Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3, vs. Pro 2 Next Generation – Upgrade?

Wooo-hooo! The Satisfyer Pro 2 surrounds the clitoris, and puffs air over it in this unexpectedly strong way. I’m excited because for 2023, Satisfyer’s released a “Generation 3” Pro 2. And the new Pro 2 Gen. 3 is a big improvement for me orgasmically!!!

Here’s a tale of two Pro 2s, how to use this Satisfyer clit “suction” stimulator, and my experience with its comfort and usability:

Pro 2 Generation 3 vs. Pro 2 Next Gen.

After hours of masturbating my clit off 😊, I’ve determined the Pro 2 Gen. 3 ($49.99 best price / or $59.99 with app control) makes 2 major improvements over the earlier Pro 2 [Next Generation] models ($39.99 best price), and 1 “it’s OK” change.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 vs Pro 2 Next Generation - differences
  • Vibrating motor, in addition to air pulse technology. You control each function separately from the other (so you can increase air-pulse speed, while staying on a steady vibration intensity; or vice-versa).
  • 2 attachments: Extra cap, plus original open “mouth.” The new cap covers over the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3’s air pulse tunnel, to vibrate the clitoris directly.
  • All body-safe silicone outside. (Vs. ABS plastic on the earlier Pro 2.) Both materials are hygienic, but some people ✋ prefer the silky touch of silicone over plastic.

Is it worth buying a Pro 2 Gen 3 if you already have the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation? Depends on whether the Pro 2’s air-pulse is already “over the moon” great orgasms for you; and whether you want app control / long-distance partner control. Personally, the Pro 2-3’s better vibration is a huge plus for me, letting me have multiple orgasms much easier on the new Pro 2. Also consider:

Pro 2 Gen-3 Pros & Cons


  • From gentle to Intense air-pulse clitoral stimulation,
  • Optional vibration (with more steady intensity levels than previous Satisfyer air pulse vibes), and
  • new direct-vibration cap.
  • Silicone exterior feels more skin-like under your fingers.
  • Super-affordable for how strong it is: $49.99 best price.
  • Good speed range: 11 air pulsation functions and 12 vibration functions.
  • Pro 2 Gen 3 Connect version ($10 more) is the same toy except with custom app control & works for long-distance sex.
  • 15-year warranty is extremely long.
  • Safe materials; attractive packaging.
  • Wider air pulse hole than most competitors, so it’s better for larger clits too.


  • Air pulse isn’t as thuddy as Womanizer toys;
  • Nor does it fit into vaginal sex as easily as We-Vibe Melt.
  • Wider air pulse hole than most competitors, so it’s bulkier around small clits. (But does work for orgasms still.)
  • Only comes in 1 color rn, a bordeaux/maroon.

New Cap

The Pro 2 Gen 3’s new cap is a real game-changer for me!!! I get sensitive to direct, targeted clit stimulation:1 And the Pro 2’s new complete-cover cap option helps sooo much:

Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 - liquid air pulse clitoral stimulator

I like it most when I’ve worked up to a first orgasm on the normal (open) “mouth” ring, also included with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3. I power down 5 intensity levels usually, right when I’m coming, so the whoa! air-pulse isn’t too much;

…but still, I have some refractory period where the focused air-pulse is… kinda yikes, and not in the good way. The new cap with the Pro 2 Gen 3 removes that focus, makes it the Satisfyer Pro 2’s stimulation head a wider stimulator:

It’s like a bullet-vibrator size all of a sudden! And I can lightly feel the air pulsation still, running under the thin silicone layer here. It’s so fun to rub up and down my vulva, and I know I can keep coming from the direct vibes and direct touch—instead of being turned off after orgasm #1!

No other air pulse toy-maker includes a mouth-cover like this, and I am so happy to recommend it for anyone whose clit (1) does get oversensitive after orgasm, and/or who (2) just is super-sensitive to air-pulse intensity, in general. The new Satisfyer Pro 2 cap lets you try an air pulse vibrator, without it feeling too abrupt.

Pro 2 Gen 3 Functions:

Vibration Quality

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 has, frankly, a less annoying vibration timbre than Satisfyer’s previous attempt, the Pro 2 with Vibration (now called Pro 2+). That older Satisfyer’s vibes ranged from buzzy to insufferable, for me.

