Ultra Flexible Rabbit Vibrators Guide

Why flexible? Rabbit vibrators are amazing when they work, but notoriously prone to not aligning well for any given user. The problem: Human bodies vary, and these dual-stimulating vibrators need to rest on both the clitoris and (usually) the G-spot simultaneously.1 When clitoris-to-vagina distance can easily vary between 1 inch and 3 inches, and most people have no idea if they’re within the “median” range or not, how can a new rabbit vibrator buyer choose 1 toy that’ll likely fit their individual anatomy?

Picking an adjustable / highly flexible “rabbit” (= dual stimulating) vibrator is the best way to get a good fit. I know it: One of my first sex toy purchases was a cheap-o “butterfly” vibrator (with a weak motor to boot), and after it poked me uncomfortably, I was so confused about what the point even was that I didn’t buy or review dual-stimulating vibrators for a long time. Happily, I discovered better options in the years afterward!

This ultra-flexible “rabbit” guide will rank each toy for its flexibility and combined power levels, then will discuss my experience with each body-safe silicone vibrator! A recap:

Keep reading for a full rating of each vibrating sex toy! Rating Notes: Powerful does not always mean better for any particular anatomy.2 Product ratings are on a 10-point scale, with “10” being the strongest, the most flexible, or the most stable.

Massaging Rabbit Vibes!

These are strong dual-stimulating vibrators that will keep clitoral contact when you grip and move the handle, thrusting the insertable shaft.

Lustful Intimate Massager: Affordable Flexi-Power

Currently $56.99, or $51.30 with code FELICITY here
Flex: Posable clit stimulator; 8/10 for stability. Shaft flex, 5/10.
Combined power for each speed: 6, 6.75, and 7.25 out of 10.
Functions: 3 steady speeds, 7 patterns.

The Lustful Massager has sheer strength to match quite a few luxury vibrators, and I’m impressed that both the clit and vaginal stimulators are flexible. If I had this info when starting my collection: I’d totally pick one up as a first rabbit vibrator—after I’d owned a few other small vibrators, because the Lustful Massager does start pretty darn strong and can get me there fast.

lustful intimate massager review - flexibility

The clit stimulator is posable, meaning it has a metal core that can be bent, and then will (mostly) stay in place. This gives the Lustful Massager 1.5 inches of backward-or-forward placement outside; while its shaft curves naturally inside the vagina. I love the clit arm shape: It curves inward, toward the vagina, for stroking massage down the clitoral shaft.3

Really, the Lustful Massager is an affordable competitor to the We-Vibe Nova 2, with these differences: (1) With Lustful, the clit stimulator is posable, while with Nova, the shaft is posable (they’re reversed); (2) Lustful has less vibration “speed range”: it’s stronger on both high and low intensity; (3) Lustful has a thin coat of firm silicone vs. Nova 2’s plusher, softer silicone; and (4) Nova 2 has deeper, rumblier vibration throughout, plus app control that I never use.

We-Vibe Nova 2: Soft + Thrust

Currently $149.00; or $134.10 with code FELICITY
Flex: 9/10 for clit arm flexibility. Posable shaft with good range, 9.5/10 for stability.
Combined power: From 2.5 to 7 out of 10 (so many speeds!).
Functions: 10 intensities x 10 functions. Or drag-your-finger power adjustment via app.

My answer last year whenever someone would ask, “What’s your favorite vibrator?”

We-Vibe Nova 2 clit arm closeup
The outside edge of Nova 2’s flat external arm is the part that keeps contact around my clit.

The Nova 2 was the first dual-stimulating vibrator that I ever loved and that I’d use multiple times a week for fun. Here’s why Nova’s been exceptional for me:

  1. The stroking-under clit stimulator is wide and really does always keep excellent contact with my clitoris. Because for G-spot play, I need motion, so I’m moving the Nova 2’s handle to make it rub me inside and out.
  2. The softer silicone feels more natural to me. It’s a gentler 10A-Shore that’s velvety, and softer than 99.9% of vibrators (which typically use firmer injection molded silicone).
  3. Lovely, rumbly vibration depth!

The Nova 2’s posable shaft features 2.25 inches of backward-or-forward placement. It stays in place so well, too, unlike most posable toys that start straightening themselves out when you get ’em moving inside. Meanwhile, that clit arm flexes and curves naturally for stroking-fingering if you hold the handle & thrust. Or you might like to lie back and just enjoy the vibration, with no movement!

Empress Swan: Waving Clit Stimulator

Currently $89.00; or $80.10 with code FELICITY
Flex: Flexible clit stimulator (7.5/10). 6/10 shaft flex: The top 3.5 inches bend gently.
Combined power for each speed: From 3 to 8.25 /10.
Functions: Great speed range: Incremental speed control allows for precise changes. 2 independently controlled motors.

