Black Friday Sex Toy Sales 2022: 100% Body-Safe, Incl. Fantasy Dildos!

Black Friday sex toy sales starting early!!! I list 100% body-safe toys only, the best deals on pleasure items that won’t damage your health: The sex toy industry is unregulated, but great orgasms don’t need to carry a luxury price. These Black Friday / Cyber Week toy deals are the lowest sex toy prices you’ll find all year long. I’ll be continuously updating this post before and after Cyber Monday sales to help you hunt for what will please you best.

This post will also include Black Friday deals for sex toys of the fantasy variety: typically centered around Black Friday itself (November 25, 2022) more than with mainstream toy shops’ week-long savings.

2022 Sales R Going!

Cheapest body-safe dildos, body-safe vibrators on sale, and butt plugs & strap-on toy deals too: All current for November 2022 after Black Friday dildo sales & more have passed! Last updated Cyber Tuesday, Nov. 29. (Remember: I never recommend unsafe sex toy materials, including porous dildos/vibes that will harbor bacteria, nor glitter dildos that might leave craft glitter inside you. Many super-cheap toys are unsafe to use more than once!

Pre- Black Friday dildo, vibrator, & toy sales
ToyBest price now
Vibrators &
Clit "Suction"
We-Vibe toys!
w/ code CYBER
Magic Wand

Coupon code tab in cart: type PHALLOPHILE

Glass dildo

(In coupon code tab, in cart)

(Promo code box)
Butt Plugs &
Anal / Strap-On

Coupon code tab in cart,

Best Black Friday Sex Toy Sale – Breakdown

Post Cyber Monday & Black Friday sex toy sales in the bulleted list below! With these prices, sex toys are among the few things we are not paying MORE for in 2022! I’ve selected retailers who label their materials accurately & source legit toys, not knock-offs. All sales below are still running: But buy by Cyber Monday, November 28, for most security! (Prices will NOT be this low again till Nov. 2023!)

  1. Peepshow Toys’s blowouts include my favorite wand vibrators for 33% off💕🙌, the viral Rose vibe for 50% off, 53% off for the dual-density Tantus Cush, 33 to 50% off We-Vibe & Womanizer products including We-Vibe Tango, Melt and Nova (best clit+vag vibe ever); 35% off Snug Plugs, average 30% off the serious stainless steel of Njoy toys, and LOTS more!
  2. Liberator has 30% off big-brand luxury toys with code CYBER in cart—VixSkin Dildos are the BEST offer, also Fleshlight now!—plus Liberator mounts/sex positioning aids—with the Wedge being the most popular for comfy sex.
  3. Lovehoney (US) has their Cyber Monday collection rolling: Remember to get an extra 15% off by finding the “Coupon code” dropdown tab in cart: type code PHALLOPHILE. Magic Wand Rechargeable is the lowest price I’ve ever seen! With Lovehoney, just remember to avoid “soft plastic” dildos & vibrators, they’re porous TPE!
  4. Save 10% off Hismith hard-thrusting sex machines with discount code PR10 at checkout, no minimum purchase. Or, if you’re going for a big purchase, HISMITH15 gets you 5% more off purchases over $700 USD.
  5. Remote control, anyone??? Liberator has the newer Lush 3 & Lovense Ferri for $83 with code CYBER entered in the full cart! Or, check out Lovense direct for app-controlled nipple clamps & much more. No one does long-distance play as well as Lovense: find my Lovense wearable power comparison here.
  6. Velvet Thruster has 25% off handheld thrusting dildos with code VELVETBRAND25.

Mainstream Sex Toy Deals, Spotlight

My Favorite Vibrator of 2022:

The Viben Sultry is my favorite wand because it’s got the rumble of Magic Wand Rechargeable’s lower speeds, but is waterproof and OMG easier to hold with a slimmer handle & lighter weight.

Viben Sultry vs Magic Wand Rechargeable size

Its sister is the Viben Obsession, which is real wand power in 3 steady speeds. It is strong!!! Here’s a full compare/contrast of the two.

For a small wand, though — one that’s easy to use during sex with a partner — the PalmPower Recharge is tops (now 35% off!!!). Incredible power for its small size, and fully adjustable speed control: it’s like a scroll wheel, in button form. I prefer flatter surfaces I can rub around my clit, vs. pointy bullets like the We-Vibe Tango X (32% off), so the PP Recharge is my fave small clit vibrator!

