FemmeFunn Cora Review

The FemmeFunn Cora is a fabulous attempt to make a strong rabbit โ€” one that’s different, too, with its G-spot thumping tip. Cora *pings* vaginally, while the clitoral arm grrrs! Yet, it’s not meant to be a personal favorite for me, as we’ll see: Classic rabbit failure. Instead, Cora is intended for anyone with a more “standard” 2 inch clitoris-to-vagina distance.

This FemmeFunn Cora review will describe the G-spot tapping power, the vibration intensity, the textured silicone, and Cora’s other important features!

FemmeFunn Cora Functions & Power

With all new FemmeFunn toys, I’ve come to expect good strength. This company’s vibes are high-speed, powerful for their size, and carry 3-5 steady vibration intensities that do NOT start low and rumbly.

So the FemmeFunn Cora’s clitoral stimulating arm is rocking for being roughly bullet-vibrator sized. I actually really wish I would buy its textured ridges JUST as a clitoral toy. It’s mid-range powerful to start, then gets slightly stronger than the FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet on top speed. Cora offers 5 steady clit-vibing speeds, then 5 patterned functions (lots of intermittent START-stop-START-stop variations that I wouldn’t recommend). I’d give it an 8/10 on my bullet-vibe power scale, which ranks the strongest setting for each vibrator. It’s a little wider, and a bit less intense, than the Intense Travel Vibe Mini ($28.99).

But the FemmeFunn Cora’s difference comes down to its G-spot functionality. This center circle tap-pulse-thumps, its movement focused in the tiniest circle: the center of the bull’s-eye.

FemmeFunn Cora review, thumping G-spot tip

It’s a tapping that’s certainly stronger than my first G-spot-tapping vibrator, the Zalo Queen years ago. The Cora’s dot just has more force behind it, especially on thumping speeds #4 and #5. Number 5, that’s the one you’ll really feel, because it starts vibrating too. It reminds me of the FemmeFunn Cadenza dildo, which becomes a vibrating G-spot pulsator on top speed.

Cora’s tapping begins around 3 pulses per second โ€” that’s the speed I can’t really feel โ€” and segues up to becoming “blurred it’s moving so fast” on the higher levels.

FemmeFunn Cora review - thumping G-spot stimulator
See the tapping-circle pulsing outward in image #2, right.

I think this is really nifty, but it’s also kinda gimmicky because G-spots are more likely to respond to (1) firm, hard pressure (see the success of the Njoy Pure Wand) and/or (2) downward tugging strokes, vs. the light & quick-tapping that Cora provides.

Its clit vibration is orgasmic-level, though, so I’d hoped the Cora would do the trick for me…

My Cora Experience

Truth: “I like it but I don’t love it” reviews are the hardest to write.

FemmeFunn’s Cora thumping rabbit vibrator is no exception. I want to love this vibrator so much because the G-spot pulsing is neat-o. It’s fast, and it thudda-thud-vrooms, on top speed. The clitoral stimulator is strong! And it’s pretty flexible, plus the ridges should be right up my alley. ๐Ÿ˜ I like textured lines rubbed over my clit!

FemmeFunn Cora review - clitoral stimulator flexibility
This is as far as I can easily separate the clit stimulator from the G-spot head. I need the clit arm to curve under more.

But, but, but. Aaaah. I’m not spaced correctly for this rabbit vibrator. Clitoris-to-vagina distance varies between people and โ€” although the Cora’s clitoral arm is semi-flexible โ€” it’s just not flexible enough. Cora’s shaft is 100% rigid. So, unfortunately, the FemmeFunn Cora’s clit stimulator is pressing uncomfortably into my pubic bone when I’ve got the G-spot thumping in the right place. It’s complicated. Your mileage may vary. The few rabbit vibes that work really well for me have BOTH stimulators flexible, not just the outside arm:

  • We-Vibe Nova 2 ($149.00), the best. An adjustable shaft that you position to stay in place, then the clit arm curls under and rubs as you thrust this rumbly vibrator. My favorite by far!!!
  • The Lustful Massager ($56.99) is like an affordable Nova. It’s the reverse of Nova 2: An adjustable clit arm that you position at the right angle, then the shaft curves as you thrust. Less-premium vibration (not as rumbly, 3 steady intensities vs. Nova’s 8), but as strong as the We-Vibe Nova on high.
  • Alive Shine ($119.00) is a sucking rabbit. Extremely flexible shaft + slightly flexible clitoral “mouth.” The thumping is wider than in the FemmeFunn Cora too, which I prefer; it covers a bigger area, not a pinpoint spot.

