You2Toys Your New Favourite Wand Massager Review

A wand vibrator with racecar ambitions. 🏎️⚡The You2Toys Your New Favourite Wand Massager’s vibrations rev like crazy,

Moving through 3 intensities from “strong” to “DAAAA-YUM!”

And, ironically, a huge benefit for me is how small the “Your New Favourite” vibrator’s handle is, eliminating ≈5.8 inches length from a full-sized magic wand handle. So: the handle doesn’t stick out like a club, getting in the way as I’m trying to position it.

I’ll compare this $49.99 but strong vibrating massager’s motor power to similar wand vibrators, describe my experience & how to best use it, plus detail all the “Your New Favourite Wand”‘s pros & cons!

You2Toys Your New Favourite Wand Massager - dimensions vs. magic wand rechargeable

Functions & Strength

Your New Favourite Wand Massager moves from strong to stronger as you hit the + button, moving through its 3 intensity levels. That’s 3 speed options times 5 vibration functions (1 steady function [with the 3 intensities] + 4 patterned functions [also with 3 levels]), so 15 total choices. I’m using 6 of those 15 functions, personally, because I love steady vibration and then there’s one escalating and, frankly, groovy pattern I truly enjoy.

I’d rate it as running (or racing!) from 6.75 to 9 out of 10 for maximum intensity level (low to high speed). Its maximum strength is beat by only a few vibrators (such as wall-powered, plug-in Magic Wands). And, I rate it as from 8.8 to 6.8 out of 10 for rumbly vibration (low to high). Its final intensity level has a touch of buzz, but is not too high-pitched.1

You2Toys Your New Favourite Wand Massager strength rating

You2Toys is a brand by the German maker Orion Toys, widely distributed in Europe. They also make the VibePad humpable grinding vibrators, which are cool but not so strong like the Your Favourite Wand.

My Experience: BAM!

Why big, for a vibrating massager head? Well, some of us like the all-over vibration; a large surface area that directly touches not just the tiny clitoral head, but the labia surrouding it, with the vaginal “mouth” (introitus) getting more stimulation too.

“Your New Favourite Wand” has an enormous vibrating head: almost 2.6 inches max. diameter, vs. 2.25″ max. D for Magic Wands. This massager’s stimulation head is just so thick that I never feel overstimulated. I love the wideness, the full-coverage vibration feel.

You2Toys Your New Favourite Wand Massager - large massage head, flowers

And as for its power, equally important: Your New Favourite Wand Massager jumps straight into business.

Its lowest intensity level is like the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s function #2 (of 4 total), or the Viben Sultry’s function #6 (of 8 total intensities). (That’s my all-time fave!)

With other toys, I’d find that kinda strength overwhelming to start with (unaroused). But, this Orion / You2Toys wand rolls along in this thrumming way that’s distinct. It’s like a unique type of “rumbly” vibration: thrumbly, we’ll say.

Function #2 picks up the speed more, of course. It’s got a hint of buzz now, as the vibration rolls strongly through this large blob of a head, covering the breadth of my inner labia—my clit from above its head to where its “legs” (crura) wrap around my vagina. Now this is full clitoral stimulation, the kind that air pulsation toys can only claim to deliver.

Intensity #3 is the one that I might even use through underwear, because it is intense!

Your New Favorite Wand does have five vibration functions, times the three different intensities (strength levels). I’m a fan of steady speeds in general, so… half the time, I stick to the steady vibration function’s three intensities. But, two of the four patterned functions are an escalation — a movement from low to high, followed by a half second gap — and the second escalating function (#3) really rocks. It’s both enjoyable and orgasmic for me. (A rare thing with me and patterned vibe settings!) A pattern I can come on. 😮

That second escalating pattern totally has the whole racecar feel. I imagine an engine revving up. Except, this engine’s specifically designed for my pussy. The Your New Fave wand is fun on intensity #1 (low speed) — but OMG, sit on that escalating function, with my legs curled under me like I’m riding cowgirl, and I have a hard time thinking straight, I want to cum so bad.

When I do — one or two minutes into sitting on, like, this best patterned wand vibrator function ever — I immediately gotta find the minus button, to turn down the intensity back to the lower level! Whew!

Your Favorite Wand vibrator mount on pillow

Best Ways to Use Favourite Wand

The short handle definitely makes the Your New Fave Wand easier to grip. The handle’s neatly palm-length. The biggest benefit for me is: with less handle sticking out, I can angle the Your Favourite Wand vibe into my pillow, for better pressure on top.