PalmPower Recharge vs we-vibe tango x ds

Clit Suction Power

Air pulse “clit suction” toys are 🔥because they’re intensely stimulating. Some are stronger than others, though: Here are best prices & power ratings right now:

Clit suction toy deals - We-Vibe Melt vs Satisfyer Pro 2 vs Rose vibe vs Beso Plus
  • Inya Rose vibe: $29.99, 10/10 power. Air pulse with vibration built in. No low speeds. 3 steady speeds.
  • Satisfyer Pro 2 NG: $29.99, 8.75/10 power & good speed range. (Has lower speeds.) 11 intensity levels.
  • We-Vibe Melt: $119 right now (code blf20), 9.25/10 power, 10 intensity levels. Fantastic for fitting into vaginal sex; slimmer & more ergonomic.
  • Beso Plus + G-spot vibes: $29.99, 6/10 for suction power but added G-spot vibes make it 7.5/10 together! Flexible fit, great for dual stimulation.

If you’re new to air pulse toys, read how-to tips here! And in your clit pulse toy (or with your silicone dildo), you’ll need a little:

Body-Safe Lubricant, by Good Clean Love

Water-based lubes can be unsafe for two reasons: (1) high fluid concentration, osmolality, which causes your protective cell barriers to shrivel after contact; or (2) unbalanced pH for vaginal use, leaving your tissues more prone to pathogens, the more lube you use. Good Clean Love is the one US lube maker who makes only safe lubes: ones that are iso-osmotic & pH balanced for vag & vulvar use. 1

This week they have 20% off all lubes & more with code GIVETHANKS. I like Almost Naked, the original & most-tested aloe-based, but recommend BioNude to folks who aren’t good with light vanilla scent.

good clean love hybrid lubricant review


We-Vibe has been one of my top 2 fave vibrator makers for years because their vibes are usually so rumbly. (My other fave maker is BMS!). These sales are super-low, including 2 of my 5 favorite powered toys (Nova and Melt!!!):

We-Vibe blowouts collection includes 42% off We-Vibe Moxie panty vibe, 33% off We-Vibe Melt air-pulse “suction” toy, 33% off Nova the best rabbit ever OMG, and 40% off We-Vibe Vector, a small prostate plug.

We-Vibe Cyber Monday sale Melt, Tango X, Moxie, Nova 2 ds

Other We-Vibe toys (like Chorus couples vibe, Touch X, and the Arcwave Ion pulsing penis stroker) are cheapest at Liberator now with code CYBER in cart.

Oxballs Silicone Savings!!!

Oxballs’ Ergo is the ultra-thicc filling butt plug! Buy it in Smoke Smoosh (not Eggplant) for the most squish. 30% off thru Wednesday, 11/30.

Oxballs Ergo plug Super Soft Smoke silicone

Or, Oxballs’ Bubbles suckers are a different kind of fun: Twisting, spinning suction that adds somethin’ extra to clit or penis play. Bubbles Max is best suction for my smallish nipples, much “stickier”!

Lovehoney – International Too

Lovehoney has sale items rolling outside the US!!!

Skip “Lovehoney’s Wild Weekend” kit in all the above, it’s cheap crap.

For US customers, though, this massive retailer has extra discounts when you use a bigger coupon code discount: like use my 15% off code PHALLOPHILE in cart where it says Coupon code? (Click that line, and a box to type PHALLOPHILE in appears. Codes are not case-sensitive, it can be all lowercase letters.)

Lovehoney discount code Black Friday vibrators

How to shop smart at Lovehoney: (1) Do avoid their non-silicone rabbits and dildos, which are cheap and unsafe. Skip the “soft plastic” that harbors bacteria, & go for safe materials like silicone, ABS plastic, and glass for insertable (vaginal or anal) and clit toys. (2) Lovehoney-brand (including Mantric and Fifty Shades) toys are the best deal here. If you want OK lingerie or beginner BDSM gear, Lovehoney is also recommendable.

Lovense App-Controlled Vibes

I’m waiting to see if Lovense is gonna dive deeper than $99 for Hyphy or Lush 2, Domi, & more! These are the best long-distance app toys on the market, by far.

Lovense is most famous for the Lush, a bright-pink vaginal vibe widely used in cam girl shows and by anyone who likes gettin’ a little kinky in public. It’s fun for vaginal stimulation but is NOT for anyone who (1) wants to orgasm and (2) orgasms best from clitoral play.

Lovense Lush 3 review wearable bluetooth vibrator

Or, the Lovense Domi is the most powerful remote-control vibe on the market!!! Damn, it’s intense for long sessions. Or get yourself a Hush butt plug or Edge prostate vibe for anal *power*!

I am so very impressed with how excellent Lovense’s app is, beating out We-Vibe’s easily.

Best Fantasy Silicone Deals

Mmm, fantasy dildos…So many stunning colors and unique shapes, almost always in my favorite sex toy material, softer silicone (discussion of Shore densities here). Plus, in most cases you’re supporting small independent artists! They craft and handmake toys in a million creative designs. Indie shops have exploded in the last year, the creativity is amazing!

