Best Nipple Toys: I Test Tit Suckers & Nipple Clamps!

SUCK, PINCH, TWIST, or VIBE! What are nipple toys for? A lot of feelings, it turns out. Nipple stimulation tools come in many types: tit twisters, nipple clamps & pull-chains, silicone suckers, and more! I myself was confused by the variety at first: so I spent several months exploring nipple play solo, plus dived deep into nipple sex preferences with sex-positive friends! This nipple toy guide will give 1 top pick for each type of nipple play. You’ve got diverse sensations to choose between, and you may even reach a nipple orgasm once you learn how.

In short, if you’re searching for the best nipple toys, ask yourself if you want: (1) Pure pleasure (from sucking or vibration); (2) to show off your nipples with eye-catching clamps; or (3) a kinkier experience (restriction, biting, and twinges of pain)? Remember, everyone has nipples, so nipple toys are for men as well as for women and nonbinary folks. (Why not use what you’ve got to feel more pleasure?)

First, I’ll list my nipple sex toy favorites, then describe how to use nipple toys for different results, and finally detail each nipple stimulation toy in a mini-review.

Best Toys by Nipple Stimulation Category

How To Use Nipple Toys

First, what for?! Nipple toys can be purely pleasurable, or more BDSM-focused. For pleasure: Nipple suction toys that actually suck (rather than twist your tits) are rare, and I’ll highlight the best safe option there. For submissive and pain play, nipple clamps and also tit twisters make sense, because they pinch and constrict! It doesn’t have to be an either/or, but if you’re just looking to show off your ( ⦿ )( ⦿ ), then you definitely want clamps with good padding at the tips (covered in this section). When those padded clamps are adjusted all the way open, they’ll bite less and be more comfortable to wear longer-term.

Here are great ways to use nipple toys:

  • Wear some sparkly clamps around your home, or as a sign to your live-in partner you’re ready for fun.
  • During sex, fasten on clamps with a chain and feel it dangle as you ride. Let your partner know if they’re allowed to pull on the chain!
  • Nipple suction by itself is cool: BUT it’s even better as you’re masturbating or getting head!
  • For twisting and pain play: Firm tit twisters really can pinch, plus make your nipples more sensitive. They go well with impact play (getting paddled, etc.) or biting and sucking by a partner.
  • Use your favorite vibrator on your nipples too! Bullet vibes, for example, are small and easy to run around your areolas too, as well as press into the nipple. Or use a Magic Wand to stimulate more breast tissue.
  • Clit suction toys can multitask as titty toys. A couple $30 Satisfyers going at once? OR three of them, on both nipples and clit? Now that’s a party, and IMO more orgasmic than plain vibration.

Are you looking for the elusive nipple orgasm (aka “nipplegasm”)? That’s a new sex adventure. Your nipple organism may be tough to reach; it’s learning to come a different way — just like how most people need to learn to have G-spot or prostate orgasms. You’re creating new habits, new neural pathways, and this may take weeks (or more). Remind yourself it’s OK if you don’t reach a pure nipple orgasm, too: Nipple play should be enjoyable no matter whether you feel an orgasm or not, and it goes great along with clit stimulation or penis play. Read this section for what nipple orgasm feels like for me: with the Satisfyer Curvy 3+ becoming a pulsing vibrator, with light areola (=breast ring) suction. Air pulse stimulators are very fun for nipples, but you do have to hold them while playing—you can’t wedge them between your thighs & use your hands elsewhere, like you could if using a Satisfyer clitorally.

Hence, OVERALL, if I had to pick just one nipple-centric sex toy, I’d choose ⬇️⬇️:

Most Arousing Nipple Toys: Suckers

Oxballs Bubbles, Nipple Sucking Silicone

Oxballs Bubbles are serious nipple suction toys, the best. The coolest part is: you can squeeze them to create more pressure, and also turn them left to right. That way, Bubbles become an actual nipple massager, more than any other tittie toy here. It’s a little vacuum inside each Bubbles! In Max size Bubbles especially, these are real-deal suckers; they truly suck and stay sucking till you remove them.2 You increase and decrease the suction by squeezing Bubbles with your fingers, as described here.

