Best Innovative Sex Toys, 2021

2021: I’m glad we’re done. Yet, this roundup contains real bright spots in sex toy development this year: New ideas, refinements, and of course a viral craze — my best innovative sex toys of 2021. These products stand out for not being another generic vibrator, an indistinguishable stroker, or knock-off fantasy toy theft.1 I’ve received hundreds of vibrators this year, & tested toys with a dozen other human beings. You, my readers, often tell me yourselves: It’s hard choosing, when you’ve got so many different toys to choose from!


I hope your 2021 has been… more than just surviving, finding pleasure where you can in this crazy world. I’ll admit that this 2021 best-of sex toys piece is rushed, in contrast with my usual methodical writing style, since I managed to pick up a break-through Covid infection a week ago: but 👍 for the incredible feat of human ingenuity that vaccines are, because my fever came and went within 24 hours & I’m feeling better now than I have in months, having slept a lot! Happy holidays, y’all!

2021 Best NEW Toys!

Dual Pleasure by Satisfyer: 2-Sided & App Controlled

App-controlled & long-distance sex toys have been on the rise since 2018 — and Satisfyer air pulsation is forever popular. Why not combine the two?!

The Satisfyer Dual Pleasure, launched in the US in spring 2021, is IMO the best of Satisfyer’s new app-controlled vibrators. I rate the Dual Pleasure so favorably because:

Satisfyer Dual Pleasure Best of 2021 sex toys air pulsation + vibration + app control clitoral stimulator
  • It does pulse air (create clitoral “suction”) like Satisfyer is known for: 10 speeds.
  • The other side vibrates, decently rumbly!
  • This makes Dual Pleasure great for (1) air pulse beginners who may need time to get used to the unique puffing feeling; (2) starting one way, then finishing on the other side, like you’ve got 2 toys in one.
  • Good APP CONTROL FOR UNDER $50?! We’re no longer limited to Lovense’s so-so Ambi bullet for folks who want a long-distance toy that’s not expensive. Satisfyer app toys are affordable.

I was super-surprised that the Dual Pleasure’s vibration is less buzzy / high-pitched than all previous Satisfyer vibes, so I do really really enjoy finishing (multiply) by rubbing the “handle” vibrator end off against my clitoris. It’s fireworks to close after I’ve built up on the air pulsation side, to a good first orgasm. The Dual Pleasure is slightly less strong on high power than the Satisfyer Pro 2; but it’s pretty close, and it’s got nice power compared to other under-$50 air pulsing clit stimulators especially.

If you do want BANG for your clit, though…

Rose Air Pulsation Vibes

OK, so the Inya Rose by NS Novelties is oddly strong. It starts too strong for me to use directly on my clitoris. The Rose experienced a “viral craze” after being featured in some TikTok meme.2 A lot of people bought a Rose. Some of them were confused about how they were supposed to be using it, since it’s so goddamn strong. On low power. This Inya Rose has no range. The thing’s so popular, it’s still hard to keep in stock 8 months later.

So I played with it, wrote about that, and gave up on the Rose — until I got a Blossom flicking-tongue rose later in 2021. It’s a breath of fresh air for my clit. I can use it without having my clitoris feel slightly assaulted by the first speed.

Blossom rose clitoral air vibrator - Phallophile Reviews
Blossom here still requires a lil work cleaning around the petals, but it’s not a major chore.

Best orgasms I’ve had on a Rose vibrator yet for sure. Not to mention the Blossom’s rose petals are easier to clean, whereas the Inya Rose seems determined to hold onto lube and all my fluids like they’re glue-bound to the silicone.

The Blossom’s tongue side is interesting, really pinpoint, a fun warmup; but hell, yeah, I’m just moving onto the pulsing air rose-mouth after a minute (being a fan of broader clit stim vs. pointy!).

Do note that both these sex toys are freaking loud. Air pulsation toys in general can be kinda noisy, but the vibrating-and-pulsing-together ones are louder. You want a nice basic first vibrator that’s not loud at all, see the Pillow Talk Racy. Which, indeed, is excellent to use clitorally along with our next subject, a vaginal plug…

G squeeze Vagina Plug by SquarePegToys®

Sometimes a really new design is confusing at first. I thought the G squeeze by SquarePegToys looked alien when I pulled it out of its box (never having seen a photo of the product before). The scoop shape…the curved tip…the multi-sided design…and the non-phallic nature of this vaginal plug.

SquarePegToys G squeeze vaginal plugs review 4 colors SuperSoft silicone pussy plug

💡 Eureka, though! As my G squeeze testing progressed, the shape began to make sense: really clicking between the second and third trials as I played with all the different things one might do with a G squeeze in.

It can be a “leave-in dildo”: which means it’s good for either:

  1. Being filled up as you masturbate clitorally
  2. Wearing out (I tried walking but have really enjoyed biking with it in!)

The 4 size options are magnificent, from “kinda average” (=small size) to “BIG BOY trainer” (=XL). Throughout all of them, the silicone is very squishy. It’s SquarePegToys’ trademark SuperSoft silicone density, pure platinum silicone with a history.

