Black Friday Sex Toy Sales 2023: 100% Body-Safe, Incl. Fantasy Dildos!

Black Friday sex toy sales starting early!!! I list 100% body-safe toys only, the best deals on pleasure items that won’t damage your health: The sex toy industry is unregulated, but great orgasms don’t need to carry a luxury price. These Black Friday / Cyber Week toy deals are the lowest sex toy prices you’ll find all year long. I’ll be continuously updating this post before and after Cyber Monday sales to help you hunt for what will please you best.

This post will also include Black Friday deals for sex toys of the fantasy variety: typically centered around Black Friday itself (November 24, 2023) more than with mainstream toy shops’ week-long savings.

2023 Sales R Going!

Cyber sales continue through Cyber week (Nov. 30) for some retailers, ending soon. Cheapest body-safe dildos, body-safe vibrators on sale, and butt plugs & strap-on toy deals too: All current for November 2023. (Remember: I never recommend unsafe sex toy materials, including porous dildos/vibes that will harbor bacteria!)

Pre- Black Friday dildo, vibrator, & sex toy sales
ToyBest price now
Clit / G-spot
Melt, Nova,
Tango, Moxie,
Vector, Chorus
2-motor vibes: 
Yellow is 
Pillow Talk
rumbly vibe

We-Vibe Melt+
PT Sassy,
my fave dual-
vibrator combo!!!
Viben Sultry,
my fave wand

Rose vibe

Neo Elite
select realistics

$26 to $49, by size
pulsating vibe
Naked Add.
my fave
lifelike dildo

Tantus Cush,
Curve, VampS.S.
Njoy PureWand
Neo E. Roxy
rotating dil


$29.99 each
G-spot dil.

(In "Have a coupon code?" tab, in cart)

Butt Plugs &
Snug Plugs!
Weighted plugs
Anal Adv.
Njoy Pure
Velvet Hammer
Oxballs Ergo
Penis toys
The Handy
Fleshlight Ice 
& Pink Lady;
Arcwave silicone

Must add to cart,
View cart, then:
Scroll down to VIEW AND EDIT CART,
Find "promo code" box,
and enter: CM33
cuffs, hogtie,
collar & more
kink kit

I’ve searched trustworthy online retailers for better-than-usual deals. See bigger discounted categories at: Peepshow Toys [100% body-safe products, fair pricing, best variety], Lovehoney [big-brand, occasional super-cheap but safe items; see note below], and Liberator [good for 33% off the Handy automated penis-stroker & Fleshlights]. Hankey’s Toys—popular super-soft & XL silicone dildos—also has their literal best cyber sale ever Monday only, 30% off (but limited inventory).

Be sure NOT to buy unsafe toy materials at Lovehoney: “soft plastic” is NOT SAFE for vaginal, anal, or extended clitoral use: it is TPE [or PVC] that lets bacteria & yeast grow easier.1

Best Black Friday Sex Toy Sale – Breakdown

  1. Peepshow Toys’s blowouts (full section here) include my favorite toy combo ever—Melt and Nova—for $74 off (35%), 50% off VibePad silicone grinder toys (VibePad2’s flicker-tongue is for sittin’ on top of!), my fave wand vibrator for 33% off💕🙌, $28.99 for every Unihorn vibe (the yellow one is ALWAYS on my nightstand cuz I use it so often), the viral Rose vibe for 50% off, my go-to most realistic dual-density dildo for 35% off, Anal Adventures rotating-bead anal plugs for 56% off, and LOTS more.
  2. Lovehoney (US) has their Cyber Monday collection rolling: Remember to get an extra 15% off by finding the “Coupon code” dropdown tab in cart: type code PHALLOPHILE. Cheapest prices r for Lovehoney’s own brands, including Mantric, Happy Rabbit, and 50 Shades vibes. For Canada, pre-Black Friday deals here; and UK discounts here.
  3. Liberator has 25% off luxury vibes & Fleshlight strokers with code CM33 in cart. Also, Liberator mounts/sex positioning aids—with the Wedge being the most popular for comfy sex (and going deeper!).
  4. Velvet Thruster has 25% off handheld thrusting dildos, no code required.
  5. SheVibe has tiered sitewide discounts on bigger orders: 15% off over $100 order value, 20% off over $125, etc. with code SANTA. Best prices for: VixSkin dildos, new Lovense toys Vulse, Ridge, Apis and more.
  6. Save 10% off Hismith hard-thrusting sex machines with discount code PR10 at checkout, no minimum purchase. Or, if you’re going for a big purchase, HISMITH15 gets you 5% more off purchases over $700 USD.
  7. Remote control, anyone??? Check out Lovense direct for toys like an automatic penis stroker + mount, Solace; app-controlled nipple clamps (Gemini) & the Lush of course. No one does long-distance play as well as Lovense: find my Lovense wearable power comparison here.