My nipples stand out so much after using Oxballs Bubbles, and seem larger. For 5 minutes or so after removal, I suddenly have eraser-tits: prominent pink structures. And they’re more tingly too.

Oxballs Bubbles & Bubbles Max nipple suckers review on female breasts - Phallophile Reviews
Bubbles regular size, left; vs. Max size, right.

Oxballs’ original market was “gay nipple toys,” but they’ve expanded to make nipple sucking toys for everyone. Bubbles are 100% platinum silicone made in California, so they’re soooooo much higher-quality than other mass-produced suckers (made of cheaper silicone in China). These Oxballs nipple suction toys come in 2 sizes, Bubbles normal and Bubbles Max; plus Hognips2 by Oxballs are even bigger and deliver the same suction. (Just without dots outside for better grip in wet settings!) Full Oxballs silicone sucker comparison here.

TL;DR: Bubbles Max (the larger size) are weighter, and their larger cavity creates more suction! Bubbles Max just kill it for me, my absolute favorite nipple toy.

These silicone nipple suckers are the answer to another question: Nipple toys for pierced nipples—do they exist?! Yes, Oxballs Bubbles Max do fit piercings, as do Oxballs Hognips 2: as long as you’re not wearing large like nipple barbells or other BIG & dangly nipple jewelry. My friend S. who’s into nipple twisters got nipple piercings not too long ago, and needed a larger opening; holes that wouldn’t mess up the tit adornment. Bubbles Max are right on, still suction-y and with a little bite when you squeeze all the air out!

Best nipple suckers review
Nipple suction toys: Oxballs bubbles, top left, for more mouth-like suction; vs. tit-twisters, right, which pull in your nipple & make it sensitive & throbby after it’s released.

Tit Twisters

So I’m calling “tit twisters” these kind of vacuum-sealed nipple pressure devices. They draw the nipple inward, but really are arousers, not nipple suckers.3

How do nipple twist toys work?

  • You twist the top mechanism around, so the plunger is lower (for maximum suction).
  • Lube around the cylinder’s rim helps ease any discomfort, if you’re not into pain.
  • Put your nipple inside the firm plastic mouth
  • Start twisting that screw-top again (in the opposite direction). The more you turn the twister’s screw, the farther in your nip gets pulled.
  • Let the nipple twist toy remain on your nip for about a minute.
  • ❗ Important: Then remove the twister(s). That’s when you’ll really feel the effect.

My kinky friend E. loves this kind of so-called “tit sucker” toy most, more than clamps! (She’s into hard impact play, etc.) As for me, a die-hard pleasure enthusiast, all plastic tit-twisters were a little off-putting at first. The hardness of the plastic does made them feel less attractive to me; they’re not the kind of softer comfort I’m drawn to. But after a couple trials I realized: when you twist and then remove the suckers, the whole nipple and areola pulses from the release. That’s hot, making my clit throb too. The nipples are more sensitive afterward, and you totally feel more aroused. My domme friend M. has a boyfriend who enjoys nipple play, and they think the twisting & throbbing that Temptasia Twist Suckers (the 3-pack size) is very erotic foreplay.

Tit twisters do come in smaller and larger sizes: in case you have big nipples or want the whole areola to get sucked in.

  • Smaller: Temptasia Twist Suckers 3-Pack are made for both nips plus your clitoris at once! More focused; lots of throbbing. 0.8 inches diameter; enough to draw most of my areolae inside the cylinder, but you may need more room if you’re bigger.
  • Larger: Both Temptasia Large Twist Suckers and CalEx Vacuum Twist Suckers are 1.5 inches diameter, definitely big enough for anyone’s nipples, plus some of the areolae. These are heavier, and pinch and twist breast tissue: Eeee! 😮 I prefer Temptasia twisters slightly over the CalEx Vacuum Twist ones because each Temptasia toy’s twist-top has a hole so that water runs out and doesn’t pool in a cap.4

Best Nipple Clamps: for Show & Pinch

What are nipple clamps? These devices clamp down on the nipple (duh): they tighten around each one, to stay in place and/or offer a jolt of pain (if you want that!). Made of metal, they typically are; with pads that shield the nipple itself. Adjustable nipple clamps5 will have screws or slider bars so you can choose how tight they are; others open and then pinch unadjustably. I’ll tell you which is which!

