Oxballs Bubbles Review

Aaaah, Oxballs Bubbles make my nipples throb so hard! Bubbles really do suck on the nipples, and are my favorite nipple stimulation toy by far (and I’ve been experimenting a lot lately!) Luckily I didn’t have to choose between a pair of either Bubbles (smaller) and Bubbles Max (larger)—because I would’ve chosen the wrong-size silicone suckers for me.

But both are amazing for making you more aroused (and adding to other kinds of sex). This Oxballs Bubbles review will tell you how to use these nipple suckers, explain the size & feel differences between Bubbles & Bubbles Max, and describe my Bubbles nipple play sessions and my favorite ways to use these silicone suction toys.

What Are Oxballs Bubbles?

Nipple suction and massage at once, Oxballs Bubbles are!!! I had no idea my nipples alone could turn me on so much before I started playing with these suckers. Especially the MAX size.

They’re platinum silicone cylinders with an open bottom: into which your nipples go to be sucked & sealed!

Oxballs Bubbles review & Bubbles Max nipple suckers how to apply to nipples

The bubbly dots on Bubbles help you grip and turn each nipple sucker even if your fingers are wet. That’s important if, like me, you find yourself wanting to play with the amount of vacuum pressure inside by adding water inside your Bubbles. (More in my experience later. 😉)

Bubbles create a tight seal around the nipple, and stay in place hands-free too. They’ll stick OK to most fleshy areas of the the body: see the endurance here in a 30-second impromptu demo on my skinny arm. They stick best of all to raised peaks. 🗻🗻 More on how to use Oxballs Bubbles for best erotic effect, next…

How to Use Bubbles Nipple Suckers

So the suction from these small vacuum cylinders makes me tingly from the first press. To apply Oxballs Bubbles:

  • Consider lining their rim with a thick lube if you want to reduce pinching / add comfort.
  • Place their opening over your nipples.
  • Squeeze and press down simultaneously.
  • Release. You’ve now got hands-free nipple suction.

But it’s moving Bubbles around that makes them 100% worth using, IMO. Stationary suction is fun enough: but it’s like a dildo just sitting inside your hole (vag or anus). You’re not taking advantage of the toy’s full potential!

So Bubbles are better when you squeeze their tubes off and on; break the seal and let it form again; and twist from side to side. (The last part, you’ll definitely want lube for, on dry skin.)

Oxballs Bubbles Max review squeeze tit suckers large size

That way, Bubbles nipple sucking toys’ shape becomes and oval, then a circle again, and back to an oval.

Bubbles vs. Bubbles Max: 2 Sizes

Bubbles’ smaller size focuses the vacuum pressure right on the nipple. The feeling is more concentrated. Being smaller, these suckers are lighter and not as intense to wear continually—so that is a benefit. Oxballs — a well-known gay-oriented male toy maker1 — calls the small size “Bubbles regular” and advises that the Bubbles Max are “designed for big or pierced nips.” I’m going to assume that most Oxballs’ Bubbles testing was done on testerone-influenced chests.2 It’s very much worth noting that nipple stimulation can be arousing for any gender, it’s not just a “female” thing.

I very much recommend Bubbles Max (the larger size) if you want the strongest sucking feeling or if you have estrogen-influenced tits. The Max Bubbles stay on better & offer more suction, no matter whether your tits are big or small. For me, Max suckers stimulate the areola (nipple circle) most, not just the nipple itself like Bubbles Regular. For a (cis)woman, I have small nipples & breasts — and even then, Bubbles Max are staying on better for me. 💪 They don’t want to pop off my tits, whereas the Bubbles regular have a hard time sticking consistently on my larger left nipple. The Max suction is more powerful due to the Bubbles Maxs’ bigger “vacuum cylinder”! And NOTE: If you want EVEN BIGGER, then Oxballs’ has even larger suckers too: Hopnips are 1.6 inches inside diameter vs. Bubbles Maxs’ 1 inch.