Mainstream Sex Toy Deals, Spotlight

My Favorite Vibrator of 2023:

#1. The yellow Unihorn: MUST-HAVE. It’s not just cute, it rumble-pulse-tongues. That’s three different actions emanating from Uni’s mouth: 1. air pulsation, 2. rumbly vibration, 3. licking direct-contact tongue. OMG. Plus, a buzzier “butt motor” that you can turn on in its rear: adds an extra kick. Unihorns also come in the pink tappity-tap one I like (just not as much) and the blue zinger-tongue one that… will work better for folks who don’t despise pointy clit stimulation like I do.

Unihorn Vibrator with air pulse clitoral suction

#2. My 2nd fave new “oooh, cool tech!” toys of 2023 is the Revolution dildo line: like Stronic pulsators on speed, and with vibration too. Revolution Tsunami’s my favorite because of its bulbous G-spot-seeking head, thumping away at up to 280 *bings* per minute.

Revolution Tsunami thrusting dildo in motion

#3. Humpable grinding toys for clit stimulation! VibePads are 50% off now! Full comparison here, cuz the new ones either tongue or triple-stimulate, whoooo! VibePad 2’s moving flicker-tongue is the most automatic!

VibePad silicone grinder vibrator Black Friday sale

🏋️‍♂️Snug Plug weighted butt plugs are 40% off!!! These are uber-wearable because of how thin their “necks” are, letting the anal sphincter muscles close up around—while you still feel very plugged by the weighted torpedo body above. Easiest butt plug to wear during the day.

🌟My favorite vibrator combo (for clit+G-spot stimulation) of all time is running 35% off ($74 savings), which is awesome because We-Vibe toys rarely go for over 20% off!

We-Vibe Melt Pillow Talk Sassy bundle best Black Friday vibrator sales

🌹Inya Rose vibe is under $30!!! Its motor is rumblier than ever! The Rose is air-pulse tech (a la Satisfyer Pro 2 or Womanizer; a.k.a. “clit suction”) with vibration running underneath the air pressure.

🐙, anyone?! Uncover’s squishy-soft clitoral humping grinders r 20% off. I didn’t think I was even into tentacle sex toys till I got on top the Tentacle Grinder (review here), but its super-soft silicone and all the lil suckers to rub on, omg. Now with bullet vibrator slot add-on option.

Tentacle Grinder silicone squish toy
Oooh, squishy silicone tentacle grinder!

🍆Neo Elite are dual-density silicone dildos: that means a soft “skin” layer, over a harder core, so they feel more erection-like! Select models r up to 47% off at PeepshowToys; I’d pick the Neo Elite 8″ first due to its prominent, popping ridge for G-spot stimulation. That said, I like the silicone feel most in the:

🍆🌟Naked Addiction Dual Density, $38.99 right now for dual-layer platinum silicone! Awesome skin texturing, fleshy soft outside, good suction up. A long-time favorite among my hoard of realistic silicone dildos! Only downside, I sometimes wish its head was a bit bigger for G-spot stimulation!

Naked Addiction vibrating thrusting dildos compared - Freak vs. Demon

↕️❗ Naked Addiction thrusting-dildos are 29% off! Automatic motion from a vibrating thrusting core, with super-soft silicone outside. This year I was delighted that the “Demon” Naked Addiction’s got a bigger head vs. the realistic Naked Addiction Freak design. Full comparison here, and thrusting statistics chart here!