The Pro 2 Gen 3 is much more bearable! It’s got 2 more steady vibration functions, too: 5 steady speed, + 7 vibration patterns. Functions #1 and #2 are low-key;2 function #3, mid-range & stronger. The last 2 are kinda buzzy and “yeah, that’s whiny,” but at least we have more non-buzzy options prior. (Some people are fine with high-pitched/buzzy vibes, others find them desensitizing and irritating.)

I really enjoy vibe functions #2 and #3 in combo with the Satisfyer air pulse motor. The vibration stimulates my labia too, which is excellent, since I like all-over vulva contact!

Overall, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3’s vibrating motor is good, but not great, by itself. In combination with the air pulse, it’s much more fun. And it’s awesome that you can independently control the vibration, separate it from the air pulse motor: since most air pulse vibrators have the two functions perma-joined.

Air Pulse Strength

The Pro 2 Generation 3 has the same air-pulse power as the earlier Pro 2:

Ranging from 1.0 to 8.75 out of 10 maximum intensity (low speed to high speed). Full Womanizer vs. Satisfyer vs. Melt & more strength comparison chart here. I can’t feel any difference between the pulsation in the 3rd Gen Pro 2 and my most recently acquired Pro 2 Next Gen, in blue.

Pro 2 Mouth Size

Besides the Satisfyer Curvy 1, the Satisfyer Pro 2 remains the biggest-mouthed opening of any air pulse stimulator. ≈0.55 inches opening diameter & 1 inch depth from mouth top to pulse plate at the bottom of the air pulse tunnel. This is useful for anyone whose clit is larger than average, or that sticks out more when aroused.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 - new cap
Two Satisfyer Pro 2 caps: the full cover, top; the original mouth, bottom. I can fit my middle finger width easily inside the open mouth!

I’m the opposite, my clit is hidden and average sized3, and I happen to like mouths that fit around my clit more closely on the right and left sides. So, I find the Pro 2’s mouth still clunky, and wish the “lip” was thinner—like the We-Vibe Melt’s is. The Melt remains my favorite for use during vaginal play, too. Melt’s curve means it blocks as little space as possible in front of my vag, space that could be occupied by a forward-curving dildo. But, add in the Pro 2 Generation 3’s vibration + pulse power, and I can forget about this “not-perfect-for-me” feature while masturbating with it! Speaking of which:

Can You Use the Pro 2 During Sex?

Yes, I would say it’s very possible to use the Satisfyer Pro 2 during sex with a partner: penis-in-vagina sex, that is. As mentioned, it’s not the most-ergonomic design for clit stimulation during penetration, but it’s not too bad.

The Pro 2 will be easiest to use during doggy style; and after that, in missionary. Some people may be able to make it work in cowgirl position—but my clit isn’t far forward enough for that to work for me.

Pillow Talk Sassy and Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3

Since penetration makes clit play better for me, I’ve typically used my all-time-fave vibrator vaginally while testing out the Pro 2. Yasssssss. Then, I was delighted to discover today that I can use it while my best sex machine is doing me automatically, too! I lost an hour, the time just flew 🤪

How Loud is Satisfyer Pro 2?

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 is quiet enough to use discreetly, if you have a housemate and are able to close your bedroom door.

Like with a normal vibrator, the Satisfyer Pro 2 does get louder as you turn up the power. Air-pulse functions #9 through 11 are the loudest, while vibration function 5 (the highest steady level) is decidedly whiny. But, when the Satisfyer’s mouth is pressed against the body, someone would really have to have their ear pressed against your door to be able to hear it — even on high intensity for both motors.

The Pro 2 Gen 3’s air-pulse motor measures from 37 to 45 decibels (function #1 to function #11). Then, when you’re running air pulse *and* vibration, it’s only 1 decibel louder on the first 3 vibration speeds. But, the buzzier vibe functions, 4 & 5, raise it an additional couple decibels, to 48 dB max. volume.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 - burgundy color
You might be tempted to make more noise than the toy, too!

In contrast, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen. only has air pulsation, so it’s barely quieter: 44 decibels maximum when pressed against my pelvic floor.4

How to Use the Pro 2 by Satisfyer

The Pro 2 Generation 3 has three control buttons:

Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 - how to control
#1, hold down for 3 seconds to turn on air pulsation. Press it again to increase air-pulse speed. #2, press to turn down the air-pulse intensity. #3, hold down to turn on the vibration motor, then to cycle through the vibe functions.