Of course I’ve tried testing the Cora’s dual functions singly: so I could feel the clit arm’s strength, and the G-spot tapping independently. It’s much easier to feel the G-spot bumping, as I hold Cora’s interfering clit stimulator in front of my pubic bone. That tapping sensation’s very interesting, and I feel aroused and I think about orgasming, but… never actually orgasm. I want to thrust Cora’s pulsing shaft, too, but the clit stimulator prevents me! I want more pressure, more rubbing, more something going on internally.

The Cora’s clit stimulator, I can get off on! I have to use the back of the arm there, like a flat bullet, while Cora’s shaft is pulsing right outside my vagina. So yeah, it can be a dual-stimulator for my anatomy after all, if you count point #1 as my clit and point #2 as my vaginal opening (but not my G-spot). Obviously, that’s not probably not what anyone would want if paying $130 for a dual-stim sex toy.

Also note: FemmeFunn Cora gets hot (literally, not figuratively) when you have its pulsing tip pressed against your skin or inside your vagina for โ‰ˆ10 minutes plus. Some people love self-warming sex toys, they think they feel more lifelike โ€” so this may be an advantage for those people. It’s not a burning level of hotness by any means, but I personally find Cora’s shaft oddly warm.

On a positive note, the loop handle in this toy is quite nice, really easy to put my first finger through. And then change functions with my thumb on top. Speaking of those functions…

FemmeFunn Cora loop handle

How to Operate Cora & How to Charge

For a minute I thought my FemmeFunn Cora was defective, right out of its box, but no! I had to charge this toy for 1 to 2 hours to get both motors to work. (It was unusual because the clit arm vibrated, but the G-spot motor did nothing prior to the first charge.)

FemmeFunn Cora review - how to operate button control
See Cora’s buttons, above.

How to operate FemmeFunn Cora:

Total Time: 1 hour and 35 minutes

Charge it via the included cable.

Line up the magnetic prongs (found on back of toy) with the cable’s end. A full charge should take โ‰ˆ90 minutes.

To start FemmeFunn Cora, put it in “standby mode.”

By holding down the bottom power button (the FF logo) for 3 to 5 seconds. A light should appear to show the motors are ready to be activated now.

Power on either the clitoral motor or the shaft motor.

Press the FF button once to start the clit motor. Press the other button (โฆพ) to start the shaft pulsing.

Cycle through 10 functions for either motor.

The motors are independently controlled. Press each one’s buttons to flip through its respective functions: 10 vibration functions & 10 pulsing functions.

To power off:

Hold down the โฆพ button to turn off the shaft. Hold down the FF button for 5 seconds to turn the whole toy off.

It’s USB magnetic rechargeable, so you just clip the nodes on the included charging cable to the backside of the shaft (opposite where the clit stimulator meets the handle). You’ll see the raised metal nubs there.

This toy is also water-resistant but not submersible. Don’t use it in the bathtub. You might be OK using the FemmeFunn Cora in the shower. But you’ll definitely be OK washing it in the sink.

Which you’ll need to do for sure: The circles of Cora’s pulsing rings will trap fluids if you don’t wash and dry well after use. But happily, silicone is fully sanitizable. So just run your fingers over that area hard, massaging with soap under running water, and the FemmeFunn Cora will be safely reusable. It’s got a 1-year warranty if either functions stops working unexpectedly.

Cora Recap & Ranking

The Cora by FemmeFunn has real pluses: 2 strong independent motors, and 1 of those performs strong tapping โ€” that’s unique. I can see this product working for a human who:

  1. Has a standard clitoris-to-vagina distance (A not-super-flexible rabbit has worked for them before).
  2. Doesn’t need thrust to enjoy vaginal penetration.

In effect, the Cora is a warming vibrator too โ€” since its shaft heats up after the tapping-head gets going. That tapping is a very fast, focused motion, so fast that you can’t count how many times it pulses per second. It doesn’t apply G-spot pressure, but it’s a distinctive light stimulation that should pair well with the clitoral vibration, if you can get your points lined up correctly. I’m too not-standard to pull that off, so I found myself using the Cora’s clit vibrator “upside down,” with the shaft not actually inserted in my vagina, to be able to orgasm. Too bad, so sad, because I respect the Cora’s motor power and the colors are so cute! Would it work for you?

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Or see dual-stim toys that work better for me here!

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