🎯We-Vibe TangoX is a classic bullet vibrator, rumbly with precision-tipped firm plastic, and now 32% off. (Personally, I’d pick the 20% off the (less-marked-up) Swan Maximum Bullet instead because I love its hands-free finger grip, easier to use during PIV sex!!! (Also cheaper!))

The Viben Sultry is my favorite wand because it’s got the rumble of Magic Wand Rechargeable’s lower speeds, but is waterproof and OMG easier to hold with a slimmer handle & lighter weight (for masturbation). For easy wand-power during penis-in-vagina sex with a partner, I’d go for PalmPower Recharge first (even smaller, still strong).

Viben Sultry vs Magic Wand Rechargeable size

BUT, if you like the girth of a wand head and are great with medium-strong power (rating here), then I 110% recommend the Maia Shroomie mushroom vibe. It’s squishy liquid silicone, which is amazing for rubbing off on: I love🥰 the gentler, fleshier feel, so the shroom lives on my nightstand (next to the yellow Unihorn)!!! (I need more squishy but body-safe vibrators with big heads!!!)

Maia Shroomie mushroom vibrator super-soft silicone cap

Oxballs Silicone Savings!!! Oxballs’ Ergo is ultra-thicc! Buy it in Smoke Smoosh (not Eggplant) for the most squish. Or, if you’re a fan of slimmer METAL (hooray!), choose the Pure Plug instead. Personally, I enjoy weight over stretching, and love the Pure Plug for shorter wearing Pure Plug on a trip to the grocery store. Only caveat: these thicker plugs are harder to walk around wearing vs. Snug Plug.

Oxballs Ergo plug Super Soft Smoke silicone

Or, Oxballs’ Bubbles suckers are a different kind of fun: Twisting, spinning suction that adds somethin’ extra to clit or penis play. Bubbles Max is best suction for my smallish nipples, much “stickier”!

Lovehoney – International Too

Lovehoney has sale items rolling outside the US!!!

Skip “Lovehoney’s Wild Weekend” kit in all the above, it’s cheap crap.

For US customers, though, this massive retailer has extra discounts when you use a bigger coupon code discount: like use my 15% off code PHALLOPHILE in cart where it says Coupon code? (Click that line, and a box to type PHALLOPHILE in appears. Codes are not case-sensitive, it can be all lowercase letters.)

Lovehoney discount code Black Friday vibrators

How to shop smart at Lovehoney: (1) Do avoid their non-silicone rabbits and dildos, which are cheap and unsafe. Skip the “soft plastic” that harbors bacteria, & go for safe materials like silicone, ABS plastic, and glass for insertable (vaginal or anal) and clit toys. (2) Lovehoney-brand (including Mantric and Fifty Shades) toys are the best deal here. If you want OK lingerie or beginner BDSM gear, Lovehoney is also recommendable.

Lovense App-Controlled Vibes

Scroll down Lovense’s sale page for bundles, like Lush 3 + Gemini nipple clamps, that’ll save you a bit more than the usual deals. (Lovense is not discounting more than normal on most single toys; these “up to 50% off” sales run year-round.)

Lovense is most famous for the Lush, a bright-pink vaginal vibe widely used in cam girl shows and by anyone who likes gettin’ a little kinky in public. It’s fun for vaginal stimulation but is NOT for anyone who (1) wants to orgasm and (2) orgasms best from clitoral play.

Lovense Lush 3 review wearable bluetooth vibrator

Or, the Lovense Domi is the most powerful remote-control vibe on the market. It’s very aggressive for its compact size. Or get yourself a Hush butt plug or Edge prostate vibe for anal *power*!

Best Fantasy Silicone Deals

Mmm, fantasy dildos…So many stunning colors and unique shapes, almost always in my favorite sex toy material, softer silicone (discussion of Shore densities here). Plus, in most cases you’re supporting small independent artists! They craft and handmake toys in a million creative designs.

100% platinum silicone dildos, strokers, clitoral grinders & more: most fantasy deals center around Black *Friday* itself (November 24), but in the cases below, leftover stock remains on sale for Cyber week, through November 30 or even December 1 in one case.