How do you position the Pro 2 for best clitoral stimulation? First, here’s a full guide to air pulse toys for beginners. Most people have no problem figuring out how to use the Satisfyer Pro 2, but a small percentage of us need to get adjusted to how *different* the air pulsation feels on our clits! Quick tips:

  1. Use a small amount of lubricant inside the rim (if using the open-hole original mouth style).
  2. The Satisfyer’s mouth should fully surround the clitoris, and you may need to spread your outer labia to get it to fit. You do not need to retract the clitoral hood; I recommend against it, unless you really want to up the sensation.
  3. Press down against the Satisfyer’s handle harder, or move the Satisfyer’s stimulation mouth up or down, if it doesn’t feel strong.
  4. Start slow (on the lower air-pulse intensity levels) till you know what you like; then increase intensity.
  5. If you’re not getting there: Kegel clenching, off and on, while focusing your mind on the air stimulation can help build toward orgasm. (Ignore this advice if you have a history of vaginal pain / vaginismus.) If you’re like me and love-love-love vaginal & G-spot stimulation, consider inserting a G-spot vibrator or dildo while enjoying the Satisfyer Pro 2 clitorally.
  6. Turn down the intensity when you start to orgasm — since the air pulse will suddenly feel a lot stronger then.

Is it waterproof?

All Satisfyer Pro 2s are rated IPX7 “waterproof submersible.” That means you can use them not only in the shower, not just washing them in the sink; but theoretically in the bathtub, too.

Satisfyer Pro 2 waterproof IPX7 - in shower
Took mine in the shower, used my soap-holder as a Satisfyer cap holder, decided that I was wasting too much water while enjoying the air-pulse 😄

That said, water pressure around the Pro 2 IMO makes bathtub use feel weaker. In some cases, Satisfyer Pro 2s do die (they won’t turn on again) after the owner submerged them in the bath. But, such a failure is covered by the 15-year (yes, fifteen years!) product warranty in case you do like underwater-Satisfyering.

App Control & Satisfyer Pro 2

The Pro 2 Gen 3 CONNECT version includes connectivity with the free Satisfyer app (for $10 more than the normal Pro 2 Gen 3).

Bluetooth signal lets you open the app, connect the Satisfyer, and create your own patterns or request that your partner (who’s also downloaded the app) control the toy (long-distance, even). Other options inside the Satisfyer Connect app include syncing to music from your phone library (like iTunes) only; syncing to noises around you, like music playing from another source.

Satisfyer app - for Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3
Four screen-shots from the Satisfyer Connect app. To sync your Pro 2: Find the link icon 🔗 in the upper righthand corner of the homescreen (first image, left). To connect long-distance, see the double-hearts icon on the bottom bar of that same homescreen.

I’m honestly so sold on the non-app Pro 2 G3 that I haven’t tested the app out thoroughly yet: my partner and I haven’t found the time for Satisfyer control from a distance so far! (Will update soon!) And when I’ve controlled my Pro 2 solo in the app, it’s fine; it’s a change of pace. Just for getting myself off, I’m not sure the app control adds much value for me. But, I know from past experience that the Satisfyer app can be real fun long-distance if you are maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Recap & Rating

This iteration of the Satisfyer Pro 2 makes me like “Let the good times roll!” The amount of strength, speed range & now-better vibration for under $50 gives it a very high Orgasms-Per-Dollar Value.

If you haven’t tried out a “clit suction” stimulator and aren’t sure, then this is the one to check out. The Pro 2 design is classic & well-loved, the new vibration motor makes the air pulse better, and the new cap makes it more appealing for clits like mine that sometimes get overstimulated by air-pulse focus and want a buffer that transmits vibration wider, too.

My main cons are: the Pro 2 Generation 3 doesn’t have the same *thud* as the better (=more $) Womanizer toys, nor the slimline shape for sex the Melt does; it’s only in this one red color; and its mouth could be tighter for me personally (but that also lets it fit larger size clitorises).

Find the Satisfyer Pro 2 & Pro 2 Connect here,

for 44% off ⬆️ list price.