I am overwhelmed this year, y’all, so I will point you to fantasy deals from my personal favorite fantasy makers in a short list, plus Bad Dragon; then link to a more expansive Twitter thread including these + other indie makers of 100% platinum silicone dildos, strokers, grinders & more!!!

Fantasy dildo deals, makers I trust:

  • Strange Bedfellas: 40% off inventory Cyber Monday (Central time)! Thru Sunday: 20% off inventory.
  • Pleasure Forge has: 15% off thru Cyber Monday.
  • Fantasy Grove has 15% off new stock, 25% off existing inventory starting Black Friday at 4pm Eastern.
  • Bad Dragon apparently did a… week early Black Friday drop and currently has 25% off inventory, much (but not all) of which is black.
  • Paladin Pleasure is offering 20% off all inventory! Discount appears after you add items to cart! Their rainbows are amazing. (Site loads slowly on desktop, wait for it!)
  • Uberrime has 20% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday. They do not work in stock drops, so you can order anytime, and the sale includes custom toys.

Find a Twitter thread with many other makers here!

What I Would *Absolutely* Buy

This list includes many of my favorite body-safe toys, plus all-around GOOD vibrations and penetration. I tend to prefer mid-width to broad toys (G-spotters to wand vibrators), not pinpoint & hard stimulation: which is why the We-Vibe Tango & Njoy Pure Wand are practically cult classics, yet not among my favorites!

  • We-Vibe Nova 2, 34% off, the best thrustable rabbit EVER. The clit stimulator stays in place so well, and the soft silicone shaft can be bent more or less (it’s posable!) for G-spot. Very rumbly.
  • Viben Sultry, 33% off, my favorite new vibrator of 2022. Will be $30 off starting this Monday. OMG, it’s like a waterproof Magic Wand that’s easier to hold and with better speed range: many gentler lower levels. I’d buy it for under $60 in a heartbeat!
  • Naked Addiction Dual Density, 35% off, a long-time favorite for realistic skin feel! Now in a less-pale color too!!
  • Pillow Talk Sassy, 48% off, my all-time favorite vibrator for the amazing speed range (press & hold from low to high, stop anywhere in between!) and good rumbles. I use it both as a clitoral stimulator and a G-spot vibrator.
  • (Or, We-Vibe Melt + SASSY Bundle!!! 2 of my top 5 vibrators. Melt is only Womanizer/Satisfyer-style toy I can’t live without. Melt is crazy-intense (but touch-free!) clit stim, especially when I use it with Pillow Talk Sassy: which is now 37% off by itself. So. very. orgasmic.)
  • PalmPower Recharge, 35% off, the best small wand vibrator hands-down. If you’re not into pointy clit stimulation, this is awesome because it’s good great power packed into a small body. So much lighter than a big wand!
  • LUBE IT UP. All Good Clean Love body-safe lubes are running 20% Cyber Monday with code GIVETHANKS. Or, if you’re shopping above deals at Peepshow, choose the Sliquid H2O, it’s the most osmotically balanced with vaginal or rectal cells!
  • Anal: Oxballs Ergo Pure Plugs (the small is large enough for me!). If you’re into anal filling, these are so stretch-plus. The smoke color is sexy, sparkly, super squishy.
Cyber Monday deals

* * *

  1. This applies to water-based and hybrid lubricants. Silicone lubricants are safe for internal use, but are tough to clean off silicone vibrators and may gunk them up.

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  1. This is an invaluable guide, thank you so much for putting it together. I wanted to let you know you gave 2018 sale link to Exotic Erotics. Current coloration is Autumn Frost and there might be other discrepancies between 2018 and 2019 sale.

    • Hi, yes, that’s under the 2018 (for reference) heading! It looks like TTC hasn’t announced anything cost-wise about their upcoming sale, only the colorations that will be available (at some unknown discount?). Hopefully we’ll see full info tomorrow!

  2. More details from Bad Dragon:

    The sale is for Clearance items (not yet viewable) and will occur in 2 phases:

    For the first 30 minutes, you can purchase any Clearance toy at a 40% discount.
    The 40% discount will run from 9:00 AM through 9:30 AM MST (GMT-7) on Black Friday (November 29th).

    For the remainder of the weekend, you can purchase any Clearance toy at a 20% discount.
    The 20% discount will run from 9:30 AM MST (GMT-7) on Black Friday (November 29th) through 11:59 PM MST (GMT-7) on Sunday, December 1st.

  3. I hadn’t bought a new toy in a *really* long time, but after a lot of research and help from this guide, I have a few exciting goodies on the way! Thank you!

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