Bat Bites:
Ltd. fantasy
dils & packers
60% off Tuesday:
Applies in cart
Thru 11/28, Tuesday
Simply Elegant Glass
Gorgeous glass
dildos, plugs, egg
35% off 
applies in cart
Thru November 30
Pleasure Forge
Fantasy & semi-realistic
dildos, egg plugs
15% off 
dropped stock,
scroll thru
to find 
Thru November 30 (Thurs.)
A Krow's Nest:
Dildos, kegel eggs, FtM stroker
40% off 
Applies in cart
All November
PP Sculptors
Fantasy & semi-phallic
dildos, plug, grinder
20% off 
Thru Tuesday only, 11/28
Fantasy & novelty
dildos & plugs
30% to 49% off 
premade inventory
Till end of November
Howling Horrors:
Fantasy dildos,
Tentacle C-ring
15% off 
Thru December 1
Bad Dragon
Only fantasy
25% off inventory
in single colors
Now thru ?

* * *

  1. Only buy (1) silicone, (2) ABS “hard plastic,” (3) glass, or (4) stainless steel. Lovehoney unfortunately does not educate about this, instead trying to hide the material by calling it “soft plastic” rather than the term normally used industry-wide: TPE/TPR (thermoplastic elastomer/rubber).

17 thoughts on “Black Friday Sex Toy Sales 2023: 100% Body-Safe, Incl. Fantasy Dildos!”

  1. This is an invaluable guide, thank you so much for putting it together. I wanted to let you know you gave 2018 sale link to Exotic Erotics. Current coloration is Autumn Frost and there might be other discrepancies between 2018 and 2019 sale.

    • Hi, yes, that’s under the 2018 (for reference) heading! It looks like TTC hasn’t announced anything cost-wise about their upcoming sale, only the colorations that will be available (at some unknown discount?). Hopefully we’ll see full info tomorrow!

  2. More details from Bad Dragon:

    The sale is for Clearance items (not yet viewable) and will occur in 2 phases:

    For the first 30 minutes, you can purchase any Clearance toy at a 40% discount.
    The 40% discount will run from 9:00 AM through 9:30 AM MST (GMT-7) on Black Friday (November 29th).

    For the remainder of the weekend, you can purchase any Clearance toy at a 20% discount.
    The 20% discount will run from 9:30 AM MST (GMT-7) on Black Friday (November 29th) through 11:59 PM MST (GMT-7) on Sunday, December 1st.

  3. I hadn’t bought a new toy in a *really* long time, but after a lot of research and help from this guide, I have a few exciting goodies on the way! Thank you!

  4. Cool, you’re welcome!!

    Are you talking about the Smooth-On shore chart? 00-70 silicone is very close to 1A, nowhere near 30A. The 00 and A scales don’t align.

    00-50 is generally the most popular fantasy firmness, so I’d recommend it offhand.

    • Phew, I see, thank you.

      Guess I’ll give the 00-50 a whirl anyway, better safe than sorry.

      I thought I would get a notice you replied but alas that wasn’t the case, I’m glad I checked.

  5. Hi Felicity!

    Any idea if the FemmeFunn Ultra Wand will be discounted and/or bundled this year? I’ve been waiting all year for the deals!

  6. Hey! Wondering what your recommendation would be for someone deciding between getting some combo of unihorn, sultry wand, pillow sassy or either wevibe combo?

    • Good question, sorry for the slow reply! I think it really depends on what kind of stimulation you like most. Sassy + Melt is the most versatile, meaning the Melt’s air pulse is really focused clitorally, while the Sassy can be a pretty-broad clit stimulator or of course an internal G-spot vibe, or just thrust like a dildo without vibration.

  7. Thank you so much for this guide!! I’ve added a bunch of toys to my collection and am eagerly waiting their arrival. ^^ Thanks also for *all* your handy dandy guides – I’ve directed more than a few friends to your site as a one-stop ‘here-you-go-buddy!!’ FAQ. I’m very grateful for all your hilariously descriptive reviews – even if I know off the bat I’m not going to buy a particular toy, I love reading your take on it. Hope you have a great holiday season. <3


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