VibePad 3 Review: I tested 3x the vibration!

Like a rabbit vibrator you hump your clit against, instead of relying on teeny-tiny bunny ears! VibePad 3 silicone “grindpad” has a G-spot vibrator. It’s for blended orgasms, not just external clit grinding.

This third VibePad is my ✨instant-favorite vibrating grinder, since I love G-spot stimulation (plus external rubbing). And VibePad 3 rummmmmbles, too: Deep vibration. You sit on top of the VibePad, inserting the G-spot vibrator vaginally; then, start to hump / rock your hips forward. This is crucial: VibePad 3’s “shaft” is flexible, so it’s still comfortable as I move, adjusting all 3 of the VibePad’s motors via the remote control.

I describe its pros & cons, my experience, and the VibePad 3’s vibration strength vs. other vibrating sex toys!

How to Use VibePad 3

Like with other grinding vibrators, you sit on or ride-on top of the VibePad silicone grinder.

I find these two positioning techniques the easiest:

How to position Vibepad3
Havin’ entirely too much fun w/ this plush peen, left, doubling as a back-pillow. Touching VibePad3 for display only; Do lean forward when riding it.
  1. Put it on two thick pillows on top of your bed. For this and the office chair, I recommend a pet blanket / other waterproof blanket for easy cleanup.
  2. Put it on a two-part computer-desk chair or other chair, then face the back of the chair and wrap your legs around. (Best if your chair narrows in the middle / does not have arm-rests. Be sure the chair won’t roll on you, too!)
  3. In a normal chair or couch, also cover it with a waterproof blanket, and sit on top the VibePad3 facing forward like normal.

To get on: First, turn on the VibePad. (Its power button is on the underside of the grinder-pad.) Then, lightly lubricate the VibePad 3’s insertable shaft. Position it first, inserting its tip into your vagina. The G-spot-vibe’s tip should point toward your belly for G-spot stimulation. Finally, let the rest of your weight ease down on top of the VibePad. Now you’re ready to change speeds via the remote control.

My VibePad 3 Experience

Once I insert the VibePad 3’s G-spot vibrator and sit on top, it’s immediate: I feel like I might need to squirt…

VibePad3 G-spot stimulator squirting sex toy

As I start rocking my hips forward to make better contact with the clitoral bump.

VibePad3’s shaft has a classic shape: a variant of the “egg on a stick” beginner G-spot vibrator that helps people find their spot. Feeling like you need to pee after getting on the VibePad 3’s shaft is normal. It means good G-spot stimulation is happening, and it’s unlikely you will squirt if you keep the vibrator inserted vaginally. I’ve learned to keep going through that initial nerve-ending confusion. Afterward, the ride gets better. (Buy a waterproof blanket [$15 to $30 is a reasonable price] if you’d like to avoid anxiety about actually soaking your bedding.)

How big the VibePad 3 is:

VibePad 3 grinding vibrator size vs. face and arm
VibePad 3 is 11.4 inches long, with a smaller anal bump, a G-spot shaft, and a taller clitoral bump.

VibePad 3’s clit motor is the strongest one. I level it up to max. power within a couple minutes. The whole grind-pad rolls with vibration, since rumbly vibes travel better. Then, I find one pulsing rhythm for the “shaft” (function #7), so it almost feels like thrusting, in-and-out movement. The clit bump is firm, aggressively pressing on my vulva if I start humping fast.

I soooo appreciate that the slim G-spot dildo is flexible, so even I—who am oversensitive to strong pressure inside me—can fully enjoy it. It’s not too abrupt, not pressing painfully hard.

VibePad 3 - 3 motors, triple stimulation vibrator

And the third VibePad 3 motor: it’s in the “butt bump.” It’ll rest right in front of my anus, when I sit flat atop the VibePad. (The “tri-pad”?) The butt bump is shorter than the clit bump, so you can avoid anal stim if you want. (It’s non-penetrative anal, in any case.) When I lean forward more to maximize the G-spot vibrator’s angle and press my clit real hard into the front bump, then my rear hole is not longer making contact with the rear motor. That’s fine. The butt bump’s motor is the least strong by itself; lower-key vibration.

After 10 minutes of mounting the VibePad, I’m often still edging to hold off my orgasm. The G-spot vibe is an awesome shape; I’m enjoying how the tension builds inside me.