Best nipple clamps & clips review
Titty jewelry, without having to get ’em pierced!

How to use nipple clamps depends on two factors:

  1. You want them to look sexy, mainly?
  2. You want them to pinch or bite?

This section will include blurred-out photos of what these nipple clamps look like on a human (me), with a link to the unpixelated image in the caption so you may choose to see more.

Nipple Play Nipple Clamps with Crystal Chain: Sexy Comfort

For showing off (option #1!), Nipple Play Nipple Clamps with Crystal Chain (by CalExotics) are 100% the most comfortable I’ve tried. Why? Because the padding over the metal tips is thicker! I’ve worn these a few hours straight once, with the clamps adjusted all the way open so they weren’t damaging my tits. Also, the white pads are a lil less sticky than other PVC-tipped clamps6 I own. No shame in being an exhibitionist, my friends.

Crystal Chain Nipple Clamps - Nipple Play by CalExotics, on blonde, pixelated
See non-blurred image here. I appreciate that these nipple clamps are very adjustable!

To Use: You twist the screw in hard, and it opens up the clamp. The more you twist, the bigger the opening for your nipple. When I wore these to an adult party, getting the balance between “comfort” and “doesn’t fall off when you move” was a little tricky. If you want the Nipple Clamps with Crystal Chain to stay on your nips when someone pulls on the chain, they need to pinch a little! The screws don’t catch on anything, they only hold the other side of the clamp at bay. If you have bigger nipples: Push the bottom halves together, then angle the screw upward for widest nipple opening.

Nipple Clamps with Crystal Chain - how to adjust nipple clamps
Angle the nipple clamp screw upward, as my thumb is doing, for widest opening.

Overall, I recommend the Nipple Clamps with Crystal Chain for

  1. light stimulation,
  2. comfort, and
  3. sensory play (the cold feel of the metal, its weight dangling against your torso).
  4. They’re also 💯👍 if you want a little tightness on your nipples when you’re masturbating clitorally.

Tug on My Heart Nipple Clips: Metal Pull!

“Tug on My Heart” Clips are great for (1) the feeling of the cold metal, hanging down on your skin; (2) if you want a partner to be pulling on the chain! Like if you’re on top of them during sex! This is the sturdiest chain among Sportsheets’ lineup of affordable clips. They’re more beginner-level than the Endurance Butterfly clamps, covered here. See Tug on My Heart on me, here.

It feels really neat when you first put Tug on My Heart Clips on: the metal is cooler than your skin. Then, tighten up the clip to get a little pinched! These are good to add some nipple stim during masturbation. I think the PVC tips here are a little grippy, the coating is thin; so I wouldn’t wear them for much over an hour personally. But the dangly chain looks nifty, and the chain weight is sweet sensory play.

How are nipple clips different than nipple clamps? Essentially, clamps are more heavy-duty than clips. Many clamps employ screws to adjust tightness, or pull chains. Vs. nipple clips, where you move a slider-bar metal ring up the clip to tighten! That means that, if you pull hard enough, each clip will slide down your nip. For me as a bondage beginner, they’re fine, I don’t detach them while playing; but if you’re hardcore kinky or into pain play, you’ll want sturdier clamps. See below:

Sexperiments Ruby Red & Black Nipple Clips - how to adjust nipple clips
Top: Open clip, with slider bar by my thumb; Bottom: Half-closed clip, with slider by my 1st finger.

Other clips with this slider-bar tightness adjustment include:

  • The cute Sexperiments Ruby Red & Black Nipple Clips: These are also great for display, and do not have a connection chain for more weight / tugging on. That makes them more decorative / less kinky! (Unless you count exhibitionism as a kink!)
  • Midnight Pearl Chain Clips: Essentially, the Tug on My Heart Clips but with a lighter chain: less metal, lots of faux pearls attached.
  • These Nipple Grips Weighted are really adjustable clips, and they show that you do have to apply a good bit of force to detach a clip once the slider bar is snugged up. Each clip has a 1.55 ounce ball that dangles down.

Magnetic Nipple Clips: BITE!

