Top 5 Strongest Vibrators of 2021

Power vibes!!! I chose this list of strongest vibrators of 2021 carefully, for toys ranking above 9 / 10 on my vibrator and air pulsator ranking scales (and one long-distance vibe that gets a special in). You may love a strong vibrator for intense orgasms, quicker release, or a long buildup; for solo masturbation, or as foreplay or while playing with a partner. I’ll rate each powerful vibrator for its maximum vibration intensity (and “suction” in some cases!), give the current price and waterproof level, and describe my experience testing out each strongest sex toy in 2021. This guide applies to clitoral stimulation toys mostly, with a strong vibrating dildo & an app-controlled vibrator for vaginal use as well.

The Rose by NS Inya: Viral Sensation

Currently $39.99 (CHECK PRICE here)
Waterproof; 10 functions (3 steady speeds)
10.5 / 10 for air-pulsing vibe power

Real power, without a luxury price tag. The Rose vibrator, NS Inya version, is definitely the most potent vibe I’ve felt for a $40 USD price. It’s one of two toys that surpassed the 10/10 power rating I originally gave the We-Vibe Melt & Womanizer Premium in my air pulsation “clit sucker” guide: so I had to take my scale up to 11 now! This flower’s power comes through 3 steady speeds of air pulsation with vibration underneath, plus 7 patterned functions.

Like, it doesn’t feel like so much when you’re just holding the Rose in your hand, not using it. But when you get its flower-hole lubed up and situated around the clitoris ๐Ÿ˜ตโ€๐Ÿ’ซ: Hot damn, I have a hard time using this vibrator on low power! It pulse-blows, and then there’s not-bad vibration too, so the focused ๐ŸŽฏ targeting of the Rose’s air puffs is wildly stimulating.

Rose vibrator_ NS Inya Review, suction mouth size in hand

Downside: The Rose is a lil tricky to clean: gunk gets trapped in all those “petal” textures! I swear I’ve cleaned mine well, and then it dries and I still see white crusty spots, gah! You could use a soft-bristled toothbrush for this, I’ve been told: but I’d prefer to use the less-textured Revelation clit-blower, next, for its simpler shape and more raised “lip”โ€”OR, I would totally recommend the Blossom rose-vibe with flicking tongue if you don’t need quite as much power! The Blossom (1) starts gentler (and is a third less powerful than the Inya Rose), which actually means I orgasm faster since the Rose is just TOO MUCH for me often!, (2) has the flicking tongue for some clit-focused lapping before I use the air pulsation mouth, and (3) has silicone that doesn’t collect lubricant & fluids so easily: the finish is easier to wipe down.

Revelation Clit Sucker: EASIER TO CLEAN

Currently $64.99 (CHECK PRICE here)
Waterproof; 10 functions (3 steady speeds)
9.8 / 10 for air-pulsing vibe power

The Revelation air-pulse vibrator by Adrien Lastic is awesome if you just want a boost, fast. Like, let your clit rest inside the Revelation’s “mouth,” and you will not be concerned about anything else at that moment: it’s so much sensation. The vibes really roll outward from the stimulating mouth, for a deeper feeling (to stimulate down into the non-visible clitoral shaft).

Adrien Lastic Revelation review, air pulsation vibrator in hand 2

I really prefer this pulsing-vibrator to the Rose, myself, because:

  • It starts and ends a little less strong.
  • The vibrations feel a tad more rumbly.
  • More importantly, the Revelation is not hard AF to clean โ€” like the Rose’s textured petals are. So much gunk.

When I say the Revelation starts and ends weaker, I do not mean it’s a mild vibrator in any way. I remember trying to get used to the We-Vibe Melt’s first few speeds years ago… thinking they were a lot, and it’s like the Revelation lacks the lower 75% of Melt’s speed range. This is not a beginner-friendly vibrator unless you know you need a lot to orgasm. The Adrien Lastic Revelation starts as powerful as the Satisfyer Pro 2’s 9th intensity (out of 11 total pulsing speeds). Revelation is meant to make you orgasm right out the gate! Hopefully you can achieve multiple O’s… ๐Ÿ˜›

Best Fit! I would still hands-down pick the We-Vibe Melt for most comfortable fit: its longer mouth feels great for my stimulate-under-my-clit preferences, AND Melt is the easiest to use during vaginal sex / dildo play. Its body curves upward toward the belly button instead of downward toward the vagina, so it gets in the way least.

