Fantasy Grove Review: Handmade Silicone Dildos

Fantasy Grove is an awesome indie dildo maker I’m excited to tell you about! They’re making art, in platinum silicone. Fun shapes, and too good marbled / hand-drizzled silicone. It’s of course body-safe, plus super-soft for comfort as you encounter all the bumpy, rippling textures.

Fantasy dildos in general are about having a different experience; they offer unique textures that you won’t find in realistic toys. They may also be extra-large, great if you’re a size fan. This Fantasy Grove review will cover both elements of why to pick up one of this brand’s handmade dildos: the aesthetic, and the feel! I’ve got a Fantasy Grove Squid & Avir the Ziz to show off…

The Colors, the Marbling, the Effects

Every year I try to find a good range of reliable fantasy-dong artists to include in my Black Friday sales post, in case you want something beyond a “normal” vibrator. Enter marbled, soft-silicone dildos! And there are so many new small silicone dildo makers now, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of possibilities!!! But I hunted through other mega-fans’ fantasy sale retweets, and rounded up established and some newer makers (ones who seemed reliable). And you know what happened? Fantasy Grove was the one new indie shop *I* choose to shop at, personally, during Black Friday sales last year. My order came out like so:

Why Fantasy Grove?! It was the Black Rainbow, y’all. The Black Rainbow seduced me. It’s this neon grafitti splatter that looks absolutely fabulous. I’d noticed Fantasy Grove at some point earlier in 2020, but after they really expanded their offerings last year, I was interested to see their new models (all in several size choices, between 3 and 5 per toy).

Seriously, you gotta head over to Fantasy Grove’s Twitter (@grovefantasy) and view some of the silicone art they’re creating these days. (You may need to invest in a blacklight while you’re at it!) Here’s an example:

In case you missed it: the fall-leave splattered tree coloration above (and more) will be available October 1. Don’t tempt me, Fantasy Grove, I’m being drawn in currently by how large and G-spot-friendly the Akappa’s main ridge looks. (Also, textured back plates!)

Some Fantasy Grove toys are UV-reactive; they shine differently under a blacklight (not in the dark). For some strange reason, I haven’t invested in a blacklight still, so I simply took my new Fantasy Grove “Black Rainbow” acquisitions to photograph in the vicinity of a stripper pole (as one does when one is a sex toy reviewer, idk, my life is full of interesting twists):

Fantasy Grove review UV reactive blacklight dildos fantasy sex toys

Fantasy Grove Squid Review!

This is the funnest tentacle dildo I own! It’s not super-realistic-tentacly like, say, Hankey’s Davy’s Tendrils. But I appreciate that fact, since the FG Squid’s head is more compelling to me. It’s not skinny for many inches, no, this Squid’s maximum width appears only 1.5 inches into the dildo. And it’s curved forward, and it has all these gently rounded bumpity-bumps. In size small, the Fantasy Grove Squid’s head curves and locks around at an ideal length for G-spot stimulation. (Which I’m all about, I never write a dildo review that doesn’t contain “G-spot.”)

Fantasy Grove review Squid dildo

So it’s fun to rub, to feel the little head bumps … not tickling, but pulling in a very subtle way. (If you want even an more prominent head, also see the Utun equine dil or the Akappa.)

I actually chose the size small (out of 3 sizes!) because I wondering if the “spikes” built into the Squid’s base would offer any clitoral stimulation. That ended up not working for my anatomy well, but in the process of trying to take the small Squid’s full 6-inch length, I discovered something else. The ~wavy~ shaft curves and length make the Fantasy Grove Squid feel neato for deep vaginal (posterior fornix) stimulation. The tip is a teeny bit pointed, while I feel upon inserting it all the way, but the silicone’s so soft that it’s not uncomfortable. (I got the medium density for all Fantasy Grove toys: 00-50 Shore platinum silicone! That “medium” 00-50 is the most popular firmness generally, though 00-30 super-squishy makes a lot of sense as you move into really large toys or if you just want an ultra-forgiving feel.)