I was NOT expecting how much bite these Magnetic Balance Pin Clamps have! They’re a bit of weight, not heavy-heavy; they didn’t feel like much in my hand. Then I separated each clamp and started wearing the set, and WOW, they have some grativas: strong sensation after just a minute or two! My tits were very stimulated, quickly.

Magnetic nipple clamps - Balance Pin - review
Top: One magnetic clamp clinging to a fleshy-soft silicone wand toy by Strange Bedfellas; Bottom: Magnetic Balance Pin Clamps on me: See uncensored image here.

Next, I ran about 15 feet wearing them — to test how well they stay on — and they were starting to slip, but *I* had to stop before they fell off because yikes, it was more pain than I’d imagined! The edge of the circle really digs as the magnets pull the two clamp halves together, to keep them wedged over your soft, sloped nipples and areolas. If you do enjoy a biting feel, these are affordable ($20.99) and worth checking out.

Endurance Silver Butterfly Clamps: Kinky

This style of clamp — called either “butterfly” or “clover” — has a metal spring structure that opens and closes. Tight! Again, you press in at the wings, then release when the tips are hovering beside your nipple. Pinch! The tips are padded with a small amount of silicone, but Endurance Silver Butterfly Clamps are totally BDSM tools, for restriction with pain. These are S&M toys!!! See my face the first time I put them on! 😮

Endurance butterfly nipple clamps - ouch!

After applying clover clamps as shown above, you can pull on the chain so the wearer feels their tits tugged on as well as closed around tightly. It’s very precise stimulation. If you’re wanting a first “pull chain” type of nipple toy (for letting a partner yank your chain! during sex), consider the above Crystal Chain Clamps or Tug on My Heart, above, before the Endurance Clamps’ aggressive design.

Endurance Silver Butterfly clamps - how to use clover clamps

Vibrating Nipple Toys

Vibrating nipples, anyone? This sounds like a tremendous nipple sex idea, in theory. Unfortunately, most vibrating clamps are still battery-powered (like by button / watch batteries): that’s old school, vs. USB rechargeable like most good sex toys are in the 2020s. Most users find rechargeable sex toys more convenient, and they’re typically stronger than removable-battery vibrators.

One rechargeable exception is the Nipple Play Rechargeable Nipplettes by CalExotics. These purple clamps are high-speed and buzzy, and they pinch. (Again, I say this as someone who does not have lorge tits.) The Rechargeable Nipplettes look like little scarabs, and you press down on the wings outside to open them up: Then, CLAMP, they close back up around your nipples. They do not stay open, they fit tight once you release the wings, so I wouldn’t call these pinchers “adjustable.” They’re really suited for anyone who likes a little bit of pain on the nipples. I’ve been in a place a few times where using the Rechargeable Nipplettes was fun for a short while, once I got the pinchers adjusted at the right angle. Bzzzzzzzttt! Other, more-sensitive times of the month, I personally am like, “FORGET it,” and consider these clamps “nipple torture toys.” I need to offer these to my kinky friend who’s into being bruised by impact play, etc.

Nipple Play Rechargeable Vibrating Nipplettes review - on Fantasy Grove Changeling Seedling
Opening the Rechargeable Vibrating Nipplette’s “wings” to apply it to a Fantasy Grove “Changeling Seedling” silicone squishy.

I’m extremely selective about my vibrating sex toys. So I’ve been using my favorite clit vibrators on my nipples instead. First, bullet vibrators seemed like a smart choice. Especially the We-Vibe Tango X, with its slanted tip & rumbly vibrations: Let that press right into your nipple + areola. Pretty fun. But I didn’t love having only maybe a quarter of my nipple stimulated.

So I went for air pulsation toys afterward: They’re designed to fully surround the clitoris and stimulate it without actually touching it. Turns out, this is bad-ass for nipple play. Those puffs of air are just the ticket, especially if you get a Satisfyer with vibration too & turn on both functions together. The Satisfyer Curvy 3+ is a standout (also because they’re on sale, two for the price of one right now!!!) because its air blowhole’s the perfect size to cover my nipples and a fraction of my areolas. (YMMV: See a Curvy pulsator “mouth” size comparison here.)

What that means: When I have the Curvy 3+ puffing air and vibrating too, my areola gets lightly pulled inside the Satisfyer’s “mouth” with every puff. It’s super-cool to watch.