Oh wow, the Empress’ flickering 3-tip clit stimulator is working it for me! I really, really like having my clit stroked (downward)—so, with other dual-stim vibrators, I perform the clit-stroking myself by thrusting the toy’s handle. But the Empress Swan’s got a fingering-like motion going on, self-propelled! The tips wiggle & wave (YouTube demo here) when you turn either motor on, especially the clitoral one.

Empress Swan vibrator review - flickering clit stimulator

Those wide, fluttering tips are sweet, but it’s the Empress Swan’s super-rumbly inside motor that completes the picture, making it a new fave of mine. This is a vibrator by Swan / BMS Factory, maker of the Hulk of G-spot vibrators, the Swan Wand—except this Swan vibe has more Pillow Talk-like vibration depth. The Swan Empress’ vaginal vibe range is exceptionally good, via the press-and-hold Incremental Speed control. That means you get to choose what level of strength you want within the motor’s range—you’re not limited to 3 preset functions.

With both the shaft (the upper 3.5 inches) and the clit stimulator (its whole length) being above-average for flexibility, I think this toy will connect well for most clit-owners who like clit-massage from their rabbit vibrator. The Empress Swan is one of two toys this year that I’ve had a tough time writing about, I’d so much rather be using the product instead!

Je Joue Hera: Petite Rumbles

Currently $129.00 (CHECK PRICE here)
Flex: The MOST flexible: clit arm bends (7/10 for flexibility) + shaft is wildly posable. 2.5/10 for shaft stability.
Vibration power: 3.5, 5.5, 6, 6.75, 7.5 out of 10.
Functions: 5 intensities x 5 functions (1 steady + 4 patterns).

The Je Joue Hera is a good choice if you want a small toy with a thumping motor. It’s got semi-soft & smooth silicone,4 a short & slim shaft, and a grrrrrumbly motor.

Je Joue Hera ultra-flexible rabbit vibrator review
Hera at max. flex, top; And in its natural shape, bottom. See its smaller size vs. We-Vibe Nova 2 (and Womanizer Duo).

It’s the most flexible rabbit vibrator: the shaft seriously bends. It’s great vaginally as long as you’re not expecting G-spot focus: Hera’s shaft will not stay bent forward and doesn’t press into the spot. Instead, Hera’s shaft will move smoothly with the vag’s contours. The way the motor thumps is pretty unique, it’s a quality that’s distinct to Je Joue vibrating motors. (Also in Je Joue’s “bullet” vibrators.)

The Hera Flex’s clitoral stimulator is broad and short. Its shape focuses most pressure about 1.5 inches in front of the shaft. I would recommend this toy for consistent vibration, rather than thrusting like I get a lot of sensation from doing with the We-Vibe Nova. Hera’s clit stimulator will rub forward as one thrusts, versus rubbing backward toward the vagina (I feel so much more with downward strokes toward my vag, personally).

Pulsing Rabbit Vibes

These are dual-stimulation vibrators with an air pulsation or suction clitoral stimulator outside. Air-pulse toys (Womanizer, Satisfyer, etc.) are generally perceived as more intense than normal vibrators, and bring many users faster orgasms.

Rock Candy Sugarotic: Firm + Air Pulsing

Currently $89.99; or $81 with code FELICITY
Flex: Firm clit stimulator (0/10 flex). Lower shaft bends; 6.5/10 shaft flex.
Combined power for each speed: 5.5, 7, and 8.5 out of 10.
Functions: 3 steady speeds + 7 patterns for each motor.

The Rock Candy Sugarotic feels like the strongest rabbit vibrator overall in this guide, because the sucking pulsation + high-speed internal vibration and harder shaft pressure are just a touch more Bam! 💥 than the Womanizer Duo, next. Duo’s shaft vibration is less potent (but more rumbly) and more yielding. Fuller comparison here.

Rock Candy Sugarotic review - psychedelic

The Sugarotic by Rock Candy has a longer, firmer shaft than the Caribbean Shine: Sugarotic possesses 3 good strong air pulsation speeds and more suction intensity too! Some of Sugarotic’s sucking/pulsing clitoral functions are really slurpy: like, for half-a-second bursts they might even kinda feel like a human mouth. (That’s a big endorsement: Oral sex is incredibly hard to replicate in a sex toy.) See the Sugarotic slurp (my finger) here!