Triarx & More Triple-Density Silicone by Pleasure Tailor!

NOTE: Pleasure Tailor may be totally defunct / not shipping orders as of 2024. Yikes! See alternative dual-density silicone dildos here.

I created a triple-density silicone dildo this year, and it — Triarx, by Pleasure Tailor — is now my favorite G-spot dildo. The Pleasure Tailor’s concept struck me as exceptionally novel the first time I read through their well-done site: They’ll *customize* any silicone dildo to the individual customer’s preferences. That’s a lot of choice. Despite the piles of dildos I own, I had to do rounds of tweaking with Pleasure Tailor‘s founder as we honed the exact shape I wanted for the toy (I’m very selective about penis heads & G-spot action) and the density balance within.

Pleasure Tailor Triarx Triple-Density Silicone skin in hand, most realistic dildos

When I got my Triarx’s final matte-finish version, I loved it. It makes me come so much more quickly than 99% of vaginal toys. (Including the VixSkin Mustang, whose head is too squishy to produce an instant orgasm; fast thrusting is required.)

What is “triple-density”?! Full explanation of the “why” here. The three layers of silicone are actually groundbreaking. It’s very difficult to make multiple layers of silicone, of different densities, cure together consistently without delaminating. And Pleasure Tailor does it with a wide range of silicone firmnesses. (100% platinum silicone certified skin-safe.)

Fun fact: I hear Pleasure Tailor will even make a “modeled after real life” dildo, if you (consensually, & you’re gonna pay $265 for the finished product) send them a couple clear dick pics from specified angles.

🏎️🏁FASTER! If you want a life-cast shipped immediately, then SquarePegToys’ 100% super-soft silicone realistics are better than ever after a 2021 update (Nathan, Steve, & Mel are now competing for my favorite spot); while Hankey’s Toys is known for live-casting human 🍆s and transforming them into squishy platinum silicone toys too. Pleasure Tailor’s wait time is 2-3 weeks, in contrast!

Bubbles Nipple Suckers by Oxballs

Oxballs Bubbles are nipple toys that actually suction! And they stick on hands-free if you get the right size!

Oxballs Bubbles & Bubbles Max nipple suckers review on female breasts - Phallophile Reviews

Nipple clamps and such are often kink-based rather than being pleasure toys, which is cool too, but I’m a huge pleasure-seeker. So the Oxballs Bubbles mark a turning point for me, where I could really love nipple sex play (rather than just wearing clamps for display purposes). Oxballs silicone nipple suckers do come in an XL size too, Hognips 2, if you have BIG nipples.

The Bubbles Max size is absolutely my favorite because they cover enough areola, and have larger cylinder size internally, to create fantastic suction. They stick on without falling off. And you can keep playing with the suction, by squeezing them and twisting them.

These are interesting by themselves, but add more if you’re sticking them on while using a clit toy (like a Satisfyer or Blossom / Rose, above?). Or for using in the shower: There I think it’s too cool to fill the cylinder half-up with water, then spurt the water out, teehee; alternating the suction pressure amount, breaking the seal, starting over… Literally “rinse and repeat.”

I talk about using clit toys with Bubbles, but they were actually designed for male nipples, so sub in 😉 any kind of genital play or kinky sex or wtf ever you enjoy while having strong nipple suction on your tits!

Caribbean Shine by Alive

The G-spot thumping of Alive’s Caribbean Shine can get speedy, and the clit stimulator sucks lightly — while both Shine’s sides vibrate! I love this thing on high power, surprisingly, because the only “rabbit” dual stim vibrator I used regularly before 20213 was the We-Vibe Nova 2 since it’s also very flexible! I need that for comfort.

Alive Caribbean Shine review, clit sucking vibrator with G-spot pulsation_flexible shaft 2 views

So the Shine’s shaft bends and I can get it to line up with my clit. I almost thought I was seeing stars 💫 the first time I pulled it out and came on it! Vibrating, sucking, and th-th-thumping away at my G-spot too, an actually fantastic 2021 moment.

That’s in sharp contrast with the dual-stim annoyance I experienced a month later, with my first victim, below…

2021 Sex Toy Fails

Snail Vibe 

Sometimes I’m confused, and I’m right to be confused. I saw this GIF of the Snail Vibe sliding in and out and I was like, “WTF, why is that shaft so straight? Why does this toy not curve more (for my G-spot)?! Does it thrust itself?” I then received the Snail Vibe, because IDK, maybe I was wrong and it really was a new concept or something. Being all “science based”!


Oops, no. It got worse. My G-spot not only felt neglected because the shaft is rock-hard and straight; but my cervix felt poked; while my clit was also not properly stimulated (since the rolling ball clit section is huge, it can’t target the right area); AND my pubic bone was distressed about the awkwardness of the whole experience. (I say this as someone who’s had fun fitting in a monster mountain dildo.) This toy hurts and is a fail for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation due to its rigidity.

Read my full scathing review here, including confusion at a swingers dinner. Beyond that, I’m now going to pick on this sentence found in the SheVibe listing: “Snail Vibe combines eight types of stimulation and replaces all three types of sex toys at the same time.

