip (for real motion-lovers like me). They’re both great toys!

    • Hi, sorry I missed your comment! Fitting a Nova 2 inside the G squeeze isn’t impossible, but the G squeeze’s flared base makes it problematic. You definitely wouldn’t be able to thrust the Nova when it’s backed by the G squeeze. It could work if you just have it sitting in place.

      I’ve put a silicone penis extender on the Nova 2 before when I wanted it a little wider and phallic. That’s a simpler solution that still allowed me to thrust the Nova. I currently am using this extender. Which isn’t bad. I hear that Blissfull Creations makes the best silicone extenders (but haven’t tried one yet myself).


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