More on the flex: The Sugarotic’s shaft bends in the lowest 2 inches, while the tip is harder and does apply G-spot (or A-spot) pressure. Those 2 inches do allow it to bend quite a bit, though Sugarotic isn’t my best personal fit. Its clit stimulator is angled and doesn’t yield—which is good because it’ll break less easily, but may be tougher to line up if your clit doesn’t stick out.

Womanizer Duo: Strong Air Pulses

Currently $219.00; or $197.10 with code FELICITY
Flex: Clit flex: 0/10, it’s locked in. 8/10 shaft flex.
Combined power for each speed: From and 8.25 out of 10.
Functions: 12 speeds of air pulsation + 12 speeds of shaft vibration.

This was the first air pulsation rabbit that ever worked for me! Suddenly I’d found an air-pulsation rabbit that was squirting-level good (something 💦 I can’t typically do with any insertable sex toy).

Womanizer Duo review Phallophile Reviews

Overall, the Duo has the strongest clitoral stimulator in this guide. Both stimulators have great motor power, with the clitoral one offering the Womanizer Premium’s extremely deep, thuddy pulsations and great intensity range. The Duo’s feel does absolutely pronounce “premium” too; it’s like driving a German luxury sedan, in sex toy form.

The shaft is quite flexible, and also short and slim, so it’s unlikely to feel “too deep” like the Sugarotic does when my cervix is low. The air pulse mouth is fixed in place at the end of the large handle/body, bursting with control buttons to cover the 12 x 12 possible intensities (plus “Autopilot” random fluctuations option).

Alive Caribbean Shine: 2 Kinds of Pulsation!

Currently $119.00; or $107.10 with code FELICITY
Flex: Clit arm flexes slightly (3/10); shaft is more bendy, 8.5/10.
Combined power for each speed: 5, 6.25, and 7.75 out of 10.
Functions: Vibration with pulsing suction: 3 steady speeds + 7 patterns; 3 speeds of G-spot pulsing.

Thu-thumpa-thump! This was a phenomenal discovery for me, because the G-spot pulsing AND the clit-pulsing AND the vibration in both Caribbean Shine’s sections do a lot. It’s a slow-building, but very intense, single orgasm for me with the Shine—unlike any other vibrator I own. See it pulse here (IG vid).

The shaft is super-flexible, while the clit stimulator bends gently. It does suck inward. The suction is connected to the vibrating motor for shaft and clit stimulator, and the suction strength doesn’t increase: only the vibration power does. It is good rumbly vibration!

Alive Caribbean Shine review, clit sucking vibrator with G-spot pulsation_flexible shaft 2 views
It: (1) pulse-sucks clitorally; (2) has a G-spot pulsing head; (3) vibrates all over.

The Shine has a 1-year warranty, which you’ll likely need if you use it regularly while applying pressure to the clit arm. Its flexibility is a blessing and curse, since I love the flexi-feel but know the toy’s unlikely to last more than 6 months.

Voodoo Beso Plus: Starter Option

Currently $54.99; or $49.50 with code FELICITY
Flex: Clit flex: 0/10, very solid. 7/10 shaft flex.
Combined power for each speed: 5.75, 6.5, and 7.2 out of 10.
Functions: 3 steady speeds + 7 patterns for each motor.

The Beso Plus is reminiscent of the “Tracy’s Dog” “Clitoral Sucking Vibrator,” with a little more flexibility and a little more rumble—and also by a brand that’s definitely using silicone, vs. Tracy’s Dog originally having been labeled as silica gel, a drying agent found in “Do not eat” packets. Read a fuller compare-contrast of the two products here. The Tracy’s Dog toy was a viral phenom due to one Amazon user having described intense squirting orgasms with it.

Voodoo Beso Plus review glamour shot

For this isn’t the most comfortable or flexible product, nor is it the strongest, but I think it’s a crowd-pleaser as a beginner vibrator shape.

Wearable Dual-Stimulation Vibes

Wearable dual-stimulation vibrators are meant to sit hands-free, even inside underwear, while vibrating the wearer’s clitoris and vagina (usually their G-spot). They’re app-controlled (or remote OR app controlled in Chorus’ case), for anyone who wants to try a “public wear” vibrator.

We-Vibe Chorus

Currently $199; or $179.10 with code FELICITY
Flex & wearability: 7/10 for flexibility; 9/10 for easy wear.
Vibration intensity: From 3 to 5.8/10.
Functions: 10 functions (3 steady speeds + 7 patterns) of dual vibration; app control for more adjustability.

The Chorus is the newest of We-Vibe’s toys designed to be worn for hands-free clitoral stimulation during penis-in-vagina sex. It’s got 2 adjustable joints, which does make it highly flexible. The vaginal portion is small and flat, while the clit stimulator is larger and rumblier.