All these are ways I’ve had fun with how to use the You2Toys Favourite Wand:

  • Just holding it against my vulva. Yeah, baby.
  • Riding on top of it (on a pillow), so the girthy head becomes a clitoral grinding vibrator.
  • Against my nipples (one, then the other). While using a Satisfyer.
  • Underneath a ballsack. Vibrators don’t gotta be just for women & people with clits, yeah?! The pressure point in the center of the scrotum is an overlooked area that deserves more attention. TL:DR; He was dripping a lot of precum.
  • Shower massager. (More on that, next!)
You2Toys Your New Favourite Wand Massager - how to operate

To power on the Your New Favourite Wand Massager, hold down the center control button for 3 full seconds. (It will not turn on if you just tap the button lightly for a single second.) Then, either: Use the + button to increase the strength when desired, accessing the two higher powers; or press the center button again (for just a second now) to move into the patterned functions. Hitting + to increase strength, or – to decrease strength later, works in all 5 functions.

Water-Resistant: Shower Friendly!

You2Toys Your New Favourite Wand Massager - water-resistant, in shower

The Your New Favourite Wand is water-resistant, so I’ve taken mine into the shower. Would recommend pretty well (though my favorite thing is still riding on top of its huge wide head).

It’s not waterproof submersible, I assume because there’s a potential that too much water pressure could allow water to leak into the neck area.

To clean, you can wash the full vibrator under running water in the sink, rubbing liquid or bar soap over its smooth silicone head.

How to Charge

The You2Toys Favourite Wand is magnetic rechargeable, with its two charging nodes at the very bottom of the hand. The magnetic charger clips right on here.

You2Toys Your New Favourite Wand Massager - how to charge, battery life

Since it is quite strong, the battery life is not the longest: 90 minutes max., definitely over an hour per charge when used on high intensity. That’s fine given how cool the vibration feels, though I do recharge it more frequently than most of my vibrators.

How Loud Is It?

This wand vibe by You2Toys is neither quiet, nor extra-loud. It’s a bit quieter than Magic Wand on high, maxing out at just over 50 decibels when it’s pressed against my vulva.

My decibel meter insists that’s a “Quiet whisper,” but it’s probably not a vibrator to bring when staying at a relative’s home, unless you’re using it in the shower—which will drown out the sound! Similarly, if you have roommates, you’d probably want to take steps to drown out the You2 wand’s volume, like louder music, shower use, etc. But if you live in an apartment like me, then no prob: It’s not loud enough for a neighbor to hear (and I have windows on two sides of my bed!).

Pros & Cons


  • Vibration really kicks: it’s strong.
  • 3 adjustable intensities × 5 functions (1 steady, 4 patterns).
  • Pretty-deep vibration; not “buzzy.”
  • The shortest strong wand massager.
  • Compact handle makes it easier to angle and grind against.
  • The escalating patterns are actually good.
  • Body-safe silicone & nonporous plastic.
  • Water-resistant.
  • USB magnetic rechargeable.
  • Extra-wide stimulation head: for lovers of broad vibration.
  • Fantastic price for power ($49.99 on sale).


  • Extra-wide stimulation head: not for pinpoint vibration fans.
  • No gentle intensities.
  • OK, not great battery life.
  • Only 1 color option.

Recap & Rating

The New Favourite Wand Massager is a combo I didn’t know I needed: the biggest wand head, with a nice short compact handle. And it’s useful orgasmically because of the rockin’ powerful motor! This is definitely the shortest wand vibrator I’ve encountered with serious strength.  

If you do like a wide surface to spread vibration all over, it’s a great price; indeed, a tad stronger than a few luxury wand vibrators, like the Fun Factory Vim, $169 ($110 more). My final take: the Your New Fave Wand’s wide silicone head is smooth, easy to clean, and shower-friendly.

Find the You2Toys Favourite Wand here:

It’s $49.99 right now.👍

(out of 10)
per dollar value:

Super-cheap for
its strong vibes
User experience/
Ease of use:

❤️ the short
adjustable functions
r easy to change up;
flexible, but not
too flexible neck;
easier to hold
& ride on than
a Magic Wand;
could have a
Luxury feel
smooth silicone,
simple packaging,
USB rechargeable)
Run time (1.5hrs.)
& easy charging
[vs. all vibrators]
6.75 to
out of 10
Vibration depth
8.8 to
out of 10
from 2ft
away against skin)

  1. Under 100Hz center of its primary frequency band.

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