Nipple Toys & Nipple Sex Recap: My Faves

My favorite 3 nipple toys: Bubbles Max by Oxballs (superior, especially in the shower), Crystal Chain Clamps by CalExotics, and Satisfyer Curvy 3+ (also used along with Satisfyer Dual Pleasure!). Those are different kinds of play for sure: sucky twisting, exhibitionistic tugging, & vibrating blow-suction. That’s awesome! Because testing for this guide has been about diverse feelings, not just trying to orgasm hardest.

Best nipple toys - my top 3 favorites - Phallophile Reviews

Before I started testing, I assumed I’d be wasting my time with tit toys, when I could be playing clitorally. But clitoral toys don’t come with dangly crystal chains, right??… And importantly, with sex toys related to the genitals, there’s a certain (subconscious) pressure about reaching orgasm. Clit toys are so-often sold as success stories with comments like: “Made me come in 30 seconds flat! Get one, ladies! (You won’t need a boyfriend anymore, haha!)” *hard eye-roll* 🙄

I can orgasm from nipple stimulation, with the right tools! What a nipple orgasm feels like for me & how I reached nipple orgasm: My nipples are definitely less sensitive than my clitoris, so I can’t be in a “lazy masturbation” mood for nipple play orgasms to happen. I think clit “suction” air pulsation toys are the best for reaching nipple orgasm: preferably (1) toys that have vibration too, like the Satisfyer Curvy series; and (2) on both nipples, so buy two Satisfyers for full effect! Turn up the speed… turn on the vibration too… sit back and feel the waves of pulsing air. I really like how Curvy 3+’s mouth is just the right size so it tugs gently on my areola, pulsing it in and out, when the vibration is on. After a couple minutes I’ll feel how erect & throbbing my tits really are, and start willing myself to let go and follow any pleasure that may come. I can feel my brain glow, from the right chemicals, a pulsing happiness, almost a warmth, as my nipples pulsate under the air puffing over them. Finally, the nipple orgasm is a slight shaking, a light release; it’s not the strongest orgasm I can have, but the difference is nice. Even better, is to come this way (lightly, like a warmup orgasm)—and then segue into a hard, moaning clitoral orgasm.

But IT’S OK if nipple orgasms aren’t “take me to another dimension.” Because I experienced a ton of “What?! Whoa! That’s how it works, interesting” while trying to figure out nipple clamps, and twist suckers, and, yes, whether nipple suction toys are real. Nipple toys are absolutely erotic, and sexy, and 100% worth trying if you want to expand your sex beyond just genital (clit, vag, penis) pleasure.

Like with clit size, nipple size and nipple sensitivity are unrelated. Your tits are great no matter whether they’re teeny or huge compared to other people’s. Flaunt them if you enjoy doing so!


  1. Due to the thin rim that creates an easy seal; however, I have small nipples, so other users may prefer Curvy 1+ or 2+, compared here.
  2. As long as you get the correct size for your nipples, as bigger tits & areolas will require the Max or the Hognips 2’s sizing.
  3. It’s similar to how air pulsation clit toys like Womanizer & Satisfyer & Sona are often called “clit suction,” but they really puff air outward, instead of sucking your clit in. Tit twisters do draw your nipple in, and put a lot of pressure on the tit and its areola, but they don’t suck in the way a human mouth sucks.
  4. Sitting water is never a good thing when it comes to cleaning, even with body-safe sex toys.
  5. The exception being BDSM-oriented clamps that close how tight they close, it’s not your choice! Give in to the clamps’ control?!
  6. I often talk about the dangers of “PVC sex toys,” and by that I mean dildos and vibrators and any toy that will touch mucous membranes (like in the vulva, vagina, and anus). Plus, PVC dildos are softened with more plasticizers than firmer PVC (like the coating in these nipple clamps is firmer). Less plasticizers in these firm clamp tips means less porosity, less bacterial-growth opportunities; and, (unless you’re lactating) the nipples don’t remain wet like the vulva and rectum do: and bacteria & fungus multiply faster in water. So, “firmer” + “drier” = “less concerning.” Still, I wouldn’t recommend wearing PVC clamps for long duration frequently, just to be extra safe.

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