(out of 10)
per dollar value
Feel vs. similar toys
(of all prices)
Easy to use9
Extras: waterproof,
great warranty,
clean packaging
From 1.0
to 8.75
From 2.0
to 6.25
From 7
to 3


  1. I tend to like wider clitoral vibrators, 1.5 to 2 inches diameter, for this reason; and I shy away from pointy-tipped ones.
  2. In the “Connect” app controlled Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3, the first pre-set setting (accessed by pressing the ~ button) is slightly higher than in the non-app version: ≈10 Hz higher frequency. But, you can turn the vibes lower & gentler through the Satisfyer Connect app.
  3. At roughly 4mm, or less than 0.2 inches across the glans.
  4. Measurement taken from ≈1 foot away.

24 thoughts on “Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3, vs. Pro 2 Next Generation – Upgrade?”

    • I agree, Satisfyer really has a ton of products (especially when you count all the just-vibrators now!). Great question, and to be honest, I’m still deciding, *but* I’m leaning toward the Pro 2 Gen 3. I should come back and update this review next month, to mention my final verdict vs. the Curvy toys, but these are the salient differences:

      – Vibration is less buzzy on the lower Pro 2 Gen 3 functions (function #1 and #2). +1 for Pro 2-3.
      – 3 steady vibe functions for every Curvy; 5 steady vibe functions for Pro 2-3. +1 for Pro 2.
      – Mouth size and fit: this is gonna vary by person, a lot. The Pro 2 Gen 3’s opening is sized closest to the Curvy 1. I personally am a fan of the Curvy 3 due to the tighter opening.
      – Ease of grip: I’m favoring the Pro 2’s handle shape slightly here.

      I hope that helps!

  1. Great review, so other than cost, would you recommend this Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen3, or the We-Vibe Melt ?
    (note – My wife did like the Satisfyer 2 more than the Womanizer Premium 2, and over the DUO which she didn’t really care for)

    • Thank you! Hmm, good question. Overall I still like the Melt the most due to these preferences I have:

      – The smaller, rounded shape makes the Melt the very easiest to use while I’m using a G-spot vibe.
      – I like that the Melt’s “lip”, that is, the ring around its air pulse opening, is thinner and more flexible; feels more natural to me. But, other people will like the harder seal of the Pro 2.

      I do weigh cost a lot because it’s phenomenal that Satisfyer is packing so much air-pulse range into products for so much cheaper than WowTech (We-Vibe & Womanizer).

      If you’d like to answer, I’m curious what about the Premium 2 your wife didn’t like as much as the Pro 2! I think the Premium 2 could be easier to hold, like, more handle. And the Smart Silence auto-shutoff always throws me off. I personally do like the… resonance of the Womanizer motors, though, it’s a different feel. Thanks for reading!

      • Hi there Felicity, I’m not sure where to post this but i want to mention that i enjoy your sex toys reviews the most compared to others.
        Just wondering is We-Vibe Sync 2 (newer version) vs We-Vibe Chorus which is better?
        and when will you be doing We-Vibe Sync 2 review?
        Thanks in advance and have a nice day 🙂

        • Hi, thank you so much!!! I do not have the Sync 2 yet, but I do plan to get one and compare to Chorus! Let me ping you back via this comment next month when I get that comparison published!

  2. Hey there Felicity 🙂

    I have the Satisfyer Dual Pleasure (which I bought on your recommendation), which used to be your favorite of the Satisfyer toys (according to you). Would you say this has changed with the Pro 2 Gen 3? How do they compare? Would you upgrade to it, if you only had the Dual Pleasure?

    As always, appreciate your input and your reviews. Thank you!

    • Hi, good question!!! I did love the Dual Pleasure, but when Satisfyer discontinued it, I got sad about that and… for some reason stopped using it. The Pro 2 Gen 3 is IMO slightly stronger on the high air pulse speed (so it really depends on how strong you want/need) and the vibe motor is placed in the upper part, not in the opposite end like in Dual Pleasure. So you can use both the vibration and the air pulse at the same time, and feel them both on the clitoris at the same time.

  3. Hi and thanks for the amazing thorough review! I will definitely be grabbing this one 💕
    BTW did you ever try the smaller mouth on Satisfyer Pro 2? You may like it more as the opening is tighter 😊

    • Hi, thank you for the comment!!! That’s a great point: I need to pick up those 5 stimulation heads Satisfyer sells. I’d be willing to bet they fit the Pro 2 Gen 3 as well!

  4. Hi
    Love your reviews. I was wondering if you could recommend a body safe toy for anal stretching (not a butt plug). I’m looking for about 2.5”in diameter that isn’t too long, around 7” or shorter. With a semi-tapered head for easier inserting. I’d really prefer non-realistic penis. Not sure if have any ideas. Much appreciated!