See for yourself how Bubbles 2 dimensions compare: also vs. a Sharpie, and two sizes of tit-twisters (0.8-inch-diameter Temptasia Twist Suckers & 1.5-inch-diameter CalExotics Vacuum Twist Suckers):

Oxballs Bubbles & Bubbles Max - 2 size nipple suckers compared vs. tit twisters
NOTE: For bigger nips & areolas ( ⦿ )( ⦿ ), Oxballs has even larger suckers too: Hop Nips 2 are 1.6 inches inside diameter, vs. Bubbles Maxs’ 1.0 inch inside diameter.

My Bubbles Experience

I love Bubbles Max! See right, below. They feel more like a mouth than any sex toy I’ve ever tried. Totally worth the upgrade from the regular-size Bubbles.

Oxballs Bubbles & Bubbles Max nipple suckers review on female breasts - Phallophile Reviews
Regular size, right; Max size, left. You choose 1 size when you buy, and you get 2 suckers of that same size.

My nipples are throbbing so beautifully when I apply Bubbles… But even better is moving these suckers around. Once it’s lubed inside, you can twist each Bubbles back and forth, left to right, right to left, while pressing your thumb in. That’s some suction fun. It makes squelching sucky sounds too, which adds to the hotness for me.

Eventually I’ll have pressed all the air out of the Bubbles’ vacuum while squeeze-twisting it. Just break the seal slightly, to get more air back inside; then repeat. The feeling is the most severe, with a little pinch, when all the air has been compressed out of the Bubbles silicone cylinder.

OK, so these are interesting enough while I’m playing with Bubbles on my nipples in my bedroom, shirtless, not stimulating anything else. (Maybe like right now, when it’s 10:30 p.m. and I’m tired but goddammit, I have to announce to the world why Bubbles are my favorite nipple suckers.) But I’ve found 3 ways I enjoy Oxballs Bubbles most:

  • In the shower. So my nipples get overstimulated from the intense suction when I’m using Bubbles in the open air! But when you fill any Bubbles halfway up with water, it lessens the vacuum effect: makes Bubbles more usable for longer. (Try not to waste water too much! Bad me!) Fill halfway up, then lean forward when applying Bubbles so less water spills out. Squeeze, and water may shoot out! Break the seal when the pressure is too intense: then… fill and repeat.
  • Doggy style, my friends. OMG, so hot to have your tits squeezed this way when being penetrated from behind. Bubbles Max are so forceful on full squeeze, so consider having a short safeword — to let your partner know they should be breaking the seal & lessening the squeeze-level! I lack a trustworthy partner currently, so I tried “Bubbles-doggy” solo: against a doorframe with a couple long dildos including Neo Elite 7.5″; my one hand alternating between squeezing the two Bubbles Max, while the other arm supported my weight. (Have large pillows ready.) It’s a bit of work and I can’t keep up the one-handed position for long, but holy moly, these Oxballs nipple toys are stimulating. And in doggy style, reaching for your breasts is easier than reaching back for your clit to get more sensation! I definitely have to try this with another human in the future.
  • While using an air pulsation “clit sucker.” So it feels like everything is pulsing. Wedge a Satisfyer Curvy 3+ (still over 50% discounted rn🎉) or a We-Vibe Melt (my personal fave all-around!) between your thighs after getting its air-pulsing mouth positioned over your clit; then your hands are free to squeeze, twist, and unseal Bubbles at will. I leave the Oxballs bubbles hanging in place as I feel a clitoral orgasm building, then start squeezing when I’m getting really close and unseal Bubbles’ firm rim upon orgasm. The amount of throbbing right before is nuts!

Bubbles Silicone

Oxballs makes its silicone products in small batches in California. Platinum silicone is known for its safety against human skin, and Oxballs (along with SquarePegToys, Tantus, Vixen, and Bad Dragon) jumped on the silicone train earlier than most sex toy manufacturers. The Bubbles suckers’ silicone is a flexible-but-not-soft ≈15A Shore durometer: harder than other popular Oxballs products, purposefully. These nipple suction toys by Oxballs were designed to keep sucking: to stay in place hands-free. The firmer density enables that.