It’s compact because of its wear-during-sex purpose, which means it’s far from the strongest We-Vibe vibrator.5 However, the Chorus’ small size makes it easier to wear around, like inside spandex shorts while walking outside—then play with the vibe patterns via the app or the squishy-squeeze remote, including giving a partner control to tease you. It is pretty damn expensive for the power, but toys that can fit OK during PIV sex are super-rare; note that the faster and harder you go at it, the less likely Chorus is to stay providing that hands-free clit stimulation.

See Chorus’s sizing (top) vs. the bigger Lovense competitor, the Dolce, below:

Vaginal sections, left; clitoral stimulators, right. Chorus is on top, Lovense Dolce is below.

Lovense Dolce (formerly Lovense Quake)

Currently $119 (CHECK PRICE here)
Adjustable wearability: Clit flex: 0/10, it’s locked in. 9/10 shaft flex.
Vibration intensity: 6, 6.9, and 7.5 out of 10.
Functions: 3 steady speeds + 4 patterns (motors run together) built-in; more adjustable via the app.

The Dolce is a really rocking vibrator to wear around—if only that was an easy task for me! The Dolce is like the Lovense Lush on steroids, IMO—so it’s bulked up. It creates a bulge and tries to wiggle its way out while I walk! So it’s an in-bedroom toy for me. I would definitely recommend this as a powerful vibrating dildo if you have a long-distance partner. (Note that Lovense’s strongest vibrator is the Domi wand, for external stimulation.)

If you have a Lovense Dolce and have managed to actually wear it outside the house, leave a comment, I’d love to hear if it’s possible for others!

The Dolce is very bendable in the center, so that seems like a great thing to fit more users. But the problem for me is that the vibrating clit motor is toward the tip, so the strongest-vibe-contact point does overshoot where I like my clit stimulated, right under the glans. Eh!

Honorable Mentions

The following vibrators all have flexible clitoral stimulators, but unyielding shafts. None of them sit well for me personally, but perhaps could work for you.

  • Orange County Cutie by CalExotics: Thrusting toy with very flexible clit stimulator that comes to a point! If you like sharper clit-flicking, this is worth checking out. The thrusting propels this rabbit’s head just over half an inch up and down, in and out, automatically.
  • FemmeFunn Cora: Flexible lower portion of the clit arm, which has ripples on the inside that I guess are meant to massage the clitoris. Has a pinpoint-focused G-spot pulsing tip, much more targeted than the Alive Caribbean shine.
  • Lelo Soraya 2, Soraya Wave (and Ina Wave, I hear): First, anything Lelo says about its products is likely to be pure marketing horseshit, as we see in the Soraya 2’s description: “The fully-flexible external stimulator has been skilfully recalculated from a 37° angle to a 27° angle, so it adapts perfectly to every body type.” Perfectly! To every body type! Naaaaah, it really doesn’t. It’s a thin twig of a stimulator that has a 1.5-inch range of motion, and pokes in front of my clitoris, mashing into my pubic bone awkwardly. They also say it’s “extra-soft silicone,” whereas in reality, it’s a thin coat of firm (silky-textured) silicone that covers a very hard motor body, making the shaft feel extremely dense. The “Wave” motion of that series of Lelo vibrators is really interesting, I do like the sensation. However, it’s (1) loud and (2) far from being like an actual G-spot fingering because the Lelo toys don’t apply downward, inward pressure. Overall, 4/10 for flexibility, and don’t overpay for Lelo’s name: their motors don’t match the luxury pricetag.


  1. A few rabbit vibrators aren’t necessarily G-spot-oriented in the vaginal stimulator, but that’s rare. Dual-stim toys almost always have a forward curve to better rest on the front wall of the vagina, where the “G-spot” region lies.
  2. Also, some people enjoy much harder pressure than others; other folks don’t care if vibration is rumbly or not, as long as it’s hitting their clit. This guide can’t possibly list all the flexible rabbit vibrators out there; it’ll focus on body-safe-silicone dual-stimulation options I’ve encountered from large or luxury-level brands—more known for product quality.
  3. The internal clitoris runs under the pelvic floor, between the clitoral glans (head) and the urethra; at which point it branches into 2 crura (legs) and wraps around the vagina in a wishbone shape.
  4. Hera’s silicone is ≈15A Shore, so it’s a teeny bit firmer than the We-Vibe Nova 2, but softer than most vibes, and it’s a thicker silicone layer, so you feel the hardness of the motor core less.
  5. I’d say the discontinued We-Vibe Wand is that, though the air pulsing Melt feels more intense than We-Vibe vibrators.

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