Evolved Ballistic: Most Powerful Dildo Ever?

Currently $95.00 (CHECK PRICE here)
Waterproof; 10 functions (3 steady speeds)
10 / 10 for vibration power

This thing is nuts. Like, a DEMON DILDO โ€” due to its rocking power, not its literal horns. I got an Evolved Ballistic Dildo this summer 2021, and I put aside reviewing it for a while, because it is so strong! I have to be in a certain mood to be able to use it vaginally. This is a wand vibrator in dildo form!!!

It’s really good as a strong & high-pitched clit too toy, tho: Even the first vibration intensity (out of 3 steady speeds) is like using a strong wand vibrator. I’ve used the Ballistic through underwear and shorts on sensitive days and it still felt potent! That’s a common thing with people trying to get used to Magic Wands and Doxy wands: needing a barrier between the toy and their clit, the vibes are so intense. See the Evolved Ballistic (in my hand) vs. a full-sized wand head below:

I had it raised slightly upward, to grip Ballistic’s suction base: so it appears a fraction larger than if it was lying flat!

Ballistic is made to be dual-stimulating for clitoral and vaginal stimulation: with the strongest part (the shaft) getting your va-jay-jay and the big ball touching your clit. It is not a G-spot stimulator, though! The Evolved Ballistic’s ridge is on the wrong side for G-spot if you’ve got your clit on the textured ball, and it’s deep (vs. the “3 inches in” general approximation of where the G-spot is located). I’ve never realized how much feeling I could get from my posterior fornix before this: the deepest part of the vagina, on the back wall (the booty side). The Evolved Ballistic is serious cervical stimulation and clit vibes too, when you insert it all the way. I recommend sitting on a smooth surface with arm and back support if you’re gonna use it suction-cupped: I happen to have a wide shower corner that’s ideal for sitting like this. Feeling the Ballistic dildo’s vibration tremor through its shaft and “uni-ball,” I’ve immediately felt like I wanted to orgasm all over, maybe even squirt; but held back and fantasized about forced public orgasms for 5 minutes until I came hard.

Evolved Ballistic vibrating dildo, most powerful vibrators 2021, waterproof in shower
It’s waterproof submersible! Do use with care in the shower, just because I was thinking I might slip when I rocked on this while the surface was already wet! And hybrid lubricant is your friend.

Lovense Dolce: Strongest App-Controlled Vibrator

Currently $119.00 (CHECK PRICE here)
Waterproof; 7 preset functions (3 steady), or unlimited customization in app
7.5 / 10 for vibration power

The Lovense app-controlled vibrators’ Dolce (previously named “Quake”) is definitely the strongest potentially wearable vibe, surpassing the power of the Lovense Lush 2 & 3 โ€” a.k.a. “that pink tail vibrator.” Dolce has the Lush’s G-spot vibes, and then adds equal power in a clit-targeting tail. These toys are made for “public play” and teasing, but can also be great at-home toys like for foreplay around your house or just inside your bedroom. The Lovense Dolce is the weakest vibrator on this list, but still stronger than the Lovense Lush and other toys you can possibly wear around.

Lovense Dolce review dual-stimulating wearable vibrator
My finger pointing at the clitoral arm’s outside.

I’d actually recommend the Dolce for at-home use first, since it’s much bulkier than the Lush and doesn’t stay in well for me. True, this C-shaped vibrator has a flexible middle, so you can bend it to vibrate your G-spot and clit since we’re not all spaced the same. That sounds perfect, but if you’re a little tighter like me, the clit arm will stick out in front of your pelvic floor. The Dolce is larger than a normal “love egg,” and thus will likely require extra support like tight spandexy underwear, and then may still feel big! Indeed, rather than wearing it, I like the Dolce most as a vibrating dildo. That way, I create thrusting G-spot action and I can play with the patterns through the excellent Lovense app.