So I like Squid dildo use to be a two-part act!!! 1. Start with the Squid’s nubby head oriented “forward” for G-spot play…. 2. Then flip it around, and let the tip dive deep, delivering the extra texture I need to get back-wall sensations — while I use a clitoral toy for best orgasmic results. (Melt is always a fave, and the Racy comes in if I find myself preferring vibes instead.)

Not to mention, I find myself enjoying cleaning the toy off afterward, just marveling at the marbling. The Avir below is technically “Black rainbow splatter,” while my Squid is “Black rainbow ribbon.” For the win:

Fantasy Grove review_ Azir the Ziz, Squid dildo

Fantasy Grove Avir the Ziz Mini Review

Avir is modeled after a “ziz,” apparently another name for “phoenix”! This is a vaginal plug, primarily made to rest inside the vagina — rather than be moved ⬅️in-and-out➡️ like (you could with) a dildo. I agree that vag plugs should be proportionally chunky, and Avir meets that criterion! I got the size small, 4.5 inches insertable x 2 inches diameter, seeing it as the one I knew I could both sit on comfortably and enjoy the thickness of. Avir XS is noteworthy for being only an “average” sex toy diameter of 1.5 inches, by only 3.5 inches insertable length.

Fantasy Grove Avir the Ziz dildo, black rainbow silicone
4 sides, for the colors.

This friend is covered in little dots / plates / ripples that may be interpreted as feathers if you like the phoenix theme. Otherwise, the many front nubs are going to remind you Avir is resting against your front vaginal wall (a common sensitive zone). Then, Avir’s back shaft has a vertical ridge and 4 “plates” that are noticeable for me if I focus. Avir’s left and right sides are a generally thick feel, while Avir’s head is barely there — it’s this fantasy dildo’s mid-shaft that’s the real prominent point.

Like other soft-silicone vaginal plugs, Avir’s top use, IMO, is clenching around it and using a clitoral sex toy at the same time! You can also sit and try grinding on the base, though it does slope downward and probably isn’t big enough to really massage most clits. Being a more ovoid base, I don’t think it’s the easiest to walk around with it in between your legs (though it’s not impossible). I would definitely say Avir is best for the aforementioned clenching while sitting down or lying back in bed! Smooshy, smooshy black rainbow. 💖

Other Fantasy Grove Options

Can I get a “But wait, there’s more”? Fantasy Grove also makes several silicone toys that are not dildos! (Not “insertables.”) I picked up a pocket size Sagittifera, which looks like a cross between boobs, balls, and scaly plates. (Or think of the texture as “feathers” if reptiles are creepy to you.) This is a toy for grinding on, like clitorally. Since I hadn’t had another human being rub my clit off for 10 months (dammit 2020) when I purchased the Sagittifera, I was in need of an object to grind against. My only regret: not going for the bigger version, for really humping.

Fantasy Grove review unboxed
What the inside of a Fantasy Grove package may look like, unboxed. I had already removed the Avir and Squid from their sealed plastic packaging here. The bagged creature on left is a Jackalope squishy!

Fantasy Grove also pours cute little figures (“squishies”) out of leftover silicone too, for $10 each. I got a little Jackalope. These can be squeezed in your hand for stress relief if you’re tactile like that. Or keep one chilling out on your desk just because you’re not a vanilla human being, and you like to think about freaky dildos occasionally while working.

Last, they make a small stroker (“penetrable”) called Basilisk, for large clitorises or micro-penises.

Fantasy Grove Dildos Recap

If you’re in the market for a good-looking and creative-textured silicone dil, check out Fantasy Grove’s model lineup and see if any of them draw you in! The curvy Squid, Utun’s popping ridge, a furry Jackalope, or a chunky Chonk… All handmade platinum silicone, in multiple size choices and several density (firmness) options too, just like you should expect from a quality fantasy maker. The super-cool graffiti splatter first attracted me to Fantasy Grove, and now I’m loving seeing what seasonal colorations they might release next.

Browse the Fantasy Grove home page here.

Current inventory is here!

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