VibePad3 G-spot vibrator size vs. Pillow Talk Sassy
VibePad3 G-spot stimulator size with my favorite Pillow Talk Sassy (1.5″ diameter) held beside.

But, at 4 inches total length (3.25 inches above the clit bump) by 1.125 inches bulb diameter, VibePad 3’s G-spot stimulator is not large. 100% “beginner” sized, or for anyone who needs smaller penetration. I’m happy with the length, because it’s not poking my cervix; but I wish for more thickness. My best everyday G-spot vibrator is an average 1.5″ diameter, so the VibePad 3 is not as filling. VibePad’s G-spot vibe reminds me of an extra-thick finger or long thumb size, which isn’t awful, but also kinda small for my taste. Still, slim G-spot stimulation is MUCH better than no G-spot stimulation, so 🙌 for this humpable G-spot vibrator.

Remote Control! Partner Play Experience

Convenient, not having to mess around trying to locate buttons on a grindpad when your pelvic floor is covering it. The VibePad 3 remote control has three buttons, and each flicks through that separate motor’s 7 functions.

Use the remote to find the right functions as you masturbate, or: Hand the remote to a partner. When my boyfriend controlled the VibePad3, I enjoyed the control element for a minute, until he got into all the patterns. OK. No, noooo way, says my clitoris about patterned vibration. So, I had to direct him to just leave the VibePad 3 on the clit bump’s strongest steady vibration function (#3). Then I realized I’m particular about 1 or 2 functions I like for each VibePad3 motor, so this wasn’t my thing personally.

VibePad 3 ride-on vibrator & bondage cuffs on chair
Except, you know, cuffs actually on instead of set to the side for this photo 😄

More entertaining was having my ankles cuffed, and hands bound behind my back the next time; wearing cuffs from our new favorite bondage kit. Now, since the VibePad is not mega-strong, it wasn’t orgasm torture or anything like one can manage via a Magic Wand Plus, Doxy wand, or Viben Obsession. But, the “might have to squirt” feeling is intriguing to play with, as directions like “Don’t come yet” reach my ears… until I finally getta come 😵💦

Vs. VibePad 2 & VibePad Original

Three VibePad “grinding pads” by You2Toys / Orion (based in Germany) now exist. How they compare:

  1. VibePad 1/original. Two smooth, big humps; 2 vibrating motors.
  2. VibePad 2. Two humps, one with a tongue cut-out into it. 1 vibrating and licking-tongue motor + 1 just-vibrating motor. Higher-pitched vibes than VibePad 1, but feels lazier due to automatic flutter-tongue.
  3. VibePad 3. Two smooth humps with a G-spot vibrator between. 3 vibrating motors = strongest and rumbliest VibePad.
VibePad 3 vs. VibePad 2 vs. VibePad humpable vibrators on bed - remote control

VibePad 3 Pros & Cons

If you’re into riding & humping, save 10% off VibePads here (applies in cart).


  • G-spot vibrator + grinding pad is a great idea!
  • Good for rocking, humping, and riding.
  • Classic G-spot-seeking shape.
  • Remote control.
  • Rumbly vibration rolls thru all 3 stimulation points.
  • Smooth silicone.
  • Triple motors: 3 × 7 functions.
  • More active, all-over stimulation than a rabbit vibrator.
  • Flexible shaft bends comfortably with my body.
  • Firm clit bump = More pressure.


  • Moderately strong vibration, not ultra-strong.
  • G-spot stimulator is beginner-sized; not for fans of thickness.
  • Only in black.
  • Not cheap.
  • Firm clit bump = Not for anyone who prefers rubbing off on super-soft silicone.

Vibration Functions & Strength

Appropriately, Vibepad Three has three motors: to stimulate clitoris, G-spot, and perineum & butthole. Each of the 3 motors has 7 functions (3 steady speeds + 4 vibrating rhythms). The remote lets you control each VibePad motor’s functions separately.

I rate vibrators on a scale from 1 to 10 for strength, where 1 is “the cheapest battery-powered bullet imaginable” and 10 is “very powerful wand massager.” From that perspective, the VibePad is in the medium-strong range for power: 7.2 out of 10 top power. The vibration is rumbly / low-frequency, which I prefer to buzzy / high-frequency vibration; I rate VibePad 3 as a 9.5 to 9.0 out of 10 for vibration depth, very rumbly.