    Also, sorry this isn’t related to this blog post.

  5. Hi 👋
    I just wanted a second opinion between satisfyer gen3+app vs womanizer liberty. I never had ANY sex toy and this would be my very first one.
    Ive heard many praises for liberty for its performance and compact design etc (so many) but because satisfyer 3 is on sale and i do like their choice of going all silicone body.. im just hoping i get to make a good first choice. Also, Im curious on glass dildo… would this be too much to handle?

    • Hi!!
      OK, so first of all, I want to make totally sure you’re seeing the Pro 2 Generation 3 on sale, NOT the Pro 3, because the latter (available in black, with golden rim) is really difficult to get a good suction pressure from.

      The Womanizer Starlet 3 has the same motor as the Liberty, first, and costs $20 less;

      I think the Womanizer products do have a nice pulsation feel, a bit better than Satisfyer IMO;
      but the Satisfyer has a better range from lower to higher intensity than Womanizer Liberty/Starlet 3,
      and also, the Womanizer’s small size makes it easy to sit on, but when you’re trying to get the right angle, get the air-pulse mouth applied right, put down more pressure with the mouth, or rub the mouth up and down the clit, then the Pro 2’s handle is superior. You can grip it in a way you cannot grip a Womanizer.

      Glass dildos are def a personal preference, it really just depends on how much pressure you enjoy! Depends on whether you’re looking for firm G-spot or other vaginal stimulation, vs. wanting a more realistic / soft silicone feel in a dildo. For some people glass is the best, whereas personally I’m more on the “it’s too hard” side and I’ll a glass toy less frequently & when I’m feeling less sensitive. But it’s cool to like hard pressure, too!

  6. Thank you for this review! I found this vibe on sale and just ordered both versions (regular and Bluetooth) for 35€ total 😁 They do come in two more colours, by the way! (Black and lavender, absolutely gorgeous.) I think it’s just the US market that only gets the burgundy/white version for some reason 🤔

  7. I really liked the satisfyer dual love.. but the metallic pealed off and freaked me out so I haven’t touched it since. I’m debating between this one and shelling out the money for the we vibe melt (I have the tango and love it). Does the opening of the melt feel more like the dual one? I liked how it was more oval shaped. I did sometimes have trouble getting it in the right spot, but I think that’s probably kinda normal? Is the dual vibration of this one special enough to try over the melt? This is just for personal play, so ease of use with penetration doesn’t really matter to me. Thank you!

    • Oh no! Melt’s mouth is more compact than Dual Love and yes, very oval. I find it’s easier to get the fit right (get a “seal”) with Melt because of how the rim / “lip” is raised up (more than the Dual Love’s).

      Melt is strong enough that it’s very effective even without vibration; the vibrating motor on the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 is IMO better than Satisfyer Pro 2+, but it’s still medium-strong and not the rumbliest. (Deeper, rumbly vibration is my strong preference, but other people are fine with buzzy vibration.)

      • Thank you for the reply!!
        I’m pretty interested in the melt- especially because I do like the stronger sensations and the longer battery life. My only real concern is size? It probably sounds dumb but I geniuenly have no idea what normal is. I always had to press down pretty hard with the dual love for a good seal and pull my hood back, buy I don’t know if it means the opening was too large or just that it was a more unforgiving shape

  8. Hey there! I really like reading your reviews because they’re so thorough and your comparision post helped me pick my womanizer premium.
    I was wondering if you were able to test the app function for the satisfyer? If so, how did you find it compares to the we-melt app? I’m trying to find the balance between that long distance control and a good suction, though we-melt’s potential use during PIV is quite tempting. I’m so conflicted and could use a bit of help picking one!
    Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, you’re correct, I need to update this post – thank you!
      I do think that the Satisfyer app has good connectivity and is easier to use vs. the We-Connect/We-Vibe app, which somehow still has long-distance problems. Creating patterns and just staying connected is better with Satisfyer vs. We-Vibe.

      and unfortunately the Lovense suction toy is nowhere near as strong as the Pro 2 Gen. 3 Connect or even the Satisfyer Curvys with app control.

      I do enjoy the Melt the most overall, but I wouldn’t trust its app to stay connected for any given set of two users long-distance.


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