The firmness also makes Bubbles’ rims bite a tad, and create circles on the tissue below. Lube makes that more comfortable! You’re going to come out with pencil-eraser-tits and circular imprints on your breasts after using Bubbles. (These changes last for up to ≈ 30 minutes, then fade.)

Bubbles are really suction-y, but for me haven’t left any hickey marks, and definitely no bruising.

Oxballs Bubbles & Bubbles Max nipple suckers, by red bra
Your tits are worth it, no matter their size. 🙌

Oxballs Bubbles Summary

Oxballs Bubbles delight me; I had no idea I’d enjoy nipple sex toys this much, ever! Like, I’ve gotten over a hundred new clit vibrators this year, and — don’t get me wrong, some of them make me come really hard — but it’s incredibly rare that I receive a new sex toy and decide, “Whoa! My toy collection was really missing this! I needed these!!!”

And these Oxballs nipple stimulators are refreshing because they’re both creative and functional. They’re not just another vibrator or dildo, they’re (1) a new kind of stimulation and (2) are easier to play with than actual nipple pumps. (They can be hands-free.)

Bubbles are just the right density of silicone to stick well on a chest — especially the stronger Max size — and the dots outside are clever. They ensure Bubbles don’t slide out of my fingers when I’m playing with their vacuum pressure in the shower, for one. Their platinum silicone dots are wayyyy more appealing now that I’ve felt these suckers on my breasts!

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  1. Not that cock rings and ball stretchers and extenders or anal plugs require a penis-haver to identify any particular way besides “sexual.”
  2. You’ll see what I mean if you explore shop.oxballs.com; prepare yourself for lots of dick.

6 thoughts on “Oxballs Bubbles Review”

  1. Wow, really great review, and I am excited to purchase these Felicity. We are familiar with Oxballs, as I have several ball stretchers we enjoy using.

    I’m a boob guy, and we have experimented with typical nipple suckers on my wife’s breasts, and those have provided great reactions for her and are a turn-on (for both of us.) But with those, you really can not move them around like you describe about these; and that seems REALLY intriguing, and must add an incredible new level of stimulation and arousal.

    After reading the review, I am interested in the Bubbles Max. Thanks so much for the photo of them “in use”, for size comparison. My wife is a 36C with large areola, so I think the Max would be absolutely perfect for our experimentation. The small ones we have now really do not stimulate her areola at all. The Max seem perfect for us to bring our nipple and breast play to the next level.

    As an aside, I also really like the idea of my wife using these just prior to going out in public braless (which she does during warm weather vacations away from home), or before putting on a bikini top, as I assume they will give her incredible pokies.

    Thanks also for all the suggestions from your experimentation with these! Lots of things to try out!

  2. Thanks so much for the thorough review! These are very interesting to me; I wonder if I can use the larger size on my clit/ t-dick! The firmer silicone and hard suction sound very appealing.

    • Hi, thank you! I’m intrigued to hear, if you do try this, how well it works for you! Interesting that you might prefer the firmer silicone. The few fantasy toy FtM strokers I’ve seen are super-soft silicone, so Bubbles would be different for sure.

      • I’ll let you know if I end up getting these! (I’m very broke)
        Yeah, the couple of toys I have for external stim are supersoft or soft (00-30 and less) and not firm enough for me. they feel nice, but just not enough to get me off. I adore 00-30 for dildos, but externally I need a lot of pressure/ intensity.

  3. I bought these about six months ago after looking for nipple stim toys/info and finding your review. I’ve tried a few other types that are supposedly intense that didn’t seem to do much at all, including magnet varieties that don’t create enough pressure but DO snap off painfully at random.

    These are the best!!! I got the Bubbles Max and they are so awesome, enough that I remembered to come thank you for the review half a year later.


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