The only stronger grinding vibrator (comparison table 📊 here) is the Dual Rider Bump & Grind, which is higher-pitched; and whose hard clit-bumps are for pinpoint stimulation fans (not my cup o’ tea).

Care & Cleaning

The VibePad 3’s full grinding surface is silicone, with silicone dildo attached. A metal charging port is underneath (will not touch your skin). Its remote is ABS plastic. Both remote and vibrator are USB rechargeable, and my VibePad3 has run for 2 hours, 20 minutes on a single charge.

VibePad 3 charging port and how to turn on power button

It is black, so water spots will show more than on lighter or colorful toys (especially if you have hard water). Washing with normal soap and water is great on the body-safe silicone. It’s safe to wash under running water in the sink, dildo side up.

How to clean VibePad 3

The VibePads are supposedly waterproof submersible. If you squirt on them, it’s not a problem. I say “supposedly” because the open port on bottom makes me wonder whether water ingress with repeated bathtub use wouldn’t damage them. Might be OK. VibePad 3 is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Recap & Rating

Grinding + G-spotting = a combo I need in my life. Grinding toys are designed specifically for anyone who rubs their vulva to reach orgasm (rather than letting a vibrator just sit still against their clit). The VibePad3 adds to clitoral+vulvar grinding via its G-spot stimulator.

Who it *is* for: This vibrator-pad is a definite upgrade if you like penetrative sex with grinding/humping clitorally. The G-spot vibrator shape always gives me a “need to squirt” feeling, and then I get to ride—grinding my clit forward onto the largest, strongest motor in the VibePad3’s clit bump. It’s a wide area, but the firm bump will focus pressure as you hump into it.

Who it’s *not* for: VibePad 3 is moderately strong but not a power vibrator (this wand is the brand’s strongest toy). Also, it’s got a slim G-spot vibrator, so don’t expect expansive penetration. And, the silicone is a firm layer, so fans of squishy grinders should know it’s far from fluffy (so, the manufacturer’s wording “vibrating pillow” is confusing). Indeed, the VibePad is for hard clit pressure!

Find the VibePad 3 here,

And save $18. (Discount applies when added to cart.)

(out of 5)
Fun per dollar value:
Classic G-spot vibe presses in🎯; Rumbly vibes; Firm clit stimulation; Easy to sit on & ride; Remote control; Triple motors = higher price.
User experience/
Ease of use:

Remote control
makes it much
easier to speed-
change when
riding; Flexible
shaft for comfort;
Love the rumble;
Personally prefer
squishier humping
Luxury feel
smooth silicone,
clean packaging,
USB rechargeable,
black color only,
1-yr. warranty)
Run time (140 mins.)
& easy charging
Total4.2 / 5
[vs. all vibrators]
5.75 to 7.2
/out of 10
9.5 to 9.0
/out of 10
VibePad 3

VibePad 3 silicone "grindpad" is a G-spot vibrator *plus* clit & anal humps. For blended orgasms! My instant favorite grinder vibe... Pros & cons.

Product SKU: 4024144261710

Product Brand: Orion Toys

Editor's Rating:


  • Triple motors: 3 × 7 functions.
  • G-spot vibrator + grinding pad is a great idea!
  • Good for rocking, humping, and riding.
  • Classic G-spot-seeking shape.
  • Remote control.
  • Rumbly vibration rolls thru all 3 stimulation points.
  • Smooth silicone.
  • More active, all-over stimulation than a rabbit vibrator.
  • Flexible shaft bends comfortably with my body.
  • Firm clit bump = More pressure.


  • Moderately strong vibration, not ultra-strong.
  • G-spot stimulator is beginner-sized.
  • Only in black.
  • Not cheap.
  • Firm clit bump = Not for soft rubbing-off.

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    Thank you so much for reviewing this nifty gizmo!

    I’ve been considering the Vibe Pads for awhile based on your reviews.

    I’m so stoked they finally have one with an integrated g-spot portion! ✨🙌🏼✨

    I was wondering if you think a sheath (open ended like the BD Small Flint Sheath) would work with the insertable portion or if you think the vibrations would be too dampened.

    I imagine that a closed shorter sheath in a more humanoid form (Boneyard from PeepshowToys) would be workable too?

    It’d be nice to have a dual purpose system with something that I could incrementally increase the girth of over time and have a decent rumbly vibe to relax my pelvic floor.

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