  1. I’m baffled about what these 8 types of stimulation may be. I feel its vibration, vaginal penetration, and pubic-mound-mashing. What’s left?
  2. “Replaces all three types of sex toys.” Whaaaaaat, you think there are only three types of sex toys????? (Who wrote this? They work in the sex toy industry? For how long?!) And the Snail Vibe toy doesn’t even do anal either?!

We-Vibe Bond

OK, so the We-Vibe Bond isn’t a total joke: it’s got pretty-good We-Vibe motor power.4 But its promises of being an in-public wearable for men / people with testicles and dicks are… hazardous, IMO.

Like, YO, this thing really cinches up! Cock rings that really restrict blood flow out of the penis typically carry a “Warning: Only use for 30 minutes at a time” notice, because you don’t want do damage sensitivity to your dick, right?! Bond fits below the balls instead, supposedly. So… Why are we not caring about testicular health as well, if a toy is too restrictive there?

We-Vibe Bond review, adjustable___ Bond sizing & Custom Fit link

Bond’s extender tab is so small (see it above! ⬆️ And hard plastic too!), it makes We-Vibe’s claim about the “Custom Fit link” allowing the toy “to fit almost any penis size” ludicrous. I’ve seen a lot of dicks and sacks this year, my friends, and Bond is FAR from safe for long-term wear by “almost any penis size” if you’re actually wearing it as the instructions suggest: with the vibrator’s motor running underneath the scrotum / ballsack.

Offer more adjustability, We-Vibe. Read my full review for sizes the Bond can fit.

Speaking of sizes…

Small Shops Highlight

Lucky Bloke 

Not all condoms are the same. Fit absolutely matters for comfort & sensation. Lucky Bloke is a small shop with truly excellent condom selection, and their listings including clear sizing info about all products!

I had a “hot girl summer” (also… spring and fall) 2021, and keeping lots of condom sizes was crucial when you never know who’s next (and whether he’s bringing a “rubber” that fits him well). Condom sampler packs are helpful in these cases, for trying out various options — great for monogamous condom use too, so you can try one after another. Or, condoms are actually helpful with sex toys in some cases: Top 7 Reasons why here (post-anal-use cleaning being reason #1!).

Lucky Bloke’s customer service is amazing too. I’ve been buying from this shop since 2017, and have had awesome experiences all-around. I recommend micro-thin latex from Japanese brands: Okamoto’s Wink are a favorite, and Kimono is pretty good. These feel closer to skin due to how thin they are; and they do not smell like latex / leave a bad taste in my mouth like, say, Trojan condoms. For non-latex, see Durex’s Skyn and Skyn Large, almost as good, IMO.

Fantasy Shops 

  • Fantasy Grove’s Neon Graffiti colors, and arty customs, turned out super-cool this year! That’s one fun G-spot tentacle I’ve got going on.
  • Paladin Pleasure’s rainbows continued knocking it out of the park, another year in a row!
  • Pleasure Forge continues to make beautiful dildo art, with a commitment to (1) providing detailed info on silicone safety and (2) supporting other small shops in their pursuit of making the best-possible silicone sex toys. For example, I spent a while talking to Pleasure Forge’s “Shop Dad” about Near Clear silicone’s properties, and I’m still in the process of opening and closing my UV light box hundreds of times to see if this more-transparent silicone will yellow after 4 days’ total exposure. (The 24-hour UV sample hasn’t shown visible changes!) Pleasure Forge has also released their own work on vibrator sleeves for public use, etc.

Effin Birds

Fucking love Effin Birds. Cynical adult therapy, via foul-mouthed birds. Great for laughing at assholery, proclaiming your self-worth, breaking up with clueless fools (have done; highly recommend), and more!

take some responsibility for your bullshit
Image © Effin Birds. Buy their fan-fucking-tastic sarcasm here.


  1. Etsy was formerly a haven for indepedent creators; not anymore. Mass-produced toys are claiming to handmade, just drop-shipped from China.
  2. Whose originator I’m sure isn’t being compensated adequately for this “suction” vibe’s explosive sales. I don’t know, I hate both TikTok and Instagram (not to mention the worst, Facebook); sooo much sex-related censorship. Like WTF, you want me to keep typing “seggs,” like I’m not a spelling fascist?! And I get marked for “sexual solicitation” because I’m promoting a review of a pure-red, not-even-realistic dildo? I’m just waiting for the day my account gets shut down. Bring it on 🙌
  3. Except for the Womanizer Duo, which I really enjoy from time to time, except its air-pulsing body is bulky. So it’s more awkward to wiggle, harder to create G-spot stroking. Whereas the Nova 2 by We-Vibe is absolutely designed to stay on your clit while you move the handle, I’m all over that.
  4. It is very compact, so there’s not a ton of room for a great motor; Bond isn’t as rumbly or as strong as my beloved We-Vibe Nova 2, for example (which still isn’t tops for power, but damn its softer silicone feels great vibing while being thrust.

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