But Stronger! The most powerful app-controlled / long-distance vibe is the Lovense Domi 2, which is the strongest smaller wand around.

Viben Obsession: *The* Strongest Vibe of 2021 โšก

Currently $84.99 (CHECK PRICE here) โ€” OK, this one was so popular it’s temporarily out of stock; hit the “Notify Me…” button for a single email when it’s available, or check out the Lovense Domi 2
Splashproof not submersible; 10 functions (3 steady speeds)
11 / 10 for vibration power

The Viben Obession surprised the hell out of me when I realized it was a magic wand โ€” except more powerful than the Vibratex/Hitachi wands, and more water-resistant too. The Obsession is a very strong vibrator and great for folks who do enjoy power over a large area. Wands are not for focused clit stimulation, they’re for making your whole pelvic floor ใ€ฐ๏ธshakeใ€ฐ๏ธ.

Viben Obsession wand massager head & 3 button controls

I let a new lover use my Obsession on me once. That’s a mistake I’m never making again. (Would recommend the Satisfyer Double Wand-er for new-vibrator hookups instead.) She had the Viben Obsession going on high almost immediately, and I was screaming โ€” except I guess we should’ve set up a safe word first, because it took me a full minute to be able to articulate, “Lower, please!!!” Her partner said it looked like I was about to climb up the wall. I came really hard, but then, this power-wand’s high speed was “Overstimulation City!”

It’s pretty crazy that I have a tough time telling the top intensities of the Doxy Die Cast ($189) and the Obsession ($84.99) apart given the price difference. And the Doxy is heavier than the Obsession, and permanently corded. However, you get less steady speed options with the Obsession wand.

Note that the Viben Obsession is splashproof, not IPX 7-8 waterproof submersible. You may want to treat the neck gently, too: If you’re one who’s broken Doxy wand heads before, for example (which does happen when people put a lot of force against a wand vibrator head, grinding against it).

Other 2021 Favorites

And if pure power isn’t everything…

The Caribbean Shine by Alive is a fantastic suction rabbit. It’s got this threesome of things going on: clit sucking, vibrating clit arm and shaft, and pulsing G-spot head. The suction isn’t ultra-strong, but it’s this lovely gentle nibbling IMO really adds to the vibration and to the flapping against my G-spot. Rabbit vibes are usually fails for me, but the Alive Shine’s shaft is very flexible and the whole setup just works. It’s so good when I’m looking for something different than normal vibration. See the Shine rated for power in this table in my Sucking Rabbit Vibrator Guide.

My always ๐Ÿ˜ trio is: We-Vibe Nova 2, Pillow Talk Sassy, and We-Vibe Melt. As a pro reviewer, most toys do come and go. If I really like one, I’ll keep using it here and there, but my bits are busy: so in most cases it’ll get permanently set aside after a few months. Not so for the Nova 2, my favorite since summer 2020 and the toy I’ll name if someone asks me, “What’s your favorite sex toy??” after learning my job; the Pillow Talk Sassy, frequently used since late 2018; and the We-Vibe Melt, used alone and in combo with dildos since July 2019.

Years of pleasure, and I still love these three toys:

What If You Like It Gentle?!?

This list praises powerful vibrators because they are (1) harder to find, and (2) the wham-bam effect has a definite appeal; strong vibes are sought after. That said, a fair share of clits & vaginas will not need extreme power, and a high strength score doesn’t mean better orgasms for them! Other C&V-havers will prefer to build gradually toward strong stimulation, whereas no toy featured in this “most powerful vibrators of 2021” guide has a gentle intensity as its lowest setting.

For a gentler start, yet deep & rumbly vibes throughout, do check out the Pillow Talk Racy by BMS Factory. Racy is either a mini-G-spot toy or a clitoral “bullet”; and is smaller and less strong on high than the Pillow Talk Sassy (more detail here).

Anyone seeking a first air pulsation clit toy that isn’t so strong should look at the Satisfyer Pro Penguin! It doesn’t have the bulk and the ooomph of the famous Pro 2 by Satisfyer, but the Penguin is not-weak and easier to hold.

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